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The Sufferings of Scorpius L. R. Malfoy by Midnight_Fox
Chapter 1 : The Sufferings Of Scorpius L. R. Malfoy
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dedicated to the fantastic Jellyman for being singularly awesome ^_^ love you!

The Sufferings of Scorpius L. R. Malfoy
-Of Sadistic Sisters and Smirk-Stealers-

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Scorpius Malfoy was staring at himself.

Or, more specifically, he was staring at his chin with horror.

The poor boy had tumbled out of bed and gone to his floor-length, gilded mirror to do his hair, something he took with grave severity, and seen the shock that awaited him.

His face had adopted the look he used at his most despondent: his grey eyes were filled with terror, not to mention that hidden edge of inner-torment he had perfected, his brow was furrowed and pouty lips were pouting. Scorpius Malfoy loved that look, one he thought made him look just like a poet, torn inside and consumed with emotion.

“I have a spot!” He cried, long fingers probing the area around the offending lump of red skin.

“You’re such a girl, Scorpy dearest.” Hermia Malfoy, his twin sister, observed from the doorway. “I’d never freak out over a spot.”

“That’s because you’re such a guy.” He mimicked, glaring at her through the mirror. “Besides, you never get any spots!” This ended in a wail as he turned his attention back to much more serious matters. Namely, his reflection. “Hang’re good at charms, right?”

“No.” She said, folding her arms and smirking.

Please, Mia! I need to get rid of this!”

“Why? Oh, I remember now. Your boyfriend’s coming over.” She said smugly, grinning broadly as she waited for the explosion that was sure to come.

He’s not my boyfriend!” Came her twin’s indignant squeal.

“Uh huh. But you want him to be!”

“Maybe...” He muttered, sticking out his bottom lip and prodding the floor with his big toe in an effort to look so adorably cute that his sister wouldn’t run and tell all her (male) friends.

“Oh. My. Fucking. Merlin.” She stated, pronouncing each syllable with acute bluntness. “Seriously! I mean, I’ve always known you weren’t as straight as someone like James, or Albus...” Her voice trailed off as her blue eyes widened in realization. “You fancy Albus!” She cried in amazement.

“Yes.” Scorpius let out an anguished sigh, “But he’ll never want me!” With that, last sentence (one that simply resounded with despair, much to Scorpius’ satisfaction), he threw an arm over his face and hurled his body back onto his bed where he lay, limps splayed out elegantly.

“How could I’ve not seen it before?” Mia muttered, before stepping closer and leaning over her twin’s motionless form. She placed a hand on his forearm and put her mouth next to his ear, as if about to over a kindly word or some comforting sentence. “Scorpius?”

“Leave me to wallow.” He moaned into his duvet.

“Want to know a secret, Scorpy?” She whispered.

“It might make me feel better.” Scorpius said in a pathetic voice, in the vain hope of hearing some gossip.

“Albus is in my room.” With that, Mia whirled out quickly.

It took Scorpius exactly a third of second to process this, and over an hour to groom himself until he looked, in his opinion, presentable.

“Hey.” He said as casually as possible as he pushed open his sister’s bedroom door.

And found her lying on top of Albus.

On her bed.


Hair messy.

Her hands holding down Albus’ wrists.

His leg hooked over her hip.

Identical horrified expressions.

Scorpius turned and left, forgetting to flounce, or even do that irritated head-flick he did when annoyed – the one that made his hair shimmer and land in perfect, casual disarray.



Having successfully managed to avoid his sister and her best friend (who, incidentally, was Scorpius’ BFF too), though he could possibly be her boyfriend now, but Scorpius preferred not to think of that, he returned home, sneaking in through the front door and tip-toeing up the sweeping marble staircase.

Through a crack into the kitchen, Scorpius glimpsed a flash of red hair, and knew that his sister must be waiting to ambush him, assuming he would return through the back door. Just as he thought she would.

Once again, Scorpius found himself wondering why she was in Ravenclaw and he was not.

The second he got into his room, he put every sealing spell he knew on his room – Mia’d never get in now.


Oh, the intelligence of him.

Then he turned.

And felt the, distinctly odd, sensation of his heart melting and dribbling down to his toes and making a disgusting mess on his soft cream carpet.

For someone was reclined on his bed, hands folded, quite relaxed, behind their head. Smirking. That was Scorpius’ trademark! But, seeming to not be quite able to form his brain cells to work, Scorpius found he couldn’t assemble the proper look of anger and indignance that he felt the Smirk-Stealer deserved.

“Scorpius.” The Smirk-Stealer said, sitting up.

“Urhhh...” Was what Scorpius managed to get out. And instantly wished he hadn’t.

“About earlier, I-”

Scorpius found he had magically regained the power of speech. “It’s fine – I mean, I would’ve thought you’d have told me if you’re shagging my sister. But fine.” He flounced to his window, digging his shiny nails into the ledge, digging up splinters. Scorpius was perfectly aware he was being unreasonable – but he was past caring about whether or not his friendship with Albus survived. It wouldn’t be like he’d never see him again; Mia would have him over there every day.

“You swore.” Albus said, staring at Scorpius, the blond noticed when he took an unwise glance over his shoulder. “You never swear – yell in weird languages no one understands, yeah – but never in English!”

“Yeah. Well.”

“Neither have I ever heard you say a one-word sentence. One syllable words, Scorpius!”


He was sorting through his angst, and didn’t want to have to deal with Albus at the same time, though most of said angst was because of the undeniably fit son of Harry Potter. But he was distracting. As was Albus the way was reaching for him and-

Oh Merlin.

No! Get away!

Not a pitying ‘I’m sorry’ hug!

So Scorpius ran. Not thinking it through properly, admittedly, and charging smack into one of the many, solid wards around his room.

Staring up at the swirling patterns on the ceiling, though they could perfectly straight lines for all he knew, Scorpius realised two things.

One, he really, really needed to think before he acted. And two, Albus had really pretty eyes.

“Are you ok?”

“No! I just ran into a wall of magic! Of course I’m not alright! You stupid, brain-dead, perfetto, stupore, bello idiot!” (perfect, amazing, beautiful)

“That’s more like it. What did that mean, by the way?” He offered out a rough hand which Scorpius took eagerly.

“It’s Italian. Look it up.”

“Non ho bisogno di.” (I don’t need to)

Scorpius’ jaw dropped.

“You speak Italian!” He shrieked, voice shooting through not one, but a whole two octaves. Rather impressive, even if he did say so himself.

“Yep.” Albus smirked.

“That’s mine! First you steal my language – now my smirk that’s been passed down over generations of Malfoys!” Scorpius folded his arms sulkily, pouting.

“You look cute when you do that.”

What! Scorpius stared at Albus in disbelief. Did his (supposedly straight) friend just call his pout cute! Which it totally was, but Scorpius hadn’t expected Albus to notice!

“Huh?” He said, oh-so-intelligently.

“I love it when you stick your bottom lip out like that,” Albus clarified, moving a bit closer and reaching up to rub a thumb over said lip.

“ do?” Scorpius asked weakly.

“Uhuh.” Albus smiled sweetly, his hand moving from Scorpius’ lips to his cheek, cupping it tenderly and leaning in to kiss the blond.

Ohmigodohmigodohmigogmigodohmigod! Was Scorpius’ initial thought.

Then, he’s dating your sister, you sick perverted freak! But he couldn’t help but enjoy it as Albus moved closer, his other hand reaching up to tangle itself in Scorpius’ hair.

“Albus...” But the word came out as a garbled moan as Albus began his unmerciful attack on Scorpius’ neck. “Albus.” Slightly more forceful. Ever-so-slightly.

“What?” The other boy asked, face buried in Scorpius’ shoulder.

“You-you’re dating Mia.”

Albus pulled back, looking at Scorpius incredulously. “What? Why would I go out with her? I mean, she’s great and everything – fit too, but we so wouldn’t work. Besides she’s going out Hollingsworth, you know, from Hufflepuff?”

Jacob Hollingsworth? Jake!”

“Yeah, but it’ll be over soon – she’s in denial about her mate, Micky. You know Jake, though?”

Know him? I asked him out last year!”

“You and Hollingsworth.”

“No, he said he didn’t like me in that way.” Scorpius lied – Jake had been a mistake, a drunken one that Scorpius regretted ever since. It seemed that Jake had bi tendencies, but admitting it would mean next to no respect from his friends and teammates (him being the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team), so Jake had denied it ever happening. He’d hurt Scorpius badly.

“Oh. Oh, right. You must have been out with some guys from school though.”

Yes, but I really don’t want to list them to you. Scorpius thought, watching Albus move over to his elegant chaise-longue, and stretching out there. “Yes...”

“Tell me.” Albus said, maybe it was a command, Scorpius couldn’t tell, but he obeyed it. Not like he had a choice when Albus turned his gaze on him.

“Um, well there was Frank Longbottom-”

“Wait, Frank! My Frank? Is gay!”

“No, bi, and apparently I was the only guy he was attracted to anyway.” Scorpius replied, more than a tad smugly. “Anyhoo, as I was saying, Frank and Ian Jones in fourth year, fifth year there was Mitch Tanner, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, not at the same time though – not that they didn’t offer, believe me – and of course Li Chang, and then at the end of the year I had a short thing with Alfie Willets-”

“All these just in fifth year!” Albus interrupted, staring at Scorpius with something akin to jealousy in his large green eyes.

“What can I say? The guys just can’t keep away.” Scorpius said, laughing a little as he sat, cross-legged on his thick cream carpet, next to Albus’ seat. “But what about you? You’re always just as secretive about who you date as I am.”

“That’s because there hasn’t really been anyone.” Albus explained softly, looking at his hands.

“Oh come on, I’ve seen you with, um, girls at parties and stuff.” Scorpius began to prod, before realising that Albus’d never shown any indication of being gay or bi before, and what if he was just curious, like Jake had been. Scorpius tensed.

Albus’ hand was on Scorpius’ shoulder in what felt like a very formal gesture to the blonde and he almost flinched away. Then Albus’ head was there too, his hot breath on Scorpius’ neck. “I don’t like girls, Scorpius.”

“Then why at the parties? And what was that earlier, with Mia?”

“What? Oh that, we were, um, fighting over you, actually.”

Scorpius turned, momentarily surprised by the proximity of Albus’ sun-kissed face, the rest of the youngest male Potter’s body spread out flat along the chaise-longue, one of his hands still resting on Scorpius’ shoulder, the other hanging off the edge of the couch, swinging back and forth lazily. “Pray tell why.” His undeniable interest was barely suppressed.

“Um, well, you see, the thing is....”

“Albus,” Scorpius said, running a slender finger down Albus’ jaw because he knew that it’d snap the other boy back to reality sharply. And, just as Scorpius predicted, as Scorpius has an irritating habit of being all-too right about everything, Albus’ eyes focused sharply on Scorpius as he drew in a ragged breath. “You were saying?” Scorpius asked casually, removing his hand.

“Wh...? Oh, yeah, right, er, well, basically Mia said that you were hers, because she’s your twin, and can read you better than anyone, and you’ve been together since the day you were born. But I said that you were, um, mine-” at this Albus’ ears turned an interesting shade of red. Scorpius resisted the urge to snicker, as he knew it would only humiliate Albus further, and besides, snickering is highly unattractive. “because you were my best mate and I, cough, loveyou, cough, more than Mia does.”

Scorpius twisted round further, a glowing feeling spreading out from his tummy. He had to looking down just to check his stomach wasn’t actually lit up like a Christmas tree. “What was that bit in the middle again?” He asked teasingly.


Please tell me, Alby!” Scorpius pouted as ‘Alby’ rolled back onto the chaise-longue, staring at the ceiling.

“Definitely not if you keep calling me Alby.”

Silence from Scorpius for a while. Albus raised his head cautiously, “Scorpi-oof!”

A triumphant Scorpius grinned from his position firmly on top of Albus, straddling the Potter, the beam developing into his trademark smirk at Albus’ stunned expression.

“Say it, Alby.”

“No...” Albus said, sounding increasingly unsure.

Scorpius proceeded to lean down, delicate, well-moisturised hands sliding up Albus’ chest as Scorpius lowered himself until his lips were barely inches from Albus’. “Alby,” His breath ghosted over Albus’ mouth, “Say it.”


Scorpius proceeded to slip a hand under Albus’ shirt, tracing lazy circles as Albus’ warm skin reacted to the sudden shock of cold air. There only a millimetre of air between their mouths now, and Albus was beginning to develop a sense of unease about Scorpius’, whom he had previously considered to be reserved and shy, increasing proximity.

“Say it, Alby, just say it.”

With a growl most unlike him, Albus suddenly grabbed Scorpius’ shirt and flipped him over, which had the Malfoy heir’s designer shirt being rumpled it’s owner landed with a brief cry of pain on the carpet of his room.

“I said that I love you more than Mia does, ok?” Before attacking Scorpius with such enthusiasm Scorpius didn’t think Albus had had in him.

Then a flash of light from a camera and a truly sadistic giggle came from the doorway. They looked up to see Mia, standing their, seemingly suffering an uncontrollable fit of giggles.

“How did you break my barriers!” Scorpius exclaimed indignantly.

“There’s a reason I’m in Ravenclaw, idiot, besides, all it took was two minutes of Micky working at them.”

“Ooo, Micky’s here, is he?” Scorpius enquired, grinning.

“Would he care to join, perhaps?” Albus followed seamlessly, curling his arm tighter around Scorpius’ waist and smiling at a rather stunned Mia.

“Uh, no, Micky is one of the straightest people I know!”

“Oh well! I still have Albus.” Scorpius said, turning back to the dark-haired boy, and smiling.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Albus said softly, his hand on Scorpius’ cheek.

Mia made gagging noises. “Quick, Micky! Come and save me from the cuteness!” She turned and ran off to the right. There were the sounds of a quick scuffle, a squeal and a grunt. Albus raised his eyebrows at Scorpius. Then Mia appeared again, this time draped ungainly across Micky’s back as he hurried past their doorway.

“Hi, Micky.”

“Good to see you, Micks.”

“Hey, you bloody poufs.” Micky said affectionately, pausing to grin at them, “Hey, Scorpius, you mind if I steal Mia for, oh, half an hour?”

“Like you can hold on that long!” A cruel taunt from behind him, legs kicking furiously.

“Sure thing.”

“Lets go and see, shall we?” He hoisted her up again and trotted out with a faint, “Bloody hell, Mia, have you put on weight?”

Both boys winced as the predictable slap resounded through the house.

A/N: hm...I know then ending doesnt really work, but i couldnt think any other way to end this...any suggestions?

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The Sufferings of Scorpius L. R. Malfoy: The Sufferings Of Scorpius L. R. Malfoy


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