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Le Pari by bexi_potter
Chapter 2 : Viva La France!
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Disclaimer: Yeah, the Potterverse is totally not ours. However, Cassandra/Claudia Ironlove, however, are. 

“Cass, are you asleep?” Claudia whispered into the darkness of their dorm above Elliot’s snoring.

“Yeah,” Cassandra whispered sarcastically back to her.

“Can’t sleep?”

“No, El’s snoring really loud.” They were quiet for a moment. “Did you mean what you said about the bet?” Cassandra asked hesitantly.

“Course I did,” Claudia said strongly, “Think of it as an incentive for you to talk to him.” 

Cassandra bit her lip ring. “But what if he doesn’t like me?” 

Claudia rolled over onto her stomach, sighing. “Well then, you’ll just have to get over it, won’t you?” 

Cassandra laughed slightly, but it came out as more of a groan. 

“Oh yeah? What if Sirius rejects you?” she asked, trying to turn her voice back to normal. In the darkness, she heard Claudia shift and squirm about in her bed. She cleared her throat before she answered.

“Then I’ll cry for a bit and move on as well.”

Cassandra laughed again, sounding more like her usual self. Both girls jumped as Elliot gave a snort in her sleep.

“Nice and simple then? What are the terms of this lovely bet?”

Claudia huffed at her sister, wanting to get to sleep, but pushed herself up so she was sitting. “Whoever gets kissed first wins.”

Cassandra smirked, pushing herself up too. “As long as they kiss us, and it’s not just you going up to him and snogging him, Claudie.”

“Damn,” Claudia giggled, “Joking. But seriously, I wouldn’t do that. You know I’ve never…well, you know.”

Cassandra looked over at her with a raised eyebrow. “And I have? We’re both mouth virgins. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Claudia rolled her eyes in the darkness, but Cassandra didn’t see her. “Speak for yourself, nerd. Anyway. Night.”

Cassandra grunted her goodnight and turned over to sleep.


The next morning whilst Cassandra and Elliot were getting ready, Claudia was still in bed muttering in her sleep.

“Your beret looks good with your uniform,” Elliot said appreciatively as Cassandra slipped a black beret over her head, positioning it so it sat lightly on top of her short black hair and securing it with a couple of Kirby grips.

“Thanks,” Cassandra grinned. Claudia gave a particularly loud grunt and the two girls looked at her.

“Do you reckon we should wake her up?” Elliot asked.

Cassandra laughed quietly. “No.”

They crept out, leaving Claudia in bed.

In the common room, Jordan and Mikey sat waiting for them in the common room.

“Claude not with you guys?” Jordan asked as he and Mikey stood, following the two girls down to the hall.

Elliot and Cassandra looked at each other, smirking.

"Asleep,” they said simultaneously in an innocent tone.

They all laughed and walked down to the Great Hall.

They did this to Claudia every year, and each year it got funnier.

As they entered the Hall they spotted the Marauders and Lily congregating at the end of the Gryffindor table. Lily threw Cassandra and Elliot a wave and they walked over, although Mikey had to hold onto Cassandra's arm to keep her upright.

"Hey guys," Lily smiled.

"Hi," Elliot smiled back. Cassandra mustered a small smile, looking down as soon as she saw Remus' gaze fall on her.

"Good morning Cassandra," he said politely, looking at her head, “I like your hat.”

"Uh, m-morning," she stuttered in a whisper, “It’s a beret. T-Thanks.” Remus was about to reply but Sirius started to talk over him.

"Where's Claude?" he asked in a loud tone, "aren't you like, always together because you're twins?"

“I would imagine they spend at least a few minutes apart during the day, Sirius,” Remus said shortly, rolling his eyes.

"Still asleep," Jordan answered Sirius’ query with a grin, "we didn't get her up." The group laughed.

"Well, we're going to get some breakfast while we can," Elliot said, and she began to walk to the Ravenclaw table.

"Bye!" Lily called as Jordan, Mikey and Cassandra followed Elliot.

"That was interesting," Mikey grinned, looking sideways at Cassandra as she grabbed some toast.

"What?" she asked defensively.

"You actually said something to him," Jordan said in an encouraging tone. Cassandra's cheeks flamed and she accidentally put her elbow into a bowl of porridge. Elliot and Jordan laughed and Mikey snorted, but took pity on her and vanished the mess off of her robes.

At that moment, Claudia ran into the hall with wild hair, a messed up uniform and odd socks. Her tie was loose around her neck, her robes were falling off her shoulders, her shirt was buttoned up wrong and her skirt had not yet been rolled up and hung somewhere round her knees. As soon as she saw her friends she stormed up to them.

"Do you know how hard it is to take a shower and get dressed in five minutes?" she growled, and when they started laughing at her she screamed in frustration. "Come on, guys! Every year! It's not funny!" They only laughed harder and when she saw she wasn't getting through to them, she sat down at the table next to her sister.

"Give me some toast."

Cassandra passed it to her and Claudia took it without a word, munching on it angrily. After a moment she looked at Cassandra.

“Are you wearing a beret?” she asked. Cassandra touched her beret gently and rolled her eyes.

“No, I’m not,” she said sarcastically. Claudia huffed.

“No need to be sharp with me,” she said. “It looks nice,” she attempted. Cassandra smiled.

“Thank you,” she said graciously.

Professor Flitwick came round to the group, passing up their schedules. They studied them and Cassandra and Claudia gave each other a high five.

"Muggle Studies first! Sweet!" Claudia said, her bad mood instantly forgotten.

“Oh great, Muggle Studies,” Elliot groaned, and Claudia gasped at her, pretending to be wounded.

“If you don’t like it you shouldn’t have taken it,” Cassandra said, shrugging.

“Easy pass,” Elliot replied, “but it’s so boring. It’s not like I don’t know about Muggles anyway.”

“Well, it’s interesting for us,” Cassandra defended, “we’re from a pure blood family, so we’ve never had the chance to look at Muggle life from a non-biased perspective.”

“Huh?” Claudia looked confused. Cassandra sighed.

“The view of Muggles we’ve been given our whole life has been that they’re bad, but they’re not. And Muggle Studies lets us think what we want about them without anyone telling us that we’re wrong.”

“What, like our stuck-up parents and Vinnie the pure blood idiot?” Claudia said, and Mikey, Jordan and Elliot laughed a little.

“Yeah, them,” Cassandra replied, smiling a little. They ate the rest of their breakfast in silence and when they had finished, Cassandra looked around the hall.

“Should we get going? People are leaving for lessons now,” she said, and Claudia rolled her eyes whilst she adjusted her uniform so it was acceptable.

“Cassie, like ten people have left for lessons,” she said in a teasing manner, but they got up anyway and walked out of the hall together.

“Well, me and Mikey have a free so we’re going to do some flying!” Jordan said as they neared the Grand Staircase. Mikey groaned.

“Do I have to?” he whined, and Jordan sighed.

“Fine, you can watch me. I need to get out on a broom, I’ve been dying.” Jordan looked wistfully out of the window.

“Cass, do you have a book I can read at the Quidditch pitch?” Mikey asked Cassandra, and she pulled a title from her bag and put it in his hands.

“Have fun,” she smiled, and the group hugged. The boys went across the hall towards the doors leading outside, whilst the girls started to climb the stairs to get to their Muggle Studies lesson.

“Sirius asked where you were at breakfast,” Elliot informed Claudia as they walked, and Claudia grinned widely.

“Did he now?” she said with a slight laugh.

“Yeah, and completely interrupted Remus and Cassandra’s moment,” Elliot said, and Cassandra let out a yell as her foot missed a stair and she fell painfully to her knees. Claudia clutched onto the railing of the stairs in hysterics and Elliot, holding back giggles, bent down to help Cassandra off of the floor.

“Oh my god, Cassandra, are you alright?!” Lily’s voice rang up from the bottom of the stair case, and she rushed up the stairs two at a time to help Elliot pull a mortified Cassandra up to her feet.

“I’m fine,” Cassandra said weakly, and Lily grabbed Cassandra’s beret off the stairs and handed it to her.

“You’re such an idiot!” Claudia wheezed, still laughing at her twin. Elliot sent her a glare and punched her arm lightly. She stopped for a second, before punching Elliot back almost three times as hard. Cassandra rolled her eyes and fixed her beret back in her hair.

“Ow! Dead arm!” Elliot whined, clutching her arm, and Claudia started laughing again.
“Don’t hit me then!” she managed to get out through her giggles. Elliot grumbled under her breath and suddenly the girls could hear loud voices coming up the stairs. Very loud voices. Very familiar loud voices.

“Just the Marauders,” Lily said with a wave of her hand.

“Remus!” Cassandra whispered, and she sunk back down to the floor again. Elliot grabbed her arm whilst Claudia groaned.

“Nice one Cassie,” she muttered.

“Remus?” Lily asked confusedly.

“Yes, Lily?” Cassandra gasped at Remus’ voice as it floated up from the bottom of the staircase and Lily suddenly realized.

“Remus! Um, could you, uh, come up here and help us, I think Cassandra’s hurt her…er…ankle! Yeah, she hurt her ankle!” Lily covered quickly, and Cassandra’s eyes widened in horror. Remus reached the top of the stairs first and looked down at her with concern.

“Are you alright? What happened?” he asked.

“She tripped,” Claudia snorted, and Remus looked at her funny. He leant down and gripped her hand tightly, pulling her up into a standing position with Elliot’s help.

“You’re quite clumsy, aren’t you?” he chuckled slightly, and Cassandra giggled in a high-pitched tone, her whole face turning bright red.

“Y-Yeah, just a little,” she said quietly, and they stood there looking at each other in silence for a moment. “Thanks.”

“No problem. How’s your ankle?”

“Oh, I – I –”

“It looks really bad, Cassie,” Lily interrupted in an over-the-top manner, winking surreptitiously at Cassandra. “You’ll probably need help walking.”

“I can help you,” Remus offered, holding his arm out. Cassandra froze for a moment, before shakily letting Remus support her by wrapping an arm round her back. Sirius and James made it up the stairs. James and Lily immediately gravitated towards each other.

“Remus, why do you have a twin on you?” Sirius joked, but then looked down in concern as he saw Cassandra balancing on one foot. “You alright?”

“She fell down the stairs,” Remus explained for her, and Sirius let out a small chuckle.
“Nice one.” He looked round and sighed. “I want a twin. Claudia, get over here!” Claudia raised an eyebrow at Sirius but stood in front of him anyway.

“Yes?” she said shortly, a hint of a smirk on her lips.

“Do you want a piggyback? Remus has a twin and I want one too,” Sirius whined. Only Cassandra noticed Claudia’s cheek pinken a little.

Claudia laughed. “Turn around then.” Sirius did so and Claudia jumped on his back, putting her arms round his neck and her legs round his waist.

“Onward! Mush!” Claudia cried, pointing towards the Muggle Studies classroom, and Sirius laughed and ran off with her on his back. Remus rolled his eyes good-naturedly and smiled at Cassandra.

“Shall we follow?” he asked. Cassandra nodded her head gently and Lily, James and Elliot joined them in walking to Muggle Studies.

Once they had all taken their seats, their Muggle Studies teacher bounded in the classroom. Everyone who took Muggle Studies agreed she was the craziest and probably the best teacher at the school – she acted like a giant teenager most of the time. She was Professor Loch, but she asked everyone to call her by her first name, Jen.

“Hi, everyone! Okay, so today! What are we learning about today…” she consulted a piece of parchment in her hand and cried, “France! We are learning about France!”

“Viva la France!” someone shouted from the back of the room, and the whole class laughed.

“Viva la France indeed, Jack!” the teacher chortled. “Okay, what does anyone know about France then?”

“Beauxbatons is there?” a girl at the front suggested timidly.

“Whilst that is correct, we’re thinking on a more Muggle point of view,” Jen encouraged, gesticulating madly. “Anything about their culture, their people? The Muggle side, obviously.”

“They drink wine and wear berets,” Sirius suggested loudly, and the class laughed again.

“Not all French people wear berets and drink wine, although you’ll be forgiven for thinking that,” Jen said, “and it seems we have someone here who appreciates the beret! Cassandra, where did you get your beret?” Cassandra’s eyes went wide and she tugged on her beret.

“In France,” she said quietly, and Jen smiled.

“You’ve been to France?” she asked.

“We go every summer,” Claudia said loudly, “We have done since we were small. Father has a vineyard, he sells the wine he makes.” Jen looked at them in shock.

“So you know a lot about France, then?”

“We’re fluent in French,” Claudia said proudly.

Oui, Mademoiselle?” Jen said with a grin.

Oui Mademoiselle Loch, moi et ma soeur je t’aime le Francais,” Claudia said, and Jen clapped appreciatively.

“Very clever,” she said.

“French is a really sexy language,” Sirius said, raising his eyebrows in a suggestive manner at Claudia. She rolled her eyes and gave him a grin.

“We know a song,” she said, “we used to sing it when we were younger.”

“Not the Elephant song,” Cassandra groaned, and Claudia grinned.

“Well, let’s hear it,” Jen said, and the rest of the class voiced their agreement. Cassandra went red, but Claudia smiled.

Un Elefant,” she sang.

Un Elefant,” Cassandra sang weakly. Claudia then turned to her sister, confused.

“Uh…I don’t remember any more.” Cassandra rolled her eyes.

“You know, it says about the parrot and the forest…” she prompted, but Claudia shook her head. Cassandra sighed.

“You sing it then!” Claudia said in an annoyed tone.

“I’m the response, I only have to copy what you said! It’s not like I know the song properly!” Cassandra replied heatedly.

“Well maybe you should have learnt it then,” Claudia said stubbornly.

“Well maybe you should have remembered it so I didn’t have to learn it,” Cassandra said icily.

“Um, okay then,” Jen said, confused, “what was the song actually about?”

“Well, it was about an elephant,” Claudia started.

“And he’s running through the forest,” Cassandra continued, and she started to get the giggles.

“He’s got a little parrot on his back,” Claudia said, starting to laugh as well.

“And his name is Jaqués,” Cassandra finished, and by this point both the girls were in hysterics, clutching on to each other as if they had never been arguing.

“And…what’s funny about that?” Jen asked, still confused.

“Well, there’s this person who works in the vineyards called Jacqués, and he looks like a parrot,” Claudia said, and they both started laughing again. It was infectious and the rest of the class soon joined in, even Jen.

“Well, that was delightful girls,” Jen said after everyone had settled down, “thank you very much.” Claudia beamed at Cassandra, punching her lightly on the arm. Cassandra rolled her eyes but smiled back, and for the rest of the lesson Jen showed them pictures of France and its people, landmarks and everything French.

At the end of the lesson, as she always did, she turned to the class.

“So everyone, what have you learnt this lesson?” she asked, and several people put their hands up.

“That the French are alcoholics?” someone suggested, causing the class to laugh.

“They make amazing bread?” someone else yelled out.

“That even the word elephant sounds sexy in French,” Sirius said, grinning as several girls in the class giggled. Jen rolled her eyes at him and the class was dismissed.


“So that was a cool lesson,” Elliot said as she, Cassandra and Claudia walked from their lesson to the next.

“Told you Muggle Studies was awesome,” Claudia grinned at her.

“When it’s not trivial things like electricity or cleaning by hand,” Sirius said with a grin, butting into the conversation and sliding into the gap in-between Cassandra and Claudia. Remus appeared next to Cassandra with a small smile, Lily and James next to him. Cassandra’s cheeks illuminated.

“Because really, who needs to know how electricity works when you’ve got a wand to light the way?” Sirius continued, winking at Claudia as he put an arm round her shoulders. She stiffened for a moment and gently shrugged him off. He looked at her strangely but she shook her head, and after a moment he shrugged.

“What if you’re stuck without your wand and a fuse in one of your lights blows?” Lily asked, raising an eyebrow at Sirius.

“I’d call Moony over, of course,” Sirius said as if the answer were obvious. “He knows what he’s doing with fuses and switches and thingies.”

“I’m especially good at the thingies part,” Remus said, a sarcastic smile playing on his lips. Cassandra kept the giggle that was threatening to escape from his cute remark in her throat.

“I would’ve said thingies were your specialty,” Sirius said to him, throwing a wink at him as well.

“Are we still talking about electricity?” Elliot asked jokingly, and the group laughed. After a few minutes they stopped in the Entrance Hall.

“We’re off to Care of Magical Creatures,” Sirius said, motioning to him and James.

“And we’re off to Ancient Runes,” Lily said, motioning to herself and Remus.

“This is where we part, ma soeur!” Claudia said dramatically, taking Cassandra in her arms and squeezing her tight. “Rappelez-vous le pari!” Cassandra laughed as they broke away.

Comment pourrais-je oublier, ma soeur?” she replied in French. Claudia and Cassandra laughed, but soon stopped when they realized no one was laughing with them.

“What are you two on about?” Sirius asked, bewildered.

“They talk in French all the time,” Elliot explained, “we just learn to ignore them after a while.”

“Come on Cassie, you can talk in French in Runes,” Lily said, grabbing her hand and pulling her away. Elliot walked up the stairs to her next lesson, Remus, Lily and Cassandra went the opposite way to Ancient Runes, and Sirius, James and Claudia opened the huge ornate doors that led out to the grounds for Care of Magical Creatures. As they were walking through the grounds, Sirius and James each put an arm round Claudia’s shoulders and Sirius said, “You know, French really is a sexy language…” 

Oh yes, the next chapter will be up relatively soon, I said...hark at me. Apologies. 
We hope you liked it! 
For anyone that doesn't speak French (like lauren and myself) we find google translator is a pretty awesome thing. 
Ma soeur means sister in French.
The first thing in French says "Yes Miss Loch, me and my sister love French!" 
The next says, "Don't forget the bet!"
The last long French phrase says, "How could I forget, my sister?"
So basically, we're not fluent in French and if any of these are wrong simply say so and we'll change it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention if you do manage to spot a mistake. 
Read and review? Yes yes? We love you :D
-becky and lauren.

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Le Pari : Viva La France!


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