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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 6 : Chapter 5: World News
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Harry, Hermione, James, Lily and Isobella, were all walking across the lawn towards Hogwarts. The atmosphere was tense, and everyone was anxious. Today, they were all going to be interviewed by the Daily Prophet's, top reporter, Hannah Nappe, she was interviewing them on the events of the past two months.
"What's going to happen to us?" Isobella asked.

"I don't know, sweetie..." Lily replied, giving her daughter a comforting hug.

"We're going to give an interview, and hope that no-one hates us for it" James explained.

"What?" Lily asked. "How can anyone hate us for what we done?" she exclaimed. She threw a quick glance at her son, but quickly turned her attention to her husband.

"Plenty of people" he answered her.

"We twice defied him, before he came looking for us, we were his biggest accomplishment killing us, for his biggest supporters, finding out we defied him another time, might start a big rebellion" James continued.

"I hope not" Isobella said, frightened.

"Not whilst I'm an Auror, it will be stopped before it even starts" Harry said.

"But that would be dangerous Harry, these people are advanced in dark magic, they could kill you" Lily said, whilst Isobella let out a whimper.

"I have faced worse, than a bunch of death eaters, I killed their leader, remember. Besides, I'd rather die than let my children go through what I went through" Harry replied.

"Don't say that" Lily shouted.

"I would, I would do anything for James, and the twins" Harry replied angrily.

"Stop it, the pair of you" Hermione shouted. "No-one, is going to die, we have a much stronger team this time round, and if need be, we will stop anything that threatens the wizarding world, now if we could end this discussion, we have arrived at Dumbledore's office, and I really don't think Isobella, needs to be scared more than what she already is" she added, she said the password to the Gargoyle and started climbing the stairs, every one followed behind her in silence. She knocked the door and waited until she heard Dumbledore say enter, before she opened the door.

"Ah, Mrs Potter, nice to see you" he greeted, as Hermione entered, the rest followed. "Nice to see everyone" he added. "Where's little James?"

"Oh, he's with Sirius" Hermione said.

"Well if you would like to, have a seat, this is Miss Hannah Nappe" Dumbledore said, introducing then to the reporter, who was sitting in a chair beside Dumbledore. The woman, looked like she was in her mid- twenties, she had a thin oval shaped face, honey-blonde coloured hair, light green eyes, that were framed with dark red, square glasses. Her eyes were painted with a light pink eye shadow; she had also a light pink blush that defined her high cheek bones, and a bright red lipstick, that suited her pale skin. She wore dark pink, wizarding robe, that had a MOM badge stamped on it, and on her feet where a pair of dark pink kitten heels.

"Hello" she greeted, as she politely shook each of their hands. You could tell, by her voice, she was an upper-class witch, who went to a posh boarding school, and probably walked around with her nose stuck up in the air, and a stick up her bum. Lily shivered, she reminded her so much of Petunia, who she remembered, still didn't know she was alive.

"Right now I'm just going to do an interview, asking you all questions, and putting together a story from what you tell me, is that OK Yes, well let’s get started".

An hour and a half later, the group walked out of the castle, completely worn out. The woman had badgered them for every detail on the events that made history, Harry who had been dreading the whole thing, had to pretend that he was pleased with his parents being alive, fortunately for him, he was a good liar, and the reporter never suspected any different.

"Harry?" Lily asked cautiously, she knew that after such interrogation he would not be in a good mood.

"Yes?" Harry answered, without turning around.

"Can I go to see Petunia?" she asked. Harry stopped dead.

"What?" he asked.

"I would like to go to see Petunia, she doesn't know that I'm alive" Lily said, quietly.

"What does it have to do with that evil cow?" Harry snapped.

"She's my sister, and she's not that bad" Lily protested.

"She is evil, she and her fat husband mentally abused me" Harry shouted.

"She what?" Lily asked astonished.

"She blamed me for your death, and they locked me in a cupboard under the stairs for ten years, they never feed me properly and I had to dress in clothes handed down to me from their fat spoilt son, so forgive me if I don't want to see that awful bitch" Harry yelled, he turned on his heal and started walking to the gate.

"Harry, I'm sorry we didn't know" Lily shouted after him.

"I'll go, just get yourselves and Izzy back to the house" Hermione said and wobbled after her husband.

“What are we going to do?” Lily asked when Hermione was far enough away. “I want to go and see my sister, but I can't go behind Harry's back. He seems to really hate her”.

“Mum, I suggest that you leave her, Harry is more important at the minute, and if you go against his wishes it's going to upset him even more, the goal is to get Harry to like you not hate you even more” Isobella said wisely.

“I don't know I feel like I owe it to Petunia to let her know that I'm alive” Lily explained.

“You don't owe Petunia anything, now can we discuss this when we get home? I would like to see how Harry is”. James said. Lily nodded and turned on the spot, obviously apperating back home. James grabbed Isobella's arm and turned on the spot. However when they arrived home, there were greeted with loud yells coming from within the house. James rushed in, with Isobella following closely behind him. They ran to the kitchen where the noise seemed to be coming from.

“What is going on in here?!” James yelled over the noise, apparently Lily couldn't let the argument go and now she and Harry were having a furious argument. Hermione who was acting as a barrier between Harry and his mum, looked severely stressed, which couldn't be good for the babies. When they heard James' raised voice, they stopped the shouting and turned their attentions to him.

“I just wanted Harry to see my side of things, my sister has to know.” Lily said quietly, like she was being perfectly reasonable.

“She doesn't have to know anything. That witch put me through hell, if she finds out that you’re alive and you planned your 'death', then she will flip, and she will make your lives a misery”. Harry growled back.

“OK, first of all, all this arguing is making Hermione stressed and it isn't good for the babies. Secondly, Lily, Harry is right, no good can come of you telling Petunia that were alive, but we have to find a happy medium here, so if Petunia must know then we will ask Dumbledore to tell her. That way no one goes near her, and there is little chance of her causing this family any more distress. Agreed?” James said, in a calm but firm tone. Both Lily and Harry nodded their heads in agreement.

“Good, now kiss and make up” James said. Lily stepped forward and hugged her son, which Harry returned awkwardly.

“I'm so sorry Harry; I know that nothing should ever be more important than you. I shouldn't have put my sister’s feelings before your own.”

“It's OK” Harry said in acceptance.

“Good, now so that Hermione can have a well-deserved brake, I shall cook the dinner.” James offered.

“Great, thanks a lot James” Hermione said kindly.


The next morning, Harry got up and began his morning routine. He gave his still sleeping wife a kiss, went into the bathroom, got showered, brushed his teeth and changed. He then went into his son's room, to check if he was awake or not, and as usual he was still sleeping. Satisfied, he then went down the stairs and into the quiet kitchen, he magically made himself a coffee, and paid the owl. Once he got himself a decent breakfast, he sat down to read the Daily Prophet. The only thing that was different every morning was the stories that were in the paper. Today there was no exception.

On the front page was a large family portrait, minus little James, as Harry and Hermione didn't want him to have any publicity at such a young age. Above the portrait was a headline, followed by a two page spread that read:


James, Clifford Potter had always been known through the Scottish Wizarding Community as the, very cute, son of the wealthy, powerful couple known as Clifford, and Amelia Potter. James was always known as a spoilt but polite child, who had certainly inherited his mother and fathers power.

Lily, Marie Potter nee Evans however, was a muggle born whom showed magic at the age of six months, although Lily was brought up in a small house, with her sister (name unknown), her parents had nice jobs and a steady flow of money, but it was a far cry from James' extravagant lifestyle.

They met on the Hogwarts Express, and instantly hit it off, however the bliss was not to last and they became enemies, although James was persistent and they finally started dating and then marrying. However they didn't become famous until the first managed to escape the clutches of 'He who must not be named'. Then further defying him three more times, until finally 'He who must not be named', conquered them and killed them, he also turned his wand on their 14 month old Harry James Potter, but failed to kill him, making Harry the youngest celebrity in the history of magic. But the story is a lie, ' He who must not be named' did not kill the Potters, no James and Lily faked their deaths and abandoned their young son.

James and Lily spent 13 months researching and perfecting the plan, to set up real life holograms, and to use an ancient magic known as love. Lily set to work on the potion which she poured her blood into. James set up the holograms using the powerful magic that he had inherited. Once everything was set, James and Lily hid down in their sound proof basement, and waited for six hours, when they came out; they found their house destroyed and Harry gone. But they heard soon heard that their plan had worked and Harry was alive, now came the hard part, James and Lily had to leave their son in order to protect him. The rest is History.

When asked about how he felt about his parents being alive, Harry said that he was ecstatic, and forgave his parents for abandoning him with her retched sister. But the news doesn't stop there. James and Lily had another child, eight years later, a daughter called Isobella, who is pictured in between Harry and Lily. When questioned on his feelings about Isobella, and how his parents seemed to move on from their lives in Scotland, Harry said that he couldn't be happier that he had a sister, and adores her.

It is unclear where James, Lily and Isobella lived, or when they decided to move back, but it seems that the Potters are happily settled into their lives, and look forward to spending many years together.

On a separate note, a special congratulation is in order two Mr. and Mrs Harry and Hermione Potter, who are due to become parents again on the 6th of June. Hermione who is three months pregnant is said to be expecting twins and the happy couple are delighted at the news.

As told to Hanna Nappe, Senior Reporter of the Daily Prophet.

“What's that?” Hermione asked, as she entered the kitchen carrying their son on her hip.

“The interview we done yesterday, it's pretty descriptive, and it doesn't place my parents in a good light.” Harry replied.

“Oh boy”

“What’s the matter?” Lily asked as she, James and Isobella entered the kitchen. Isobella went straight too little James who was in his high chair, and began feeding him the breakfast Harry had been feeding him.

“The daily Prophet arrived this morning, and it doesn't portray you in a good light.” Harry said, handing his mother the paper. She sat down beside her husband and began reading the paper aloud. Once she was finished she slammed the paper down on the table.

“How dare they, we did not abandon you!” Lily screeched.

“Technically, you did” Harry said unhelpfully.

“Harry” Hermione warned.

“No, what I meant was, no matter what way we tell it, they are going to see it as abandonment, and judging by the content of the story, there is going to be some major backlash” Harry explained.

“You mean like what we talked about?” Izzy asked

“Maybe, maybe not. I'm going to have to talk to Dumbledore to see if we can get a spy into Knockturn Alley and other famous haunts of the old death eaters, to see if anything is going on. I am also going to strengthen the wards around the house, just for Isobella's peace of mind. I am also going to put out a medium security alert for, Diagon Alley, The Ministry of Magic, and other high risk places” Harry said.

Draco, POV

I stormed through the halls, looking for my master, she hadn't seen the morning paper, and she was in for a shock. The Potter's ALIVE and they actually reproduced again, it was disgusting, the worst part was the death of James and Lily Potter, is what made our last master The Dark Lord famous, I showed he had unknown power what he killed, one of the most powerful wizarding couples in the world. To find out that it was all a lie that he had been set up, was disgusting. Master was not going to be pleased.

I turned the final corner and knocked on the large oak door, I was waiting just thirty seconds before the door swung open and I was able to step into the large circular room. It was basked in a dark green glow, and had Slytherin hangings on the stone walls; there was a fire in the corner, the only thing that was bright. Small candles scattered the room, lighting the room up a little bit, making it look darker than what it was. In the center was a large, plush, dark green, leather arm chair. It slowly revolved round to reveal the woman who occupied it. The woman had not changed at all; she still looked like her crazy self. The only difference was that she had lost her 'sex appeal' that she once had in her youth, although to Draco, she never had a 'sex appeal'.

“What do you want my dear, Draco?” she asked.

“Thought you would like to see the morning paper” he replied in a deep voice. He chucked her the paper and she caught it with ease, unfolding it her eyes became wide.

“It can't be true!!” she screeched. She shredded the paper, and through it into the fire.

“What do we do?” Draco asked, already knowing the answer.

“I want, everybody summoned her within the hour, and I mean everybody. We shall start hunting tonight. Every witch and wizard in the whole of Scotland, England and Wales will be living in fear once more. But we have to be quick about it, Harry will already know that there will be a risk, and will have a security alert up within the next few hours, hopefully it won't be a high risk one, but still, everyone must keep vigilant and no-one must see them coming here. It's time Draco. The Death Eaters are back” she said smiling

A.N Hey, yet another chapter completed. This is where the story starts to get slightly darker and more exciting. R&R.





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