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Going Under by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 2 : The Beginning
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Chapter One: The Beginning


My story begins on the train ride to Hogwarts at the beginning of my sixth year. I was sitting with my older sister Melania and her friends. I say her friends because they were never mine. In fact I never had any friends. Even Melania’s friends didn’t know my name they just call me Melania’s little sister. I was invisible.

So there I sat with my noise buried in my Transfiguration book half listening to the conversation going on around me. It was the same usual conversation that happened every time they got together; purebloods are superior. However in recent years their discussions had become more violent thanks to one person: Tom Riddle or as they called him Lord Voldermort.

In the past two years he had begun to introduce the idea of purifying the Wizarding world and following in Salazar Slytherin’s noble footsteps. My sister and her friends jumped at the idea and hung on every word Riddle had to say.

As for myself I could have cared less what they did. Yes I was a member of a pureblood family but I neither supported nor was I against the whole pureblood superiority. I sat quietly in the background and read that was my first mistake.

“Excuse me.” The timid voice of a young boy brought all talk to a halt

“What do you want?” Melania spat, she hated to be interrupted when she was talking

“I was told Lyra was in here.” The boy looked close to fainting

“Who?” asked Nott

“My sister.” Melania said off handedly “What do you want with her?”

“Professor Slughorn wants to speak with her.”

“Why?” Melania asked

“He-he didn’t say.” I felt so bad for the boy

“Well we had better not keep old Slughorn waiting.” Everyone laughed, “Well get going Lyra.”

Without looking at anyone I set my book aside and followed the boy out of the compartment. He tried to make small conversation with me, but gave up after I didn’t answer his third question. The boy stopped at the last compartment at the very front of the train. He indicated for me to enter and then left.

I entered the compartment expecting to see Professor Slughorn, but he was not there. Instead, sitting at the far end of the compartment, was Tom Riddle. He seemed started by the sudden opening of the door but didn’t say a word. I gave him a very quick nod hello then sat down. I kept my hands in my lap and concentrated on my shoes. I could still feel Riddle’s eyes on me as if he was studying me.

“You’re Melania MacMillan’s younger sister correct?” I nodded in response, “Lyra right?”

My head shot up, “You know my name?”

“Yes. Is that so strange?”

“Nobody but my sister and the professors know my name.” I answered not looking him in the face.

“That is because the school’s population is a bunch of idiots.” Riddle spat. He seemed to say his remark more to himself.

We sat there for several minutes in uncomfortable silence, well uncomfortable for me. I could feel his eyes on me, studying me as if attempting to look into my soul. I felt almost naked sitting there as if he knew my deepest darkest secret. I wanted to run and almost did, thankfully Professor Slughorn returned.

“Good you are both here.” Slughorn clapped his hands together as he took a seat across from me. “I have called you both here today to say welcome! Welcome to the Slug Club or in Tom’s case welcome back.” Slughorn beamed at us. “I see Miss MacMillan is confused.” I was “The Slug Club is my personal little club. I only accept those students who are from prestigious families such as you,” Slughorn nodded in my direction, “and or have extremely good grades. Which again would be you Miss MacMillan. Tom here has been in my club for three years now.” Riddle nodded. “There will be meetings and parties! It is loads of fun and you will make many new friends!” Slughorn seemed beyond excitement.

“I can’t.” I whispered

“Excuse me?” Slughorn asked not hearing what I said

“I-I can’t join.” I didn’t look up

“I won’t take no for an answer Miss MacMillan.” He was serious, “Now Tom I understand that you have Head Boy duties to attend to and I am sure Miss MacMillan would like to get back to her friends.” We had been dismissed.

I walked back to my compartment with Riddle by my side. I had tried to put distance between us but he had caught up to me. He said nothing to me, but once again I got the feeling he was studying me. Finally I reached my compartment I was free.

I made to open the door, but Riddle stopped me. “Lyra.” I kept my back to him.

He turned me around, but I didn’t look at him. I was thankful my sister couldn’t see this because she would have scolded me for being rude to him. Gently he placed he hand under my chin forcing me to look at him, I winced at his touch. For a moment he just looked at me, I just wanted to hide.

“You’re not as invisible as you think Lyra MacMillan.” His hand dropped and he walked.

I didn’t know it but that moment and those words would change my life in a way I could never have imagined.

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Going Under: The Beginning


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