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Me & My Sisters by LillyFlower13
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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“Hank, darling,” I pleaded with the man at the front desk, “I am begging you.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Evans, but there is nothing I can do!” he exclaimed, “We are completely booked.”

“Look, my friend’s parents died,” I whispered pointing my thumb to an oblivious Alice, “And the funeral is tomorrow! We just need a couple of rooms for tonight and tomorrow night!”

“Ms. Evans, I am sorry but-“

“Excuse me,” smiled Becky seductively, “But do you have a pool or Jacuzzi here? I was hoping to take a dip later, I brought my bikini and everything.”

I raised an eye brow at her, and then realized that she had un buttoned the top buttons to her white blouse.

“W-why yes, we do,” smiled the man at the front desk, “But it’s only people on the club level, and that level is completely booked.”

“Oh,” pouted Becky, “Well I guess we could just go to that nice looking hotel across the street…”

“N-no!” he stammered, “I mean I’m sure I could move some people around.”

“Thanks,” smiled Becky as she pulled me back towards the group.

“Nice work, slut,” I teased.

“We got the rooms, didn’t we?” she said as she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll show you to your rooms if you are ready,” smiled the bell man.

We all nodded a followed him to the elevator. I saw James’ hand move unusually as we waited outside the doors of the elevator. I gave him a look, but he just shrugged. The door opened and we filed in, the elevator was big, bigger than most muggle elevators.

“That’s weird,” said the bell man as the doors closed, “I swear this elevator grew over night.”

I elbowed James who was standing behind me.

“What? We wouldn’t have all fit with all of our stuff!” he whispered.

The elevator pinged and then opened its doors. We filed out into the hall and waited for the bell man to show us to our rooms. We didn’t walk far until he stopped.

“Well here you are,” he smiled chipperly, “Four bedrooms. Two on each side!” he said as he pointed like an airline stewardess. 

“You have way too much energy,” grumbled Sirius as he snatched one of the cards he was holding and went into a room.

“What’s his deal?” asked ZiZi confused.

“He’s just not a morning person,” grimaced Remus, “I’ll see you later babe.”

He kissed her on the forehead and then joined Sirius in their room. James took another key and went into the other boys’ room.

“Come on Alice,” I said as I wrapped my arm around her and followed Penelope into a room, “Better get you settled in.”

“Hey you,” said James as he sat down next to me, “You okay?”

“Yup,” I said as I moved my feet in the fluid water, “Just watching the sun rise.”

We sat in a large open room, at the edge of a crystal blue pool. We faced the opposite wall, which was a huge window made of glass.

“It is an amazing view,” he nodded.

“It’s beautiful,” I smiled slightly

“Just like you,” he grinned.

I closed my eyes, “Yeah, I so set myself up for that.”

“So some hotel,” said James as he rolled his pant sleeves up and dipped his feet into the pool.

I looked around our surroundings, “Yeah, some hotel.”

“How are you?” I asked as I looked at him.

“I’m okay,” shrugged James, “Alice’s situation just brings back memories.”

“Yeah, it does,” I whispered as I looked out at the sunrise again.

“You’re the only one I know who gets it,” he said, “the only one who gets how it feels.”

“Lots of kids loose their parents, James,” I said as I looked at him briefly.

“Yeah, but not many are willing to talk about it like you are,” he said as he placed his hand over mine.

I looked down at our hands, “Yeah,” I said slowly, “Well like I said, you’re really easy to talk to.”

“You’re to humble,” he smiled.

“There’s nothing to take credit for,” I said as I took my hand back, “I should go check on Alice.”

I stood up from the pool and quickly ran out of the pool area.

The girls and I didn’t have any appropriate attire for a funeral so we had to quick step out to go buy some dresses. Alice had fallen asleep and we didn’t wish to wake her, so we just went ourselves.

“I still don’t understand why I can’t wear this,” said Becky as she looked at herself fin the mirror.

“Because,” I said, “You are going to a funeral not a club.”

Becky turned to me shocked, “I would never wear this to a club!”

Her dress was black, but hugged her every curve. It ended a little after her butt and outlined her bosom.

“Even though I do look totally hot,” she smiled as she looked at her butt in the mirror.

I rolled my eyes and smoothed out the creases in my dress. I wore a black slip that went halfway up my thigh. Over the slip was black lace the created half sleeves and a neckline.

“Here,” said ZiZi as she handed me a pair of black peep toe pumps, “They go with your dress.”

“Thanks,” I smiled sadly.

“This totally bites,” said Penelope as she walked out of her dressing stall, “We’re seventeen, we’re not supposed to be buying outfits for our friend’s parents’ funeral. We’re supposed to be shopping for prom or something.”

“Well you look great,” shrugged Becky.

“Do you mind?” I snapped at Becky, “I mean seriously they just died! You’re being so disrespectful.”

I stormed out of the changing room and back into my stall. I didn’t hear anything, they must have been in shock, but I didn’t care.

“I’ll see you guys at the hotel,” I mumbled before I left.

I stood in front of our hotel room trying to unlock the stupid lock with the stupid card, but it wouldn’t work.

“Alohamroa,” said James from behind me.

The door swung open and I stormed in. I marched to the closet and threw the dresses in and slammed the door closed.

“Hey,” said James as he pulled me into a hug, “What gives?”

“What gives? Honestly James? Two people just died and you ask me what gives,” I said as I pushed him away, “That’s just bloody brilliant.”

I sat down on the bed and placed my head in my hands.

“Lily,” he whispered as he sat next to me, “I didn’t mean to offend you. I just didn’t expect you to be so sensitive about it.”

I ran my hands through my hair.

“When my mom died, Mrs. Prewette was the first to give me a hug, and every year she would take me and Alice school supply shopping. And when my dad forgot to have the driver drop me off at the platform one year, Mr. Prewette came and picked me up from my house,” I said, my voice steady.

“They were the kindest people I’ve ever known,” I shrugged, “They were there for me when my own family wasn’t, and now they’re gone.”

James pulled me to him. He didn’t say anything, but stroked my hair lovingly. I curled into him and rested my head on his shoulder, letting the tears fall.

“There you go,” I said as I straightened James’ tie.

“Thanks,” he smiled.

“Uh hey Lil?” said ZiZi as she peeped her head into the room, “Alice is-“

“Back in her underwear,” I said as I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room.

“Way too much information,” I heard James mumbled.

“Alice-“ I started but she cut me off.

“I look dreadful in that,” she said as she stood in front of me in her bra and panties, “I cannot wear it.”

“Alice,” I said as I sat her down on the bed, “It doesn’t matter what you wear.”

“What are you talking about? It’s all that matters!” she exclaimed.

“Alice, you can’t hide your feelings anymore-“ I tried again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said as she got up and began to look through her trunk.

“You don’t have to hide behind superficial stuff,” I exclaimed as I closed her trunk, trying to make her listen to me, “We understand what you’re going through, as hard as you try- we know how you’re feeling. So just stop trying to cover it up because it’s okay to feel the way you do- it’s normal.”

“But,” said Alice weakly, “If I don’t think about clothes then I’ll have to think about…”

“It’s okay to think about them,” I said as I tucked some hair behind her ear.

“No its not because them I become sad and lonely,” she said as she began to cry, “and helpless.”

“C’mere,” I said as I pulled her into a hug, “You’re parents would want you to be happy- you just have to remember that. You just have to have faith that you’ll see them again.” 

“How do you do it?” she sniffed as she wiped her eyes.

“Do what?” I asked confused.

“This! All of this!” Alice laughed lightly, “You look immaculate all the time, and you barely ever snap at people, and you know what to say about everything-“

“I know nothing about boys,” I giggled.

“You’re so in control of things!” she exclaimed.

“Trust me, I am barely keeping my head above water,” I admitted, “Some day very soon I will have an emotional break down, and you better be there when it happens cause it isn’t going to be pretty!”

“I promised,” smiled Alice as she hugged me, “Now where’s that black circus tent I have to wear?”

“Hanging in your closet,” I smiled, “I’ll be outside.”

I walked out into the hallway, where everyone else was waiting, and closed the door softly behind me.

“If one of you mutters the phrase ‘I’m sorry’, I will personally kill you,” I said through gritted teeth.

Alice joined us a minute later and we all apperated to the church where the services were to be held.

Tons of people from the ministry, and a good number of muggles all arrived. One of Alice’s mother’s good friends came and swooped her up in a hug. The group began to find seats so that we could all sit together, but I handed my purse to James telling him to save my seat once I spotted Mathilda.

I walked over to her and hugged her.

“Thank you so much,” I exclaimed as I hugged her, “I would have done it myself but-“

“Over my dead body!” she exclaimed. She quickly covered her mouth and gave an apologetic look to the covered coffins in the front of the church, “No seventeen year old girl should plan a funeral.”

“Well you did a magnificent job,” I said looking around, “The church looks beautiful.”

“I have to head home and clean something for Petunia,” said Mathilda as she rolled her eyes, “Give Alice a hug on my behalf.”

“Of course,” I smiled as she walked away.

I walked back down the isle and took my seat between James and Penelope.

Alice sat some where with close family friends, but we didn’t mind. Today wasn’t about us; it was about Alice and her parents.

As many goodbyes go, the funeral took a long time. About halfway through the service I stopped listening and let out a silent yawn that I covered with my hand. I suddenly felt James slip his arm around my shoulders. He subtly nodded at his shoulder and I laid my head down on it.

I took a deep breath and admired the decorations above the alter. My Savior hung there looking at me sadly. I felt as if the sadness wasn’t from his own personal suffering, but from everyone else’ like He could feel all of the suffering in the world. I bit my lip in contemplation.

Since I had begun having a crush on James, and since Alice’s parents died, I had begun to feel confused. My old feelings towards my Savior were clashing with my new and it was taking a toll on my heart and my head.

What if the story was true? What if the guy had really been divine and we just killed him off? Or what if the conspiracy theorists were right, and he had relations with that ex prostitute, and his followers had stolen his body! Or what if he hadn’t meant for everything to spin out of control! What if he just made a comment and suddenly he was the messiah? In any scenario I made up no matter how ridiculous or unreal I couldn’t help but respect the man.

If the whole story was true, then I respected him for dying for the truth and being honest. If the story was a mistake and just spun out of control, I still respected him for all of the hope and happiness he gave to millions of people who believed in him. And if it had been all a lie, then it was the best damn lie I had ever heard.

But what I respected most was the hope He gave to millions of people around the world. He must have been so comforting to my mom during the last phase of her life, and if He made her more comfortable during that awful time then I didn't need to know every detail about Him.

Suddenly people began standing up, and James’s arm moved. I sat up, and looked around confused.

“Come on Lil,” said James as he helped me up, “The service is over.”

“Right,” I said as I stood up.

We waked outside and waited for Alice. A few minutes later she walked out of the Church, and Frank enveloped her in a hug. He kept his arm around her as we walked around the corner so we could apperate back to the hotel.

“Well,” I said as ZiZi brought her last bag out into the hallway, “I think that’s everything.”

“Guys…” sighed Penelope as she looked at her magazine.

“You have got to be kidding me!” exclaimed Alice as she snatched the magazine, “She got pictures of us at the funeral!”

I could see the veins in her neck pop out.

“Tell me those photos were not taken during the service,” she growled.

“Well…” started ZiZi timidly.

“Those bloody bastards!” she exclaimed as she stopped off down the hall.

“We’ll see you guys at school,” said Frank as he chased after Alice.

“Well,” I shrugged, “At least we got our Alice back.”

“Oi guys help me with Frank and Alice’s stuff,” said James just before we apperated back to school.

I let out a huff as I rolled over for the fifth time in three minutes, and sat up in bed. I ran my hand through my hair and then took hold of my wand. I placed my hand on my bedside table trying to find my novel, but I couldn’t find it.

“Lumos,” I whispered. “Must have left it down stares,” I grumbled as I slipped on my slippers and shrugged on my robe.

I flipped my hair from underneath the robe and held my wand out as I walked down the stairwell. I could see a dim light cast from the common room bellow. I finally arrived on the bottom step. I let out a gasp and dropped my wand.

The two figures pulled away from each other on the couch and covered their mouths with their hands.

“Sorry!” I exclaimed as I rushed to pick up my wand.

“Lily,” said Frank in greeting.

“Hey Frank,” I greeted pathetically, “Hi Alice.”

“Hey Lil,” she said in forced positive tone.

“I just thought I left my book in here, but um nope don’t see it,” I said rapidly, “Well continue what you were doing.”

I quickly turned on my heel and sprinted up the stairs until I reached our door. I wrenched our door open and pressed my body against it as it closed.

“Lily?” groaned ZiZi from her bed.

“Alice and Frank are definitely an item,” I panted.

[A/N: ok sorry i know this was a short chapter and i know this is like the third chapter that i've said was the last one until i get back, but now i mean it! lol validation has been miraculous and has allowed me to sumbit just one more chapter before i leave!! so i hoped you enjoyed it and please review!!!


I just realized we are in double digits for chapters! yay!!!!!!!!!! thank you for all of your support!!!!!!!]

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