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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 7 : Week One: Welcome to Hell
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Disclaimer: I own my socks! Not HP.

“Rosie! Wake up for god sakes! You’re about to miss transfiguration!” Somebody shakes me awake and I lash out with my fist out of reflex. When I open my eyes, Rion is standing in front of me, clutching his eye. Apparently I have really good aim without even looking. “Well that’s the last time I try to help you,” He laughs, but he still won’t take his hand away from his eye.

“God, I didn’t mean to hit it or anything. Let me see?” I reach out and he backs up, grabbing his bag and walking away.

“Yeah, right. Like I’m gonna ever let you near my face again. Grab your bag. You missed lunch, but I figured you didn’t want to miss transfiguration as well. There’s a new teacher this year, since they haven’t been able to hold one down. Apparently McG thinks this one will last longer than a couple years.” Rion shrugs and I frown at him.

McG? And where did he get that from? “Since when do you call her McG?” Although that is kind of cool…

“That’s what Sophie calls her; I guess it kind of just rubbed off. Anyways, now we’re gonna be late if we don’t run. And I really hate running.” I grab my bag which I had ditched under my seat and take off at a sprint with Rion close behind me. To tell you the truth, I don’t like running either, I absolutely hate it.

When Rion and I reach the room, the whole class is already there. We’re not late, but cutting it a little close so I head to the front of the class where the only seats are. Damn being late. We’ll probably have to sit here the rest of the year, too.

The second, and I’m talking literally here, we sit down, a tall woman with long dark hair walks in. It’s kind of pretty, but offset by her face which is scowling. She only looks to be in her early twenties, kind of young for teaching. “Good afternoon, class. Your assigned seats are on the board,” She flicks her wand elegantly and a seating cart appears. “And you will be expected to sit in those seats for the entire year unless you cause a problem. Understood?” And all this before she even tells us her name. Geez! Some people are completely mad.

She waves her wand again and more writing appears at the top of the board. Professor Whitaker. I squint at the board until I see my name and then smirk at Rion. He’s sitting beside two Hufflepuffs. Of course, he’s on the other side of the room from me, but whatever. I think I can live through one class.

My seat has Winter sitting on one side and a Hufflepuff on the other. Jayla sits three rows in front of me, thank god. Since I’ve seen the other first years in the other houses, I’ve noticed that Slytherin seems to be somewhat lacking. Most others have nine or ten girls, and we only have three. We have five boys and most others have eleven. My idea is that all of the people who would be in Slytherin begged not to be, seeing as what happened when Uncle Harry was in school. Slytherin’s not really the most popular house to be in.

Professor Whitaker waves her wand again and the seating chart disappears. She smiles at us, in her ugly little way, and begins to lecture. Why must all teachers lecture us for hours at the beginning of every single class? It’s completely pointless and no one pays any attention whatsoever. “I don’t know what your other teachers have told you, and I don’t care. From the moment you walk in this door, you will not only be following the school ruled, but you will be learning how to transform objects by way of magic.”

I snigger softly. What other way is there? I mean, muggles can’t really transform things. Magic is the key element here. “Vivadus verto!” Her desk chair transfigures into a pig and starts squealing. I think that’s animal abuse. How would you like to be a chair one day and a pig the next? Have you ever thought about what the pig thinks? I don’t think so. No one ever does. Kind of depressing if you really think about it.

Professor Whitaker flicks her wand again and the pig goes back to being a chair. Poor little pig, it’s sad that it never even got a name. Maybe someday it will be illegal to abuse animals like that. Yeah right. “That sort of magic is well beyond what some of you will ever be able to do, but for others that is only the beginning.”

Yada yada yada. They all say the same thing, we can learn anything if we try. I hope she gets fired by the end of this year. I don’t wanna have to worry about her next year too. So far she completely sucks as a teacher. “Psst! Winter!” I whisper as quietly as I can while I nudge her with my elbow.

She turns toward me slightly and nods, letting me know I have her attention. I don’t really know why I got her attention, but now I have it. “Wanna help me ditch this class next week?” She gives me a slightly disapproving look and turns back to the lecture. So I won’t be able to skip with her, maybe Rion or even Jayla if I’m desperate, will come with me. I can already tell that this class won’t be worth coming to.

“Take out your parchment and copy these notes.” In that instant, the seating chart disappeared and the board filled with notes about what Transfiguration is and what we’ll be learning over the next year. Basically, a load of crap.

I doodle on my paper while we’re supposed to be writing, writing the occasional information that may be of some use to me sometime in the distance future. The bell rings and I jam everything back into my bag and wait for Rion. “Well this sucks. Stupid teachers with their stupid seating charts.”


“God, I’m starved. Wanna ditch charms and get some food with me?”

Rion doesn’t even bother answering as he heads to our next class. I think it’s great that since we’re in the same house, we have all our classes together until third year. “You’re ditching the first charms class? Count me out. We have it with Hufflepuff, so I’d think about sticking around if I were you.” Hufflepuff? Ew. I swear they’re a bunch of thick blokes who think being nice will get you anywhere. Trust me, it won’t. Not even close.

But they’re not Gryffindor, so… “The first lesson. If it sucks, I’m totally blaming you.” He shrugs and continues walking down the hall, real nice of him to wait.

“Well, none of your family’s in Hufflepuff, right?” He has got point there. Even a bunch of dunderhead Hufflepuffs are better than Gryffindors. “So let’s go. I’m not gonna be late because you-”

“But I’m hungry!” Starving, actually. I skipped lunch and breakfast was toast. “Are you sure we can’t make a quick stop by the kitchens? I really, really need some food.”

Rion just gives me this look that clearly says I’m a loser. So maybe it was kind of my fault I’m hungry, that doesn’t stop me from being hungry. “If you’re gonna sleep through lunch, get used to being hungry and- damn! We’re about to be late. Hurry up and get in here, Rosie.”

I scurry in and we grab seats in the back. If I have to be here, it’s best to be on time. The door swings shut and there’s utter silence. The professor is apparently late to class, always a good sign. The professors that run late are usually extremely lenient when it comes to rule breaking.

The professors that are always, always, always on time are usually uptight prigs. They’re the worst. Having one of them generally means I’m going to be having a lot of detentions that year. Thank god McG isn’t going to be a teacher. An uptight headmistress is bad, but having her as a teacher would be worse. I think I’ll be fine for the next couple of years though. Apparently she loved mum.

“Good morning class!” Woah. A squeaky high-pitched voice comes from the empty desk. Creepy. A head pops up along with part of his body. That bloke’s smaller than me! Really old though, so I guess they figured age was better than height. “I am Professor Flitwick, your charms professor. If you would all answer as I call your name-”

Roll call. Ugh. Teachers always just listen for the ‘here’ and don’t actually remember the student’s face. That’s why teachers never learn my name. “Ow!” I hiss, just barely remembering to be quiet. You’d think Rion would be nicer than to hit my arm.

“Weasley? Rose Weasley?”

Oh, woops. “Here professor!” Flitwick actually looks up at me before back down on his sheet and ends with Tristan Zabini. “Thanks,” I tell Rion. I can’t believe I was paying so little attention I didn’t even hear my name.

I pull out the note from earlier and begin scribbling on it.

I’m bored.

Rion reads it and smirks. Trademark Malfoy smirk.

Already? You must have set a record.

Trust me, it’s not a record. Tell me a story.


I’m bored, tell me a story.

You’re a freak.

Still not hearing my story.

Once upon a time there was a freakish annoying girl. The end.

Meanie. I’m not freakish. Freakish is aunt Fleur. Freakish is SPEW, the house elves like what they do, for Christ’s sake. Freakish is Neville’s personal garden. I am not freakish! But if he wants to think I’m freakish then he can. I just won’t talk to him.

Flitwick drones on and on about what we’ll be doing this year, hovering charms and such. I really don’t want to miss out on hearing all that, even though Rion is trying to talk to me. This is so important, Rion should listen too. I wish it were over already.

So I start doodling on my parchment instead of taking notes and finally after I swear must have been four or five hours, we’re let out and I turn to head downstairs where the kitchen is. Food at last. “Rosie! Wait up!” He can go jump in a lake for all I care. I am not freakish. Weird, maybe, and different, but not freakish. “Rosie! Geez you walk fast. What’s with you ignoring me?”

If he wants to know that bad he can figure it out for himself. I on the other hand am going to get some food. I think the last thing I ate was half a piece of toast. “Rosie, what did I do?”

“I’m not freakish!” So while I didn’t exactly mean to say that, it works. I’m not. And if he thinks I am, then he’ll just have to deal with it. Preferably somewhere far from me.

He grabs my shoulder and spins me around. Oh my gosh, he’s grinning! Why is he grinning? I have neither said nor done nothing grin worthy. “Oh is that what you’re going on about?” Yes it is. I am many, many things, not all of them good, but freakish is not one of them. I take great offense from being called freakish. It is one of the highest insults that can be said in an adult’s company.

“I can’t believe you’re angry cause I said you were freakish.” Then Rion is a bigger prat than I thought. “C’mon, you know I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I did, but I was kidding.” Stupid prat. I’m still not talking to him. It doesn’t matter what he says, because I’m not gonna just sit here and let him call me freakish.

“I’m sorry, Rosie. Ok? I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you or whatever it was that I did. It was a joke.” I tickled the pear on the kitchen and stepped inside.

“Get the elves to make me a Twinkie and I’ll think about forgiving you.” Rion grins at me and I stick out my tongue at him. Now he’s gonna think I’ll always give in. Which I won’t of course, but I hate it when people think I’m weak.

“Hello young miss and master. We is here for your service. Is there anything Joty can get for you?” The tiny elf in front of us curtsied and stared up with her huge brown eyes. I giggled at the weird little elf and Rion shot me an annoyed look.

“She wants a Twinkie. Can you make Twinkies?”

Joty curtsies. “Joty will make whatever the young miss and master would like.” She turns around and claps her hands loudly. Several other elves get up and walk over to her. “We is making Twinkies!” They instantly got to work and Rion and I were seated at a table they had made.

“They sure are weird little things. Are they all like that?” Because if they are, that’s really creepy.

“Yeah, all of them. We have some at home and they spend half their time bowing at us. How come you didn’t know that?”

Umm, he means besides the fact that whenever my mum starts talking about SPEW I pretty much fall asleep? “My mum has this thing, SPEW? It’s pretty weird so we don’t have any elves and whenever she starts talking about them, I just zone out.”

Rion smirks at me and leans back in his chair. “I’ve heard my dad talk about SPEW. He hates it, thinks the ministry’s gone crazy to ever listen to it.” Rion pauses, then his face turns slightly red. “No offense if you’re a part of it or anything. I just meant that my dad likes his house elves.”

“Really, no offense taken. I always thought the whole SPEW thing was kind of much, but that was before I knew the elves had the whole servant complex thing.” I yawn and sink lower into my chair.

Joty taps me on my shoulder, smiling widely. “Joty is having your Twinkies, Miss.” She’s carrying a plate of Twinkies that’s piled almost as high as she is tall.

“Oh my god!” So many Twinkies! It’s amazing. “You made all of these Twinky? I so love you!” Ok, maybe that was a little over the top, but she made me an entire huge plate of Twinkies! Over the top is most definitely called for here.

I dive into the Twinkies and stuff as many into my mouth as possible. “You’re a pig.”

“Shut up!” I think it came out more like ‘uht-uh’. Rion got what I meant though and he shut up. We stayed for a few more minutes until I had stuffed myself more than humanly possible and Rion finished off the remaining Twinkies.

“I love house elves.” I do, I really do. Is there any other creature, magical or otherwise, that will make you a huge plate of Twinkies and only be happy if you absolutely love? No. There isn’t. I believe I may gain a lot of weight here.

“They do everything for you and are only happy when you’re happy. What’s not to love?” Nothing! Nothing at all! Except they are kind of ugly. Some of them are in great need of a facelift.

“If the young Miss and Master would excuse Joty for intruding on their conversation?” We turn around and Joty is standing there with her hands full of pumpkin pasties. “We is wanting to make sure you don’t get too hungry later.”

Rion takes the pumpkin pasties from Joty who curtsies and quickly hurries off. “Like I said, I love house elves.”


We head off to dinner after spending an hour just sitting in the common room (until we got kicked out by some third years who wish they were older and are lucky Rion dragged me away, at which point we hung out in his room and kicked out one of his year mates who thought he was better than me and decided to tell me to my face).

Since the only people I know from Slytherin are Winter and Jayla and the only people he knows are of the pureblood maniac type, we sat alone. Tristan Zabini did come over at one point, but he only stayed for a minute. I think the only reason he came at all was to call me a filthy half blood in a really degrading tone. I chose to ignore him.

“Rosie! Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, Rosie!”

“Jeez, what?” I smack Rion’s hand away from my face and give him a shove.

“Have you noticed we’re pariahs? Social pariahs?” I look around and notice that the seats to our left are empty for about three chairs down and we’re sitting on the end so there’s no one to our right.

“Well, I’m a Weasley in Slytherin, everyone hates me. Those that don’t will hate you cause you’re a Malfoy and they instantly think of your father. Plus we pretty much know no one.” Rion looks a little uncomfortable, but years of Weasley family dinners have prepared me for this. “Look, if you wanna go sit with someone else, feel free to.”

He shakes his head vehemently. “No way. I’m staying here, with you. We’re cooler than all them anyways.” Oh yeah, real convincing. I accept it anyways and eat a little, although I’m still not over the Twinky feast I had.

“I’m stuffed, wanna bail?”

Rion grins and stands up. “Sure. Where to?”

Hmm. I hadn’t actually gotten that far in my plans yet. We’ve already spent hours in the common room and Rion’s room, and that’s starting to get a little repetitive. “The Ravenclaw table. We need Sophie.” So I can charm the hair of all my dweeby cousins!

“Mwahahahahaha!” Rion rolls his eyes and I grin. I will get them all good. I bet Victoire’s little fan club will just love her Mohawk. Of course, they’ll probably all come after me, but whatever. I’ll hide behind Slughorn if it comes to that.


“I’m not leaving my dinner. It’s good food and I’m hungry and I’m not going back to the library with you.” She continues eating her mashed potatoes and doesn’t even bother looking at us again.

“Please Sophie! We need you to help us with the hair glowing and sparkling and mohawking and such.”

“Did you just say ‘mohawking’?” Not helping Rion. “I say you help us practice because if you don’t then everything will backfire and I’ll probably end up in the Hospital Wing.” Now there’s something I can take offense from.

“I’ll meet you in the old transfiguration classroom in 15 minutes. That’s as early as I’ll be there.” She glances at me, then continues with her eating. I actually think Sophie may have slowed her chewing just to bother me. Figures.

“I can live with fifteen minutes. Let’s go, Rion.” He gives me a shove and as we leave the Great Hall I notice a bunch of people are watching us. I don’t say anything to Rion about it, but I guess they’ve all gone mad. A Weasley and a Malfoy being friends isn’t such a weird thing, is it?


A/N: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! There is no excuse whatsoever for my lateness. I love all of you for still reading this and not killing me instead!!! Again, I’m sorrier than you could ever imagine.

I would also like to say I have three more chapters already written and waiting for me to update them. Please don’t hate me too much.

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