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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 8 : Belonging
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So this is the last chapter. I'm kind of releived. If you want an epilouge, tell me, and I'll see what I can do.

She didn’t want to hear what they had to say, her parents. They had lied to her for so many years, and now this?

She ran, she didn’t think about where she was going, she just went there.

She collapsed onto a bench and began to sob uncontrollably. Her whole body shook with her cries and she lay there until she ran out of tears.

It was only when the sobbing had ceased that she felt the hand on her shoulder.

She sat up suddenly to meet the eyes she had least expected.


“Hugo?” she asked amazed.


“Hey Rose.” He gave her half a smile as she drunkenly steadied herself.


“I’m not you’re sister Hugo” Rose looked down as she said it, “I’m adopted.”


“ I know, Mum explained. But yes, you are my sister, you will always be my sister. Maybe not biologically, but still.”


Rose looked at him, astonished. “Hugh, what do you mean?”


“Come back to the house.”


Rose frowned, but followed him as he led the way back to the burrow. Most of the family had left but her parents were still waiting patiently with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny.


“Hey” said Hermione weakly when she walked in “I’m sorry honey” and gave her a unsure hug.


“That’s ok, . .. Mum.” She added the last part after she had thought about it. “I’m sorry I freaked out, there was just so much…..”


“I know” cut in Hermione “But we do owe you an explanation.” She looked over at Ron to continue.


“I wasn’t always with your Mum, Hermione that is. We were together for a year or so and then we split, I forget why, but…-“


“You forgot Miones birthday” Ginny cut in, “and you went ballistic because she had been talking to Vic….”


“I know Gin” Ron hissed, “I was kind off trying to skip that part.”


“Oh” Ginny grinned slightly then looked away.


“So, anyway, after I split with Mione, I met a woman named Tessie, we had a drink and we started to see each other. About a week later we found out she was pregnant.”


“And the baby was me.” Rose whispered the end of the sentence.


“Yes.” Ron nodded and smiled weakly, “Your mother died giving birth to you, so I took you in. Hermione heard and the next day she was on the doorstep, waiting to comfort me. We got back together about six months later.”


“So….” Rose asked weakly “Are you my Dad?”


“We don’t know.  She’d had a boyfriend before me, it could be either of us.”


“But I look so much like you, and Mum.”


“It’s a charm” spoke Hermione. "We didn’t want to tell you until you were older. I can take it off, if you like.”


Rose nodded ”Please”


Hermione smiled, “Stay still” and she waved her wand once over Rose’s head.


It was a strange sensation; Rose felt a gentle tingling across her body. When it had stopped she went over to the Mirror.


She looked completely different. Her hair was the same length, but it was thinner, and a soft chocolate brown. Her eyes were a sparkling green and they looked larger than they had before. Her nose was different as well, it was smaller, and a small scattering of freckles fell across it.


She could barley move.

 "The diary was hers, and your rose. We couldn't find any of her other posecions. THe waterbottle came from  St Mungos."

“We can find out” said Ron, “Who your father is. We’re happy either way.”

Hermione nodded in agreement.

“No.” said Rose , smiling at her adopted parents “ I’m happy with this, I’m Rose Weasley, that doesn’t need to change.” She grinned widely, and followed her parents out of the room.

The end.
Please reveiw, if you want an epilouge tell me.:)

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