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Hallelujah by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 2 : The Game
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  Well, it goes like this; the fourth, the fifth,

The minor fall, and the major lift,

The baffled king composing Hallelujah…

  Though the weather was still hot and humid, Harry could feel the cold, crisp autumn coming at them fast.


  “ So,” He said to Ginny as they were walking hand in hand through the garden, “ You ready for school?”


  “ Yes…” Ginny answered, “ And no. On one hand, its my seventh year and I want to finish, I want to catch up with my friends, and I miss the castle, but on the other hand, it’s going to be the first time I’ve been to Hogwarts since the battle it’s going to feel so weird, I a lot of my friends won’t be there, and I’m going to miss you so much!”


  “ I’ll miss you, too.”


  “ I still think you should come back, Hermione is finishing up her last year! You could too.” She wasn’t asking she was begging, which gave Harry a slight feeling of twisted satisfaction, she was so cute when she was begging.


  “ I have Teddy.” Harry reminded her.


  “ He spends most of his time with Andy anyways, plus Mum takes care of him here.”


  “ Kingsley already got me a job with the Aurors.”


  “ Aurors-shmurors!” Ginny said, flicking her hand dismissively. Harry looked at her smiling, kinking one eyebrow. “ I don’t want to leave you.” Ginny added, whining now.


  Harry kissed her on the forehead, “ You’ll never leave me,” He whispered gently, “ I’ll send you owls everyday, and when you get home I’ll be right here waiting for you. Send me a list of all your Hogsmeade weekends and I’ll apparte up and visit you then, too.”


  “ Promise?” Ginny asking.


  “ I swear.”


  “ Fine.” She reached up and kissed him. He took her face in his cupped hands and kissing her more pationatly. Clumsily, they fell into a low shrub, Ginny laughed, pulling her lips up, and putting her forehead on Harry’s forehead. “ That was slick, wasn’t it?” she giggled.


  “ Wha…no…nuh-huh…I totally meant to do that. Yup, that was completely on purpose.”


  Ginny smiled wider, if Harry had any breath left, that smile would have taken it away, “ Don’t…” Kiss, “…lie…” kiss, “ …to me…” kiss, “ You know you can’t get away with it.” Harry laughed.


  “ Hey, it was worth a shot.” He said, “ I at least have to pretend to be smooth.”


  “ You fail.” She pointed out, “ You fail horribly. Lucky for you, I think smoothness is completely and utterly overrated.”


  “ Lucky, lucky me.” He kissed her again, running his hand through her hair. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Everything in Harry’s mind went blank, a peaceful bliss. The world could have exploded and he wouldn’t have noticed, all that mattered now was Ginny, the scent of her hair, the feel of her skin, the taste of her lips. She was the only thing in the universe. Without her the world was a cold bleak place, but with her hope radiated from every facet of Harry’s being. The last eighteen years meant nothing compared to the past few months he spent with her.


  Suddenly somebody cleared their throat loudly, Harry and Ginny broke apart. Ginny was slightly flushed. George and Percy were staring at them, George’s eyebrow kinked, and Percy’s eyes wide in horror. “ Um.” Harry said awkwardly, “ Hi.”


  “ ‘Hi’” Percy scoffed, “ All you have to say is ‘hi’!”


  “ Er…nice weather we’re having this week.” Harry added.


  “ You! She! What! The! HELL!?” Percy yelled his face turning red, it reminded Harry vaguely of his uncle Vernon.


  “ Breathe, Perce.” Ginny said, “ then snod off.”


  “ Watch your mouth!” he snapped, “ YOU!” He pointed at Harry accusingly, “ How dare attack my sweet innocent little sister!”


  “ Err…she not so innocent.” Harry murmured. It looked as if Percy’s head was about to explode…which would be interesting, but it would put a bit of a damper on the rest of the summer.


  “ Do you have a purpose?” Ginny demanded. George, who was used to Harry and Ginny’s need for random snogging, laughed.


  “ Yeah.” George said. “ We’re playing Quidditch in the orchard, Hermione, Ron, and me against Percy, Audrey, and Angelina, and we were wondering if you two love birds wanted to play.” Audrey Brocklehurst was the older sister of a Ravenclaw that was in Harry’s year at Hogwarts, Mandy Brocklehurst; she also worked with Percy at the Ministry, for some reason was dating Percy. Despite what Ginny called her “ Bloody terrible sense in finding a man” Harry like Audrey, she was a little shy at first, but she’s really nice and could keep Hermione talking for hours.


  “ Sure.” Ginny answered, her anger stomped out by the thought of a Quidditch match.


  “ Great,” George said, “ Ginny, you can be on my team, Harry, you can be on Percy’s team; they need all the help they can get.”


  “ Or,” Ginny suggested, “ Angelina can go on your team and me and Harry can be on Percy’s team.”


  “ No.” Percy said still glaring at Harry, “ you two can be on different teams.” Ginny smiled and rolled her eyes.


  “ Come on.”  George said. He and Percy lead the way to the orchard, Ginny and Harry hung back, holding hands, sneaking kisses every now and then when they were sure the older brothers weren’t watching. Harry watched George, he seemed to be getting better, smiling more, laughing more; mostly thanks to Angelina Johnson, who now rarely left his side. Though Harry still woke up at night to hear George screaming, it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to wake up to. But still, he seemed to gain a small part of his old self back every day.


  “ Wanna play seeker, Ginny?” Hermione called as soon as Harry and Ginny entered earshot.


  “ Sure,” Ginny yelled back, then she turned to Harry, “ Why, Mr. Potter, I do believe this might be the first snitch you didn’t caught.”


  “ No, once my third year I fell into the Whomping Willow, but other then that, nope, never lost a snitch.”


  “ I hope you like change, because you’re not winning this one.”


  “ You think so?” Harry asked grabbing her around the waist, “ Will you still be able to catch it if I were to throw you in the lake?”


  “ You play dirty.” Ginny laughed, Ron cleared him throat.


  “ Are we going to snog or play?” He asked.


  Harry and Ginny looked at each other and then at Ron, “ Snog.” They answered at the same time.


  “ I change my mind, that’s not an option.” Ron laughed, throwing them each brooms, “ Now come on, I want to kick Percy’s arse!”


  Harry mounted his broom and flew up to join Angelina and Aubrey. Harry felt fantastic being on his broom again, the wind ruffling his hair. Ginny, who was flying between Ron and Hermione, winked at him, then blew him a kiss and gave him a “ you’re going down” sign. Harry laughed and shook his head.


  Luna was referee; Hermione figured that they’d need someone to stop them from cheating.


  “ Okay,” She said in her airy voice, “ I want a nice clean game, no hitting, kicking, punching, or random snogging.” She threw a look at Ron and Hermione, then Ginny, then Harry.


  Angelina raised her hand, “ What if it’s pre-planned snogging?” she asked, winking at George, who smiled.


  “ Nope, you can make out after the game.” Said Luna, “ Now captains, shake hands.” George and Percy grasped the others’ hand before rising into the air; Luna threw up the Quaffle and let the snitch go (there weren’t any Bludgers since there were only four players on each team). “ GO!” she called. Harry raced after the speck of gold, but it disappered before he could catch up with it.


  Angelina snagged the Quaffle and raced towards Ron, George cut her off, forcing her to drop it into Hermione’s waiting arms, luckily Hermione wasn’t very good and Audrey was about to intercept it while she was throwing it to Ginny. Audrey passed it to Harry who passed it to Angelina who whipped it past Ron’s head into the goalpost.


  “ HEY!” Harry yelled as Angelina and Audrey exchanged high-fives and Percy did a bit of a loopy-loop by their goal.


  “ 10-0 Percy’s team!” Luna recited. Ron got the Quaffle off the ground and threw it back into the game. Harry’s team scored three more times, and George’s team scored five times, right as Audrey went to even up the score, Harry saw something gold behind Luna’s head. He dove after it; a second later Ginny was on his tail.


  Of course Harry’s sexist male instant kicked in, and suddenly the thought of loosing to his girlfriend petrified him, he speed up, just about to reach the tiny gold ball when…


  “ Oh, no you don’t!” Ginny grabbed his arm and planted a kiss on his cheek, he was so flustered and confused he lost control of his broom nose diving about ten feet, he fell off the broom and tumbled onto the ground, about five seconds later Ginny landed gracefully next to his holding the snitch, a teasing smile on her face. “ I win.” Ron, Hermione, and George landed next to Ginny tousling her hair and patting her and the back. Percy, Angelina, and Audrey landed next to Harry, not so happy.


  “ That’s cheating!” Percy said.


  “ Yeah, Luna said no snogging!” Added Angelina.


  “ That was barely more then a peck on the cheek.” Ginny defended.


  “ Fair is fair,” Luna said, “ Percy’s team gets a bonus ten points, and the score stands at two-hundred George’s team, sixty Percy’s team.”


  “ Thanks, Luna.” Said Harry sarcastically, “ That helps so much.”


  “ Cheer up.” Ginny told him, “ Just consider it, the student surpassing the teacher.”


  “ I never taught you to fly though.”


  “ No, but you were my captain, you must have pretty good if I was good enough to beat the famous Harry Potter.” Harry could stay mad at a face as cute as she was making, and gosh, a smile that sweet should be illegal!


  “ Rematch?” He asked, addressing not only Ginny but also both teams.


  “ No,” Ron answered, “ Dinner will be ready soon, we better clean up.” Everyone agreed, Ginny pecked Harry on the cheek before running off and linking arms with Luna, their heads bowed together as they whispered and giggled together. Harry ended up walking with Percy.


  “ Sooo…” Percy started, “ You and my sister, that’s, wow, how long have you to been…”


  “ A while now.” Answered Harry, suddenly extremely uncomfortable, “ We started dating last year; we broke up temporarily while I was gone, but we’ve been together all summer. Haven’t you noticed?”


  “ Well, I knew you were friends, but I didn’t know you were attempting to suck her face off!”


  “ We were just kissing.”


  “ Just?! It looked like you were eating her face!”


  “ Everything was fine from my point of view.”


  “ I’m sure! You’re a little old for her, aren’t you?”


  “ Not really, I’m eighteen, she’s seventeen, less then a year difference.”


  “ Well, she is my only little sister, maybe you shouldn’t…”


  Harry was already sick and tired of having to defend his relationship every minute of every day, he turned and snapped at Percy, “ Look! What I do with my girlfriend is strictly between her and me! It’s not up for discussion or debate! Maybe if you actually spent more then two seconds here during the summer, you would’ve found out earlier! I love Ginny and she loves me, if you have a problem with that then it’s to bad for you! So butt out! I’m fucking tired of the stupid protective older brother act from everyone! I would never hurt Ginny, or do anything she wasn’t ready for! So get of my back!” Percy looked as if Harry slapped him, but Harry was so pissed he didn’t care; he could apologize later, now he stalked off angrily, leaving dumbstruck Percy staring in his wake.


  “ What’s the matter?” Ginny asked looking worry, maybe afraid he was angry with her for the match.


  “ Nothing,” Murmured Harry, quietly, putting his hand on the small of her back and walking her quickly up to the Burrow, casting a mad, daring look at Percy, as if challenging him to say anything. Ginny looked back confused but didn’t say anything.


  “ Harry.” She said.


  “ What?” His voice was sharper then he had anticipated, Ginny flinched. “ Sorry,” He added a little more gently, “ I’m not mad at you, I shouldn’t be yelling at you.”


 “ It’s okay,” she said calmly, “ just remember I’m here for you.”


  “ Thank you.” He said looking into her big, concerned eyes.

Author's Note: Just a quick clarafication, Percy hadn't spent much time around Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione, because tentions were still high. Please review

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