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Maraudering Corsairs by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 1 : Corsairs.
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No i don't own harry Potter i do own the story line.

Chapter 1 

Hi I’m Naomi Jane Rose Una Ormond, 5ft 7 blonde haired blue eyed girl from a city in England called Coventry (whoop whoop) I am normal in every way shape and form apart from the blindingly obvious fact that I am a witch.

Yes you heard me correctly I Naomi Jane Rose Una Ormond am a witch. I currently attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry; I am in my final year and currently single.

And unlike my best friend I sadly do not have a stalker. But neither does my other best friend so things are looking up.

“Mi. He’s doing it again.”

I looked up from my leather-bound diary to see one of my best friends Lily Evans storm through the door of our shared dormitory her face scrunched up in disgust at something which I would bet any amount of money would have something to do with James Potter. Her weird fanatic stalker A.K.A cutest guy in our year other than Sirius Black.

“What’s he done now Lils?”

I tried to sound interested but no mater how much you love someone it’s hard to listen to the same story and ok I will admit the finer details may vary but overall it’s the same story, James trying to impress Lils and Lils not being impressed.

But she didn’t notice my tone of voice and launched into a long and very detailed explanation about how James had followed her to the Great Hall and then proceeded to talk to her. See I do listen… Just selectively…

I’m sorry I do love her loads but seriously when will she stop hating James and realise she loves him. Answer probably never but a girl can dream.

So anyway I’m just sitting there quite happily spacing out when something soft, round and blue smacks me in the side of my head. It drops into my lap; I look down and recognise the offending object instantly. Lily’s stress ball. Oops she caught me.

“Spacing out are we Mi.”

Her green emerald eyes sparkled with laughter at the red blush that had slowly crept up my pale cheeks.


“That’s okay I know the story get’s quite repetitive but he seriously pisses me off.”

Don’t I know it.

“I know Lils… I know.”

She flopped down dramatically onto the bed opposite mine and began screaming into her pillow. Laughing quietly I resume writing my diary. Trying to avoid the dull ache in my stomach from lack of food.

“Hey guys.”

I look up again to see my other best friend walk, in her name… Lois Terri Keynes

“Hi Lou.”

She looked across to Lily. And then mouthed at me


I nod once. Understanding flashes across her face and she retreats to her own bed, pulling out some parchment and a quill as she does.

“Hi Lou…Mi?”

We both glance across the room to Lily, her head still firmly pressed into her pillow.


“Can you chuck me my charms book, it’s on the floor by you and I can’t be bothered to move.”

As I reach over to get the book I see the time…9.oopm. No wonder I’m hungry.

“Guys I’m hungry.”

“Mi your always hungry and anyway I thought we decided to call it being peckish.”

Lou had a point I am always hungry it’s not my fault I have a bottomless stomach.
I wonder If I can make them come to the kitchens with me …hmmmmm. I know I’ll hold Lils charms book at wand point until she comes. And I’ll steal Lou’s cat Benedict. Don’t laugh me and Lily named that cat.

“Mi I know what your thinking and fine I’ll come. Just pass me the charms book before you do something blonde.”

“Thanks Lily.”

Grinning wryly I throw the book across the room. Her hand whipping out and grabbing the book from the air even though her face was still half buried in the pillow.

Damn her quidditch reflexes, you see the three of us are all on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and lily is the keeper so obviously she is like amazing at catching and observation skills. Lois is a chaser and is
Brilliant at what she does.
Me on the other hand I’m a beater and weirdly I am the first female beater Hogwarts has seen in over 350 years… so yeah I’m good.

But I tend to daydream (space out) like earlier with the stress ball. But never on the pitch, well not yet anyway.

“Good catch.”


I look across to Lois.

“You coming?”

“Sure! Just don’t touch Benedict.”

Damn there good they know me to well…Lois jumped up and pulled on an old quidditch jumper and threw it over her head. Me and Lily did the same and we all walked to the door linking arms as we did.

We walked down to the kitchens (not very quietly) even though it was after curfew. You see our motto is good girls are bad girls who just don’t get caught.
And together we make up the Corsair the mortal enemies of the Marauders. Well Lily says were mortal enemies with them and me and Lois just go with the flow.

You see the words Corsair and Marauder mean the same thing pirates.

But unlike the marauders the only thing we loot is the kitchens.

“What times quidditch practise tomorrow?”

Me and Lily both look at Lois from across the picnic blanket that is stretched taunt across the kitchen floor, rolling our eyes. It is one of the well known facts in Hogwarts that Lois is well how do we say this very forgetful with things such as…oh I don’t know exam times…quidditch practise times….class times…

“What it’s not my fault I forget things easily.”

“Lou Daniel told us only…”

Lily looked at the clock on the wall in the kitchens it now read 10.00pm.
I take over from where she left off.

“Five and a half hours ago.”

Lois rolled her eyes at the two of us.

“So when is it?”

“The same time as it is every Saturday morning bright and early at 6.30”

“I hate Dan.”

“You can’t hate Dan he has nice abs.”

The sincerity on Lily’s face as she said this sent me and Lois into peals of laughter. Raising my hand I managed to gasp out.

“I agree.”

So while we go onto a whole new line of thought A.K.A cute guys.

We somehow managed to get onto truth and Dare and trust me if you ever end up playing this game With Lily Evans and Lois Keynes you run and then run faster and then even faster until you are going at just below the speed of light.
Because this is the game these two girls love with all there hearts and souls.

God Help Me!!!!!!!

So I’m just sitting there very quietly trying no to move (or breathe) going with the whole theory of if you sit still for long enough you just blend into the background( by the way it doesn’t work before you go and try it) theory, when all of a sudden they both turn to look at me.

“Guys whatever you’re thinking no.”

Lily looks at Lois and Lois smiles.

“Lils are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I believe I am my good friend Lois.”

I don’t like it when they do this, I feel out of the loop. But I think that’s the point.

Lois speaks first.

“Okay I know Naomi I dare you to…”

Lily continues from where she left off.

“Make Sirius Black fall in love…”

“With you…”

Lois finishes and I sit there in shock.

They want me to get the infamous bachelor to fall in love with me. Why would the hottest guy in our year want to go out with me?
Well two…scrap that three can play at this game…

“Okay I’ll accept…”

They both smile triumphantly.
“But only as long as Lily goes on a date with James Potter at least five times.”

Lily’s jaw drops while Lois doubles over laughing.

“Not fair.”

“Everything is fair in love and war. Sweetie pie.”

She rolls her eyes. While I sit there knowing that she would never ever ever ever ever go out with…


Did Lily just say…

“I said fine I will go on five dates with James Potter. But only if Lois finds out why Remus Lupin misses class so much.”

Lois stops laughing and looks up. You can see the cogs turning in her head.
She smiles a sinister smile.

“Sure I will.”

“Ok guys pinky promise.”

I extend my two little fingers so do lily and Lois we link them and shake them once.

There’s no backing out of it now.

God help us. 

So what do you think of the Corsairs ?
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Maraudering Corsairs : Corsairs.


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