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For The Love of Shoes and Other Things by macerinut
Chapter 3 : The Dance
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“Oi! Potter!”

“Zabini? What do you want?”

Blaise ran up to the Gryffindor, panting and shoved a box at him. “Here’s Hermione’s dress.”

“Since when have you started calling her by her first name?” asked the bewildered boy.

“Enh, just felt like it. Anyways, toodles!” He started walking away but stopped and turned around for a moment. “Oh and Potter, tell Miss Ginny Weasley that I’m looking forward to seeing her on the dance floor!” He winked and continued walking.

“Um...sure,” Harry muttered. Maybe Ron was onto something with the whole thing about the school getting hit by an insane spell. After all, it taken him two hours to convince Luna that he wasn’t infested by Bloomsies and to get her to agree to go to the dance with him. He continued on his way up to Gryffindor Tower, pondering his thoughts. Ginny and Zabini, him and Luna and Hermione and Malfoy?


“Noogie,” he said to the Fat Lady and walked into the common room. “Hey Hermione! Zabini gave something to me to give to you!”

In a flash, his best friend was at his side. She ripped the box from him and opened it, squealing loudly. “Oh, Harry, thank you!” She hugged him and ran back upstairs, appearing a moment later.

“I have to go find Malfoy now! Bye!” As she ran out of the portrait, all Harry could do was blink.



Hermione turned around and waited for Draco to catch up. “Hi... Malfoy.”

He gave her a curt nod. “Here’s the jewelry I said I’d get for you.”

“Thanks,” she murmured, taking the small bag he handed to her. “And my shoes...?”

“Right here.” He smirked as he placed the box in her hands. “They only have a small bit of a heel so you shouldn’t fall...much.”

She rolled her eyes before growing serious again. “Thanks Malfoy. For everything, I mean. Shopping, the jewelry, the shoes. Thanks.”

“Um, sure, no problem,” he gave her a crooked grin. “ out for yourself tonight. Don’t let any guy get too close, you know they’re only after one thing.”

“And what’s that?” she couldn’t resist asking. He cocked an eyebrow and leaned in close.

“This,” he whispered and kissed her quickly on the lips before walking away. “Save me a dance Granger!”

“I will,” she promised quietly.



“Hermione, you look totally fabulicious!”

The brunette smiled. “Really Ginny?”

“Totally!” she cried. “Right Luna? Luna!”

“Hm? Oh yes, you look very nice Hermione,” she said, giving her a nod of approval. “The Seltas in your hair are keeping it nice and curly. You should thank them later with a thimble of honeyed milk.” Hermione raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. She turned and looked in the mirror, not quite believing her eyes.

The red satin dress had a modest v-neck and flared out at the knees. The two straps crossed in front and tied behind her neck. Her chestnut brown hair had been charmed into curls and put up into a simple ponytail with a few curls framing her face. She only had a little makeup on, consisting of a matching glossy lipstick and some light blush and mascara. The diamond necklace laid perfectly on her exposed skin above the v-neck and she had put the matching bracelets on each of her wrists. An emerald ring, set in elaborate, thick strands of silver, sat comfortably on her fourth finger on her right hand. She had found it in a small box with the rest of the jewelry, though she had been surprised to see it there. It looked expensive, too expensive to be given and worn by her.

“Don’t forget the shoes!” chimed Ginny, handing her the box. Hermione sat down on her bed and took them out, gasping in delight. Draco had been right, there was a small heel on each but she could deal with that. The high heels were snow white, covered in small crystals that shone in the light. The straps went up to a little over her ankle, criss-crossing prettily and snapping in the back. She put them on, admiring how they looked.

“Okay dokey, let’s go! I can’t wait to see Zabini’s mouth drop when he sees me in this little number! He’ll want to snog me in no time! Right Hermione?”

“Right,” her friend agreed, grinning. Ginny was wearing a gold, sparkly cocktail dress that fell to right above her knees and matching shoes. Her red hair fanned over her back, set in slight waves instead of being normally straight. Luna was wearing a long dress that seemed to alternate between looking blue and looking silver. She was wearing silver ballet flats and her hair was held up by a sapphire butterfly clip.

The three girls checked themselves in the mirror one last time before heading out of the dorm. Harry and Ron were waiting in the common room, dressed in tuxes to support the muggle theme.

“Luna, you look great,” said Harry warmly, as she took his arm.

“Thank you Harry. You look very handsome tonight. Let's just hope the Hoodles don't get us. They're attracted to attractive people, you know.” The couple glided out of the room and the other three followed.


“Blaise, no!”

“Draco, mate, I swear I’ll curse you if I have to!”

“Watch it!” he hissed. “I’m not asking her to marry me, you nimrod!”

His friend gave him a bored look as he took a sip of his punch. “Then why’d you give her the Malfoy engagement ring that’s been passed down in your family for centureies?”

“What- I never-,”

“Mate, turn around!” Draco did and his jaw dropped when he saw Hermione enter the Hall with her friends. She looked so beautiful, he thought. She waded through the people easily as some guys asked her to dance. She agreed and was soon whisked off to the dance floor. Draco immediately felt jealous. He had had more history with her than anyone here, save Pothead and Weasel, and by Salazar he would make sure she stayed his.

Blaise chuckled. “Better get out there, m’boy, before all the handsome ones get her and you don’t have a chance in hell.” He noticed Ginny and grinned. “Hey Weasley! Bring your fine self over here and we’ll get funky!” He waggled his eyebrows and Ginny let out a hoot.

“Hon, you know I’m there!” Blaise gave one last wink to Draco before heading off to meet up with the redhead.


Hermione’s cheeks were flushed from excitement as she danced. She had never been so popular before and definitely not with the boys. As she danced, a certain Slytherin leaning on one of the walls caught her eye. His expression was unreadable and lips were in a tight line. She wondered briefly what his problem was and why he wasn’t dancing. Draco Malfoy had never been known to have a shortage of dance partners before. The dance ended almost as quickly as it had stared and Hermione thanked her partner. Before someone else could ask her for a dance, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

“Hey!” she protested. “Why’d you do that Malfoy?”

“Because,” he snapped, “you’re mine.” Hermione froze and looked at him in disbelief.


“Simple. I love you and you love me.”

“You... love me?”

He looked at her strangely. “Of course I do. Why else would I have kissed you?”

“I don’t know. Temporary insanity? There’s a rumour going around the school you know-,” she was cut off as his lips crashed down onto hers. There were many gasps as everyone in the Hall stopped dancing and turned to watch. Blaise and Ginny smiled at each other and high-fived before beginning to snog. Harry and Luna had...disappeared and Ron was too busy stuffing his mouth with muggle food to notice anything.

“Marry me, be my girlfriend, whatever,” Draco whispered as they broke apart. Hermione blushed and he grinned.

“On one condition.”

“Whatever you want,” he promised.

“You start calling me Hermione and I start calling you Draco.”


“And,” she paused to think, “if you promise me a happy life that will have a beautiful house in the country with smart, sarcastic, blonde, freckled, witty children who enjoy torturing their favourite moronic Uncle Blaise and reading books in their free time.”

“Done,” he laughed.

“And,” she added, “you have to kiss me again.”

He smirked. “Whatever you want, my Hermione.”

And they all lived happily ever after, except for the sparkly red high heels which got lost somewhere in the Room of Requirement and were later found by none other than Severus Snape who took to posing in them with a matching red feather boa in front of the entire staff during their secret monthly fashion shows which were kept secret for good reason ever since the Pomfrey incident a few decades back involving chocolate licorice and a neon green chain belt.


Author's Note- This story turned out a bit differently than what I had originally planned but that's okay since I like this verison better :)  Please review and let me know what you think!

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For The Love of Shoes and Other Things: The Dance


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