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The Lioness by Caity Evans
Chapter 3 : kate saves the day
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“For you my love is shall rest,” Sirius said as he sat in his bed with his arm in a sling.

“Cut the crap, Padfoot,” Kate snapped, while fluffing Sirius’ pillow. “Only you and James could screw up something as simple as a minor bone repair.” She continued fluffing and managed to burst Sirius’ old pillow, sending feathers everywhere.

Kate looked sheepishly at Sirius as she cast a silencing spell on him before he had a chance to make a snarky comment. Sirius, James and Remus had decided that, perhaps a good old fashioned game of two-on-two Quidditch with Mr. Lupin would be a good idea. However, John Lupin had more game than his son or his friends could ever imagine.

As the women looked on from the front porch, they watched as Sirius was thrown off the broom and plummeted, after being hit by a Quaffle that John threw at him. James had insisted that he could repair the broken bone and had attempted to do so by the time Kate and Lily had arrived on the scene. James had tried and failed, and somehow managed to vanish Sirius’ bones in the process.

After a quick trip to the Apothecary, various stunning spells (shot by, and aimed at Sirius,) they managed to get him home. All the while, Sirius insisting that he was fine and that magic could just replace the bone. Sirius was dead wrong and admitted defeat when Lily had put Skele-grow into his soup. How she managed to do that was beyond Kate’s comprehension. She was not exactly sure whether Sirius was that dense, or if Lily was that stealthy. She liked option ‘A’ the best; Sirius was not always the swiftest one in the bunch, and she didn’t like to think that Lily was as sneaky as her brother.

Needless to say, Kate was furious with both Sirius and her brother. They had been having a lovely dinner at the start of their insane week, and already things were going awry. It was not a good omen in her opinion. After she had repaired the pillow - leaving Sirius to rest before the potion kicked in - she busied herself with the stack of paper work that had accumulated on her desk. Meanwhile, she waited for the cry’s of agony that would soon escape Sirius’ lips.

Around one in the morning, Kate became worried, as she did not hear cries, moans, groans or bitching from Sirius’ room. She quickly made her way into his room to discover a tear stained face and a sock in his mouth. Alarmed she removed the sock from Sirius’ mouth, which was followed by a spew of undetermined words that would have probably been quite vulgur, if she could have understood them. Kate placed a silencing charm around him and told him, quite simply, to just let all the words flow while she went in search of a sedative potion and a sleeping draught to ease his pain.

When she returned, she found him trying to reach his wand which. A futile action, as it was sitting on his dresser, half way across the room. Why he did not just get up out of bed was beyond Kate. She opted to crawl into his bed with him. Kate rested her back upon the head board and put both her legs on either side of him, giving him his potion and stroking his hair while he tried to fall asleep. In a few minutes, Sirius was out like a light.

The next morning James and Lily poked their head into Sirius’ room to discover both Kate and Sirius fast asleep, cuddling. Sometime during the night, Kate had moved and seemed to be spooning with the injured Sirius.

“Don’t they make a fine couple?” Lily asked as she looked up at James.

“That they do, Flower, that they do,” he simply replied, snaking his arms around her waist.

“When do you think they will figure it out?” she asked as she snuggled closer into his chest.

“Probably when hell freezes over.”

“She’s in love with him, you know that right?”

“He’s in love with her, as well, they always have been . . . They’ve just been too blind to realize it,” James said as he quietly closed the door behind them.

“I don’t know about that, Jaime.”

“Oh?” James replied, cocking his eyebrows. “Well, trust me, they have been. He’s my best mate and she’s my baby sister; I can read them like a book.”

“If you say so, love,” was the last thing Lily said, before the fireplace erupted in flames.

It was Peter, he was finally back from wherever he had vanished to. Dumbledore and him were the only two who knew, and as far as Peter and Dumbledore where concerned, they would be the only two who would know.

“Hullo, Pete! When did you get home?” James asked as he started to make tea for the new arrival.

“Last night. Every one still in bed?” Peter asked, poking his nose into the rooms that had open doors.

“Kate and Sirius are still sleeping they had a long night,” Lily said as she pointed to Sirius’ door.

“Wow! You’re gone for less than three weeks and you miss the most monumental thing since the creation of the Sorting Hat!” Peter said jovially.

James laughed and rolled his eyes, while Lily wore a confused expression, which, as of late, seemed to be permanently etched on her face. Peter, too, was confused.

“They finally got their act together,” Peter said, as if what he was telling Lily and James was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Don’t book the church yet, dumbarse. James, here, vanished the bones in Sirius’ arm and Kate stayed up, looking after the hopeless creature.” Lily snorted, motioning towards James.

Peter’s look of confusion vanished as he began to chortle, and soon the whole kitchen filled with laughter. James made tea as they waited for Sleeping Beauty and Kate to awake. The three in the kitchen discussed what could be talked about, in regards to Peter’s trip. It was well before eleven before either Sirius or Kate stirred. Their awakening was quite the event; Sirius stalked out of his room, his eyes ablaze, focussed on one and one thing only - James.

“You!” he barked as he made a beeline for James.

“What?” James said, jumping up, extremely confused.

“You vanished my bones! Do you have and idea how much it bloody hurts to grow them back?!” he yelled, as his paced quickened.

“’Lo, Sirius. Nice to see you, too,” Peter said as Sirius lunged at James, intent on tackling him to the ground.

Sirius froze, he knew that voice all too well, however tired it did sound. He turned, mid-lunge, as and toppled to the ground with a loud thud to discover that it was Peter. He bounced up like a three year old who had just tripped in the play ground, and moved to his Peter’s side.

“Brother, how was your trip?” he boomed as he embraced Peter.

“The trip was lovely, though it did cause a few grays hairs . . . I’m not that fond of living as a rat,” was his muffled reply as James was crushing him into his chest.

“Oi, Katie, get in here!” Sirius shouted.

“This better be important, Black!” was her only reply. She stalked out of Sirius’ room, arms across her chest, with her hair looking quite devilish.

Her scowl would make anyone run, however, Kate was in the company of her Family and anyone who knew Kate knew that she was not a morning person; that waking her up against her will was request of a death sentence. She surveyed the room around her, and when her eyes fell upon Peter, her scowl vanished.

“Peter, love, nice to see you! However, I’m going back to bed, and I’ll play catch up with you later.” She turned on her heels and returned to Sirius’ bed.

“That’s my bed!” Sirius whined.

“It’s warm! Now ,bugger off and talk with your long lost lover!” she shouted.

The apartment once again filled with laughter. Before long, Remus and Christina had showed up, with Alice and Frank in tow. The rest of the day carried on with Kate still in bed, and Peter being filled in with all that he had missed.

The next few days went by in a blur, dinner with the Potter parents and the Quidditch game came and went without much fuss - for that, Sirius and Kate were thankful for.

No fuss. No muss. No having to deal with things other than just permanently enjoying themselves and their family. But the good times had been interrupted, Sirius and James had taking up a permant residence in the dog house as much as they had grown up and matured, for some reason unknown to all, they had decide that it would be a good idea to organize Kate and Lily's mutual walk in closet, and booby trap it to prevent "intruders."

The booby traps had been amusing, involving undergarments being shot at said intruders. However, when a bucket of orange slime had landed on and managed to destroy a small section of the extensive shoe collection Kate and Lily possessed, it meant war. (They had that extensive shoe collection due to the fact that both women had the same shoe size and the same passion for shoes.

Sirius and James managed to single handily destroy fifty six pairs of shoes in a matter of thirty seconds. Peter unfortunately was at the receiving end for setting off the orange slime as he was Looking for a pair of shoes Kate asked him to retrieve,

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