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Gutted by a rollerball
Chapter 2 : The Christmas From Hell?
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Disclaimer- everything belongs to J.K. Only the plot is mine.

Chapter 2

The Christmas from Hell?

We ended up going around to the Weasley's on Christmas Eve, to help set up for the traditional Weasley Christmas. Loads of people were there already but it was still only half as many as tomorrow.

Me Al and James were told to set up the garden with things like fairy lights.

Not a good idea!

James jumped down from the tree in an attempt to strangle Al with fairy lights.

But Al brought his fist crashing down on Junes nose.

Blood splattered anywhere and James cried oat in horror.

“You fucking bastard Al, you broke my nose.”

“You tried to strangle me.”

“I was having a joke, you little shit.”

“Don’t call me a shit, you bloody wanker.”

“I’m only bloody because you fucking broke my nose.”


Both guys looked at each other, their faces the picture of fright.

“Time run, me thinks” They said in unison.

“AND DON’T YOU DARE EVEN THINK ABOUT RUNNING” Ginny Potter screamed as she walked down the garden path.

Her hair was flying wildly and I blurted out.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

James and Al looked on enviously as I made my escape.



Al and James flinched at the smallest sounds since Ginny shouted at them.

It was quite funny really. But after a few hours, I started feeling sorry for them.

God forbid, I ever have to feel the wrath of Ginny Potter.


Later that day Rose’s family arrived

My welcome stuck in my throat, as it often did, when Rose walked in the room.

In almost 6 years of knowing her I’ve never gotten over how breathtakingly beautiful she is.

She wore a black, long sleeved top that clung to her. Her jeans were tight and enhanced the length of her legs. Curls bounced wildly around her face, framing it and showing off her cheekbones.

As I said before she was breathtaking.

Rose’s eyes looked around at everyone. Surveying them once. Twice. Three times.

On the forth they lingered on me.

I got hopeful.

Then I really saw where she was looking. Behind me to Dom. Her eyes light up in greeting.

They stayed like this for a few seconds and then Rose turned to her dad.

I realised Rose had just had a totally silent conversation with her cousin.

That’s sad!

I did a double take when I remembered that me and Al did that occasionally.

Harry Potter’s voice jerked me back to reality.

“…Scorpius. Scorpius!”

“Sorry Mr Potter. I was in a whole world of my own.”

That is, my own world where Rose is my girlfriend and we where…

“Scorpius! You’ve got to stop doing drifting off like that your scaring us.”

Little did Harry realise, that I had just fantasized sex with his niece.

In fact it’s probably better that way.


Most young teenagers dream about losing there virginity to anyone and everyone, (well I no guys do anyway).


Two words.

Rose Weasley.


“Scorpius we need to talk to you about something.”

I reluctantly turned to face my mother, Astoria.

I don’t look much like my mum.

The eyes are the only noticeable thing really. But she shines through a lot in my personality.

“Yes, mother?”

“As your getting older…”

And so began the dreaded “talk”.

My father, Draco, barely talked throughout.

His face was expressionless but his eyes revealed the truth.

He was uncomfortable.

I think we all were really, but my mum handled it best.

“Even so I hardly paid attention.

My mind was on a little trip of its own, wondering what it would be like to (as my mother put it) “take away the virtue” of the girl I loved and wanted so badly.

What it would be like to tell her I loved her and that I wanted a family with her. To hold her close and never let go.

That’s what I dreamt about.

“…so that’s where babies come from.”

My mind snapped back to reality to find that we were all sitting in the dining room.

Dom was staring at me curiously. She seemed to be to only one who had noticed me in a daze.

I quickly looked away, as she stifled a giggle.

Rose shifted her gaze to Dom, who looked pointedly my way.

I glanced up determined not to let Dom get the better of me again.

I wish I hadn’t

Rose was staring straight into my eyes.

Once again they seemed to bear down on me and burrow to try to find my soul. (although the kind of soul they find there, I have no idea.)

She held my gaze for a few minutes since I was suddenly unable to look away.

I found myself remembering all those times I had thought of her.

First year- having a strange feeling, being confused of what was, and putting it down to an extreme case of hate.

Second year- finding out that I loved Rose Weasley.

Third year- me and my sexual fantasies.

Forth year- desperately wanting to tell her, but being too scared of rejection.

Fifth year- finally finding the guts to tell her, only to realise she had a boyfriend.

And sixth- now she has finally noticed me. But for all the wrong reasons.

Her gaze flicked for a second and I was finally released form her hypnotics.


Not many people missed our little exchange.

Most just looked confused, some looked worried but there were a few smirks hidden in there namely Al and Dom.

I blushed furiously and excused myself to the bathroom.


I splashed my face down with water and caught a glimpse of my reflection.

Pink goes horribly with my hair.

I tried to fix my reflection with no success.

The way she held my gaze. It was as if she wanted me to keep on looking at her.

And the way she looked back at me, the emotion in her eyes. I made it seem like…

No, that was impossible.

Rose doesn’t like me.

She had already proved that.

Yet, a little part of my brain would listen to common sense.

She's looking at you differently now. She’s finally noticed you. This could be your chance.

I was so happy if this new revelation I allowed it to take over.


I bounded down the stairs filled with happiness.

I half skipped into the dining room only to find it empty.

“They’re in the lounge, dear” Nana Molly said, popping her head out the pantry.

“Thanks” and I ran off.

I heard voices in one of the bedrooms.

Skidding to stop, I listened to in.

“Rose, you hated him”

“I no, Dom but he's changed”

“Trust me he hasn’t, I’ve had it first hand from Scorpius Malfoy. He asked me out for a bet, remember.


Al told them about the bet!

“Just leave it for a while, and see what happens.”

“Okay Dom, just this once.”

There was a squeaking of bed springs and I rushed into the lounge.

So she was looking at me differently.

I nearly jumped for joy but I was in a room full of people.

The rest of the evening was boring but I didn’t mind to much.

Rose kept throwing me looks and for once I didn’t blush or look down. I just smiled.

Dom and Al were looking at us confused but I just kept on smiling.

A/N- I was really nervous about this chapter because however much i changed it i couldnt seem to get it right. I still dont know if i like it
:/. Anyway im really pleased about the reviews so keep them coming. They make me more earger to write.
a rollerball :D

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