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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 6 : Home.
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Yo people thanks for all the great reviews hope you enjoy oh and i'm not JK Rowling.And i dont own HP but i do own the stoyline !!!

Chapter 6

Her heart constricted painfully in her chest and her breathing became ragged, fear and memories overwhelmed her, it was Blaise his dark eyes flashing dangerously, a scar pulled his right eye down slightly.

He walked slowly towards her a smirk covering his face; she leant back into the wall knowing that if she tried to run she would die.

He reached his arm out toward her. 

Strategies and defence lessons flitted through her mind but all were ovethrowed by the pure unadulterated fear that coursed through her veins. 

All the dreams she had, all the dreams she hadn’t achieved were to be ripped from her by this vile excuse of a man.

No she thought.

Straightening her spine and looking him in the eye, defiance shone out of her as she began to think rationally.

I will not fail, I will achieve, I will honour my fathers memory, I will make sure he does not hurt anyone ever again, especially not me. I will kill him. She raised her wand.

“Go to hell Zabini.”

“That’s not going to happen Lovegood.”

He slammed into her crushing her against the wall she gasped as the pain flew through her, blinking the tears away ,but one escaped, he brushed it away with the back of his hand ,she shuddered from the cold touch.

His other hand wrapped around her wand pulling it out of her grasp he threw it behind him.

“Now let’s start from where we finished last time.”

She looked up at his face and knew this was the end he would get what he wanted from her and then kill her. He brought his hand down to the top of her blouse.

Her thoughts strayed from the moment for just a few seconds to think of Fred.

Oh my… Fred please stay away, please be safe. If you can hear this thought know I love you. Bloomin heck I do, Fred I love you.

She looked over Blaise’s shoulder, something black moved, a silhouette of a man. Hope blossomed in her heart.

Please help.

A voice echoed through the alley.

“Zabini let her go.”

Blaise turned away from Luna in shock to look at the faded shadow of the man. He leaned toward the person straining his eyes to see who it was who spoke.


His voice was hesitant and cautious.

“Got it in one Blaise, now I said let her go.”

Why the hell is Draco Malfoy here and why the hell is he trying to help me?

“Not going to happen Draco I have waited to long for this. And anyway she is one of the resistance why do you fight to protect her.”

“Because such innocence should be preserved. I fought to save her last time this happened and I shall fight this time. You will not harm her or another ever again Zabini.”

Draco raised his wand as did Blaise; forcefully Blaise threw Luna away from him, she smashed into the cobbled paving stones, her wrist cracked and her whole right side felt like a hippogriff had run into it.

She shrieked in pain a long drawn out sound that made the hairs on Draco’s arms stand up on end his eyes narrowed.

Blaise smiled goading Draco.


“You will pay for that.”

Before Blaise could even think Draco shouted.

“Avada Kedava.”

Blaise crumpled to the ground.

Relief made Luna sigh but that action hurt her more she gasped again as the pain hit her, Draco ran to her.

“Where does it hurt?”

“My wrist and all my right side.”

He glanced at her wrist and saw that it was hanging limply and looked out of place. He quickly calculated what to do. 

“Ok do you think you can walk?”


“Do you trust me?”


“Because I want to carry you to the apparition point I will then apparate you to wherever you feel safest but the thing is it will be painful. Very painful and another question do you trust me to keep you safe?”

Luna looked up at his face her eyes seeking his.

“Yes I trust you.”

He slowly slid his arms under her body trying not to move her to much a small scream escaped her lips as he stood up and jostled her arm.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry...Oh my wand."

"It's in my pocket.Don't worry just relax."

Draco walked to the end of the alley and peered out into the street it appeared empty he walked swiftly out. 

As they turned a corner a figure appeared at the end Draco recognised him instantly ...Theodore Nott his Deatheater robes billowed around him as he ran at them his wand raised a look of hurt, betrayal and anger on his face.

“Oy Nott over here.”

The death eater stopped and turned as out of the smoke came Fred Weasley. His wand raised the wind rustling his hair.

“Not my girlfriend, you bastard…. Avada Kedava.”

Nott fell to the floor with a quiet thud.

Fred ran to Draco and Luna.

“Luna are you ok, I’m so sorry I should have been there but I got caught up with Crabbe and Goyle senior. What happened?”

“I’m fine and Draco can probably tell you what happened better than me.”

They clasped hands as Draco started to speak.

“Zabini, trying to finish what he started in September I stopped him then and I stopped him now but I acted to late he threw Luna onto the floor, I think her wrist is fractured and her side is probably bruised to high heaven. But he will never hurt anyone again, I killed him.” 

Fred tore his gaze away from Luna’s face.

“Thank you… Draco. But I must ask why.”

“Because last year Professor Dumbledore told me he could protect me and my mother. The night I found Luna in September I acted out of common curtsey, today I acted out of the need to protect someone; I protected Luna because I could not even stop my own father from killing my mother just last night. And the fact that I could not bear to watch as another innocent in this war had the light of life extinguished from there eyes.”

Tears now fell from his eyes. Drawing in another haggard breath he continued.

“I wish to be accepted into the order of the phoenix I wish to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all; I wish to avenge my mother’s death. I understand who I am and who I used to be but I hope you can see that I have changed.”

Pounding footsteps sounded.

“Well we don’t have enough time to decide now,Draco can you carry Luna to the apparition point.”


“Great I’ll cover now run.”

Draco ran while Fred shot spell after spell over his back at one point he pulled out his Peruvian blackness powder.

“That should stop them for a while.”

As he said this the three reached the apparition point Fred grabbed Draco’s arm and Luna’s hand thinking of one thing home. 

The dissaperated with a pop.

What do you think good/bad please review and tell me  your favourite bits !!

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Perilous Beauty: Home.


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