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Chapter 12 : Fairytale Metaphors
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The morning winter winds rolled in, covering Hogwarts in a chilly atmosphere that kept the Vs snuggled tightly in their designer Magix coats. The area looked strangely sullen, due to the upcoming Alumnae Weekend that was to take place the next day. All in all, the parents would arrive, and all hell would break loose.

“Hey, Vickstah!”

For the first time in a while, Victoire’s face expressed a genuinely warm smile. With an expectant grin, she flipped her sheer blond hair behind took take a look at one of her favorite cousins. “Rosie, how are you?!”

Uncharacteristically, Victoire broke free from her group and rushed towards her third year cousin, Rose Weasley. Affectionately, she hugged her thirteen-year old cousin as if she were a little sister.

Although Victoire did not seem it, she adored her cousins. Rose, Hugo, James, Albus, Lily—the whole lot. She also loved her little sister Dominique, but she hadn’t yet reached the age to attend Hogwarts.

Sure, they weren’t the usual crowd that she hung out with, but her cousins always knew how to entertain her. Their stories of pre-teen drama were always amusing.

From unsuccessful crushes to dramatic break ups, Victoire found it comforting to guide her cousins in the right direction. Her experience made her an expert at it.

“Oh, I’m good…” Rose smiled, her brown hair looking slightly copper in the morning sunlight. Her crystal blue eyes looked slightly exasperated, but nonetheless precious against light skin. Even if she was a third year, she was still pretty cute. Victoire was pleased at this, knowing that when she left Hogwarts after seventh year, she’d have a worthy successor. “It’s just that…”

“Rose, what’s wrong?” Victoire tried to coax it out of her. It would be beneficial for her to listen to other peoples’ drama rather than focus on her own complicated life, a life filled with risky love triangles and moody werewolves. “Come on Rose, spit it out.”

“It’s, um, just the Alumnae Weekend.” Rose complained, though Victoire knew there was something else that irked her. “I don’t think I can—”

“Oh Rose, stop feeding me with that and tell me what’s up.” Victoire turned to dismiss her fellow Vs off with a wave. At that moment, she felt the need to have a chat with her cousin, rather than gossip with her friends.

The chilly wind bit her cheeks, and she pulled her little cousin closer as they walked the perimeter of the Black Lake. “Come on, classes don’t start for another hour.”

As they walked along the path, groups of students stopped and stared at the duo. Many of the younger students gaped at Rose, amazed that such a third year could talk so comfortably with the Head V. Her cousins were never intimidated with her; her popularity was never a boundary for them.

“Well, it’s true. I am still stressed about my parents coming over,” Rose’s words tumbled out of her mouth. “I mean, they will totally go overboard, you know how my dad is, and—”

“Whoa Rose, slow down.” Victoire chuckled slightly, relieved to know that she shared a common stress with her cousin. She didn’t think she could handle Bill and Fleur Weasley at Hogwarts either. “So, you’re dreading tomorrow. Everyone is.”

“Oh Merlin! Tomorrow!?” Rose squealed, her eyes widening with shock. “I completely forgot that tomorrow was Saturday! Oh no, oh no, I need to get prepared, call Mum—Oh NO, I have to call Mum!”

“Ok, Rose, you need to relax. De-stress.” She suggested, remembering Oliver’s words quite recently. A roll was pleasure waved within her body—because of Oliver?! No. It can’t be. “Just chill.”

“Ok….but can I borrow your compact mirror to message my mum?” Rose asked, a little breathless after her near-panic attack. “I left mine in my dorm.”

“Sure, but let’s talk first. Then later, we can freak out.”

“Sounds good,” Rose nodded, relieved to focus on another topic. Her eyebrows scrunched in concentration, as if deciding how to form her problem into words. Victoire could see so much of herself in Rose, the stressing and the perfectionist qualities. She was glad to bestow Rose her title when her time at Hogwarts would be over.

“Well, there’s this kid who just…infuriates me.” Rose started with, though I could detect a tiny grin on her mouth which instantly changed into a scowl. “I swear, I don’t know why Albus hangs out with him…”

“A friend of Albus? Who is it?” Victoire asked, hoping that her strange love for adolescent drama wouldn’t surface. Once again, the stories of her cousins amused her.

“Well, um…” Rose sounded a bit sheepish at this point. “Scorpius Malfoy.”

A vicious gust of wind whipped Victoire’s hair into her face, whipping her with cold. It was as if the weather knew to shiver at that name. “A Malfoy, huh?”

“Oh, don’t give me that look!” Rose refused to blush, even though her cheeks were starting to tint pink. “Honestly, he just…irks me.”

“Irks you how?”

“Oh, I don’t know…he just…” Rose now openly began to smile, not even noticing that she was supposed to be scowling. “He just always does these things, little things, that he knows will annoy me, and stuff like that.”

“Ooh, someone’s got a crush on you.” Victoire sang, receiving a smack on the arm from her cousin.

“He does not!” Rose fought back, rather unsuccessfully. Her eyes switched from livid to instant fright, widening at Victoire. “Please, Victoire, do not tell my dad!”

Victoire knew exactly what was spinning in Rose’s mind. The fact that her father, Ron Weasley, still held a childish rivalry with the Malfoys probably placed Rose in an awkward position. Imagine, his own daughter frolicking with a Malfoy—it was unheard of.

“You needed to message your mum, right?” Victoire asked, shifting to a different subject. By the look of Rose’s blushing face, the subject of Scorpius Malfoy was one that needed to be forgotten. For the moment, at least.

“Oh, yeah.” Rose eagerly took the tiny mirror that Victoire handed her, and called out her mother’s name. “Hermione Weasley.”

Victoire edged herself away from Rose, giving her a private conversation with her mother. She lingered by the edge of the water, observing the lake’s slow transformation from liquid to ice. Once again, nature fascinated her—since she spent so little time appreciating it.

“…Mum, whatever you do, do NOT carry Crookshanks in your purse like a Chihuahua!” Rose pleaded to the mirror, which beheld the image of a woman with tumbling brown hair. “….No, mum, it does NOT look cool. It’s tacky!...”

Smiling to herself, Victoire took another wide look of Hogwarts and let the cold breeze lift her tresses of blond hair freely. She didn’t even mind the fact that the wind blew her aquamarine colored Donna Sparks scarf off her shoulders and away.

Her moment of relaxation was quickly interrupted when she felt the eyes of someone watching her. In an instant, she pivoted around to discover whose eyes were so heavily watching her. She was accustomed to intense stares, but none as intense as this one.

But there was no one in sight. Not even her aquamarine scarf, which was probably carried off along the breeze. She chuckled, feeling foolish for even presuming that someone was there. Maybe her senses weren’t as keen as she liked to think them to be.

“Victoire, you okay?” Rose instantly appeared by Victoire’s side, closed compact mirror in hand and a flushed face. “You seem…lost.”

“I’m fine.” Victoire lied. “How was you talk with Hermione?”

“Oh, you know parents…” Rose started coolly, gathering her fingers into the pockets of her coat. Together, the two started to trek back to Hogwarts with uneasy feelings. Victoire still had yet to contact her mum and dad, and just like Rose, she was dreading it.


“Veronica. Veronica!”

Veronica Brighton squeezed her eyes shut at the sound of such a melodious voice. The voice that had girls not even within earshot hyperventilating. She continued on her way to Transfiguration, pretending not to have heard the voice at all.

“Veronica, wait.” His voice purred within her ear, his figure suddenly in front of her.

Wait, he was a good couple yards away. How did he get in front of her so fast? Whatever the answer was, it didn’t matter. Mason Valmont was in front of her, and she could avoid him no longer.

“Can we talk?” he requested, breathlessly.

The subject of Ace Valmont was a very complicated matter in Veronica’s eyes. Even just thinking about him summoned waves of pleasure to roll within her stomach. She had never felt so…confused in her entire life before. The fact that it was over a guy made her feel extremely pathetic.

Sure, let’s talk. Why are you following me? Where the hell did you go before you came back? Why aren’t you with Vanessa, who’s clearly had a thing for you? Veronica so desperately wanted to ask him these questions, but thought better of it. But the last question she had in store was one she would definitely keep to herself. Why do I suddenly feel as though…I belong to you?

She shook her head at that last internal question. For heavens sake, they hadn’t talked in weeks and now she feels entitled to him? This couldn’t be right. Ace had done something to her…something that made her feel different to him. Extremely different.

“Internal debate?” he asked, his voice burning every nerve in her body. She could imagine a crooked smile on his face, but refused to look up. She knew that if she even caught one glimpse, she’d never be able to look away.

“I’m late for Transfiguration.” She replied hurriedly, sliding a lock of honey-blond hair behind her ear and pushed passed him. Her discipline was astounding, especially to the surrounding girls who would throw themselves at Ace rather than run away from him.

“I don’t think so,” Ace commented conversationally, stepping in front of her again, blockading her path. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“You should be getting the picture then.” She fought back with, stubborn as ever. But even still, she felt as if she were betraying herself. Denying what she wanted.

Veronica Brighton usually received whatever she wished. Clothes, money, anything. She had the means to obtain such materialistic objects.

But this—Ace Valmont—she was not equipped to handle. The one thing she ever truly wanted, she couldn’t have. She couldn’t even imagine how crushed Vanessa would be, and hoped that she never would have to.

He tensed a little, then relaxed. “Come with me.”

“What—no!” she made a move to cut him off again, but he was quicker.

“Yes, you’re coming.” He grabbed her arm, with surprising strength, making her helpless. Through the fabric of her robes, she could feel his cool touch, feeling as though it was stuck in a refrigerator. “If you’re not going to talk to me, then I’ll make you.”

At the moment, she felt slightly nervous yet exhilarated at the same time. Skipping class with Ace Valmont…now there’s one for the papers. He continued to yank her through the hallways, narrowly avoiding the watchful eyes of any nosy bystander.

“Ace, stop. We’ll get in trouble.” Veronica felt her conscience, heavy with guilt. It’s bad enough that she was out with Ace, but the fact that he was forcefully pulling her out of class was another. Cautiously, she navigated the halls to make sure that her other twin wasn’t lingering in a nearby corner.

“No, we won’t.” he assured her, his voice filled with unintentional allure. His grip gentled a little, but was still firm on her arm. He brought his lips close to her ear. “Stay close to me.”

Like that would be a problem. Immediately, Veronica mentally slapped herself, commanding her to stop. She wiped the dazed grin off her mouth like lip gloss.

“Where are we going?” she demanded, not even fighting anymore. It wasn’t as though she would even run away; he’d probably haul her on his back with added force.

“No where far,” he said, bringing his hand to her chin to lift it up and meet his eyes. She knew that she should have shut her hazel eyes, but she was instantly smoldered by his intense green eyes. “Just someplace…alone.”

She wondered if he felt what she felt…or if she was just excessively creepy. It wasn’t logical. She couldn’t have fallen so hard for Ace so abruptly; it just wasn’t possible.

As they walked, she barely noticed when he trailed his cool grip down from her arm to her hand, softly entangling his fingers with hers. The coolness of his touch mixed with the warmth of her hand was so natural that she didn’t even bother yanking her hand away.

Finally, the two reached a wooden door located in a deserted corridor. He pulled open the door, inviting her in. Skeptically, she took a look inside, and raised her eyebrow. “A broom closet?”

As an answer, he jostled her inside, as if wanting her all to himself right there, in that tiny space. She grew even more dubious, wondering what he could possibly have in store for her. “Is this where you take all your conquests?”

“I don’t take anyone here,” Ace murmured, his thumb gently rubbing circle patterns on her hand. “Just you.”

She blushed, but still managed to look piqued. “That’s what they all say.”

Together, they started chuckling, not awkwardly, but comfortably. They sat next to each other, their knees touching, sending even more sparks throughout her body. How the hell did he do that?!

As common sense crashed into her brain, she ripped her hand out of his grasp and faced him with a demanding face. She couldn’t take this anymore; she just had to know. Why she felt as though she was his, and that he was hers. It was all completely….irrational.

“Ace, why did you pull me in here?” she first asked to his unreadable face. “I mean wh—did you do something to me?”

“No, I just want to be with yo—”

“Where did you go? Why do I feel so—never mind. What…” her questions were flooding erratically. “…happened to you?”

“Veronica, I can’t—”

“What have you…done to me?” she pleaded, desperate to know the answer. “Because I certainly did not feel this way before.”

He grabbed her hand again, studying every inch of her fingers as though they held the meaning of life. She wanted answers, before she went way ahead of herself. She couldn’t help but think how impossible it was to feel so strongly about a boy. There had to be a trick.

His eyes were clouded with doubt, but he whispered fiercely, “Honestly, love, there are just some things that are just best left alone…”

“Please,” She whispered. “Tell me.”

Ace held a look of indecision. He seemed as though he didn’t want to tell her anything, or that the thing he wanted to was too much for her to handle.

She didn’t care. She just wanted to know.

“Ok,” Ace sighed out, biting his lip. “I’ll tell you. But you probably won’t believe me…”


“Hey, um, Violet? Will you…” a deep voice murmured from behind. “Uh, be my date for the In-chanting Benefit?”

Violet Montague surveyed the tall stranger, only to say with abrupt finality, “I’m really sorry, but I already have a date.”

“Oh well,” the guy said sheepishly, ruffling his hair. “He’s a lucky guy, then.”

He then left her, a little relieved to have given asking her a chance. She felt horrible whenever she turned down guys; she hated seeing the disappointment reach their eyes.

And no, she did not refuse because she didn’t like the guy. She actually did have a date.

“A lucky guy indeed.” An irresistible voice sounded from behind her, causing her to close her eyes. She knew who it was, and felt his hand slither up her neck, pushing her auburn locks to the side, and then planting a light kiss on her neck.

“Jennings…quit…it,” she sighed as he turned her around to face him. Even in the darkness of the corridor, she could detect the defined build of Lucas Jennings hovering over her, his smirk targeted at her.

“Come on, Vi,” he whispered in her ear, causing her thoughts to be clouded. “Loosen up a little.”

“Stop it, someone will see!” she said, pushing her hands on his chest, attempting to repel him from her. She warily re-checked her surroundings to make sure that absolutely no one was around. What would they say if they saw this pretty picture?

“It’s Study period, love,” Lucas’s voice sounded so tempting to her ears. “We have time.”

He made a move to draw her in closer, but she backed away. “No, I—”

“Aw, Montague’s scared,” he teased, a wicked smile playing on his lips. “Admit it, I intimidate you.”

“Ha, that’s funny.” She drawled, that feeling of contempt filling her insides. Why must he act like such a presumptuous jerk sometimes? “Jennings, you wouldn’t intimidate a kitten.”

“Fine then. As you wish.” He took his hands off her, and made a move to walk away from her. He was provoking her, she knew it. And couldn’t resist it either.

Rolling her eyes, she caught him, her two hands on both sides of his face, and brought their faces close together. He had a satisfied grin on his face, but it fell a little when their lips did not touch. There were so close, and she made sure that he could feel her breathing on his lips, teasing him.

He urged her to make the plunge, but when she just remained teasing, he forced his lips upon hers aggressively. Now, it was her turn to smirk with satisfaction. Before she even had a chance to part her lips, she pulled away.

“What why—no—” he protested.

“And you call yourself intimidating.” She scoffed, laughing in the darkness.

With a defeated grin, he said, “Touché.”

Never in a million years would she ever have imagined Lucas and herself gripping each other, smiling at each other,….kissing each other. It was all too surreal. The boy she hated turned to the boy she—well, she still needed to think on how she felt with him.

But no one could know. Never. Even in the darkness, she still felt as though the public scrutinized her every move. Every move they made was a risk…and yet they still continued.

“Luke, this is so…weird. We can’t keep doing this.” Violet shook her head. “I mean, we’re not even a real official thing.”

“Stop ruining the moment, princess.” He ordered, gripping her waist tighter. “Just live in the now.”

“Actually, I’m looking towards the future…the In-chanting Benefit. Because, Luke,” her voice wavered slightly, as if unsure how to word her sentences. “I…wasn’t lying when I said I already had a date. I do.”

And it’s not you. She might as well have just slapped those words in his face. The impact was the same, but Lucas fought to keep his face as emotionless as possible.

When Sunday comes, he’ll be seeing Violet with another snobby, prep boy on her arm, no doubt a puppet from her parents. And of course, Lucas’s parents would be happy to see that the Montague girl moved on, and then proceed to set him up with another mindless doll of their choosing.

But still, the soft anger unlike any other unfurled within Lucas.

Distantly, he wondered if this was just a little warning of the curse. The blatant and stinging pangs of jealousy.


“Give it up, lover boy,” Johnny Burns drawled, his voice contemptuous. “Just give it up.”

Adam, journeying near the V table, stopped in his tracks. He had planned on meeting Viv at lunch, but was more than welcome to the traditional confrontations he shared with Johnny. It became habitual.

Most of Hogwarts was watching, eagerly anticipating this customary brawl fest. It was the perfect afternoon entertainment to liven up the boring winter atmosphere. But even as the incessant chatter continued amongst the tables, Johnny and Adam only concentrated their focus and frustration at each other.

“And why might I do that, Burns?” Adam challenged, staring at his rival with an eyebrow raise. “Because you’re not willing to prolong the chase any more?”

“I’ve been chasing her longer than you know,” Johnny fought back, standing head to head with him in an angered manner. “That’s more than I can say for you.”

“If that’s the case, then why don’t you have her now?” Adam asked. “All those years and you never even mad—”

“It’s called being a friend first before jumping in.” Johnny responded back, cursing himself for thinking of how different things might have been if he did make a move earlier. If he made his intentions known to Viv beforehand, maybe he wouldn’t have to stress over her feelings towards Adam.

“Some friend you are,” Adam scoffed. “You know that she constantly stresses about how much of a jack ass you’ve become since she met me?”

Johnny could’ve punched him right there. And he planned fully upon doing that.

His stance towered as he winded up his hand to go in for the kill, but it was instantly halted. Another hand had placed itself on Johnny’s, lowering it in haste. The touch alone made Johnny’s heart throb louder.

“Stop it, guys.” Viv announced, lowering Johnny’s fist with her hand as she came up from behind. Her stern look reprimanded both of them for acting like foolish children. “If you guys learned to act your age, I might be impressed.”

She lowered Johnny’s hand to his side, and—impulsively—Johnny unclenched his fist and grabbed Viv’s hand, causing her to gasp. He hid their joined hands behind his figure, before Adam had any notion of the exchange.

“Just tell your boy wonder here to quit egging me on.” Johnny requested, his voice tense. Viv’s hand was lifeless in his, a sign that she was falling for Adam.

“Johnny, you just need a sense of self-control.” She sighed in exasperation.

And suddenly, Johnny felt it. Viv’s hand in his opened up invitingly. Johnny’s fingers enlaced themselves within hers, and he couldn’t help but feel how perfect the fit was. He gently squeezed her hand, and she released a sigh that she disguised as a casual yawn.

“Listen to your girl here, Burns,” Adam advised with a bitter chuckle. “You might actually learn something.”

“You’re finally admitting she’s mine?” Johnny questioned, allowing a smirk to play on his face. “About time.”

“Enough!” Viv demanded, slightly flushing at the cheeks. Just to tease her, Johnny smoothed his thumb over the palm of her hand, making her gulp a little.

In response, she dug a nail into his hand viciously. He suppressed a laugh and entangled his hand in hers once again. She didn’t fight it this time.

“Sorry Viv,” Adam apologized, even though it was Johnny’s fault. He apologized for both of their sakes, a rather chivalrous quality that always surfaced on Adam’s part. “But anyway, I wanted to talk to you about something. Can we talk?”

Johnny gripped her hand tighter, as if clinging her to him. She responded with a squeeze of assurance, and she threw him a glance. In that simple glance, she pleaded to him.

In frustration, he released her hand from his tight grip. Gently and slowly, she slipped her hand out of his, savoring the hotness that such a simple touch could provoke. Little did he know, but she felt almost as mindless to his touch as he was to hers.

“Sure.” She chirped, falling into step with Adam as they walked down the aisles. The stares of eager students followed them until they exited the Great Hall, causing the eruption of curious whispers as to ensue.

Where do you think they’re going?
Probably to make out, no doubt about it.
Maybe she’s telling him that she’s pregnant with his child?
Or maybe they’ve gone off to elope together in Switzerland!
Oh boy, Burns doesn’t look to happy about this.

Johnny tried to shun the whispers that continued to be uttered, tried not to even imagine what Adam and Viv could possibly be talking about. It was moments like this—when Adam managed to slip away with Viv in the morning—that made him real cranky.

But even still, he couldn’t help but still feel the numbing warmth that his hand was now enveloped in. They had held hands…and she allowed it.

His motivation for Viv was stronger now. That simple handhold was enough for him to put the pieces together of Viv’s feelings for him.

“Are you high?” interrupted a low voice, whose figure joined him near the table. “You look like you’re going to go all narcolepsy on me.”

“Not today, Ted,” Johnny greeted his friend with a smile, a sure one at that. “I couldn’t be more awake today than I am right now.”

“Well, don’t you sound awfully chipper,” Teddy bemused, relieved to see a light expression on his friend’s face rather than one of malice. “Did Donahue fall down the stairs, or something?”

Johnny laughed, causing many girls around the room to swoon. He was going to ask Teddy where the other guys were, until he saw what was in Teddy’s hand. He snorted.

“Teddy, what is tha—”

“I’ll be right back,” Teddy jumped out of his seat, and jogged over to meet up with the girls who entered the Great Hall.

Even if it was only Victoire and Vanessa, the males of the room were still awestruck. They walked down together, deep in conversation, not even aware of the attention that their simple entrance had brought upon them.

Teddy walked into step with the statuesque blonde. “Vick, I’ve got something for you.”

Both of the girls stopped and turned to Teddy.

Vanessa nearly giggled at how shocked Victoire’s expression was, noting how oddly silent the room became when the two managed to bump heads. To give them some privacy, Vanessa walked on without warning to the table, and managed to watch the episode from afar as everyone else.

Victoire nearly begged Vanessa to return, not wanting to deal with this perplexing Marauder on her own. But he approached her, his devilishly handsome smirk intentionally causing her mind to melt to mush. Teddy’s effect on her never ceased to render her helpless.

“You lost this.” His husky voice breathed, handing over a blue scarf and placing it into her hands. Her body felt jolted at the brief contact.

She barely had time to register what was in her hands until she looked down. It was her aquamarine scarf that she had lost that morning. But if he found it, that means that he…

“How did you…” she trailed off, unsure of her words. Unsure of her emotions.

She was so sure that it was Teddy who was watching her this morning. But why? She begged him to leave her alone, for both of their sakes. Was Teddy finally breaking down just as badly as she?

“I just did.” He shrugged, his answer simple and brief. “You can thank me for it later.”

He then left, leaving her in an even stranger state of confusion. She could see the smirk building up in his cheek as he turned around to walk back to the table, and she wondered what he was playing at.

If he thought he could just spy on her and get away with it, then he was wrongly mistaken. He may have the ability to render her breathless, but she had the ability to make him jealous.

The door opened from behind, and entered in the Studs. Many girls swooned, but Victoire just smirked at the perfect timing of it all. “Hello Oliver.”

He threw a flirtatious smile at her before slinging an arm around her waist. She couldn’t help but shiver at how warm his touch felt, and smiled in spite of herself.

People around the Great Hall ensued in a whisper frenzy like no other.

Head V and Head Stud? How inevitable.
They will have the most gorgeous babies when they marry!
A fitful Queen finds her perfect King. How charming!
Why must you talk in fairytale metaphors?
I think he really likes her.
And vice versa.

Victoire broke eye contact away from Oliver, and directed her stare on Teddy. He was sitting, his once devilish smirk pursed into a tight line at this picture of perfection.

In response, Victoire smirked and raised her eyebrows at him, her features triumphant and filled with victory. The more Teddy acted the way he did, the more Victoire will act the way she does.

Dear Ever Amazing Readers,
Once again, I apologize for such an atrocious wait. It’s been so hard to find the time to sit down and write because I’ve been so busy. Finals. Blah. But still, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! The couples are starting to form themselves, and the action will be coming soon. What will happen at Alumnae Weekend? Definitely the return of all the Harry Potter originals, which may possibly stir up even more drama. And what of the In-chanting Benefit? Will Teddy finally face off with Oliver for Victoire? Will Vanessa find out about Veronica and Ace’s bond? Will Johnny and Adam come to blows for the affection of Viv? What will become of Vi and Lucas, if Vi is already promised to another date for the Benefit? So many questions, that will hopefully be answered in the next chapter;) Thank you so much!

Remember, any favorite quotes, characters, thoughts, etc., just review it! Or go to my Meet The Author page;)

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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