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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 4 : Trials
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, characters, movies or anything with any relation to it.

Author's Note: Hey everybody! What's happening? Anyways, so if you don't read Remember, Titanic, the musical I was in went really well. We were sold out every night and got a standing ovation every night. It was so much fun and I loved everyone there. Anyways, so here is chapter four, and to let you all know, I have every chapter of this story written, and have already started the third one in the series. Yeah, I had a lot of time before I got my trusted author status back. And now that it's summer and there's no school, there should be more frequent updates as long as I get my act together and continue making the necessary chapter images.

Chapter Four: Trials

“Doesn't it ever lie flat?" Molly asked Harry desperately as I walked into the room, Harry's large sweater wrapped around my body as I held a mug full of white chocolate mocha. He shook his head in response as she attacked his hair with a wet comb.

I walked by and ruffled his hair, adding a bit of heat to dry it before sitting down in the chair beside him, putting my legs on top of his lap.

"Come on Molly, it looks so cute all messed up," I said, smirking as Harry glared at me. "What? As your girlfriend, I am entitled to voice my opinions about your cuteness."

I leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips and Harry blushed because Sirius started making "kissy" noises and going "awww".

"You really haven't grown up at all, have you?" I asked Sirius.

"Nope," Both Remus and Sirius answered in unison. They were just like brothers. But I guess if you've known someone for as long as they've known each other, you just become like that.

"He was like that at Hogwarts too," Remus mentioned, his eyes glazing over as if looking back fondly on all of those memories.

"Wow...anyways, what are you doing up so early?" Harry asked me.

"I...I honestly don't know," I said, feeling very confused. What did cause me to wake up? Oh, I remember now! "I wanted to see you before your trial, but I also couldn't sleep."

"Oh..." He grimaced at the mention of his trial.

"Stop worrying. You'll be cleared of all charges, I know it," I said, grinning slightly to myself.

"Well, we might as well be going. Won't hurt to be there early," Arthur said, after walking into the room.

"Good luck Harry," Remus said, patting him on the back.

"You'll do fine," Sirius said, giving him a was a very manly hug, honest.

"We all have our fingers crossed for you," Mrs. Weasley smiled as she gave him a hug. I magically made it so I had about twenty fingers on each hands, all crossed, causing Harry to laugh. I changed my fingers back to normal after Molly stopped hugging Harry.

"'re going to leave me here with these people? I might die!" I exclaimed dramatically, placing the back of my head to my forehead. Sirius laughed at this while the others just glared. Well, not Tonks. She was too busy taking a snooze on her plate. "Just kidding! Man, you people need to learn how to take a joke! But I will miss you Harry. I'm not worried though, because I know you'll be cleared of all charges."

I stood up and hugged him before he leant his forehead against mine so our noses were touching just slightly and I smiled. I loved doing this with him.

"I don't want to go."

"You'll be expelled if you don't."

"I could always live here with Sirius."

"I'll break up with you if you don't go."

"Fine," He sighed, admitting defeat as I smiled impishly, pressing my lips against his for a few seconds.

"Break a leg, Ducky," I whispered before he walked away with Mr. Weasley. Once I knew he was well out of the house, I decided that I had to announce something to the group. "He's too depressed, pessimistic and angsty."

"He's much less 'angsty' since he started dating you," Remus noted.

"Well," I said, "can you blame him? Just look at me! I would be ecstatic 24/7 if I was dating me!" I received some odd looks. "I'm totally kidding! I'm not that full of myself. I think we should throw Harry a party. Or get him a puppy! Sirius, you should be in your dog form more often."

"Shut up," He said, growling at me.

"See? Even when you're angry you're just so...puppy-like!" I exclaimed to see they were all glaring me. "It's early and I didn't sleep so don't blame me for my hyper-ness."

"Anyways, I'm actually supposed to talk to you about something," Remus said.

"And that would be?" I asked, taking a sip of my mocha. I liked coffee, as long as it had tons of sugar in it, or just tasted sweet.

"Because of you and your friends being in the Order, Dumbledore wants you all to be trained properly."


"Physical fighting. Useful spells. Occlumency," He answered. "I'll be teaching the Occlumency, and Moody will be teaching all of the others, with my help of course."

"When and where?"

"Every second weekend once school starts and here," Remus answered.

"Okay," I said. It couldn't be that hard, right?

"Now I need you to show me your mark," Remus blurted out nervously.

"Why?" I asked suspiciously as Sirius watched the whole scene with interest.

"Just let me see it," Remus said as I stood up and leaned over slightly, flipping my hair over so it was dangling in front of my face. "Interesting."

"What is?" I asked.

"You have the mark," He said.

"What is this goddamned mark everyone keeps talking about?" I demanded frustratedly. Why did everyone else know what it meant and not me? That wasn't fair at all!

"Well, fairies have a monarch system, but you know that from the book, right?" He asked and I nodded. "Well, what the book doesn't mention is that when a fairy has a certain mark, in the shape of a crown on the back of their neck, they are part of a long line of royalty."

"So you're saying that I'm a duchess or a princess or something?" I asked and he nodded. I burst out laughing. "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!"

"Well, when Dumbledore told the Order what happened at the graveyard after hearing your story as well as Harry's, he asked me if I knew what the mark meant and I did. So he asked me to check for him," Remus explained. "I knew someone who was a fairy and was royalty. Your great grandmother was as well."

"I'M NOT ROYAL AND I DON'T WANT TO BE!" I screamed loudly to be shushed by Mrs. Weasley, because the others were all still sleeping. "And besides, I couldn't be because it would've skipped two generations."

"Actually, it didn't, but that's beside the point. Certain people can see other's auras, which are usually different colors. Certain fairies can see other fairy's Neveahs, which are auras for fairies. When someone who could possibly have fairy blood is born, a Neveah reader comes to take a look.

"Neveah readers come and take a look at the baby and they can tell whether or not they are a fairy, and can sometimes tell if they are royal as well. If they have no Neveah but have an aura, they could be a wizard or a muggle depending on how bright it is. A fairy's power is determined by how bright their Neveah is, and if it's bright enough and has a certain quality to it, it usually means they are royalty, but you usually have to wait until they get their wings for sure.

"Your great grandmother was a superb reader. She's the one who knew you'd have her bloodline," He said. "She looked at your grandfather and all of his siblings, but there was nothing except for your grandfather who had the slightest fairy aura, but not enough to be a fairy. The same happened with your father.

"She started to get worried that no one would be able to talk her place and that the bloodline wouldn't continue. When she saw you she instantly said 'She's the next queen'," Remus finished, looking mighty proud of himself for remembering all of that. Even Tonks was up and had listened to what he was saying, but Sirius just looked confused.

"You know, you're like a walking dictionary," I noted. "But anyways, you knew my great grandmother too? And who was this other person in my family that had blue blood?"

"For a few years - your parents were friends with James, Sirius and I for a long time though," Remus said. "And the generation before yours...I can't say just yet, but she was only half related to you. Her grandfather wasn't the same as your great grandfather."

"That's just...plain weird," I said. "But wait...why does everyone know my great grandmother except for me? And what happened to this other girl? Is she still alive?"

"You do know her, you just don't remember. She was there when you were born, but died before you turned one," He mournfully. "And the other girl died about sixteen years ago."

"Oh," I said, noticing something in his eyes and Sirius' but decided not to question them right now.

"So," He continued, "one weekend a month you'll need to go to the fairy colony and get used to them before your coronation when you turn nineteen."

"My coronation?" I asked.

"Well, you'll need to have a coronation before you can become queen, or even get married," Remus said it as if it were as obvious as the grass being green.

"That's not fair!" I shouted, kicking my chair back and hitting my fists on the table. "I should be able to get married whenever I want! This is too much!" I yelled, grabbing my plate and smashing it on the floor, about to storm out of the room but walked back and looked at it. "That felt really good."

I cast a repairing charm on it and smashed it a couple more times, relieving most of my anger before remembering why I was angry in the first place.

"I'm not going to be queen!" I yelled about to walk away when I smashed into something, or should I said someone. I looked up to see Harry, looking utterly bamboozled by the scene in front of him.

"I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's going on?" Harry asked, lending me a hand to help me up.

"Nothing important," I mumbled, throwing a glare in Remus' direction as I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck. "So how'd it go?"

"I'm not going back to Hogwarts," He mumbled and I gasped. This was horrible! He was supposed to go back I tell you! He had to go back to Hogwarts! But suddenly, he burst out laughing before saying, "I'm just kidding, I was cleared of all charges." He grinned widely and I hit him on the chest.

"That was not funny!" I shrieked, before smiling and kissing him, which he gratefully returned, sliding his arms around my waist. "And guess what? It was exactly like I said it would be. Now fancy that. You should really trust me more."

"I trust you with my life," He said, placing a light kiss on my forehead.

Next time on "Chaos in the Order"

I cast a cleaning spell on him before going over and hugging him to receive a kiss. When we were apart he handed me something wrapped in festive wrapping paper, and I smiled gratefully.

"Thank you," I said as he tangled his fingers with mine. "MOM! DAD! HARRY'S HERE! TRY TO ACT NORMAL FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES!"

"That's always a nice thing to say," Harry noted sarcastically.

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