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Random Paragraphs w/ Different POVs by Larissa
Chapter 1 : Random Paragraphs w/ Different POVs
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It isn't fair, it really isn't. On top of Voldemort's attacks, I now have to deal with "raging hormones" as the critics so lovingly put it. I'm happy I just don't have zits. I don't deserve zits, with everything else stinking my life up. Want to know the funny part? I think I still like Cho, even after she cried all over me! Am I going mad or what? No, I'm not going mad. Oh God, here comes Cho now. I haven't seen her all summer… and she was really angry last time I talked to her… Wish me luck!

I want to talk to Harry. It's just that he seems to like Hermione Granger a lot more than he likes me. Ok, frankly, I'll be honest. I don't really like him that much. It's just fun to mess with his mind. But the truth is, I miss Cedric so much, I could cry. His death anniversary was a couple months ago, and it feels like he died yesterday. I think I want to kill Harry, for not saving Cedric, but that's not right either. All I want to do is sit down and sort through my tangled, pathetic thoughts.

**looking at feet**
How was your summer?
(Don't talk about Cedric, don't talk about Cedric)
It's been two months past a year since he died.
I gotta go.
Me to.
You gonna go see Granger?
Fine, whatever.

I am evil. I can't believe he still thinks I like him. I mean, I do. I am so confused, I wish I could just die. Now, that's an idea… I could never. I'd see Cedric again… Harry's a nice boy. He really is. On one hand, I like him a lot, and want to snog him, but on another, I want to kill him, and then I want to mess with his mind because he's so gullible. Why can't I think properly? It's like there are forty Cho's dancing in my head, who can't agree on the simplest thing.

She talked to me! She seems jealous of Hermione, though. I wonder why. I think I really want to kiss her again. At least she wasn't crying when she mentioned Cedric… Oh, now she is. She is even more gorgeous then before. Then all of the previous years I've seen her. I'm going crazy. Imagine what she must be feeling! Deep love for Harry Potter, that's what it is. Unless she is just looking for closure about Cedric's death….? Yes, I bet that's it. She's still all beat up over that guy. Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darn!

I'm staring at Harry Potter. He's staring at Cho. Cho is crying, and so am I. Why is Harry so obsessed with her? She's just pretty… I love him. I fell in love with him after he saved my life. I'll never be the same. I will always dream of those brilliant green eyes, staring at me, hoping I don't die. Dying himself. So sexy. Why can't he look at ME? I'm going to go talk to him. I will talk to him. I will. No! I can't. I'm walking forward. I'm taking steps forwards. He will turn around soon…

I turned around and saw Ginny staring at me. She smiled at me. Do you think she still has a crush on me? Before she did and she acted shy, and now she doesn't act shy... Oh God, she's walking towards me. I can't handle this! Cho walking away and Ginny walking forward... does this symbolize something? I'd like to think it does, but then again. It would symbolize Cho leaving my life, and Ginny entering it. But that's wierd. I can't date Ron's sister! No, no, it won't work at all. But she's pretty... not as pretty as Cho. Wow. This is strange.

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Random Paragraphs w/ Different POVs: Random Paragraphs w/ Different POVs


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