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A Violet in the Sunshine by amortentia18
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9: Waking Up
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Chapter 9: Waking Up

Violet slowly opened her eyes, with only a vague idea of where she was, what time it was, or what she was doing there. She was freezing cold and soaking wet, from her feet to her dress to her hair. Her back ached from lying on such hard ground and from being curled up for so long. There were black mascara streaks across her arm where she had rested her head on it, as well as small red indentations from her earrings being pressed into her skin.

She rolled over and looked out across the lawn. The sun, barely visible through the thick grey clouds, was just rising above the dark, opaque surface of the lake, and all around her was drenched in water. It had rained in the night. Just her luck.

She pushed herself up, elbows sinking into the mud until she was in a sitting position. She shuffled back and rested herself against the rough stone wall behind her. What was she going to do now? She couldn’t exactly go back to the dorm, she would wake everyone up and they would wonder why she was still fully dressed and sopping wet. It also meant that she would have to climb up six flights of stairs in high heels. Then again, she needed to get upstairs before anyone else woke up and started walking around.

As she stood up her ankles buckled due to the fact she was wearing high heels and that they suddenly sunk three inches into the mud. She leant down and untied the thin ribbons holding them on, she was going to have to carry them, there was no way she could manage the mud-or the stairs for that matter- with them on.

She trudged back to the entrance, sticky and ice-cold sludge squelching between her silver painted toes. Her once ivory coloured feet were now a greyish brown and she suddenly realised that the mud and rain must have had some effect on her beautiful dress. She looked down, inspecting the damage; it was worse than she had imagined. The dress was covered into mud, all the way up from hem to neckline, and the skirt clung uncomfortably to her legs, stuck to her thighs. All the sparkling beads were concealed by a muddy layer and it was impossible to tell what the design had been. She then held out her hair and scrutinized it closely. It was tangled, wet, muddy and studded with leaves, grass and dead rose petals. Thick strands were stuck to her face, neck and back and she tried to brush them off, wishing she had a hair band of some form.

She walked in through the huge wooden door, down the corridor and up the stairs. She looked back and realised that she had left muddy footprints across the floor. Why oh why did they not put wand pockets inside dresses? Her wand was still on her bedside table awaiting her return.
She had reached the Fat Lady without incident, until of course the moment where she’d had to wake her up. After a few awkward questions and a stuttered password she had finally let her through, much to Violet’s relief.

She stumbled into the common room and checked it for any early risers. Much to her frustration there was someone there. A tiny, pig tailed someone.

Lily Potter was sat on the sofa, an enormous book balanced on her knees, and she looked up as soon as Violet entered the room. She got up and came rushing over, “I’m so sorry, it was all my fault. It was meant to make Scorpius jealous but he acted completely the wrong way and then you got upset and rushed off and then you didn’t get back and I was so worried. Where have you been? Are you okay? You look awful. Did you spend all night outside?” she said this all very quickly, she seemed anxious and very apologetic.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” Violet reassured her, “I just fell asleep on the ground, and then it rained. And anyway, how is this your fault and what’s this about making Scorpius jealous,”

“Well, I saw you guys at the ball and I thought that if Scorpius saw you dancing with James then he would get jealous and come and ask you to dance himself, but he reacted oppositely and kissed Rose to kind of get you back. Then you both kept competing and it all turned into shit,”

“Why would Scorpius get jealous,” Violet was confused.

“Because he is violently in love with you! He only went out with Rose because he saw all the pictures of the original James and Lily Potter snogging and he thought it was you. He thinks you like James, and, by the way James looks at you, it is not a difficult assumption to make,”

“What?” Violet was going into shock. Scorpius might actually like her after all! “Are you sure,”

“Yes I’m, bloody sure, it pretty god damn obvious to anyone with half a brain and who isn’t trying to delude themselves,”

“Oh,” said Violet simply.

“So,” Lily said, “What are you going to do about this predicament you are in? You can’t just leave it. If you love someone you should let them know,” she suddenly looked wistful.

“Well, first I am going to have a very hot shower and use an entire bottle of honey shampoo. Then I am going to sleep for at least the next eight hours. Then I am going to find Scorpius, ask him why the hell he was naked in the first floor broom cupboard with Rose last night, if in fact he does love me”

“Oh, that,” said Lily looking awkward but not surprised, “I’m sure he was just confused and hurt and mega-jealous, and anyway, its not exactly like guys think with their brains, is it?,”

Violet gave her a surprised look.

“I saw them coming out of the cupboard,” she admitted.

“Do you know everything?” asked Violet.

“Well, let’s just say that I know a load more than anyone thinks I do. It pays to be tiny - no one ever thinks you know anything,”

“Well, thank you for that… um…illuminating conversation but I need hot water and a flannel, so I will see you later,”

“I’ll come upstairs too. I didn’t sleep,” she yawned widely and followed Violet to the stairs.

Violet slowly pulled herself up each step at a time, her heels feeling bruised and tender, “Night Lily,” she said.

“Goodnight, although you do know it is classified as day when the sun is up, don’t you?”

Violet stuck her tongue out at her, unable to think of a witty remark. She entered the dorm, treading as softly as possible to avoid waking anyone up, she needn’t have worried. Siobhan had a cold- enough said. Violet quickly stripped off her sodden dress and took out her earrings. She then pulled on her pyjamas and picked up her wand.

She went into the bathroom and straight into her cubicle. She asked for a shower and stood in the centre of the room, still dressed in white polka-dot pyjamas. The water came on and she roughly scrubbed her hair with honey shampoo until it felt fully clean. She rinsed, rubbed conditioner through it, and then proceeded to rub her soaking now wet pyjamas across the parts of her body that she knew were dirty, not bothering to use a sponge or flannel. She then rinsed her hair and body and applied the strongest drying charm she knew. It made her hair frizz out behind her, and she felt in dire need of moisturizer but she was warm and dry, it was heaven.

She ran as quickly as she could on her painful feet back into the dorm and pulled on an enormous grey-green hoodie that had originally belonged to her dad. She threw herself into her bed; it was so warm and so comfortable. She snuggled her face into the pillow and bunched up the duvet around herself. She was asleep within seconds.

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A Violet in the Sunshine: Chapter 9: Waking Up


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