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Baby, look up when you're down by ClearCutDiamonds
Chapter 2 : II.
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II. Baby, look up when you're down — Chapter 2

“The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance.”
                     —Samuel Butler

           Funnily enough, Teddy Lupin had never pegged Victoire Weasley as someone to be sensitive. But, there she was this morning practically hysterical over losing her virginity. It baffled Teddy as to how she was usually a cold-hearted bitch but, this morning he saw the same sensitive girl he once knew and had thought disappeared.

          Teddy ran a hand through his trademark indigo-coloured hair and looked around the Great Hall for his best mate and confidant, Cameron Wood. He spotted him at the end of the table and headed in his direction. Teddy sat down quickly and Cameron turned around.

         ‘Oh, there you are. Your bed hangings’ were closed this morning, I thought you had someone with you,’ said Cameron, a smirk playing at his lips. He winked and nudged Teddy, 'So, am I right or am I right?'  

          Teddy sighed and he furrowed his brow in frustration.  ‘Yeah, you're right, I kind of did,’ he said, earning a smile from Cameron.

         Cameron looked more interested now. ‘So, who was it?’ he asked, eyes gleaming. ‘Was it Chloe Davies? I knew you thought she was quite fit…’ Cameron broke off, waiting for an answer from Teddy.

         Teddy shook his head. ‘No, it was someone I know really well…’

         Cameron interrupted him, ‘I knew it was Darcy Finnegan!’ said Cameron, referring to the seventh-year female on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

        ‘No, it wasn’t her either,’ said Teddy, exasperatedly.

         Cameron’s face fell. ‘Then who was it? I don’t really feel like guessing if it’s going to be so hard.’ Cameron’s face wrinkled in disgust, ‘unless… was it a Slytherin?’

         Teddy rolled his eyes frustratedly. ‘Can we just forget names for now?’

         Cameron shrugged, ‘Whatever, what’s the huge problem about last night, anyway?’

        ‘Well,’ said Teddy, licking his lips, ‘It’s kind of complicated. She started freaking out this morning. I think she really never wanted to sleep with me in the first place… which is really frustrating because I sort of really like her,’ said Teddy, all in one breath.

         Cameron looked genuinely interested now; he put an arm around Teddy’s shoulder. ‘Mate, one thing about girls: they never do what they don’t want to do. And, even if you “really like her,” there’s always going to be more girls, so don’t worry,’ said Cameron, making air-quotes when he said, “really like her.”

        ‘In fact, now that I think about it, maybe she wasn’t herself… like; she could have been drunk or something. And I’m just the really big mistake of a really stupid night,’ said Teddy, miserable at the prospect of being Victoire’s drunken mistake.

        ‘Teddy, Teddy, Teddy… Doesn’t everyone know that everyone says and does what the really want when they’re drunk? Everything that they’re too afraid to say when they’re sober? Liquid courage works wonders.’

        ‘Maybe,’ mumbled Teddy, tousling his hair even more by brushing it back with a free-hand.

        ‘Whatever. I have two words for you: Gryffindor and Party,’ said Cameron excitedly. His gaze travelling the expanse of the Great Hall. ‘Oh, joy unbounded, here come the three Gryffindor ice queens,’ said Cameron, rolling his blue eyes.

         Teddy turned around to see Victoire walk into the Great Hall, along with her two best friends, Aurelie Miller and Savannah O’Connor, who in Teddy’s opinion were the biggest bitches to ever walk the halls of Hogwarts. Teddy had always wondered why Victoire was ever even friends with them, and how she had even become like them.

         Sensing their gaze on her, Victoire turned around sharply, and upon seeing Teddy and Cameron, she did something totally out of her character: she blushed a deep crimson and turned away.

         She probably thought Teddy had told Cameron. Teddy knew Victoire was too ashamed to tell her friends the events of this morning.

        ‘Sure, they’re fit, but they all think they're superior to everyone else. I mean, hey, I'm a good-looking bloke, and do you see me snubbing people? No,’ Cameron was saying.

        ‘And you're so modest, too. By the way, what do you think of Victoire?’ asked Teddy, nonchalantly.

        ‘She’s fit. But, she lacks the indefinable charm of weakness,’ said Cameron, shrugging.

        ‘What do you mean, “she lacks the indefinable charm of weakness”?’ asked Teddy curiously.

        ‘She just seems so… self-assured, but a bit too self-assured. Like, she knows she can get anyone or anything wrapped around that finger of hers. Except one thing,’ said Cameron.

         ‘And what's that?’ asked Teddy.

         ‘You,’ said Cameron simply.

         ‘What?’ asked Teddy, confused. ‘Victoire does not like me. Trust me on this one, mate.’

          Cameron raised an eyebrow. ‘Why else do you think she avoided you all of the sudden? Because she knows you sleep around and that you’re interested in other girls. And it kills her. She’s part Veela and she has guys falling at her feet, except the one that she wants. You.’

          ‘That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever,’ said Teddy.

          ‘And why not?’ asked Cameron, slightly defensively.

          ‘Because she’s the girl I slept with yesterday. And I know she regrets it,’ said Teddy.

          ‘Oh, shit!’ yelled Cameron, ‘Score!’ He punched Teddy in the arm.

           Teddy noticed that Cameron’s little outburst had attracted most of the attention of the Gryffindor table, including Victoire.

          ‘You idiot,’ whispered Teddy, ‘she’s staring.’

          Cameron turned towards Victoire, whose cheeks were glowing red. He turned back towards Teddy quickly. ‘Oh, right,’ he mouthed.

          Teddy shook his head at his friend. ‘You’re an idiot. Now, let’s go before you attract anymore attention. Now she’s going to know I told you.’

         ‘Mate, you underestimate girls, they don’t always think you’re talking about them,’ said Cameron.

         ‘No, that’s where you’re wrong; they’re paranoid that we’re always talking about them. And, they aren’t completely stupid,’ said Teddy. He turned to look at Victoire once more before he walked out of the Great Hall and was met with the back of her shiny golden head.


         Teddy and Cameron walked in early to Potions class, which was a rare occurence for the two. They walked slowly, and stopped at the door to survey the room for seats, but they were really letting all the girls survey them. Most girls turned to stare, some blushed and both boys looked oblivious to the attention that they were being paid.

       ‘Double Potions on a Monday morning?’ said Cameron, ‘Do you think Merlin hates us?’

       ‘Nope,’ answered Teddy. ‘Just McGonagall.’

       ‘Can we just ditch this?’ asked Cameron. ‘I need to sleep before the party tonight anyway.’

       ‘Tempting, but—’

       ‘What are you afraid old Sluggie will notice?’ asked Cameron, smirking.

       ‘No, it’s just that—’

       ‘Come on,’ interrupted Cameron, pulling Teddy’s arm. ‘Come on.’

        Teddy looked towards the front of the classroom where Professor Slughorn was absent from his desk. He sighed and followed Cameron out of the classroom.

       'What was the point of walking to class, anyway?' asked Teddy.

        Cameron shrugged, ‘I’m so glad we’re out of there.’

        Teddy just nodded absentmindedly. The pair was waiting for the changing staircase on the third floor to come around. Teddy looked below and saw none other than Victoire climbing the stairs leading to the second floor.

       ‘On second thought, mate,’ said Teddy. ‘I forgot my book in the classroom; I’ll meet you in the dormitory.’

        Cameron shrugged. ‘All right, see you later.’

        Teddy practically ran down the stairs to the second floor and was fast enough to see Victoire bent over her satchel on the second floor staircase. He walked quietly over to her, not wanting her to notice him and give her the chance to run off.

        He stood behind her and politely waited for her to finished stuffing her books in her satchel.

        She finished and stood up and turned around quickly, nearly smacking into Teddy. Her golden hair was swung around one shoulder and her almond-shaped eyes blue eyes widened in shock at the sight of Teddy.

        ‘Oh,’ she squeaked out, a soft blush creeping up her neck.

        ‘Listen, Victoire,’ began Teddy, running a hand through his now bright red hair. Oh, how he hated being a Metamorphagus sometimes.

         Victoire’s cheeks were steadily turning red and Teddy inwardly smiled. He’d never admit it to anyone how much he loved it when she blushed because of him.

        ‘I, uhm —’

        ‘I have to get to class—’

        ‘Vic,’ said Teddy sharply, effectively stopping her from interrupting him. ‘About this morning, in just want you to know that I’m sorry for being a prat, I didn’t know that you were so sensitive about—’

        ‘You didn’t know I was sensitive about losing my virginity to you?’ she said. 

        ‘No, I—’

        ‘No, you listen,’ said Victoire. ‘Just because it’s no big deal to you, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be sensitive about it when I don’t even remember what happened! I was drunk for crying out loud!’

        ‘I didn’t know you were drunk!’ said Teddy, defensively.

        ‘Are you completely stupid?’ asked Victoire. ‘Can you not tell when someone is clearly intoxicated? Why would I ever do what I had done with you if I was sober? How does that make any sense to you? Why would I ever want to lose my virginity to you? It was a stupid, regretful mistake of one drunken night. It clearly doesn't matter to you because you're a self-aborbed prat. So, just spare me your bullshit and leave it alone.’

         Teddy took all of her questions like bullets to the heart. He had to admit it hurt… a lot.

         ‘You’re right. Why would you ever do any of that? I was stupid to think you actually liked me,’ said Teddy.

           Teddy could see from Victoire’s facial expressions that she wanted to take back all the mean things she had just said. Too late for that.

          ‘Teddy—’ began Victoire, biting her bottom lip.

          ‘Just… just don’t,’ said Teddy quietly, turning around and walking back towards the staircase.

. . . . .

Author's Note Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thoughts, corrections are welcomed, too. Thankyous all for taking the time to read!

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Baby, look up when you're down: II.


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