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The Quest for a Lily by secret snitch
Chapter 11 : Our Lips Connected
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Disclaimer: If I were the famous author of the amazing Harry Potter series, why would I bother working a worthless part time job? I wouldn't and so therefore I just couldn't be the fabulous JK.

A/N: I find this chapter to be rather exciting, so I hope you enjoy. Oh and I added a mild violence warning to the story for this chapter (hope it isn't a problem).  So, get to it!

“Engorgio,” I shouted pointing my wand at a small rock I was running towards. The rock grew to the size of a large boulder and I threw myself behind it as spells whistled over my head and explosions shook the forest floor around me. I turned around and put my back to the boulder as it shook with a tremendous force and rock splinters went flying (my hideout wasn’t going to last long). I looked around the forest and saw black and scarlet robed people dueling everywhere. Both black and scarlet robed piles littered the ground from where duelers had fallen. It was impossible to discern faces due to the fact that hoods were up, but my wandering eyes did find Lily, her hood blown halfway behind her head, dueling some black robed person close to a head taller than her. She had a grim look of determination on her face as she traded spells with her attacker. I desperately wanted to go help her, but I had bigger fish to fry.

My boulder shook again and I was well aware that it wouldn’t last more than another minute. I stuck my head up over the rock to get a look at my attackers and got some hair singed off for my trouble. About twenty-five yards past my boulder approximately three black robed people were holed up behind some rocks and trees and shooting spells out at everyone. It was my job (don’t ask me why) to clear those Blackies out of there (although it was probably a suicide mission).

I took a huge breath and, without a plan, jumped out from behind my boulder and started running full tilt towards my enemy. I threw shield charms out in front of me and made a zigzag towards a tree just to the right of the Blackies hidey-hole. Standing behind the tree to catch my breath I saw a red cloaked person fall to a black one as the black cloaked person laughed a high pitched laugh that I easily recognized. On the ground the red robed person’s hood fell off and I saw the blank stare of Hugo as his attacker ran off to find a new victim.

I felt rage take my heart as I looked at the unmoving form of Hugo. I pulled several decoy detonators from my pocket and set them loose. I gripped my wand tight and when I heard the detonators go off I spun around the tree, aimed my wand at the trees beside the Blackies and said, “incendio!”

I quick hid back behind my tree again as spells shot towards me, but I had accomplished my goal (they wouldn’t be hiding behind those trees any longer, being on fire and all). Knowing I was going to have to face the three guys on the other side of my tree, I took a deep breath and rolled to one side. Coming back to my feet in one smooth motion I aimed my wand at the first black robed person I found and thought, “expelliarmus.” The wand went flying from the guy’s hand and I dived for it while dodging spells from his two comrades.

I jumped behind another tree as a scream like a banshee rang through the forest (this was getting nasty). Peeking out from behind the tree I saw my three enemies cautiously approaching the barrier between me and them. Thinking quick my mind found a random spell from some book I read once (I pray this works). I flung myself away from the tree shouting “terra tempestas” at the three approaching. Immediately a mini tornado started to form among them, blowing dirt and leaves everywhere. All four of us covered our faces as the mini windstorm blew itself out.

I recovered first and, crouching on the ground, I stunned two of my enemy before the third threw up a shield. His hood had blown off in the tempest and I was faced with none other than Scorpius Malfoy.

“Malfoy,” I spat at him, my wand pointing at his heart.

“Ah, so it’s you Remus,” he chuckled in return. “I must say that you have outdone yourself. I hardly expected you to get so far.”

“Hearing such taunts from you means little to me, my slithery friend,” I returned with a smile of my own.

“Why don’t you throw down your wand and give yourself up Remus? You are outnumbered and all of your allies have fallen,” Scorpius sneered at me. It was only then I realized how deathly quiet it had gotten except for a few whistles and bangs far distant. I took a quick look around me and found that Scorpius had been joined by two of his fellows. I was surrounded and alone.

“He’s not alone,” yelled Lucy Weasley, Percy’s middle child (she was going to be a third year this year). Little Lucy ran between the three facing me and situated herself at my back. I couldn’t begin to describe what it felt like to realize that all my comrades were gone. Lily, Hugo, Fred, Albus: all of them had fallen to these black robed fiends. I remembered seeing Hugo lying there with his blank stare and pictured Lily with the same look. A dark rage gripped my soul, but I couldn’t be a martyr when Lucy was with me. She was so young and innocent; I needed to give her a chance to get away instead of falling at my side.

“Let Lucy go free and I’ll come quietly,” I demanded. “Or else Scorpius will be in a world of hurt. Let her go and I’ll let you three go unscathed.”

The three of them laughed out loud and Lucy made an offended sound. “I stand with you,” she stated resolutely behind me.

A fourth black robed person walked up towards our gathering and brought his hood down. “You are hardly in a position to ask for anything Remus,” sneered James.

“Traitor,” I hissed. Then, quick as a flash, (before they could cast the first spell) I spun and pulled Lucy to the ground (covering most of her small body with mine). I fired a tickling charm at Scorpius and got off an impediment jinx at James before I was hit by three spells simultaneously. The last thing I remember before blacking out was a massive pain flowing through my entire body.

I woke up stiff all over. It was awful, horrible, and downright nasty. I grunted just from the effort of trying to move my arm. “You idiots,” snapped a very familiar voice. “You could have seriously hurt him.”

I opened my eyes with another groan and found the face of my beloved looking down at me. Her hair was tickling my neck and she was wiping my forehead with a warm cloth, but my spirit didn’t lift until she smiled at me.

“Hey, we were just acting in self defense Lily!” came James’ voice. “He was lashing out at us, what else were we supposed to do?”

“Everyone gets injured in these things Lily, you know…” Scorpius started but trailed off when Lily gave him a look of deepest loathing (in my experience it is better to cower in fear when Lily’s wrath is turned towards you).

Teddy Lupin and Mr. Potter walked into the room behind where Scorpius was seated at this point. “Ah, good. Remus is up,” stated Teddy while Mr. Potter shot a curious glance at his daughter. I took this chance to look around the room properly (we were in the Potter’s Living room that had been expanded to fit more people). There had to be about fifty to sixty people standing and sitting in the room. All of the current DA (including those previous DA members that were under twenty) and some of the Order of the Phoenix were in the room.

Mr. Potter, Teddy, and my father made their way to the center of the room and Mr. Potter called the room to order. “Well, that was an excellent practice battle everyone.”

I looked at Lils and whispered, “how long was I out?”

“About half an hour,” she responded. “Obviously, with your demise, the black team won.”

I shrugged and made a disgruntled sound. I took a closer look at those who had fought the battle in the forest behind the Potter’s house (that would be all DA members, current and previous, that were under the age of twenty). Many people looked rather worse for wear than they had before the battle had commenced. Tears, cuts, bruises, blood, and dirt were abound. My teammates had disappointed looks on their faces while the black team was munching on some of Honeydukes’ best chocolate bars (the reward for winning).

I sat up to get a better view of the room. My mother, Lily’s mom, and other moms were flitting around the room cleaning the fighters up and healing their minor wounds. This was the largest practice battle that the DA had ever seen. Never in Dumbledore’s Army history had so many fought at once. It, of course, made everyone (especially me and Lils) curious as to why Mr. Potter and my father were so eager to set this up. But, the most that we could get out of those grown up types was that ‘there’s lots of evil out there and it is better to be prepared.’ So naturally us Rebels had contemplated this reasoning (and what we heard from spying) and put it together to mean something closer to ‘there’s a growing evil force out there that we don’t know if we’ll be able to contain and the nation might once again break out into civil war.’ Mind you that is disturbing news and something you take with a grain of salt (meaning we aren’t one hundred percent sure on the war part).

Nonetheless, whatever evil is out there led to this day about two and a half weeks after the end of my grounding and the announcement of James’ engagement. Speaking of fiancés, Katelyn was looking mildly frightened while attending to James’ multitude of minor injuries (she was taking to this magic thing amazingly well and had been picking it up lightning quick over the past couple of weeks, but it looks like today’s display was just a tiny bit too much for her).

I tuned back in to what my father and Lils’ father were saying and realized they had finished their post-battle speech and were moving on to what I like to call the highlight reels (which is the analyzing of what different people did best and worst). “Well, I think that by far, Remus’ ambush was one of the more impressive points of the battle,” said Teddy Lupin.

They then went on to show what I did right and wrong in my raid for the others to learn from. They ended with my protection of little Lucy. “It was very noble of you to defend Lucy like you did Remus, but this was supposed to be a battle where everyone was on an even footing. Therefore you should have tried to find a way to fight out of the circle,” considered Mr. Potter. I looked over towards where Lucy was sitting and she stuck her tongue out at me, at which I turned away (not before sticking my tongue back out at her. I’m such a little kid).

“Well, I think it was very brave of you to try to save Lucy like that Remmie,” whispered the love of my life with a smile. I smiled back while my father moved on to talk about a particularly complicated piece of magic Albus had racked up in order to win one of his duels. Rose Weasley had apparently held off three opponents for a while before herself falling. Also Kevin Wood had taken an opponent out with a well aimed shot from fifty yards.

I stopped listening after a while in order to better concentrate on my game of footsie with Lils. I slipped my shoe off my right foot and she followed suit. Lils sat down on the couch beside me and wrapped her leg around mine. We were fully engrossed in each other (like usual) when our mothers called us out on it. “Lillian,” called Mrs. Potter from across the room (interrupting her husband mid-sentence). Consequently, all eyes in the room turned to us while my mother smacked me across the back of the head. Lily and I were blushing furiously and staring back around the room blinking while my mom started to get to work healing my cuts and bruises. “Pay attention,” snapped Ginny and gave Mr. Potter the nod to continue.

“Ahh, right,” said Mr. Potter appearing slightly lost. Gathering himself back up, he continued, “Well, we might be having one more of these little practices over the summer. So we’ll send you notice if we find a proper time. Thank you for a great meeting and see you all later. Dismissed.”

A great many of the non-Weasleys and some of the Weasleys stood up and made their way to one of the fireplaces or towards the front door to leave (not without a lot of conversing on the way). Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, Scorpius, and Pixie stayed along with me and my parents and George and Angelina and their kids. I nodded and waved to Kevin Wood, who stayed in Hugo and my dormitories with us, as he left. As the front room began to thin of people, it shrank back to its normal size in front of my very eyes (it was deeply disturbing).

The remaining occupants of the room found vacated seats to sit in while Kari, sporting a pink flowered pillowcase for a shirt and black sports shorts, skidded into the room carrying a tray of drinks. Kari set the drinks down on the coffee table, curtsied to Mr. Potter, winked at George, and skipped back out of the room. Hermione watched the whole episode closely. “I expect you’re treating Kari well Harry?”

Mr. Potter nodded, always eager to please. Ron, on the other hand, was watching his daughter and Scorpius with his arms crossed across his chest (it was clear to everyone that he didn’t approve, even though they had been together for years). Rose spotted her dad watching and cuddled up closer to her boyfriend. Ron huffed and Hermione smacked him for it. Lils and I exchanged smiles after this latest episode of Rose vs. Dad. Rose often won these battles because of her mom. The few times she lost, it meant that Hermione was nowhere to be found.

It was apparent, however, that Hermione had found her own relationship to disapprove of. I caught her throwing glares at Hugo and Pixie cuddling on a chair while engaged in small talk with the room at large. Apparently the weather and the current happenings at the Ministry were terribly interesting subjects because that is what the grown-ups started talking about.

Lils, being the impatient sort that she is, decided that she didn’t want to spend any of the quality time with the parents. She grabbed my arm and dragged my bottom off the couch. She then continued to pull me towards the hallway, but I grabbed hold of Hugo’s arm as we walked past his chair. Due to Newton’s first law of motion Hugo (and thus Pix who was on his lap) toppled off the chair with a massive “Oof.”

“Children!” called Ginny. “Don’t rough around on the furniture.”

Us four Rebels made our way out of the living room to Mrs. Potters distinct tones telling the room at large, “I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do about them. They’re as bad as Fred and George were as kids. Always horsing around and messing things up.”

“I don’t know,” said George. “I didn’t turn out half bad.”


Hugo, Pixie, and me followed Lily to the kitchen where she rummaged through the fridge and grabbed out four Butterbeers. I took one from my love and started to chug it down.

“I really wish you could have seen my shining moment today, you guys,” said Pixie staring at the ceiling like in a daydream. Hugo just groaned and sunk down on his stool. “Yep, I fought a ferocious duel that lasted all of seventy seconds with my boy right here.”

Pixie ruffled Hugo’s hair and he sunk down lower. “Oh yeah,” I laughed. “I saw Hugo fall to your mighty wand Pix. That was classic. I’m actually amazed it took you so long to find him though.”

“He was avoiding me,” declared Pix with a smirk. “Afraid of little old me, it would seem.”

“You’re just lucky I love you so much,” grumbled Hugo.

“Oh come here baby and get a kiss.” This seemed to cheer Hugo up marginally and he planted a wet one on Pixie’s lips (I made a point of turning away). Lily, however, was watching this episode with great interest.

“Does our snogging amuse you?” asked Pixie of Lily, after seeing her staring.

“Not at all. I was just admiring your technique. It was very… oh what’s the word I’m looking for … amateurish.”

Pixie had the nerve to look all affronted and placed a hand over her breast. “Excuse me? I’ve seen you kissing and, suffice to say, you aren’t in position to critique anyone. Not with that fish-like thing you do.”

“I do not!” exclaimed Lily, now all insulted herself. “Remmie, smack Pix for me will you?”

I just blinked at Lily for a second before Pixie made her own demand, “Hugo don’t let Rem touch me, alright?”

I turned to Hugo and we looked at each other with identical looks crossing our faces (something along the lines of not being able to disobey direct orders from these excruciatingly demanding women in our lives). I made the first move and tried to reach around Hugo to hit Pixie for the love of my life. Hugo, doing as his girl had commanded, snagged my arm. However, in typical Hugo fashion, he pulled my arm too hard and I fell off my stool with a thump. I pulled on Hugo’s leg to get revenge and he fell on top of me (which was probably counterproductive on my part because it hurt me more than him).

This turned into some weird grunge wrestling match between me and Hugo with our girls cheering us on. I’m proud to say that I managed to lay it in to Hugo pretty well and had him pinned to the floor when we got interrupted.

“What in the bloody hell is going on in here?” said Fred (George’s 16 year old son) strutting into the room. I looked up from my strangle hold on Hugo.

“Freddie,” exclaimed Pixie, going over to Fred and pulling him into the kitchen. “Just the man I wanted to see.”

“What ever could you want me for?”

“Well see, Lily and I are having a little debate about who’s the better kisser…”

“Oh wait. Hold it right there.” Fred held up his hands and backed slowly away from Pixie. “I’m truly honored Pixie, but I’m not about to kiss you and Lily. For one, Lily is my cousin. And there is only one word to describe that: ick.”

“No no no. You don’t understand. You would be a well experienced and fabulous kisser according to gossip. All you have to do is watch and judge my kissing versus Lily’s kissing.”

“Uh huh,” grunted Fred still skeptical (no doubt for good reason. I mean who would want to be caught between Lily and Pixie. Talk about a rock and a hard place). “And what is the point of this?”

“Pixie insulted my snogging techniques,” proclaimed Lils, speaking up for the first time. “I need to prove her wrong.”

“Well as long as it is all in good fun, I shall do as mine queens doth command.” Fred gave each Pix and Lils a small bow and pulled up a stool to sit on. I took my hand off Hugo’s face for the first time since Freddie came in, allowing him to raise his head off the ground. Instinctually, I believe, both Hugo and I knew that this kissing match would be a horrible idea. For one, it was a KISSING match (how do you even judge that?). Secondly, it was being lorded over by Freddie (who, might I need to remind you is George’s child and what that means? I think not). And thirdly, it was between these two particular girls (who are both nastily strong willed and obstinate).

About at this point was when it came to me in a flash what this latest little endeavor would mean for me (the tiniest bit slow on the uptake, I know). I was once again being plunged into a quasi-sexual situation with the girl that I was massively crushing over, but not together with. And furthermore, I was not the cause of this circumstance (nor any of the others for that matter). Why is it Lily’s most recent goal in life to torture me into insanity, I may ask you? Moreover, why am I not enjoying these state of affairs more (probably because it reminds me I cannot kiss Lily whenever I want to. Not that I’m not working on that).

“Alright campers, take your positions,” said Freddie on his high horse (or stool thingy). Hugo rotated to his feet with resignation on his face and assisted Pix to her feet, leaning against the counter of the kitchen island. I just sat there entombed in a state of nervousness, my palms starting to sweat. Given the idea of suddenly having to kiss Lils passionately on the spot, I couldn’t get myself to move.

It, of course, didn’t matter if I could get to my feet to be on Lily’s level because she simply came to me; sliding down off her seat and sitting on the floor next to me. She scooted her perfect bum across the floor till she was seated practically in my lap. Lils leaned into my right ear and whispered an apology for getting me into this mess. It was so cute and sweet that I knew there was no way I could not forgive her (assuming there was something to forgive, lest we forget the fact I would be getting a chance to smooch the girl I loved).

“Ready to get it on biach?” said Pixie, snapping her fingers (all three male spectators subsequently rolled their eyes).

“You bet your ass,” came back Lily grabbing the front of my shirt for show and painfully yanking out one of my few chest hairs.

“Alright sports fans,” commentated Freddie into a wooden spoon. “Today we have a snogging grudge match between newbie smoochers Pixie pucker-up Scamander and Lily lazy-lips Potter. It seems we have a green light from the lone judge for today’s bizarre battle, yours truly Fred, the king, Weasley. Boys and girls, start your lips!”

Groans erupted from both couples. Freddie was the commentator for quidditch matches at Hogwarts and while his commentating could get somewhat carried away, it was always entertaining. “Okay, okay you haters. Are you all set to begin? Yes? Alright, let’s get this thing rolling: one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and for to go!”

All four of us friends just shook our heads at Fred’s ludicrous display. “You are deeply disturbed Fred,” I said.

“And your point is…?” said Freddie tilting his head.

“Nevermind,” I replied, letting it go.

“Right, well, I’m not getting any younger, so if you guys could just pucker up so I can get back to yelling at youngsters to get off my lawn; that would be fabulous.”

Lily and Pixie glared daggers at each other for a second before Pix broke off and started up her favorite new pastime with Hugo. I found that I was suddenly able to look at Hugo and Pix snogging (I’m not sure what for: whether I was looking for pointers or I was just so nervous I was transfixed). I found that this chance to finally kiss Lils properly, though not without extenuating circumstances, had my mind filled with pointless thoughts (such as my lip wetness (or rather dryness), ohmygod, my more than likely bad breath, ohmygod, Lily is so pretty tonight, and more ohmygod for good measure). I was worried that I didn’t have what it took to be a good kisser. I may have kissed a few girls (and not just my aunts) and those snogging sessions may have went alright, but that didn’t relieve the tension of what I was about to do.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been worrying so much and thought more about important matters like placing my hands right and angling my head properly. But I couldn’t help the anxiousness (even having kind of kissed Lily a couple times by now). It just overwhelmed me. I found it to be a gigantic effort to do even the minor action of turning my head to look from Hugo and Pix to my own snogging partner.

However, when I stared into the love of my life’s eyes I managed to shrug off most of my anxiety and allow my mind to go virtually blank. This would be easy, like riding a bike (but, like, a million, billion times better). It didn’t matter if my first passionate kiss (I would like to discredit those other misadventures) with my Lils would be when we weren’t dating or considering dating. It also didn’t matter that it had been made into some ludicrous competition. The only thing that mattered was this kiss, at this moment. Because if I could get this right, then I would only be that much closer to my ultimate goal of getting Lily to love me back.

I allowed my eyes to get absorbed into Lily’s and my hands to move themselves to Lily’s head as I prepared for the moment. Lils put her arms around me also and started to slowly lean in. Out of the corner of my eye, in the moments before I got completely lost in me and Lily, I saw Freddie quietly slip off his stool and slink out of the kitchen while we couples were more than preoccupied. But I found that despite the fact that the competition was no longer being judged, I knew I wouldn’t stop what was about to happen for the world. Not for anything. And then our lips connected.

A/N: Yay! Major cliff hanger (I feel so truly evil. HEHEHE). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. I just wondered how many of you I actually fooled into thinking Remus was in a real battle (any of you)? As always, please review because without reviews the clock stops ticking and if the clock stops ticking, I'll never get to see the fourth of July (always a highlight of my summer).

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