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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 17 : 17
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Hermione moaned into her silky pillow. It was early, very early. After a bunch of disgruntled moans and grunts she felt a figure shift next to her on the large plush mattress.


Perhaps it’s Crookshanks?


Hermione reached her hand over expecting to feel Crookshanks matted fur. But the sensation was slightly different, well a lot different. Hermione cautiously patted the hair of the mass beside her.


Wait…it feels…human!


She shot straight up in her bed and slipped out quickly. Hermione stumbled across the room blindly, reaching for the large red curtains that were letting a sliver of light through. She tore apart the curtains and spun around to find a half naked Draco Malfoy hanging off the bed.




Draco shut his eyes and fell into a deep slumber. He was exhausted, but somehow he couldn’t fall asleep. Hours later he heard the door shut and open.


A house elf? They clean when we sleep right?


Someone was lightly padding across the room, he heard the gentle opening of a trunk and then he felt someone enter the other side of the mattress.


Uhhh… House elves don’t get in the beds do they?


Sleep, however, had picked a rather inconvenient time to overcome him. He heard someone’s gently heartbeat and it lulled him to sleep like a drummers lullaby. 


The next time he opened his eyes was to meet the flabbergasted and furious glare of a certain Hermione Granger.



Hermione was furious, fuming, steaming and shocked out of her mind. She had never, EVER been in the same bed as a boy…well man. She gazed down at his form which was reclining horizontal on the very edge of the mattress. He didn’t have a shirt on. It was glorious. His stomach was so muscular that she swore he was a professional boxer, but it fit him well. The way his skin looked angelic in the morning sunrise’s light. Hermione couldn’t tear his eyes away. Neither could Draco.


Hermione Granger was standing before him more than half naked. In just a black bra and blue underwear. Hermione blushed and quickly ran to her trunk and pulled out a silky robe. Draco sat up and stared at her form as she fastened the robes tie around her waste. No one said a word. Astonishment filled the air. They were both attracted to each other and were not denying it. It was a strange feeling. They were enemies this was not right. But somehow it was. Hermione could feel a gravitational pull towards Draco. She turned slowly and stared at Draco Malfoy who was now pulling his shirt over his head. He stood up and left the room without a word.


Those few moments were monumental. Life changing. Hermione was at a loss for words. She sank onto the bed and ran a hand through her tangled brown locks. She caught a sight of her image in an adjacent mirror and blinked. She looked different. More mature than she had ever appeared in her life. Her hair cascaded down her shoulder messily and it gave a sexy “just rolled out of bed” look. And well, her curves weren’t exactly hidden by the tight silk, robe.


So THIS was what Draco was staring at…oh.



Draco leaned against the door after he shut it gently. Sliding against the frame, he reached the floor and began thinking of what just happened. He was attracted to her, no doubt about that. But could they seriously put behind years of being enemies? And he maybe he could give up the whole "sex god" thing for awhile..




Draco quickly pushed away the idea of a relationship between himself and Granger.


She has Pax anyways.


Draco stood up and walked down the room’s stairs and exited in search of good, meaningless shag. 

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