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Your Wish Is My Command by xquisitely_sirius
Chapter 1 : Preface
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Disclaimer: I only own my OCs 

Midnight – a time when children are tucked up in their beds asleep, one day comes to a close and another starts, and fairy tale wishes come to an end as the clock strikes twelve. All of the above is true in the story I am about to tell. All except the one of these statements.


Early on November 1st I was sat on the porch step of Number Four Private Drive, midnight had just passed and I had no idea how I got here. I remembered the horrors of the night before, of the bright lights and screaming. Of what Sirius had said. Oh! I know where I am. The events of last night swam through my head, taking over my conscious thoughts. I sighed. If there was any way I could change the past twenty-four hours I would, no hesitation. I had a way of course, but that wasn’t an option; it was wrong to mess with time and though I knew no one would remember the change, I would have to live with the consequences that it brought.

To my side a baby lay in a mosses manger, tucked in a blanket to keep him out of the cold. I twisted to get a better view and found that I recognised the baby. It shouldn’t have been a surprise really, with me being his godmother and Sirius, his . . .

I couldn’t bear to continue the thought.

I didn’t recognise the other surrounding buildings. It made me feel uneasy to be in this strange place after recent events, especially with my godson beside me. Just because I was in a muggle area didn’t mean that I would be out of danger. I could hear rummaging inside Number Four Private Drive but I doubted we would be discovered until later in the morning. I thought about that briefly.

I was getting impatient now. My foot tapped on the pavement until I realised something wasn’t quite right; I hadn’t noticed before but everything seemed to look bigger. Even the baby was a look up to me. I stood but it made no difference. I walked over to my godson surprised at how close he was to me; I was sure he’d been. But, standing beside the mosses basket, I realised that I wasn’t even the height of the basket. I’ve shrunk! Oh! Oh!

I skimmed through reasons for a second. This couldn’t be right. Again I was brought back to Sirius.

The baby whimpered in his sleep and I was about to check on him but my thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. A scrawny woman in her dressing gown stood in the door’s place. She seemed to be putting the empty milk bottles out. My godson caught her attention at last but I stayed hidden. She opened the letter that lay upon him. Thankfully, once reading the letter she took the baby into the house. I could easily follow without being noticed because of my size.

“Vernon? I just found my sister’s child on the doorstep. The letter says her and her husband were murdered. We are to care for him now.”


“His name is Harry. Harry Potter.”


I guess I should introduce myself.

I am Jennifer Cole and I am a Fairy God Mother. Not just to one person though like the one in Cinderella. No, my ability forces me to make everyone’s wish come true. All excluding mine of course. Oh, and one other thing – I can only make a person’s wish come true at the stroke of midnight.

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