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Comatose by No_oneKnows
Chapter 8 : ...EW! Sirius Essence!
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8. ...EW! Sirius Essence!

George looked up from the stone floor, holding his nose tightly, trying to stop the flowing river of blood. Ew. Well now you know how I felt! NO! I shouldn't say that. My face fell with immense regret.

Just behind him – a surprising coincidence – were Sirius and Remus. Laughing. Scratch that. Roaring in complete hysterics, their guts busting with what one would call laughter. I watched with seething anger as their mugs rolled around on the dusty floor.

Too horrified at what I'd just done to march over towards them and slam both their heads into the wall, I crouched down besides George, who had cleaned his face with his wand.

“Nice shot,” he coughed, smiling with what I like to think of as admiration.

Sirius was still rolling around on the filthy floor, clutching his sides, while Remus leant against the wall for support, his cheeks a rosy pink colour and his eyes moist.

Oh, what I would've given to be able to smash a vase accidentally on both their heads. But, unfortunately, George was still lying on the floor.

“Are you okay?” I gasped, helping him pull his head up. Sirius' roars of laughter became much louder - perhaps deliberately - and both George and I turned to him. Remus was now smiling sheepishly, slightly more collected while Sirius appeared to be having some kind of seizure.

I wish.

George turned back to look forward and I joined him just after I flipped Sirius off with a rude gesture. He snorted even more loudly.

“Were you coming out or something?” George asked. Oh yeah, sorry, I just thought you were Sirius and I thought I could get you concussed just so I wouldn't have to endure this You-Know-Who-Wannabe torturing me every day and night.

I smiled shyly and helped him to his feet. “What were you doing there?” We were both ignoring Sirius, much to his dissatisfaction.

“Just wanted to check up on you,” he winked and I melted. “Well, I'll be going back to bed now that I know you’re fine.” I giggled, perhaps in a way that was more girlish than I normally would.

Smiling again, I waved at him as he left to go to his room. A frown appeared on my face as he nodded at Sirius and Remus awkwardly. I bet he thought they were laughing at him. Oh, how mistaken he was. I waited until George was in the clear before storming up to the two, poking them both with my index fingers.

“Next-time-you-two-start-to-eaves-drop-on-me, I-will-do-more-than-just-prod-you-like-I-am-now,” I took a step back and felt good that I'd intimidated them. No. Sarcasm. Lots and lots of it.

Sirius merely yawned while Remus smiled even more broadly.

“Actually, Selene, we were just about to take you down to Godric's Hollow to visit James and Lily, but you know, seeing as you just love to scare us and have no gratitude for us whatsoever, I don't think we should. Do you, Moony?” Sirius started to take steps away from me, taking his precious bloody time, as he knew I'd give in.

Remus shook his head lightly and pushed me ahead of him. I shrugged him off violently, and huffed away after Sirius. Remus chuckled softly. Hrmp. So I'm easily manipulated? So what!

Sirius let out a high pitched “Oh” as he turned around, faking a look of surprise. “What are you doing here?”

I let my face fall, narrowing my eyes at him. “You're taking me to Godric's Hollow.” Obviously.

Sirius' face questioned me, raising an eyebrow just the way he did back when his brawls overtook the function of his brain. In other words, when he used to be hot. Now he's a wrinkly son of a banshee... Okay, only wrinkly. He'd always been a S.O.B. Well... not really wrinkly...

He looked back to Remus and smiled smugly before turning back to me. Was that even necessary? “Next time, treat us with a teensy bit of respect, would you?” Oh yeah, kiss my bloody bum, would you? Screw you.

Sirius chuckled again and turned towards the front door and for some strange, silly reason I felt a tinge of guilt.

“Come on Selene,” Remus said softly, pushing me forward again, lightly. “Before the the others finds out.” Oh no. That would be completely, utterly horrendous.

I shook my head slightly, as though unable to bear the thought of that actually happening, and took little steps out of the house. They could be secretly plotting to kill me once again, but hey, that's a gamble I've got to take. Maybe this time they could tie me up on the train tracks. That's just a suggestion, you know.

Sirius was already gone once I reached the doorstep outside. He… disappeared! Disappeared into thin air. JOY! It's a miracle! Christmas came early for me. I began to beam.

Though, barely five seconds later, my newly found ounce of joy had disintegrated with a crack. Sirius had appeared once more. Fudge.

“Hold on to my arm,” he told me. Heck to the no.

Remus shut the door right behind me and I immediately held onto his arm. “I'd rather go with Remus.” For a second, I thought I saw a flicker of hurt show in Sirius' face. But it was hard to tell because it immediately became ugly again.

“Fine. It’s not like I care,” he huffed. Within another second, he had turned and was gone once again. If only he stayed that way forever and ever and ever.

“Ready?” Remus asked. I nodded once and off we went. We're off to see the wizard- The wonderful Wizard of... Godric's Hollow. I didn't even get to finish that song in my head until we reached the gate to the cemetery.

The looming church stood towering beside the kissing gate that stood ajar, meaning Sirius was already in there, meaning we're easy victims if Sirius were to strike, meaning he'd be dead once I recover. Ah, a girl could only dream.

In the moonlight, I managed to make out a tall stone statue of three figures. Lily, James and Harry. I froze, staring at Lily’s happy, beautiful face. I felt my throat tighten and a real emptiness filled me. Then I looked at James, his face exuding the same exuberance I remember. I sighed shakily. I missed them. Even James. And that was saying something.

Remus pushed the gate open as he pulled me along, his grip on the hem of my sleeve, reminding of the good old day when Remus and I had made out together. Yes, I did just drop a bombshell.

“Remus, stop,” I told him, halting on a small ledge separating two graves. I managed to see him turn clearly. The moon being bright and all as its light shone down on us, illuminating half our bodies. “Have you told him?”

He frowned. I don't know about you, but I'm guessing that was a no.

“You have to tell him!” Of course he had to tell him! How could there even be any other possibility?

“What are you talking about?” he said, shaking his head, perplexed. Was I really that insignificant back in the days that Remus Lupin doesn't remember? That really did a number on my ego.

I took a deep breath, “Uh, you know... The library?” Sigh, the library. Okay yeah, we made out in the library. Big woop. So it wasn’t normally acceptable to make out in the library, especially with Pince Mince out on the prowl. But you know, whatever. Normal just wasn't my thing. “You know...?”

It was quite a peculiar situation I had found myself in, back in those days. Sirius and I were supposedly going out, but how could we have been if I was going around snogging Remus? I pondered over that for a moment.

Remus stared at me for a little while before it hit him in the head like the muggle frisbee that hit me in the head one time. Sigh. It hurt and it destroyed a probably total of ten million brain cells.

“Why do you even care if he knows?” he let go of my sleeve, “Last I heard, you're constantly arguing with him and cursing his name under your breath!” Remus retorted defensively. “Besides, you forced me into it.”

I glared at him. I did not force him into it. A love potion did not mean I forced him to do anything! And as much as I hated Sirius, he couldn't keep living with this ignorance. Oh, come on, that doesn't mean I care about him.

I shook my head at Remus and he bit his lips. He was such a cutie. Wait, no. He's old and grey and old. Ew, no.

“Look, we have to tell him.” A one daytime make out session affair with Remus, behind Sirius' back, yes, I feel bad, even if it was because of a silly love potion. “It's not right if we don't.”

Remus scoffed and I scoffed at his scoff, “Since when have you been someone to do the right thing?” He smiled innocently. He was always the innocent one. Aw, poor bloke. Getting pushed around by some mean, selfish, girl.

“What's taking you two a while?” Sirius' voice called out from somewhere in the right. After a few crunches of the sticks and stones below us, a full, shaggy figure emerged from the darkness.

“Shut up.”


We both answered in unison. Three guesses as to who said what.

Sirius smiled at us calmly. “Do you mind getting off of James' grave then? I mean, I don't want to seem rude or anything, but you know, I want James to rest in peace, not get trodden over by you.”

I stared at him, completely lost at what he'd just said. Remus merely chuckled as Sirius pushed me off lightly. Then he pointed at one large gravestone. I turned around and- Wow. That was one huge gravestone.

“There's James,” he said as though it was no big deal, “And there's Lily.”

What, you don't think I could read or something? I've been in a coma, not under some brain surgery, which resulted in me becoming illiterate. Get your facts right.

My breath got stuck in my throat as I blinked at the marble gravestone. “Lily?”

I heard movement behind me and didn't turn to watch Remus walk away from the graves. Where he was going, I didn't know nor cared at that moment. To the side of me, I could sense Sirius smile down at James. So there's a tad bit of sensitivity left in him, that doesn't excuse him.

I let my bottom fall onto the ledge behind me as I continued looking at Lily's half of the tombstone, ignoring the cold wetness the snow brought. Sirius sat himself down a few inches away.

“Everything I’d planned for the future never exactly went the way I expected them to,” he mumbled softly, cupping his hands to his mouth.

I laughed dryly and resisted the temptation to roll my eyes. I've got to admit, that was a pretty stupid thing for someone like Sirius to be saying.

“I didn’t know you had to brain capacity to plan things.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “I had so many plans; raise a kid, become a hit wizard, take my bike for rides, watch as all our sons became the Marauder juniors in school...”

I don't know what else he said. I tuned out. Instead, I started to think about the older days, where Lily and - as much as I hate to say it - James were alive.

“You know, Evans, I've got a free period next. I wouldn't mind it if you came to the library and you know, tutored me,” James winked suggestively while Lily pretended to choke on her sandwich.

Sirius thumped her on the back, quite roughly as James giggled like a little girl. Yes, definitely the good old days.

Her false pretence of choking developed into actual choking as Sirius continued to thump her. Me, being on the other side of the table, didn't bother. I'm not so much a bad friend. Just a lazy one... Oh come on! I was on the other side of the table for Merlin's bloody sake!

I thought the message would've gotten through two hundred and eight rejections ago,” I sucked on my thumb lightly as I turned the Daily Prophet, “Have you ever considered a head reduction?” I looked up and of course, the moment I closed my mouth, Sirius attacked.

He stopped patting Lily on the back and smirked, “You know, Roster, I heard you dumped another poor bloke last night. How many times has it been this week? Eight? Nine?”

“You clearly can't count, Black.” I muttered, folding the Prophet in half and rolled into a cylinder. He was definitely stupid back then. I guess not everything changes. “It was three, actually.”

He puckered his lips at me and I immediately shifted my attention onto Remus. “So, Remus, what are you reading there?”

I bit on my bottom lip to stop myself from smiling smugly at Sirius' hurt expression. Well, not hurt. Profound cuttage sounds more like it.

Remus looked up from his book and smiled, a scar wrinkling on his forehead. “It's a muggle fairytale, actually. For muggle studies.”  Oh, I never would've guessed.

I raised an eyebrow, and then out of nowhere, smacked Sirius' head with the newspaper.

What the hell, Roster?” he yelped, mostly out of shock.

Peter squealed besides him, and he suddenly got all excited. He's an enthusiastic little bloke, isn’t he? Especially when he wets his trousers... Oh boy, he went crazy with enthusiasm that one day. Okay, maybe not enthusiasm...

Look!” he wheezed, pointing at short girl form Ravenclaw, across the hall. Oh no! Not another wet incident!

We all turned around, one by one, and looked at the poor first year.  

We're looking, Wormtail. Now what?” James said, chewing on a bit of toast.

The girl walked with a slouch and her head was kept down, looking at her feet while her black hair seemed to shine a bit too much.

Isn't she beautiful?” Peter seemed to swoon. What a girl.

I scoffed and turned back towards the table. “Peter, she's a first year,” I told him as though he had no idea beforehand.

Peter sighed once again and James patted him on the shoulder. “I say go for it. She seems to really like you.”

Lily and I exchanged glances. Not good ones at that.  

Uh, she doesn't seem to look anywhere but her feet. How would the prat over there, know she really likes you?” Lily said, ignoring the fact that she had ever associated with James.  

Come on Evans, he's a Marauder.” James smiled broadly. I bet he was happy that Lily even acknowledged him. Not by his name, but you know, 'prat' was as close as it got. At least it starts with a P... Like Potter Pooper.

Actually, Peter's quite short...” I said to myself. Okay, so it wasn't supposed to come out that loudly, but you know, my mouth opens whenever I think. There's just no possible way to shut it, apart from magic, which I would not be willing to do.

Remus looked up from his book and smiled at me. He's so adorable, I just want to pinch his little nose and ah, cutie. The others turned to look at me weirdly.

No offense, Peter. You are. Short and... Short.” You know, he might pass as a first year. Yeah, with a few acne reducing potions.

Roster, go out with me.” Everyone's head seemed to flick towards Sirius' big, messy, hairy head and Lily's green eyes widened at me.

Hrm, yeah,” I muttered to myself, gazing down at my plate as I thought more about transforming Peter into a first year student.

Brilliant!” Sirius smiled broadly at me. Yeah, what the heck is he looking at? Brilliant, yeah, brilliant. Wait, why brilliant? Whatever makes Sirius say brilliant must be something hellish for me.

I looked up to see Lily's eyes even more widened and a helpless, shocked look on her face.

Silence roamed our little corner.

What?” I blinked, looking from face to face. Every single one of them was looking back at me intensely, Sirius, smiling way too widely. “Uh... What are you smiling at?”

Sirius' smile just got wider. I was startled... How big is his mouth? Wait, what a stupid question. Big head results in a big mouth. Yup, evenly proportioned features. Wow, is he that symmetrical? No wonder girls dig him…

You just agreed to go out with him,” Remus finally said. I started to laugh. Who's insane enough to ever imagine that?

That’s a good one Remus.” Mmm... Sarcasm. I shook my head at him, disappointed. I thought he knew me. I guess not. I looked towards Lily and her eyes watched me nervously... “What?”

You did,” she said. The unnerving silence by the Marauders was freaky. Like... freaky freaky. It was once in a blue moon that all of them were silent at once.

I looked around at them once again, my gaze lingering on Sirius for what seemed to be an eternity. He looked back, innocently sweet looking with his dimples clearly visible. WHAT. THE. HELL?!

You're my girlfriend now,” I could swear, he giggled like a girl. No joke. What is this Marauder gene? Giggling like little five-year-old girls! Urgh! Wait, am I missing the point? Yes. Why, yes I am.


So then, that afternoon when I was Sirius' “official” girlfriend, I made out with Remus in the most typicalist of places – the library. Okay, not so typical. Well, I'd like to think he was slightly tipsy after Sirius threw a celebration party, only because I wanted to hide away the fact that I had indeed spiked his drink with a love potion. Accidentally, of course. Ahem.

“Selene, are you listening?” Sirius' hoarse voice came back into my head. No. I wasn't. But I couldn’t just tell him that.

“Truth be told, Sirius, no, I wasn't,” I turned to look at him and he cocked his head.  

“Well, I just said that... That night- that night...” Spit it out already! I threw a pile of snow at him... Woops.                                                                        

He blinked once before wiping the slop off of his face. “What the hell was that for?”  

I shrugged and turned away, folding my arms across my chest from the cold and looking down at Lily's grave. Taking a little glance at James' as well. I was well aware of Sirius' death stare casted my way. I'll just avoid that. It's honestly the most scariest you'll ever come across... Actually, not really. It's not really that intimidating. His death stare is like the puppy dog look. Not deathly at all.  

He took a deep sigh and took his coat off, placing it on around my shoulders.

...EW! Sirius essence! Yuck! Okay, I was exaggerating. Although, it did smell a bit like him, the familiar musky scents of Sirius that I used to like so much.

I looked back at him and frowned as he looked calmly back at me, the corners of his mouth slightly turned.  

“There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought about you, you know?”

What. The. Friggin'. NameofbloodyMerlin! ...sdfsdn! 


A/N: Helloooo! This is the last chapter I have to update so the next one that will be posted is the NEXT CHAPTER! I'm excited! Thank you so much for reading and something new will be available to you very shortly!

Any reviews/comments will be appreciated too :D Thanks again!

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