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Falling Through Thin Ice by JR Nite Dragon
Chapter 2 : Train Ride to Never Forget
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A/N~ 2nd chapter! Hope you like it! And if you tell some of your buddies about my story that would be great! Thanks for reading!

EDIT NOTE: Not as much has changed as the last chapter, but please read for some things have changed.


JR Nite Dragon

“Malfoy...” I whispered under my breath. He was still on the ground and as he slowly looked up, he smirked. It felt as if he was giving me a once over. The chill that crept  down my spine confused me. Was it horror or pleasure?

Horror! My mined yelled at me. That's when I glared at him and his eyes glistened with triumph even though we hadn't even started to fight. Then, I remembered that he had saved me from being slapped and I smiled . His eyes dimmed and his smirk faded at the sight of my smile.

“Hello, Draco.” I used his first name hoping it would confuse him and indeed, it did. The question in his eyes as he stood up to tower over me was all the motivation I needed to keep talking. “Thank you for stopping Gregory earlier.” My smile was warm and sickly sweet to him.

“It was just common sense,” he said frowning. Then he smirked again as he plopped down. “You should sit down.”

“As if I would sit down just becau-” I was broken off mid sentence by the train starting to move. I feel forward into the arms of Malfoy. I stood up and turned around but he warped his arms around my waist, making me sit in his lap again. “Get off,” I yelled as I clawed at his arms.

He laughed as he let go. His true laugh was that of an angel's. As I turned slowly to see If he was smiling the laughter stopped and when I looked at his face he was frowning and looking out the window.

I huffed as I put my luggage in the storage above the seat and sat on the other side of the compartment. I also looked out the window and yawned. I felt tired because I had spent the entire night packing and choosing an outfit to see my friends in. I also had to pack an extra outfit to change into because somehow, it was way warmer at Hogwarts than it was in Muggle London. The outfit I ended up choosing was a pair of nice fitting jeans and a thin see-through long sleeved shirt with a tank top that hugged my every curve over top.

As I felt eyes on me I knew Malfoy was probably getting his first good look at the changed, new and improved me. While with Harry and Ron I had lost a lot of weight due to malnutrition. I had also grown taller, and that just made the weight thing worse. Now that all of the running, fighting, and skipping meals is over, I gained weight back and looked healthier and not anorexic but I was still thinner than when we were at school. I had also filled out and gotten hips. The curves that I now had were so close to perfection. (There's no such thing as perfection.) When I grew, my torso didn't get much bigger, my legs got longer. Really! They grew out and now I had gorgeous thighs and my calves were pretty. I had gotten a little sun while in America, but all I did was burn and gain freckles, so my skin was still the milky white it always had been from never going out, hauled up reading books in summer.

I still hadn't gotten used to guys checking me out. Throughout all of the summer eight boys asked me out and three gave me their numbers. I used to blush and turn my head when a boy was looking at me. Now I just smile back, although I still blush a bit. I smiled at the thought and in my peripheral vision I saw Malfoy turn his head back to the window. That's when it hit. The sudden urge to pass out was barely tolerable. My eyelids felt heavy and my back was aching. I turned so my feet were up on the bench and my back was against the wall with the door. My eyes closed slowly as I watched the trees go by on the outside of the train.


~30 minutes till Hogwarts~

I woke up in an awkward position facing the back of the bench, my head wedged between the seat and the wall, and my legs were squished on the bench. I was practically a ball. My back was cold and when I reached back I didn't feel any shirt. Just very cold bare skin.

Well, that's pleasant... I thought to myself as I sat up and pulled my shirt down. I stretched and yawned. I took a quick glance at Malfoy to make sure that he was asleep before I started to change. He looked pleasantly asleep with a book in his lap.

As I explained earlier, Hogwarts was somehow and surprisingly warmer than Muggle London, so I had packed some capris to change into. I reached for my mini duffel bag that I thought of as my 'carry-on'. I took one last look at Malfoy to see if he was faking, then I took off my jeans and slipped on my capris and thought of just wearing my tank top. I sighed then took off my tank to pull off my long sleeved shirt.

After I put my shirt in the duffel I slipped my tank top back on. While I was putting the duffel away I heard a sound. You know that sound, that crack! sound when you crack your knuckles? Yeah, well, that was the sound. When I turned to see why Malfoy was cracking his knuckles I saw a completely different sight. Maybe even hot...

Malfoy was stretching with his arms above his head. His torso held a nice flat stomach with the start of a six-pack. He was still as pale as he had ever been but, it was really a beautiful ivory, almost like marble.

He lowered his arms and rubbed his eyes and saw me gawking at him. He smirked his signature smirk and lifted on eyebrow. “See anything you like?” he asked in an evil tone saying 'I know you do!'

“No, in fact, now I'm disgusted.” I said, sticking my tounge out like a three year old. At that time I looked at my watch and said, “You should get ready.” then I looked and saw him looking at what he was wearing. He had on a fitting black shirt made of that 'under armor' material and it showed off all his mussels. He was also wearing a pair of khaki shorts.

“Um, I believe I'm fit for that warm weather that seems to always be there in September,” He said as he looked back to me.

“I wasn't paying attention to what you were wearing earlier,” I mumbled.

“Well, anyway,” he said with a playful smirk on his lips, “nice panties,” I think at this point I was as red as Ron's hair.

What the hell?! I thought he was asleep! “YOU SAW THAT!?” He just sat there with the same smirk on his lips and nodded. "What a pervert! You should have let me know you were awake instead of wat...ching.....” I faded off as Malfoy started to stand and walk toward me. “What?” I asked, my voice betraying me and sounding higher.

“Oh, nothing. I just love pissing you off.” He said as he circled me. When he was in front of my seat I turned around to look at him.

“What on earth are you doing, Malfoy?” but as soon as the question left my lips, it was answered. I was thrust forward by the train stopping, and I fell into his arms. Again.

“Thanks for catching me again, Dra-Malfoy...” I said as I looked up into his face. I fit perfectly in his arms and as I looked up, his face was only centimeters away. He looked down into my eyes everyone described as honey-brown. Next I knew I was slowly getting on my tip toes to get closer and close the space.

Right when I could feel his hot breath enter my mouth he let go if me and stepped back. The spark in his eyes lost. “We should get going. We don't want to be late.” he said, with no emotion detectable. When he was done speaking and didn't hear me respond he clenched his hands into fists and clenched his jaw, gabbed his things, and left me alone in the compartment.

I stared at the blank space he was in just a second ago.

What the bloody hell was that?! Am I... No... I wanted to kiss Draco Malfoy.

A/N~ So?! I want to know what you think of that! Please comment! 'Cause I really want to know! Love you all for reading!

With love,
**~JR Nite Dragon~**

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Falling Through Thin Ice: Train Ride to Never Forget


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