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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008
Chapter 3 : An Informative Visit
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Chapter Three
An Informative Visit

It had been three days since Draco Malfoy had left Malfoy Manor. Draco had travelled a lot on his broom. He had almost always been under his Invisibility Cloak and Disillusionment Charms to stay hidden. He had conjured a Daily Prophet and he had seen the headlines. He was wanted for questioning about his parent's murders. Draco wasn't worried though. He had no need to be. He was far away from home, and once he had received what he came here for, then the Ministry of Magic's worries would not be who killed his parents, but rather what they were going to do about Draco Malfoy's constant rise to power.

Draco had travelled to Muggle Egypt. A small village used by archaeologists. Archaeologists, Draco discovered, were Muggles digging deep holes and searching through tombs hoping to find ancient artefacts. What a waste of time. There were only two artefacts in the whole of Egypt worth collecting, if the rumours he'd heard were true and Draco doubted a Muggle could get anywhere near them. There was however an old wizard living in this small Muggle village, and he knew a great deal of information that Draco needed. Draco had kept hidden and was watching the house of this little old man. He did not leave the house much. Draco had never gotten a proper glance at him.

Most of this village consisted of rubble and ruins, with the odd Muggle building for the archaeologists to stay while doing their research. However, Draco travelled under his Invisibility Cloak to a nearby hut, stationed behind one of the big Muggle buildings. Draco knew that it was viewable to only his eyes, and other Wizards. The hut was tiny. Smaller than the half-giant oaf's hut at Hogwarts. Draco could probably walk around the outside of the hut in ten paces, but decided to knock on the door three times and waited patiently. He heard some scurrying from the other side of the door.

It took a long time for the someone on the other side of the door to answer, but eventually Draco heard a charm being lifted from the door and it slowly creaking open and through the gap, he saw the head of a very short man. The man's skin was burnt. The sun had not been generous to him that was certain, and he wore big black glasses that hung at the end of his nose, unmoving. The man's hair was grey and thin, but long as it extended down to his waist. He was taller than Filius Flitwick but by only a head at most.

'Hello?' The man asked uncertainly, looking up at Draco Malfoy. Draco looked down on him, and decided that it would be best to befriend the man until he got the information he needed, and so he replied, 'Hello, sir, I was wondering if I could come in?'

The man stared at Draco incredulously for a couple of seconds, and then, bowed slightly and opened his door wider for Draco to come in. Draco briskly walked in and the man closed the door, reapplying the charm. The hut was so small that Draco could not stand up fully in it. However, the one solitary table and chair in the centre of the room looked like they were constantly occupied. The chair was worn and the table was full of papers and research, heaps and heaps. Draco knew that the information he needed was within those piles of research somewhere. Draco conjured a chair with his wand and sat on it. The man sat in his own seat and turned to Draco. Draco realised when the man spoke that his accent was that of Egyptian descent and he did not speak full english.

'Excuse myself but... my English not best... how can help?' The man asked. His English obviously wasn't very good, but Draco had no difficulty understand his clear voice, despite the accent.

'Well, I know you've been doing a lot of research on Ancient Magic.' Draco started, in the most kindest tone he could muster.

'Yes... I work for many years... ' The man replied, 'Why you here?'

'I was wondering if you could share that knowledge with me?' Draco asked, actually managing something of a smile this time, although the putrid stench coming from the hut made it hard to keep a happy face. The man laughed. It was not a laugh of humour, but one of pure amazement as if what Draco was asking was ridiculous.

'Dear boy, this research lots... would take years to learn...' The man chuckled.

'I only want to know specific parts. I want to know about the kind of Ancient Magic that can make anyone magical... even Muggles.' Draco said, unsure if the man understood him completely, but the man must have, for his eyes widened.

'You mean.. you want knowledge of... Blood-Stained Wand and... Tattered Parchment?' The man asked. Draco had no idea what these two things were, but had a hunch that these were the two items said to be important that needed collecting if he were to succeed and so he nodded nonetheless, so that the Wizard could press on.

'Well, it is very Ancient Magic... not even I have found solid proof of existence... just rumours... legends.' The old wizard quietened, obviously in deep thought. He then spoke up suddenly, to start his story and Draco listened carefully.

'It is said... many hundred years ago... powerful wand created... of man by name Peverell... Wand of Elder... Wand was very powerful... Owner would be killed for it...' The man sighed, 'One man... an ancestor of myself... wanted Wand like nothing else... he wanted Wand to help his non-magical family... but could not capture it... and so he created copy.'

'A copy of the Elder Wand?' Draco asked, and the old man nodded.

'Not exact replica... but a powerful wand with extraordinary abilities... he was great sorcerer... he also created his own magic... magic to give others magic... such as what you call... Muggles?' The man asked. Draco nodded.

'Yes, so he create wand with power of giving magic to Muggles... he did this so that his family could too have magic... and his brothers were happy... and brothers found love... but the Sorcerer grew unhappy with his life... all his brothers married but he have no wife... and so he ask brothers for magic back... but they refuse...' The man stopped for a second, and Draco listened intently. The old man looked as if he was almost uncomfortable with continuing, but decided to anyway.

'He try force magic back with wand... but brothers used magic to stop it... and so when they sleep... Sorcerer cut out brothers hearts with wand... he wanted the love they had... but this was terrible plan... the blood did not remove itself from wand... and blood on wand made Sorcerer crazy... crazy with guilt... he finally kill himself in tomb with own wand...' The man sighed, 'That is the story of Blood-Stained Wand.'

'And the other one? The Tattered Parchment?' Draco asked.

'The Tattered Parchment is said to be paper with spells written on it.' The old man said, '...It is said Sorcerer created and wrote spells down... spells to give magic to Muggles... but Parchment never found... it is said to be in tomb too...'

'And you believe this, do you?' Draco asked.

'Certainly... yes, yes, I believe... I believe it so that I try finding Wand and Parchment.' The man answered.

'And have you found them?' Draco asked.

The man shook his head, 'No... I search for years and years but I no find... but I think I know why.'

'Why?' Draco asked, immediately.

'It is said Wand is hidden in tomb right here in Istabl Antar... and Parchment hidden in tomb far north of Luxor... and it said only one of great sins and pure magical power can find and open tombs. Alas, I have little magical power and I have no sins.'

'Little magical power?' Draco asked, 'You're a squib? But you put a charm on the door.'

'It is only magic I know.' The old man sighed.

'But your home... it's only visible by Wizards!' Draco protested. The man stared at Draco for a few seconds, and explained himself.

'Over years, I get many visitors. They sometimes give me gifts for information... like make house not visible to Muggles... and teach me Charm to lock door.' The old man twirled his beard between his fingers.

The old man nodded. Draco thought it was pitiful this man had attempted to find the Wand and the Parchment. Draco was a man of sin... he murdered his parents... he was also a man of pure magical power... this surely meant Pure-Blood? Draco smiled, happy with the information he received. That hunger for power rose in him more than ever before.

'And this research you have?' Draco continued, eagerly 'It tells me all the information I need to know, does it?'

The old man hesitated, 'This research have information yes - but is mine.'

'On the contrary, I will find the Wand and the Parchment.' Draco said, 'But thank you so much, Squib, for your hard work.'

Draco raised his wand and hissed, 'Avada Kedavra.' There was a flash of green light, a small squeak and the old man's body collapsed, broken, on the solid floor. For a second, Draco felt slightly off balance. He had felt a slight unsettling feeling when he killed his parents but this time he felt quite worse... almost sick... Draco shook his head and he ignored this feeling, stepped over the dead body, and began to collect his research.

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