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Oblivious to the Obvious by Tonks1247
Chapter 1 : Sarcasm And Annoyances
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So maybe the grass is greener on the other side of the pitch…the one that we rarely have to look at during Quidditch practice, because normally practice is held in the air. I mean seriously, in the air we don’t care if the grass is green or yellow or even pink for that matter. We play in the air, and the grass doesn’t matter. Only when you’re being forced to sprint for an entire practice do you notice how green the grass can be.
So I guess I should explain why it is my practice is being used running around the ruddy pitch, where I am making this observation of the greener grass. That question can be answered quite simply. Oliver-sodding-Wood.

Wood thought that the best punishment for me being one minute late to practice was forty-five minutes of sprinting. Yes, you heard me: forty-five minutes of sprinting for ONE minute late. And of course, I had to do warm up with everyone else before sprinting for the rest of practice. Which I suppose I should be thankful for because it’s only an hour practice today. But seriously, the Weasley twins have missed practice from detentions and haven’t had to do that much. Apparently having both Beaters run instead of participate in practice is unacceptable, but forcing the Seeker to run is highly acceptable.

That would be Wood logic for you. Being a fascist prick just because he can. Which not many people seem to notice. Yet here I am….sprinting my unfair punishment.

I once again start around the curve of the so said ‘greener’ side of the pitch. I am about halfway through that curve before my foot catches on something, which I quickly notice is a rock I failed to see. I fall forward and end up on my hands and knees on the ground. Curse words fly through my brain as pain prickles in my hands and my knees. I grit my teeth together but push myself to my feet. I check my hands, which have shallow scrapes on them, before looking over my knees, which have fairly decent cuts on them.

Erg. Smooth move, Hailey….smooth.

I lightly brush my fingers over my knees to get some of the dirt off of them, hissing in pain as some blood oozes from the wounds. I think for a second about running over to the goal posts to wash the cuts off, but decide against it as practice is almost over anyways.

Not more than a second after I decide to keep running, Wood flies into my line of sight and bellows, “Teizon, get a move on. You still have another 5 minutes of sprinting before cool down, which you will be participating in.”

I send daggers at him as I take a deep breath. Words flood into my mouth, insults mostly, but I shake my head and start running. I’ve learned by now that saying anything will just get me into more trouble. Which would mean more running instead of flying. Which would drive me nuts.

I finish the lap, knowing I took longer than usual because Wood blows his whistle, signaling for everyone to land by the goal posts, which I already passed. The whole team lands by the goal posts, and I jog back over to them.

Wood is doing his normal criticizing of how the team wasn’t working together and all the normal stuff. I ignore him as he can’t insult my performance in practice because I honestly wasn’t practicing. Instead, I focus on trying to find any sort of air movement as my t-shirt and shorts are sticking to my body because of the sweat dripping from my skin.

“TEIZON!” Wood yells, and I instantly look up.

“Yes Captain?” I ask, pretending as if I was actually paying attention.

“What did I just say cool down was?” he asks.

“Are you trying to test me?” I reply with a question. I know this response usually irritates him, but I need to buy myself a little time to figure out if he actually said cool down or not.

“Well, you seemed to be off in La-la land, and as great as that is, I’d like you’re attention in practice. Now, what was cool down?” Wood says seriously.

“Ummmm,” I glance around at Angie, Katie and Alicia, the three Chasers and three of my best friends on the team.

Alicia drops her eyes to the ground and Angie elbows Katie to keep her quiet, knowing Wood would get pissed if they interfered with his captaining technique. And as much as I don’t want Wood more pissed off, they are my friends and could help me out.

Taking a deep breath while hoping like hell I’m right, I reply, “I wouldn’t know cool down, and neither would anyone else because you haven’t said it.”

“You’re guessing,” Wood says bluntly, easily able to catch my guessing.

“Wood, she gave you an answer. Let’s move on with cool down,” Angie prompts, gaining a momentary glare from Wood before he addresses the whole team.

“Okay, cool down is jogging two laps around the pitch, fly four laps around the pitch, and then get down here to stretch. No one enter the locker room until I say so, because we have to talk about tryouts. Questions?”

I glance at everyone and no one moves. Wood waits for another ten seconds after that before saying, “Ready. Set. Go.”

I turn around and started running around the pitch…again. I had a feeling he’d have us do some running for cool down. Why he didn’t just let me keep going, I’m not sure. But I’m not about to start questioning his ways.

Angie and Alicia catch up to me easily and I settle into a moderate pace. We don’t say much through the first lap, as Wood would hear us and probably make us run more. As soon as he gets out of hearing range though, Angie asks the question she always does when Wood and I have a spat during practice. Which is basically every practice.

“Why do you always have to push Oliver to his limits?”

“Because Wood is a fascist prick who angers me to no end” I reply, emphasizing his last name as I refuse to call him by his first name.

“You let him make you mad. There’s a difference,” Alicia points out, promptly receiving a glare from me that makes her cower just a little.

And let me just say this now: I’m not usually a violent person. But violent or not, I’m the loudest one on the team and it’s a bit intimidating to pretty much everyone but Wood and Angie.

“Oh yeah, totally. I bet he’d give you a half hour of sprinting for being a minute late, since Fred and George miss practice and don’t go through as much hell,” I say looking glancing between the two of them as we round the pitch on our second lap.

“Well, this isn’t exactly the first time you’ve been late,” Angie says.

“First time since practice started,” I say, receiving a glare from Angie so I modify my statement. “Okay, second time as no one told me about that first practice. But that’s not why he’s doing this. He’s doing it because he hates me.”

“He does not hate you Hailey,” Angie says.

I roll my eyes. “No, he doesn’t hate me. If he hated me, he’d criticize me over doing perfect dives, punish me double what everyone else would get, and start a fight just for the heck of it. Oh, wait, doesn’t he do…We must be talking about 2 different people,” I say sarcastically.

“Okay, so maybe he isn’t always the nicest to you,” Angie admits.

“Oh, just maybe,” I reply, shaking my head as we reach the final 25 meters of the lap.

“Thinking about it…he actually does treat you a bit unfairly,” Alicia says after a couple moments of silence.

Just as I open my mouth to say some smart-ass remark, Katie catches up to us. “You know, there may be a reason he’s like that,” she says, slowing to our pace.

“Should I ask what you’re about to say?” I ask, glancing at her momentarily.

“Yes,” Katie says, her eyes anything but innocent.

“In no way does Oliver like Hailey,” Alicia says quickly in my defense.

“Tell me you were not about to suggest that,” I say, closing my eyes momentarily, hoping Katie was not suggesting that.

“Just saying. I mean, it sorta makes sense, and-” Katie starts.

“Katie, you read way too many romance novels,” I groan. “This isn’t one of those stories where the pitiful girl falls for the hot shot of the Quidditch team.”

“I was just suggesting,” Katie says, holding up her hands, showing she meant no offense.

I sigh, knowing Katie was just being Katie. “Well, it’s nice to have input, but it’s not possible. Even if he doesn’t hate me, I sure as hell hate him.”

Katie rolls her eyes as we finish our second lap and retrieve our brooms. We all mount up and take off.

I gain speed rapidly and shoot 50 meters in the air, before dropping into a steep dive. I pull out of the dive when I’m about 10 feet from the ground and maintain that height and shoot around the pitch.

I somehow manage to finish my laps ahead of everyone other than Wood and Marcus, the Reserve Beater, which is strange because Fred and George had started before me, so I find a spot far away from Wood and start stretching. Within a couple minutes, Katie shaking her head as she sits beside me.

“Fred has gone and done something stupid again,” she murmurs to me as my little sister Kelsey, Reserve Chaser on the team, and Lyn [Roberts], another Reserve Chaser, land and come over by us.

“What’d he do this time?” I ask, annoyance flooding my system as he decide to keep up with the pranks he started pulling on her last year.

It wasn’t that I was against the pranks themselves, as I regularly joined the twins in their numerous plots, but the fact that Fred made the pranks purposely to piss Angie off. I mean, we all know Fred likes Angie, but he’s too immature to just tell her. He’d apparently prefer to keep up the pranks to piss her off.

“Tested another one of his lovely inventions on her,” Lyn explains, glancing towards the sky.

I’m about to ask what sort of invention when a loud commotion reaches my ears. I turn and watch as four figures land, one of which is sporting hot pink hair. I hide a smile as they get closer because I realize not only is Angie sporting pink hair, but her hair is standing on end.

I put hand to my mouth to cover my laugh as Angie’s screaming becomes louder and unintelligible, and Fred starts to cower. George and Alicia have both backed up and are now retreating towards Katie and me, to join us in watching from a safe distance.

The unintelligible screaming continues until Wood finally speaks up, “Johnson, Weasley, that’s enough.”

Angie completely ignores this and continues to yell at Fred, who finally has seemed to realize what a stupid move he pulled.

“Oi, Johnson, quit your screaming and stretch,” Wood finally shouts, quickly getting sick of the argument.

Angie turns and glares at Wood. A flicker of amusement darts across Wood’s face, but it quickly fades as he says, “You two can continue your bickering AFTER practice.”

I see Angie mouth some words that I’m pretty sure would have her running some sprints next practice. She then shoots a glare at Fred, who seems relieved that Wood stopped the argument, before moving as far away from Fred as she can.

She continues muttering some not so nice things under her breath, sending frequent glares towards Fred, who is quietly getting chewed out by a furious Wood.

After another 3 minutes, Wood calls us to order. I get to my feet, and my knees and hands prickle. Confused, I look at my hands and knees to see the red angry scrapes. I sigh, realizing I had totally forgotten about the cuts and managed to get blood on my clothes. The only relief I find is that for the most part, they were no longer actively bleeding, though I had blood smeared down both of my shins and practice is almost over, so I can clean them up soon.

I bring my attention back to Wood for about two seconds before I realize he’s discussing how today’s practice went…again. I roll my eyes and let my eyes wander to the forbidden forest. I try to keep half of my attention on Wood, but I quickly get lost in watching the random animal dart out of the trees to snap a bird out of the air before promptly disappearing.

“Teizon!” A voice shouts, and I turn my head finding the whole team staring at me.

“Yes Wood?” I say innocently, realizing this probably wasn’t the first time he said my name.

“Would you mind paying attention for more than 5 seconds rather than whenever you feel like it?” Wood asks.

I bite my lip for a moment, knowing it’s not a question he needs an answer to. But I decide to answer anyways. “Ummmm….Probably could. Why? Would you like me to start listening?”

“Yeah, I would,” he says, shooting me an icy glare for my smart ass-ish remark. “Add another two suicides to your morning warm-up on Monday,” he adds irritably.

“Why would I ever want to do that?” I ask, instantly wishing I had I had only said it in my head, as I intended to.

Alicia and Angie both groan and Katie rolls her eyes as I mentally kick myself. I always have at least one day in a week where I say something stupid. Where I press some button of Wood’s that pisses him off more than intend to. And it just so happens today is the day.

“Teizon, grow up. Another snide comment from you and you’ll have a practice of suicides and a makeup practice to attend,” Wood says, his eyes icy, making the reserves shift nervously.

“Yes Captain,” I say, resisting the urge to roll my eyes.

“As I was saying,” he continues his speech, “We have no Reserve Seeker or Keeper, two Reserve Chasers, and a Reserve Beater. That will not be enough to support this team if something goes wrong, like last year,” he says, pointedly looking at me.

“That’s not fair! You can’t put full blame on me, because that was partly your faul-” I start to snap, unable to stop anger from bubbling up from him insinuating that I purposely made the team lose last year (I only missed the Snitch because I had almost hit the ground from the dive I had done just before that).

Wood interrupts me by saying, “Teizon, shut it. You interrupt me again and you will be doing suicides.”

I am about to snap back at him, but I get elbowed hard in the ribs by Katie and Lyn. I glare at the both of them, but decide to keep my mouth shut. Instead, I rub my ribs which only creates more pain in my hands than anything else.

“Finally we’re getting somewhere with you Teizon,” Wood says, like he’s encouraging me to make my snide remark, obviously ignoring the fact that I was forced to shut up.

I clench my jaw, and let the anger flare inside me. I only have another 5 minutes with him before I can run and not have to see him until next practice. I let my eyes fall to the ground as his smirk sends jolts of ‘I should really kill you’ through me as he finishes pushing the blame of last year’s loss on me.

“So. Tryouts tomorrow. Since the whole team doesn’t really have to be here to suffer, two of you lucky people will be. “Roberts, and Smith, you guys are required to be here since you’re our reserves, but I want some of the players these reserves will learn to play next to. So as to whom stays, I was thinking you two,” Wood says.

I glance up to him pointing at the twins. Relief floods through me until I realize the smile spreading across both of their faces. Which more than likely means they have detention for that prank they didn’t let me in on last week.

“Damn,” I mutter under my breath, moving to hide behind Angie.

She gives me a confused look, and I whisper just loud enough for her to hear, “They have detention.”

She looked back towards Fred, George and Oliver, shaking her head slightly as I’m sure she’s still pissed at Fred.

“Sorry Wood,” Fred says.

“We have detention tomorrow,” George continues.

“And tryouts fall just before detention is to begin,” Fred says.

“So we can’t,” the two of them say together.

“Okay. So you’re in detention…Johnson, you’re in and so is…..Teizon, do you have detention with these two tomorrow?” Wood asks, pointing to the twins as many times all three of us end up in detention.

I side step out from behind Angie, since my lame attempt at hiding failed. “No, I don’t have detention.”

“Good, then you can come to tryouts,” Wood says.

“Ughh. How’d I know you were gonna do that,” I say out loud and then smack a hand to my mouth. I really hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

“What was that Teizon? You want to come extra early and help set up?” Wood asks, looking at me in mock surprise, taking my comment better than I expected.

“No, Captain. I didn’t say anything at all,” I say, dropping my hand to my side slowly.

“Didn’t sound that way to me,” Wood replies innocently, not trying to irritate me.

“What time do we have to be here captain?” Angie asks, cutting off my chance to make a comment that would piss him off again.

“Be here right after breakfast. The two of you need to be here early. Well, at least before everyone shows up for tryouts,” Wood says, dropping back into captain mode.

“You got it captain,” I say, semi-sarcastically, but Angie overrides my voice. “We’ll be here.”

I glare at her, and she only rolls her eyes. She ruins all my fun.

“Okay, next practice is Monday morning. See you all then, other than you guys,” he points to Kelsey, Roberts, Smith, Angie and Me.

We all nod, and Wood heads for the locker rooms. As soon as the door closes behind him, I explode, “That git. Why do you let him torture me, but me not torture him? It’s totally unfair.”

“You were doing it earlier in practice,” Angie says.

“He was just doing it,” I say, pointing towards the boy’s locker room door.

“You’re both acting immature,” Angie shrugs.

“It is really weird how he will switch to mocking you, like you did earlier in practice,” Alicia says.

“He only does because he thinks you’re questioning his authority, Hail Storm” George says, catching up to us, with Fred right behind him.

Angie glares at Fred as he comes up next to her, and says, “And it does piss him off.”

“Why the hell does he figure I ‘question his authority’” I say, quoting it with my fingers, “and how the hell do I do it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he does just hate you,” Fred says with a smirk, earning a glare from me.

“He doesn’t hate her Weasley, and you’re not helping anything at all,” Angie says coldly to Fred.

“Yeah, he does. You must be as blind or something,” Fred replies, waving a hand in front of Angie’s face.

“Oh yeah,” Angie starts.

“Oi, old married couple, we weren’t exactly discussing you’re oh so obvious love for each other,” George says, interrupting whatever it was Angie was going to come back with.

George received a glare from both Angie and Fred, though I can’t help but smirk. As soon as Angie and Fred look away from him, he looks between the two of them and rolls his eyes before looking at me. Our eyes meet for half a second, and my heart rate accelerates.

“Whoa, Hailey, you’re bleeding,” Alicia says, drawing my attention away from my hammering heart.

“What?” I ask, totally lost as to what she just said.

“You’re knees,” Katie says, also noticing.

“Oh, that’s nothing. I tripped during track practice,” I say, glancing down at my knees.

“Yet you continued running?” George asks, a slight edge of concern in his voice.

“As I said, it’s nothing. I’ll bandage them up before going to dinner,” I say, shrugging slightly, feeling heat rise in my cheeks.

I’m not a big attention person. I don’t like being the center of attention [whether screaming at Wood or not], and it especially isn’t good when George is around. It hasn’t been good to be the center of all attention around George since, what, fourth year?

Yes, I’ve had a crush on him for 2 years. Not that I would ever share that information with anyone else. And I only can hope that none of the girls have picked it up. Because if they had, I’d be DONE for. Because as much as I love them, Katie tends to be a loud mouth. And I say that with as much affection as I can.

“Okay, well, why don’t we go get ready for dinner so you can clean those? They look painful,” Alicia says.

“See you guys at dinner?” I offer towards Fred and George.

“Yeah,” George replies. Him and Fred grab their brooms and then disappear into the boy’s locker room.

Alicia, Katie and Angie [Lyn and Kelsey already went in the locker room] grab their brooms while I collect my pile of Quidditch stuff I had stripped off before I started running. I make sure to be careful with my uniform so I don’t get it full of blood and follow the girls into the locker room.

I drop my Quidditch stuff in front of my locker before going over to the cabinet with the medical supplies in it. For some reason we aren’t allowed to have any of the cut healing potion in the locker room, so instead I grab a roll of gauze and tape. I return to my locker and put the stuff in front of my locker. I then strip off my clothes and grab my towel before heading to the shower.

I turn the water on super warm and step into it. I hiss in pain as it scorches the cuts on my knees and hands, but make no move to get out of the water.

“What’d you do?” I hear Angie ask.

“Hot water and cuts. I’m fine,” I reply.

“Oh…I’ll trade you. This pink goo is impossible to get out of my hair,” Angie replies sullenly.

I can’t help but laugh. “No, I’m good.”

“Go figure,” she mumbles.

I laugh again and quickly wash myself up. As soon as I’m done, I dry off and wrap a towel around me. I return to my locker and put a bandage on both of my knees. I look at my hands again to see the scrapes don’t look too bad, so I decide to just leave them.

I pull on my jeans, followed by a tank top and sweat shirt. I pull my trainers on and then launch all of my Quidditch stuff back into my locker. I then run a brush through my hair, so it looks somewhat decent.

When I return my brush to my locker, Angie comes around the corner, a pink streak still in her hair. She looks mildly pissed off, which makes me smile. Even though I know she won’t take it out on Fred. Which he would, technically, deserve.

“You guys ready?” Alicia asks, getting up from sitting on the bench by the locker room door.

“Yeah,” I reply.

“Then let’s go. I’m hungry,” Katie says, shooting to her feet.

“Yes, Katie, we’re going,” Angie says, as she heads out the locker room doors, broom in hand.

All of us follow her and stop to get rid of our brooms in the Gryffindor part of the broom shed [they fear we’d tamper with other team’s brooms].

Then we start towards the castle. In which we make it not even a step before a voice sounds from behind us. “Teizon, a minute?”

I don’t even have to turn around to know who it is.

“Kill me now,” I mutter to Alicia darkly before turning around.

“Sure, why not? I mean, I love wasting my dinner to have a lovely conversation with you that could probably wait,” I reply to him sarcastically, heading towards the broom shed, which he is leaning against.


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