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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 17 : Friends
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Disclaimer: I, the author AshHa, do not own Harry Potter or his friends or his school or his not so favorite people. I know who does, though! J. K. Rowling does, and she deserves it!

Lily refused to look Philip in the eye. What could she say to that? Did she love Philip? She just became his girlfriend! How could she love him? But, he was so perfect! How could she not love him? Not to mention James…

James! How could she think of James at a time like this? He had absolutely nothing at all to do with her current situation. Furthermore, he was not worth her consideration on this particular issue.

How could she think that? She knew perfectly well it wasn’t true.


“Listen, Philip, in the Great Hall, I was caught up in the Marauders’ charade. I only meant what I said as a joke.” Lily finally met Philip’s eye. She could tell he was disappointed by that explanation. She really didn’t want him to have that hopeless expression. So she gave him a soft smile and touched his arm.

“Phil, I don’t particularly know how I feel. I’m confused right now, especially when it comes to you. Besides, I haven’t known you very well for all that long. I don’t even know if it’s possible to fall in love that quickly.” Philip simply stared hard at Lily for nearly a minute, and she was becoming uncomfortable. However, she could not look away, the depth of his eyes mesmerizing her. Finally, he sighed and looked away. He had what seemed to be an angry look on his face. But, that couldn’t be because he looked at her again with such determination and love that she simply couldn’t see the source of his anger.

“Lily Evans.” Philip took her hands and gave her a look that made her breath catch. It was the kind of moment she had always fantasized would be a proposal.

“Lily,” He continued after a moment of collecting his thoughts, “I understand what it is that confuses you. It’s James Potter who is mixing up your feelings.” Now, that was news to her, and Lily opened her mouth to set him straight, but he held up a hand to stop her.

“It’s very obvious, Lily. So, please don’t deny it.” Philip looked her directly in the eye, “I will fight for you, Lily. I will do anything I can to get him off your mind and me on it. I’m laying the cards on the table right now. Lily, I love you, and of that, I am absolutely positive.” Lily had no idea how to respond to that, and Philip wasn’t even done yet.

“I understand you can’t love me, yet, but, I pray that someday you will. My love for you will never falter. I’ll prove it to you, and that Potter won’t ever be good enough for you. I love you, Lily!” Philip finally stopped spilling his guts, and Lily was blinking the tears back. A few managed to fall, though, and Philip gently wiped them away, awaiting her response.

“Oh, Philip. I don’t know what to say!” Lily smiled. She was utterly amazed at Philip’s confession. How could someone feel so strongly about her? What did she do to deserve such a man in her life? Philip cupped her cheek, wiping away a few more stray tears.

“You don’t need to say anything.” He whispered, making his intentions clear. Lily leaned in, and Philip gently kissed her. He tried to pour his love into that kiss, and Lily definitely felt it.

The pulled away breathless and Philip grinned at the now-blushing Lily. She smiled shyly back, and Philip offered her a hand. She took it and they stood to roam the beautiful garden.

“Lils, have you decided what you want to do when we graduate?” Philip asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I want to be a Healer.” Lily smiled. She had finally made up her mind after realizing she loved helping people and hated to see anyone in pain.

“That’s so cool! I be you’d be amazing at saving lives.” Philip complimented her.

“I hope so.” Lily replied, “What about you?”

“I’m going to be an auror.” Philip said proudly.

“Now, that’s a tough job. I know you’ll be up to it, though.” Lily liked the idea of Philip being an auror. Not only would he be fair, but he was brilliant at duels and could outsmart the bad guys.

“Thanks. I’m doing my best ever in DADA this year, and I’m hoping the Ministry will see that and recruit me.” Philip said. Lily could see that gleam in his eyes that told her this was his dream.

“Have you always wanted to do that?” Lily asked.

“How’d you guess?” Philip grinned as he thought how easily she had figured that out.

“It was that look in your eyes when you spoke of it.” Lily explained.

“Yes, I’ve dreamed of being and auror ever since they turned up at my house and saved my family.” Philip brought on a new subject for Lily.

“Really?” She asked in amazement, “What happened?”

“My uncle was staying with us at the time, and he was a ‘retired’ Death Eater. Of course, Voldemort doesn’t allow retirees, so he sent Death Eaters to get him. It was around midnight when they struck. My uncle was in my room, so they attacked there first. My uncle jumped in front of the killing curse aimed for me, giving his life for mine. The Death Eaters left us both for dead, and were going to kill my parents, but the aurors arrived just in time to save them. I can still hear the pops of their apparations and the cries of triumph as they captured over ten Death Eaters in one night.” Philip recounted the story with obvious admiration.

“How did they know you needed help?” Lily asked.

“The Potter’s lived next door, and still do, and summoned them. James’ dad is an auror, after all.” Philip explained with a grin. He loved living next to a real auror.

“I didn’t know you live next to the Potter’s!” Lily was surprised. She couldn’t picture Philip and James neighbors; they were complete opposites, what with James being a marauder and Philip and intelligent…quidditch captain. She could see it now.

“Yeah. Remember when I told you that our dads went to school together for a while?” Lily nodded, “Well they pretty much became the best of friends during that time. They managed to stay in touch by owls and hanging out some during the summer. Then, when my dad graduated, he moved into the house beside Mr. and Mrs. Potter who had recently gotten married.”

“Brilliant. So, are you and James good friends?” Lily asked.

“Yeah, of course. Not nearly as close as the Marauders, but pretty close.” Philip said.

“Yes,” Lily agreed, “There doesn’t seem to be many people as close of friends as the Marauders.”

“Those guys would jump in front of the killing curse for each other.” Philip complimented.

“True.” Lily laughed lightly. Then, she frowned as Philip grinned mischievously.

“Now that you’ve shown me your secret hide-out, how ‘bout we see mine?” Philip almost begged. Lily smiled, relieved that he wasn’t throwing her over his shoulder or something like that, and agreed to go. He jumped up like a boy about to get candy, and pulled her along as he ran.

“Where is it?” Lily used her last breath to ask the question. Philip was on a quest and wearing her out seemed to be it.

“You’ll see.” He grinned, and Lily groaned. ‘You’ll see’ surprises usually don’t turn out well. However, she found herself laughing with Philip as they raced across the lawn and got many stares from students. A few Gryffindors who knew Lily only waved and laughed. They obviously realized what being at Hogwarts was all about. Lily was tempted to stick her tongue out at the students who were making fun of them.

Before their bad spirits could ruin her good ones, Philip drug her into the castle and she had to concentrate on climbing the stairs. When the running was finally over, Lily bent over to catch her breath, but Philip just laughed at her. She turned to glare at him, but saw where they were. Once Philip said the password to the Gryffindor Tower, Lily knew it was James and the Marauders.

“Come on, Lils. Don’t look like that!” Philip smiled gleefully, and Lily smiled as to not ruin his mood. Running up into the Boys’ Dorm actually made her feel better. Finally, she was going to intrude on James’ domain instead of him on hers. Once in the room, Philip received an overall happy greeting (aside from James, of course), but Lily wasn’t so greatly appreciated. It took a whole ten seconds for frozen, bare-chested Sirius to move.

“What’s she doing here?” He shrieked and jumped to pull a shirt on. He wasn’t fast enough to hide the horrible scars on his back from Lily.

“Hello, my girlfriend?” Philip rolled his eyes. It was obvious that the only reason he was mad was because Lily caught him shirtless.

“Sirius…” Lily stared quietly. Sirs turned to her and have a glare that made her wince, but she wasn’t stopping. “What happened?” She asked with real sincerity.

“What do you care?” Sirius snorted. Lily’s eyes widened as his words hurt her.

“I do care.” Lily said defensively. She was their friend now, wasn’t she? She could already feel the tears coming.

“No. You don’t.” Sirius sounded like he was trying to convince himself of that. “You make fun of us all the time, tell on us for pranks, and think we’re incapable of having a natural human though process!”

“I…” Lily tried to protest, but James cut her off. His frustration at her rejections finally broke free.

“He’s right, Lily.” James said, knowing it was the truth. Usually he wouldn’t be so harsh, but Philip standing there holding her protectively was enough to make him explode. IT SHOULD BE HIM!!

“Now, you listen here…” Philip was ready to defend Lily, knowing perfectly well that everything they said was a lie.

“Lily, you’re just plain mean.” Peter finally piped up. Lily’s eyes widened. Peter wasn’t the type of person to say bad things to people. When Remus didn’t speak up in her defense, Lily took a step back. With a trembling lip and tear pooled in her eyes, she took a deep breath.

“I see.” She said, wiping furiously at the fallen tears. Convincing herself she didn’t want them was the only thing she could do with that total and complete rejection and anger.

“No, Lily…” Philip reached out to her. She cut him off with a sharp shake of her head and held up her hand.

“I understand. It’s okay, Philip.” She turned, quietly opening the door. The last second, she stalled, and whispered, “You guys just don’t get it. I’m jealous of you. Always have been and always will. At least you know how to have fun.”

The final exit was a bit dramatic, but Lily wasn’t going for that. She was trying to get them to understand, and to possibly want her back…

As if that would happen.

The boys stared dumbfounded at the door. Did Lily really just say that? That was a completely new prospect to all of them. They thought maybe she wished she could have as cool friends as they do (because they knew everyone wanted that), but nothing like this.

“Happy?” Philip all but growled at The Marauders and stormed out of the room, calling after Lily.

Lily tried the whole ignore your boyfriend who is calling your name and desperately wants to comfort you, but she was too selfish. She waited for him at the bottom of the stairs and collapsed in tears in his arms. He didn’t say anything. He just held her and rocked her until her tears were dried…which he didn’t actually do.

The Marauders made a circle after Philip stormed out, and knew immediately what to do. Apologies were in order. They marched right on down the stairs and began apologizing every way they could possibly think of.

“Alright, alright already!” Lily laughed. The Marauders looked earnestly at her, hoping she was going to forgive them, “So, does this mean you still want me to be your friend?”

“OF COURSE!” They cried in unison, and the group actually had a group hug. It lasted about one second before awkwardness set in.

“So, wanna watch us pull a prank?” James asked to break the silence. Laughing, they all set out for the Great Hall.

A/N: I completely changed the ending on that one. I hope you like it, and I get many, lots of, multiple reviews!! Sorry for taking so long to update, but I’m not the only one…RedHeads… Love you all!!


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