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Oblivious to the Obvious by Tonks1247
Chapter 1 : Sarcasm And Annoyances
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So maybe the grass is greener on the other side of the pitch, the one that we rarely have to look at during Quidditch practice because normally practice is held in the air. I mean seriously, in the air we don’t care if the grass is green or yellow or even pink for that matter. We play in the air, and the grass doesn’t matter. Only when you’re being forced to sprint for an entire practice do you notice how green the grass can be.
So I guess I should explain why it is my practice is being used to run around the ruddy pitch, where I am making this observation of the greener grass. That question can be answered quite simply. Oliver-sodding-Wood.

Wood thought that the best punishment for me being one minute late to practice was forty-five minutes of sprinting. Yes, you heard me: forty-five minutes of sprinting for being ONE minute late. And of course, I had to do warm up with everyone else before sprinting for the rest of practice. Which I suppose I should be thankful for because it’s only an hour practice today. But seriously, the Weasley twins have missed practice from detentions and haven’t had to do that much. Apparently having both Beaters run instead of participate in practice is unacceptable, but forcing the Seeker to run is highly acceptable.

That would be Wood logic for you. Being a prick just because he can. Just don’t ask the rest of the team. They’ll deny that he’s being harsh on me, but I’d like to see them get a practice of running instead of flying and participating.

I once again start around the curve of the so said ‘greener’ side of the pitch. I am about halfway through that curve before my foot catches on something, which I quickly notice is a rock I failed to see. I fall forward and end up on my hands and knees on the ground. Curse words fly through my brain as pain prickles in my hands and my knees. I grit my teeth together but push myself to my feet. I check my hands, which have shallow scrapes on them, before looking over my knees, which have fairly decent cuts on them.

Erg. Smooth move, Hailey….smooth.

I lightly brush my fingers over my knees to get some of the dirt off of them, hissing in pain as some blood oozes from the wounds. I think for a second about running over to the goal posts to wash the cuts off, but decide against it as practice is almost over anyways.

Not more than a second after I decide to keep running, Wood flies into my line of sight and bellows, “Teizon, get a move on. You still have another 5 minutes of sprinting before cool down, which you will be participating in.”

I send daggers at him as I take a deep breath. Words flood into my mouth, insults mostly, but I shake my head and start running. I know better than to press my luck. I’m already sprinting a practice and I’m sure insulting him is just going to increase the amount I’ll be running this week, which I would really rather not do.

I finish the lap, knowing I took longer than usual because Wood blows his whistle, signaling for everyone to land by the goal posts, which I have already passed. The whole team lands by the goal posts, and I jog back over to them.

Wood is doing his normal criticizing of how the team wasn’t working together and all the normal stuff. I tune him out, as he honestly can’t criticize my flying as I haven’t been in the air for more than 5 minutes during practice. I instead take a couple steps back from the group, trying to find some sort of breeze to cool off as my t-shirt and shorts are sticking to my sweaty skin.

“TEIZON!” Wood yells, and I instantly look up.

“Yes Captain?” I ask, eyes moving to his as I realize I have no hope to appear as if I was listening.

“What did I just say cool down was?” he asks, eyes hard.

“Are you trying to test me?” I ask in return, calling him out while also buying myself time to see if I could decipher an answer from the other members of the team. My eyes move around them, starting with Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, and Alicia Spinnet, three of my best friends and roommates, before moving onto the Weasley Twins, my sister Kelsey Teizon, a reserve chaser Lyn Roberts, and finally the reserve beater Marcus Smith. I take my time, only to find none of them are making eye contact as none of them really like getting into Wood and I’s rows.

“Well, you seemed to be off in La-la land, and as great as that is, I’d like you’re attention in practice. Now, what was cool down?” Wood says seriously.

I catch George’s eye and see him slightly shake his head no before he runs a hand through his hair and averts his eyes to the ground. My eyes return to Wood and I take a slow breath. “I wouldn’t know. You went from team critique to harassing me, no cool down being mentioned.”

I hear a couple irritated huffs of air and sighs from the team as Wood’s eyes narrow.

“You’re guessing,” Wood says, voice hard. “And the attitude you bring with it doesn’t help your case either.”

“Wood, she gave you an answer. Let’s move on with cool down,” Angie prompts, trying to stop the looming argument as she shoots daggers at me, her typical way of telling me to shut it. Woods eyes move from me to Angie before turning to glance over the entire team.

“Cool down is jogging two laps around the pitch, followed by flying four laps, and then get down here to stretch. No one enter the locker room until I say so, because we have to talk about tryouts. Questions?”

I glance at everyone and no one moves. Wood waits for another ten seconds after that before saying, “Ready. Set. Go.”

I turn around and started running around the pitch…again. I had a feeling he’d have us do some running for cool down. Why he didn’t just let me keep going, I’m not sure. Then again, he tends to enjoy harassing me at any given opportunity, even if I’m not even actively participating in practice, so it sort of makes sense.

Angie and Alicia catch up to me easily and I settle into a moderate pace. We don’t say much through the first lap, as Wood would hear us and probably make us run more for fear we weren’t putting all of our effort into practice. As soon as we round the second lap and get out of hearing range, Angie asks the question she always does when Wood and I have a spat during practice, as she hates dealing with the drama that always follows.

“Why do you always have to push Oliver to his limits?”

“Because Wood is targeting me and being an arse, mostly,” I reply, emphasizing his last name as I refuse to call him by his first name.

“You let him get under your skin too easily,” Alicia says, a bit more winded than Angie and I.

I send a glare at her, missing the days where she wouldn’t comment about the situation in hopes that it would disappear the more we didn’t talk about it. She hadn’t been like that since half way through last year, when I managed to injure myself before our biggest game and got an earful from Wood. I complained to the girls and they just told me I deserved it as the injury was do to some prank I attempted to pull with the Weasley twins and it went very very wrong.

Alicia recoils a little, looking as though she wishes, like me, that she was quiet. I feel bad for just a moment, but she knows I’m not typically a violent person. The only time fights get physical are when Kelsey is being a pain or I’m really pissed off. Otherwise, I’ve just got a big mouth, short temper, and a tendency to yell. A lot.

“Oh yeah, totally. I bet he’d give you forty five minutes of sprinting for being a minute late, since Fred and George miss practice and don’t go through as much hell,” I say looking glancing between the two of them as we round the final corner ahead of the rest of the team.

“Well, this isn’t exactly the first time you’ve been late,” Angie says.

“First time since practice started,” I say, receiving a glare from Angie so I modify my statement, knowing she won’t allow the truth to be stretched, even fractionally. “Okay, second time as no one told me about that first practice. But that’s not why he’s doing this. He’s doing it because he hates me.”

“He does not hate you Hailey,” Angie says.

I roll my eyes. “No, he doesn’t hate me. If he hated me, he’d criticize me over doing perfect dives, punish me double what everyone else would get, and start a fight just for the heck of it. Oh, wait, doesn’t he do…We must be talking about 2 different people,” I say sarcastically.

“Okay, so maybe he isn’t always the nicest to you,” Angie admits.

“Oh, just maybe,” I reply, hand moving to splint my side as all the running I’ve been doing has caused my ribs and lungs to flare in pain.

“Thinking about it…he actually does treat you a bit unfairly,” Alicia says between heavy breathes.

“He just likes Hailey the best, that’s all,” Katie says, as she finally catches up to Angie, Alicia and I as we’ve slowed down a bit at the end of our lap.

I look over at her, and I know the look on my face must say it all as she raises her arms on either side of her. “I’m just saying.”

“You need to stop saying,” I tell her, rolling my eyes as we all come to a stop just past the goal hoops. I lean over for a moment, hands resting on my knees as I try to regulate my breathing to slow it down and decrease the pain in my ribs.

“Well, why else would he act as he does?” Katie asks, leaning against the goal hoop.

I send her a glare, which doesn’t even phase her anymore. “He hates me.”

“Or you just don’t follow the rules all that well,” Angie says as she picks up her broom.

“Angie, shut up,” I tell her, standing up a little straighter as I move to pick up my broom from where’s it’s sat throughout practice today.

“Alright,” Angie says, though you can hear her tone and know she’s not about to drop her point.

“In the air, ladies and gentleman,” Wood shouts as he mounts his broom and takes off.

I give one last look at the Chasers before I jump on my broom and take off. I gain speed rapidly and shoot 50 meters in the air, before dropping into a steep dive. I pull out of the dive when I’m about 10 feet from the ground and maintain that height and shoot around the pitch for all of my laps.

I somehow manage to finish my laps ahead of everyone other than Wood and Marcus, which is strange because Fred and George had started before me, so I find a spot far away from Wood and start stretching. Within a couple minutes, Katie comes and joins me, shaking her head and mumbling about stupiditiy.

“Fred has gone and done something stupid again,” she murmurs to me as I give her a questioning look.

“What’d he do this time?” I ask, annoyance flooding my system as he decide to keep up with the pranks he started pulling on Angie last year.

It wasn’t that I was against the pranks themselves, as I regularly joined the twins in their numerous plots, but the fact that Fred made the pranks purposely to piss Angie off. I mean, we all know Fred likes Angie, but why it is he finds the need to piss her off as his expression of admiration is far beyond me.

“Tested another one of his lovely inventions on her,” Lyn explains, as her and Kelsey join you and Katie stretching.

I’m about to ask what sort of invention when a loud commotion reaches my ears. I turn and watch as four figures land, one of which is sporting hot pink hair. I hide a smile as they get closer because I realize not only is Angie sporting pink hair, but her hair is standing on end.

I put hand to my mouth to cover my laugh as Angie’s screaming becomes louder and unintelligible, and Fred starts to cower. George and Alicia have both backed up and are now retreating towards Katie and me, to join us in watching from a safe distance.

The unintelligible screaming continues until Wood finally speaks up, “Johnson, Weasley, that’s enough.”

Angie completely ignores this and continues to yell at Fred, who finally has seemed to realize that maybe the end of Quidditch practice isn’t the best time to be an arse.

“Oi, Johnson, quit your screaming and stretch,” Wood finally shouts, quickly getting sick of the argument.

Angie turns and glares at Wood. A flicker of amusement darts across Wood’s face, but it quickly fades as he says, “You two can continue your bickering AFTER practice.”

I see Angie mouth some words that I’m pretty sure would have her running some extra sprints next practice. She then shoots a glare at Fred, who seems relieved that Wood stopped the argument, before moving as far away from Fred as she can. She continues muttering some not so nice things under her breath, sending frequent glares towards Fred, who is quietly getting chewed out by a furious Wood.

After another 3 minutes, Wood calls us to order. I get to my feet, and my knees and hands prickle. Confused, I look at my hands and knees to see the red angry cuts, still oozing a bit of blood. I sigh, realizing I had totally forgotten about the cuts and managed to get blood on my clothes, I pull a face, wiping my hands on my already bloody shirt, before bringing my attention back to Wood. I listen for only a couple of moments, finding he’s still discussing today’s practice, so I turn my eyes to the forbidden forest. I catch a couple different creatures swoop up over the trees before disappearing.

“Teizon!” A voice shouts, and I turn my head finding the whole team staring at me.

“Yes Wood?” I say innocently, realizing this probably wasn’t the first time he said my name.

“Would you mind paying attention for more than 5 seconds rather than whenever you feel like it?” Wood asks.

I tile my head a little, irritation flitting through me as I really hate that he continually calls me out for not paying attention to things that are unrelated and insignificant for me. “Ummmm….Probably could. Why? Would you like me to start listening?”

“Yeah, I would,” he says, shooting me an icy glare for my smart ass-ish remark. “Add another two suicides to your morning warm-up on Monday,” he adds irritably.

“Why would I ever want to do that?” I ask, body freezing a second later as I resist the urge to put a hand over my mouth. Definitely had not intended that comment to be said out loud.

Alicia and Angie both groan and Katie rolls her eyes, sounds of irritation coming from the rest of the team.

“Teizon, grow up. Another snide comment from you and you’ll have a practice of suicides and a makeup practice to attend,” Wood says, his eyes icy, making the reserves shift nervously.

“Yes Captain,” I reply, shifting my weight a little as eyes move from me back to Wood.

“As I was saying,” he continues his speech, “We have no Reserve Seeker or Keeper, two Reserve Chasers, and a Reserve Beater. That will not be enough to support this team if something goes wrong, like last year,” he says, pointedly looking at me.

“That’s not fair! You can’t put full blame on me, because that was partially your faul-” I start to snap, unable to stop anger from bubbling up from him insinuating that I purposely made the team lose last year (I only missed the Snitch because I had almost hit the ground from the dive I had done just before that as Wood said I wasn’t trying hard enough, and then half the team was out and replaced with reserves because the Slytherin’s definitely weren’t playing a very clean game).

Wood interrupts me by saying, “Teizon, shut it. You interrupt me again and you will be doing suicides throughout practice on Monday.”

I am about to snap back at him, but I get elbowed hard in the ribs by Katie and Lyn. I glare at the both of them, but decide to keep my mouth shut, hand moving to rub my sore ribs.

“Finally we’re getting somewhere with you Teizon,” Wood says, like he’s encouraging me to make my snide remark, obviously ignoring the fact that I was forced to shut up.

I clench my jaw, and let the anger flare inside me. I only have another 5 minutes with him before I can run and not have to see him until next practice. I let my eyes fall to the ground as his smirk sends jolts of ‘I should really kill you’ through me as he finishes pushing the blame of last year’s loss on me.

“So. Tryouts tomorrow. Since the whole team doesn’t really have to be here to suffer, two of you lucky people will be. “Roberts, Kelsey, and Smith, you guys are required to be here since you’re set as reserves already, but I want some of the players these reserves will learn to play next to. So as to whom stays, I was thinking you two,” Wood says.

I glance up to him pointing at the twins. Relief floods through me until I realize the smile spreading across both of their faces. Which more than likely means they have detention for that prank they didn’t let me in on last week.

“Damn,” I mutter under my breath, moving to hide behind Angie.

She gives me a confused look, and I whisper just loud enough for her to hear, “They have detention.”

She looked back towards Fred, George and Oliver, shaking her head slightly as I’m sure she’s still pissed at Fred.

“Sorry Wood,” Fred says.

“We have detention tomorrow,” George continues.

“And tryouts fall just before detention is to begin,” Fred says.

“So we can’t,” the two of them say together.

“Okay. So you’re in detention…Johnson, you’re in and so is…..Teizon, do you have detention with these two tomorrow?” Wood asks, pointing to the twins as many times all three of us end up in detention.

I side step out from behind Angie, since my lame attempt at hiding failed. “No, I don’t have detention.”

“Good, then you can come to tryouts,” Wood says.

“Oh, lovely. I knew better than to expect freedom for the weekend,” I mutter darkly, only realizing too late that I didn’t give Wood enough time to direct his attention elsewhere.

“What was that Teizon? You want to come extra early and help set up?” Wood asks, looking at me in mock surprise, taking my comment better than I expected.

“No, Captain. I didn’t say anything at all,” I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Didn’t sound that way to me,” Wood replies.

“What time do we have to be here captain?” Angie asks, cutting off my chance to make a comment that would piss him off again.

“Be here right after breakfast. The two of you need to be here early. Well, at least before everyone shows up for tryouts,” Wood says, dropping back into captain mode.

“You got it captain,” I say, semi-sarcastically, but Angie overrides my voice. “We’ll be here.”

I glare at her, and she only rolls her eyes. She ruins all my fun.

“Okay, next practice is Monday morning. See you all then, other than you guys,” he points to Kelsey, Roberts, Smith, Angie and Me.

We all nod, and Wood heads for the locker rooms. As soon as the door closes behind him, I explode, “That git. Why do you let him torture me, but me not torture him? It’s totally unfair.”

“You were doing it earlier in practice,” Angie says.

“He was just doing it,” I say, pointing towards the boy’s locker room door.

“You’re both acting immature,” Angie shrugs.

“It is really weird how he will switch to mocking you, like you did earlier in practice,” Alicia says.

“He only does because he thinks you’re questioning his authority, Hail Storm” George says, catching up to us, with Fred right behind him.

Angie glares at Fred as he comes up next to her, and says, “And it does piss him off.”

“Why the hell does he figure I ‘question his authority’” I say, quoting it with my fingers, “and how the hell do I do it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he does just hate you,” Fred says with a smirk, earning a glare from me.

“He doesn’t hate her Weasley, and you’re not helping anything at all,” Angie says coldly to Fred.

“Yeah, he does. You must be as blind or something,” Fred replies, waving a hand in front of Angie’s face.

“Oh yeah,” Angie starts.

“Oi, old married couple, we weren’t exactly discussing you’re oh so obvious love for each other,” George says, interrupting whatever it was Angie was going to come back with.

George received a glare from both Angie and Fred, though I can’t help but smirk. As soon as Angie and Fred look away from him, he looks between the two of them and rolls his eyes before looking at me. Our eyes meet for half a second, and my heart rate accelerates.

“Thanks for bailing me out earlier,” I say, voice dropping a bit to keep the comment private.

George smiles. “Someone has to attempt to keep you outta trouble.”

You snort a laugh. “Lost cause.”

“Tell me about it,” George says, rolling his eyes playfully.

My chest clenches painfully for a moment, butterflies having exploded in my stomach. I love having the banter with George, but at the same time, it makes me feel so on edge. I’ve had a crush on him for over two years and I just…I still get the same feeling about him every time we talk.

“Whoa, Hailey, you’re bleeding,” Alicia says, drawing my eyes away from George.

“What?” I ask, feeling lost for a moment.

“Your knees,” Katie says, also noticing.

“Oh, that’s nothing. I tripped during track practice,” I say, glancing down at my knees to find a good deal of blood had run down my shins.

“That doesn’t look good,” George agrees, bending down to take a bit of a closer look.

I back up a couple of steps. “They’re fine. I’ll wash them up before dinner and put that stuff on them. I tend to keep the healing potion in my locker anyways.”

Everyone nods in agreement, though George’s eyes linger on me a little longer than everyone else’s. I furrow my eyebrows but he turns away before Alicia speaks.

“Alright, well, we’ll see you at dinner, then,” she directs her comment at Fred andGeorge before we split into our specific locker rooms, brooms in hand.

I push my Quidditch stuff further down the bench, as I had striped out of it shortly after Wood told me I’d be running all practice, leaving my kit in front of my locker. I then pull it open and take the small bottle of potion. I carefully spread it over the cuts on my legs, the skin sewing together until all that’s left is the blood spread down my legs. I then strip off my clothes and grab my towel before heading to the shower.

I quickly wash up. As soon as I’m done, I dry off and wrap a towel around me. I return to my locker and applying a little more potion to my legs, where I had missed spots, before also rubbing a little on my hands. I then pull on my jeans, followed by a tank top and sweat shirt. I pull my trainers on and then launch all of my Quidditch stuff back into my locker. I then run a brush through my hair, so it looks somewhat decent.

When I return my brush to my locker, Angie comes around the corner, a pink streak still in her hair. She looks mildly pissed off, which makes me smile. Even though I know she won’t take it out on Fred. Which he would, technically, deserve.

“You guys ready?” Alicia asks, getting up from sitting on the bench by the locker room door.

“Yeah,” I reply.

“Then let’s go. I’m hungry,” Katie says, shooting to her feet.

“Yes, Katie, we’re going,” Angie says, as she heads out the locker room doors, broom in hand.

All of us follow her and stop to get rid of our brooms in the Gryffindor part of the broom shed

Then we start towards the castle. In which we make it not even a step before a voice sounds from behind us. “Teizon, a minute?”

“Kill me now,” I mutter to Alicia darkly, stomach sinking as I cannot think of any reason for Wood to need to talk to me after practice. “Sure, why not? I mean, I love wasting my dinner to have a lovely conversation with you that could probably wait,” I reply to him sarcastically, heading towards the broom shed, which he is leaning against.

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