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Centrifuge by LovlyRita
Chapter 2 : II. To France
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Chapter 2.

Draco Malfoy paced impatiently in his study, waiting for news from his only son. Sunshine poured through the bay window and birds chirped merrily outside, oblivious to the annoyed glares he threw at them. He had no idea where Scorpius had suddenly disappeared to, but he guessed it had something to do with Rose. Draco could not deny the charm of the Weasley girl. His scowl deepened as he thought of the former last name of his daughter in law. She was a sweet girl, and her personality, wit, and intelligence was evenly matched with his son’s, but there were days when he had a difficult time getting passed the Weasley surname.

Ever since the day he left his memories at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the magnificent name of Malfoy had quickly descended out of favor with the ministry. After he was unable to start training as an auror, he pursued the career of diplomat, much like his father had been before him. Moderately successful in the field, he found that most wizards simply could not get past his last name. The son of Lucius Malfoy surely had nothing pertinent to say.

Draco tore his eyes away from the bright greenery dotting the landscape of Malfoy Manor, and scowled, opting instead to gaze upon his wife, who stood in the doorway to his study.

“He’s not back yet, is he?” Astoria Malfoy asked, brushing a lock of strawberry blonde hair away from her inquiring, chocolate hued eyes.

“No, love, he isn’t,” Draco replied, moving closer to his wife. He took her by the waist and pulled her gently against his body, instantly feeling her warmth. “He isn’t here, and if he doesn’t get here soon, I fear I will have to leave and look for him.”

“Don’t be silly,” Astoria chided, putting her head against his tense chest. “You won’t go anywhere. Scorpius is a man now, he’s married, and he certainly doesn’t need you interfering in his affairs. He gave us sparse details about his departure last night, but I have a feeling that whatever he’s doing is something he needs to take care of.” Hardly believing his lips as they curled up into a small smile, Draco kissed the top of his wife’s head tenderly.

“It is times like these when I’m happy I married a level headed woman to keep me grounded. But I still have concerns about this. He left abruptly in the middle of our meal last night and never came back, and with Rose in jail for the murder of the Longbottom boy, I just can’t see this ending well for either of them. You know as well as I do that Rose wouldn’t have touched Nathan Longbottom, but I fear that we’re missing huge pieces of the puzzle. I was not aware of the nature of the relationship between her and Longbottom, but the small rumblings I heard at the ministry yesterday indicated that they had been close as children but then had a falling out. I wish we could talk to Rose directly about this.”

“Give it time. Besides, I may have pulled a few strings to allow Rose to be released early,” Astoria confided, unable to contain the smug smile across her lips.

“Of course. Daphne’s husband,” Draco said, startled by his wife’s admission. “That’s why you’re not nervous. You know where Scorpius is. Why didn’t you tell me!” Anger crept quickly into his tone.

“Well, the Malfoy name may be suffering, but the Greengrass name is doing just fine. I asked Daphne’s husband, who works in the ministry as I’m sure you are aware, to let Scorpius in. He did comply with my wishes, for whatever reason, I’m not sure. So he gave Scorpius a window of five minutes to enter her ward and get her out before he would involve the guards.” She watched the color of Draco’s face change rather suddenly, and she stifled a bit of laughter.

“Why do you think this is funny? I’ve been pacing at this window for hours, sick with worry, and you’ve known the whole time that he’s alright! Astoria, for God’s sake, why would you have kept something like this from me?”

“Because you over react to everything and I wanted to do Rose a favor without involving your politics. Besides, I expected some contact from them by now, and I’m now a little worried myself, if I’m being quite honest. Please don’t be mad at me, love. If you would just take a second to look in your heart, I’m sure you’ll see why I made the choice I did.”

Draco inhaled deeply, trying to control the wild anger that had made him famously annoying at Hogwarts. “Fine. I understand your motives, but I still disagree with your choice. Astoria, I’m trying to restore the honor of this family, the least you could do is avoid illegal activities behind my back! You know how hard I’ve worked to give us this halfway respectable life, please don’t ruin it.”

“I’ll do my best not to, dear, now please come to the kitchen for lunch. I made some sandwiches. Your favorite,” she said quietly, embracing him one last time.

“If you insist,” he sighed. She grabbed his hand and lead him down the spacey corridor of the large manor. Draco’s love for Astoria had never stopped growing, and he was always very pleased with the choice he’d made to marry her. Turning into the kitchen, his eyes widened. There, sitting at the table was Scorpius. Rose was sitting beside him, her head down. She looked positively awful with torn robes and dirt streaked across her pale skin.

“My God!” Astoria exclaimed, rushing to Rose’s side. “What has happened to you?”

“I don’t…know. I’m so confused. My life…is in…ruins…” Tears bubbled in the corners of her eyes and fell.

“Come with me, I’ll fix this.” She grabbed Rose by the hand and took her to the bathroom.

Draco sat down next to his Scorpius, who had placed his head in his hands.

“Scorpius, what happened?” Draco asked.

“Dad, I don’t even know.” They had been fugitives for hours, and the stress and utter exhaustion of the events were written clearly across Scorpius’s dark face. “You can’t understand what I felt when I saw her in jail. I have never felt like that in my entire life. I just needed to get her out, to protect her. The ministry will be coming after her, and I don’t know where to go. I couldn’t take her to our flat, because the aurors will come there for sure. I can’t keep her here, because it puts you and Mum in danger. I don’t know where to go.”

“Take her to the Malfoy vacation home in Monte Carlo.” Draco said simply. “I don’t believe anyone knows about that, except maybe some of father’s old friends. It’s a muggle tourist trap too, so you’ll be able to hide amongst them. The house is obscured so that muggles cannot see, and it is located on the beach. You’ll be able to regroup and relax here before you decide what the next move is.”

“France? France. I don’t know, Dad,” Scorpius said uncertainly, picking a neutral spot on the wall to stare at. If there was anything on Earth that Scorpius hated to do, it was take favors and gifts from his Father.

“Yes, I insist. You’ve never even been there, which shows you how often we use it. When you were younger, I couldn’t really afford lavish vacations, because I was so busy paying off my father’s crimes. But we owned this house and the one in France, and I insist you go. Please.” Draco grabbed Scorpius’s shoulders, forcing him to pay attention to every word. “Protect her. Do everything you can. She is family, so don’t get caught. If she murdered that Longbottom—“

“She didn’t!” Scorpius exploded, pulling away from Draco and jumping to his feet. “She didn’t touch the bastard, I swear it. I was there! I had just gotten to the bar when I saw her there. They’d had an argument or something, I’m not even sure. But I saw her stick the wand up to his head. She was drunk. Why wasn’t I there? Why didn’t I come sooner!” Anger over his actions boiled up, and his emotions overwhelmed him.

“Damnit, Dad, I should have been there to stop this. Rose, she’d have never done this, I know that idiot Longbottom provoked her. She would have never, ever, hurt him, but there she was, with her wand pressed into his fat head. She was screaming that she’d kill him, if he…well I don’t know exactly why she wanted to kill him. Her words were slurred, and I was trying to get across the room to her. But she said that she would kill him, and then all of a sudden there was smoke and lots of light, and I know several people there were shooting spells. But I never saw a green light. She didn’t even say the spell. Longbottom wasn’t there anymore, and she was just left standing in the middle of the room, repeating over and over ‘I just killed Nate…’ “

Draco pursed his lips, aching for the pain his son was feeling. He was utterly confused about the whole situation.

“So you’re telling me that there was an altercation, that Rose had her wand out and pointed at Longbottom, that she threatened to kill him, and that there were some unnecessary theatrics and then Rose was left, believing that she had killed him?”

“That’s how I understand it. I got to her right after that and moved her out of the bar. She was crying so hard, and I tried to tell her there was no evidence that someone had died. Longbottom’s body was gone. The auror’s found us soon after that, taking her in to custody. After they took her, I felt so much despair, and I decided to take a walk. I went in to diagon alley, and I saw that…that…abomination of human flesh, Longbottom, walking around with a cloak covering his features. I called his name, and he saw me, and then he was gone. And I…I didn’t know what to do, so I came here and stayed. I couldn’t really talk about it. And then, Mum told me about the opportunity I had to save Rose. So I did. And that’s all I know, I swear,” Scorpius finished, drawing a hand through his dark hair.

“Take her to France, Scorp. I’ll try to figure this out. If anyone else saw him, then this case has a huge hole in it. It all sounds a bit ridiculous, honestly. Did you think about going to her parents?” Draco felt choked as he said the words.

Scorpius’s eyes flashed anger as he began to pace.

“Oh, that’s funny. Remember what happened the last time we went to her house? I’m not good enough for them, remember? Because I’m your son. I even dyed my damn hair…there’s nothing I can do to distance myself from you, to show them that I’m not you. I don’t know why you had to be such an insufferable ass in your youth, that everyone hates you so much, but now I’m suffering for it!”

“Now you listen to me!” Draco matched his son’s anger as he stood up to confront him, “I may have been misguided when I was younger, but you have absolutely no idea the atmosphere in my life at the time that forced me to be that way. I’m sick of you walking around here like you own the place, like your mother and I are such a burden to your life. We are your parents! And we love Rose like our own. Can you say that about your in-laws? It makes me sick that you think you have to distance yourself from me, but I let you do it anyway. I let you dye your hair that ridiculous color, and you went off to school to be a healer, for whatever reason. Fine. You are not Draco Malfoy Jr., your name is Scorpius. Now I am offering that house to you to take your wife to be safe. Don’t be an idiot.”

Scorpius opened his mouth to respond but was silenced as Rose walked into the room. Freshly painted nails wrapped around his shoulders, and the scent of lilac and lavender filled his nostrils as Rose pulled him close.

“Rosie,” Scorpius whispered, feeling the tension glide out of his body. “Are you ok?”

“Your Mum took care of me. We have to go, I don’t want to endanger them anymore.” Draco walked over to Rose and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Rose, I’m going to fix this. I’m going to do everything I can to figure out what to do. I’ll go to everyone I know, and I will find a way to do this. Even if I have to talk to your parents.”

“No! Don’t go to my parents, Draco, please. I can’t deal with them. You haven’t spoken to them in years. Please don’t go.”

“I’ll do whatever I have to do, Rose. Go with Scorpius now, we have a place for you to stay until you can figure out what to do.” Rose nodded, pulling herself away from her husband and hugging her father in law.

“I’m going to fix this.”


A vacation in Monte Carlo usually consisted of fabulous dinners with well known people, gambling and sunning on the famous beaches. Yet in the expansive vacation home of the Malfoy family, the shutters were closed and it appeared no one had visited in years. A few minutes later, a loud pop from the foyer area changed this. Rose and Scorpius Malfoy stood awkwardly in the large house, with as many items of value, including clothes and other necessities that would stuff into a magically enlarged suitcase.

“Here we are, love. Home sweet home. France. What do you want to do first?” Scorpius asked, forcing a smile.

“Die,” she responded.

“Oh, stop it. Rose, you heard my dad. He’s going to figure this out. Now let’s air out this dusty old house! I can’t see a thing!” The enthusiasm in his voice was fake, but he would do anything for her. He walked into what he assumed was a sitting room. Scorpius heard a faint noise and jumped.

“What the hell was that?” Rose asked as fear ascended up her spine.

“I’m not sure. Maybe rats or something disgusting. I really can’t see, hold on.” He grabbed his wand from his back pocket and muttered, “lumos. He was standing in front of a sofa and staring at him with large violet eyes was a small, green looking being with pointy ears staring.

“AH!” Scorpius yelled, stumbling backwards and falling unceremoniously on his behind. Rose stifled a small laugh and lurched forward to help him up. “What the hell is that thing?”

“It’s a house elf!” Rose laughed.

“A house elf? I mean, clearly it’s an elf, but…a house elf? I thought those didn’t exist anymore. Aren’t they…free or whatever?”

“Well, your dad said that no one had been here in years. Oh no! I wonder if it’s been here this entire time! Hello, my name is Rose Malfoy, and this is Scorpius, what is your name?” Rose asked kindly.

“My name is being Lurry, I is serving the noble house of Malfoy. There is being no one at this house in a long time! Where is master Lucius?” Scorpius’ eyes widened at the sound of his grandfather’s name.

“Er…Lucius is my Grandfather, and he has been dead for several years. House elves are free now so…shoo!” Rose tutted at her husband, walking over to get a view of the small creature. He was covered in a very disgusting looking rag, and he was quite skinny.

“Oh, poor Lurry. He’s right, you’re free! You can do or live wherever you want! So if you wish to go, please go ahead! My mum was on the committee to free house elves many years ago.” Rose felt her heart drop as she spoke of her mother.

“I is not free, miss. I is only going free if master presents Lurry with clothes!” the squeaky voice said.

“Well, here,” Scorpius said, pulling the shirt from his back. “You can have this shirt. As the grandson of Lucius Malfoy and the son of Draco Malfoy I set you free.” The little house elf widened his eyes in surprise.

“Lurry is a free elf? I is so happy! I is making you something to eat!”

“What? No, no, it’s ok, really. Now you can go and find a little elf wife so you can have little elf babies,” Scorpius awkwardly said, looking at Rose.

“Yes, Lurry, you’re free! You can do whatever you want, but you’re welcome to stay here, since this is your home and not ours,” Rose said, shooting Scorpius a look.

“I is not wanting to leave, I is wanting to make dinner! Miss. Rose and Mister Scorpius, I is making you steak!”

“Steak? No one has lived in this house for years, how do you have steak?” Scorpius asked, puzzled.

“There is being a fund that is being used for food when ever someone is visiting the Chez Malfoy. I is going to get some so you can be having some steak for your dinner.” Scorpius looked up, and finally nodded his head.

“Sounds good!” The elf scurried away, clothed in Scorpius’s large shirt.

“How sweet. Ok, fine, here I am. Let’s open this house up and have some dinner, and then we’ll talk about what’s going to happen in the next few days,” Rose directed, using her wand to light all the candles in the room.

There were several sofas and chairs, all facing the boarded windows. A fire place sat off in the corner, and a large diamond adorned chandelier hung down from the ceiling. There was priceless art hanging on the walls, and everything had about three inches of dust coating it. There was a spiral staircase off toward the entrance to the house, which lead up to the sleeping quarters. The kitchen was located adjacent to the sitting room, and a dining room next to that. The colors of the house were peach and bright white, and it was beautiful. Rose moved the rotting planks of wood from the windows to reveal a beautiful private ocean front view, and her heart skipped a beat.

“This is amazing. I can’t believe Dad never brought me here as a kid, I really missed out,” Scorpius breathed, walking out onto the deck. Rose came up behind him and pressed herself up to his bare back as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I wish I could enjoy this, I truly do. But my mind is so preoccupied with what is happening, and I just can’t believe it. You promised you’d tell me about…what you know, and I must say, I’m dying to hear it. I don’t know if I can wait until after dinner. You said he’s alive. How?” Rose asked, feeling her husband’s body go instantly rigid with tension.

“Rose, not now. Later, I promise, but please just enjoy this view with me. I need to pretend like everything is ok, if only for a few moments.”

He turned to face her, and brought her lips to his. The kiss was hungry between them. He brushed a lock of light brown hair from her face and felt her move against him, begging for his touch. He obliged, and the two retired to the living room floor and made love with the sound of the ocean providing a calming soundtrack. It was a beautiful moment, and served to be a serene calm before the fierce lightening of the storm.

A/N: I do hope you liked it! Poor Rose and Scorpius! At least they can find love in the horrible tragedy surrounding their life. The whole thing is Nathan Longbottom, is kinda confusing, huh? Hopefully I’ll be able to clear it up a little bit for you in the next chapter! Thanks for reading, and as always please review! :)

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Centrifuge: II. To France


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