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Do You Need Me? by DeaVanity
Chapter 1 : Of Unexpected Change
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I watched as he listened to Slughorn. Maybe a better exp​ression would be that I stared at the back of his head and maybe, just maybe, I was daydreaming about him. I couldn't really help myself; I mean, what could one do when one was in a bloody Potions class which one considered extremely boring. To top it all, in front of one was a certain jet black haired, dark eyed boy who was accidentally on a Quidditch team so he had a nicely defined body... Hm, I wondered if his other parts are as defined as his whole body. Interesting thought, I should check it if it was true. That was, if I ever managed to actually do something about the fact that I fancied him.

It had never occurred to me up until now that he was the one boy with whom I couldn't possibly be with. He was with them; The Untouchables, or so the other people liked to call them, even from our own house. Two Blacks, two Lestranges and one Rosier, the self-proclaimed leader, much to one particular Black's dismay; Bellatrix's, of course. They were the elite of our house, the ones that the others feared, mostly because everyone knew what they would become after graduating. Along with them, Snape could be found, although he wasn't really an Untouchable. He was a half–blood, after all; you couldn't expect their lot to be equal with us. Or them, whichever you preferred. I mean, what I wanted to say was that I was a pureblood like The Untouchables; it was a rare occurrence to have someone not of pure heritage to be in Slytherin, it was just that I couldn't possibly be ranked the same way as they were; I was a completely different kind of a person. People didn’t fear me, or maybe they did but didn’t show it. I was, after all, a Valmont. My family was known in the Wizarding World to have descended from the Infidels and to have their blood run through your veins threw you to a totally different level of acceptance among the pureblood wizards. Rabastan Lestrange was my best mate, though, and he didn't seem to mind the fact that I wasn't a part of their little group.

It seemed that I drifted off again, seeing as Rabastan nudged me slightly and nodded his head towards ol' Sluggy. Ugh, he had probably asked me something.

"Yes, Professor?" I asked in a monotone voice, boredom dripping from my every word. Slughorn didn't seem impressed, though.

"Miss Valmont, I asked you if you think you'd like to test that thing you're calling a potion." I turned my head to my cauldron and found a greenish, thick looking liquid. I looked at the blackboard and saw that the potion was supposed to be crystal clear. As Slughorn saw the look of realisation dawn on my face, he turned around and went to praise the boy in front of me.

"Ah, Mister Black, I can see that your potion is perfect! 10 points to Slytherin, well done, well done my boy!" Slughorn chuckled and his large figure jolted around. I sighed in exasperation and flicked my wand in the hope I'd somehow fix my potion. Nothing happened. I didn't want to seem dumb or anything, it was just that for Potions you needed to have an attention span longer than 5 minutes and that was something I couldn't really reach when Black was sitting in front of me. Besides, I was distracted with his hands, so it technically wasn't my fault that I screwed up my potion. Again.

I could hear Rabastan chuckle at my misfortune so I turned to face him.

"Oh yeah, just laugh at poor little me." I rolled my eyes at him and threw a look at his potion. Crystal clear. Ugh. My sigh threw him into fits of laughter and I just glared at him.

"Blair, maybe if you'd just pay attention to your potion instead of staring at Reg's head -" When he said that, Regulus turned his head and looked confusedly at the two of us. You couldn't blame him, though; my hand was covering Rabastan's mouth and I probably looked like a maniac. Slughorn noticed the scene and strolled towards us.

"Miss Valmont, do I need to remind you that ever since Sixth Year began, and that was month and a half ago, you haven't been able to finish one potion we were working on? Now you don't seem to be able to fix your own mess as it appears that Mister Lestrange is distracting you. I'm afraid you'll have to change places with Miss Orwell here. I do hope that Mister Black will help you in your work. We don't want to see you failing, now do we?" Sluggy smiled at me and looked expectantly as it came to my head that I'd have to sit with Black. I took my hand from Rabastan's mouth and he started to laugh again, knowing full well that I had a silly crush on Regulus. Sandra Orwell was looking murderous; I had to sit with her dear boyfriend and she knew my reputation with boys. It certainly didn't help that Regulus was smirking. She stood expectantly, obviously waiting for me to get a move on. I slowly picked up my things and got up, throwing Rabastan one last dirty look before I sat next to Regulus.

"Black," I acknowledged him. He looked at me and nodded, his eyes no longer on my face but on my slightly smaller skirt than it should have been and the legs that came from under it. He smirked. Again.

"Valmont. Hm, may I ask why you had your hand over Rabastan's mouth? Licking fetish, maybe?"

Ah, yes, now he chuckled. Why did it seem that in the past five minutes I'd been a victim of ridicule?! That didn't really bode well with my reputation. I scowled and hissed at him, "My name is Blair. Better to have my hand over his mouth than my wand at his throat."

"Oh, don't scowl Blair; it bloody ruins your pretty face and besides I'd rather have your hand somewhere on me, preferably more south than my mouth." As he said that, he was still smirking. What was it with him and all that smirking?

"So it seems that dear Sandra isn't doing a very good job keeping you pleased." Ha! I turned to face Sandra and I saw an ugly looking grimace. Regulus' smirk was no longer there. On his face, I mean.

"Don't worry about what she does or does not. Anyway, at least she can brew a potion," was his response. Now he got me. It was sad, really, what I had to go through. I sighed.

"It's not my fault, I was distracted!"

"Since the beginning of the year? Interesting, I mean I can remember our fifth year when you could make a potion just fine, what changed?" Wait, wait, wait, did he just say that he actually remembered how I was doing in Potions a year before?! Ha! I thought I'd do a little victory dance. In my head, of course. It would be plain stupid to just start dancing around the classroom. Besides, I had a reputation. Yes, yes, I mentioned my reputation quite a few times, didn't I? Well, it was not a big deal really. Okay, it was – but that was just me talking and people told me that I was narcissistic. And antisocial. With the combination of the two they probably meant that I was a self-centred bitch in love with herself. I, on the other hand, considered myself a true Slytherin. So what if I sometimes used people without thinking about their feelings? Or if I always thought of myself first? Or if I was a little sneaky and cunning? It was okay to love yourself, everyone should do it, and it was even better to show off your qualities. With Valmont blood running through my veins, I thought I was better than most of the people I knew. Also, boys seemed to think that I was easy, but in reality, it was just easier to get what I wanted from them when they thought they'd get something in return. A little flirting never killed anybody, right?

Oh, I zoned out again, didn't I? I blinked a few times and saw Regulus looking at me like I had a mushroom growing of my head. I automatically checked my hair to reassure myself there was nothing there; you never knew in Hogwarts what might happen.


"Blair," I corrected him; now he seemed confused. Ugh. And he was supposed to be smart.

"Uhh, what?"

"My. Name. Is. Blair. Do I have to draw it out for you?"

"Yeah. I mean no! What I wanted to say is that I know your name is Blair, you told me so."

"Well, use it then. I won't respond to Valmont. It sounds so, I don't know, official?"

"Whatever. Everyone always calls you Valmont."

"My friends don't," I hissed.

"You mean Rabastan."

"Are you indicating that I have no friends?!" I had to restrain myself from yelling at him so I just settled with glaring.

"Well, no, you don't really allow anyone to be your friend. You are, after all, a Valmont." He said my favourite phrase with a mock. "And no one is worthy enough to be your friend. I suppose that you consider me and my friends worthy but you never bother with us, except with Rabastan."

That was definitely an interesting point of view. But he was right at least, I thought. I never tried to be something more than an acquaintance with the Untouchables, even though they were born high enough. However, they were just themselves; different people, different thinking, different circle of friends. Sure, we went to the same balls held by our parents, we were in the same House, but we were different. The main difference was that I, unlike them, didn't bother with Muggles, Mudbloods and bloodtraitors. Let them live, kill them, who cared anyway? Certainly not me; I had far better things to occupy myself with than that filth. Though, Rabastan and I were... an interesting pair, in any case. The thing was my parents thought it would be good for me, and by that they meant that I had to do whatever they wanted, to become friends with at least one of them. At first I didn't want to; I think I was feeling rebellious at the time. But then on one occasion, two years ago, at my aunt's Winter Ball, if I remembered correctly, I got drunk with Rabastan, we had a nice time and from then on we had been friends.

"Well, do you want to be my friend?" I asked, hoping that he'll say yes. Never in my life have I wanted so badly to hear that simple word. But I suppose that with a person like Regulus, nothing was simple.

"Do you want me to be your friend?" He answered my question with a question. Argh, no, I didn't want you to be my friend; I bloody wanted you to be something more. For a start, friendship would be alright, though,

"I don't need more friends, but you're alright, I guess." I couldn't bloody well tell someone that I wanted them to be my friend, it was not my style. He chuckled again at my response.

"That's probably the closest I'll get to hear an affirmative answer from you to a question like that, Blair." Now it was my turn to smirk at him.

"Now, would you help me with this mess I've made?" I asked him, hoping he'd forget that he asked me the reason for my distraction.

"Not until you answer my first question; you didn't think I'd forget?" Great, just my luck.

"Okay, I'll tell you. I've developed a thing for ol' Sluggy, you see." When I said this I winked at Slughorn while he was talking with Avery.

"Oh, I didn't know you had a thing for older men. That's too bad, such a waste..." Regulus trailed off. I slapped him across his arm playfully and put on my puppy eyes.

"Pwease hewp me." I added a little sniff, just for the show. He was laughing now. Aha! That was a good sign, right?

"Merlin Blair, I've never seen that face, although it is kinda cute -" Did someone say that patience was a virtue? Well, among my many merits, patience, unfortunately, was not one of them. No one was perfect, right? I was pretty close to that, but remember when I said, or rather, thought, about what people said about me? Yeah, narcissistic.

"Oh just start helping me already. Do I have to show any more legs or should I unbutton my blouse all the way?" I mentally slapped myself. Nice going Blair, really smooth. I just hoped Slughorn didn't hear me. I turned my head around to check if he was maybe standing behind me. Ah, no one was there.

"Well, if I knew you'd be willing to repay me..."

"Oh please, like being more than an acquaintance with me isn't a privilege, you want a repayment." I slightly snorted, not really a ladylike thing to do; my mother would kill me if she was here.

"Phew, I didn't know that someone could be more engrossed in themselves than Rosier, but you're beating him in every aspect of self engrossment," hes aid that mockingly but smiled nonetheless and opened the book to help me fix my pathetic excuse for a potion. And he should help me, after all; it was his fault I ruined it in the first place. Right?


"Master," a person in a black robe bowed in front of Erebos, "they are nearing the border."

"Summon me my commanders and my daughter." The person bowed once again and turned around to leave when his master spoke, "Nihil, do not let my daughter leave the castle. I know she can take care of herself, but I already have one child out there, I do not want to have to worry about Selena either."

"Yes master."

"You may go now."


A/N: This story was edited because I found myself a lovely beta reader - tell_me_what_the_truth_is and she went over this chapter. Please read & review if you liked the story :) .

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