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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 3 : "Fine Your Future"
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“Fine your future”
Chapter Three

I was once again woken by Monique but this time Monique was jumping on my bed.

“Fleur! They owled! Will you wake up!”

I growled slightly but got out of bed and held out my hand.

Monique shoved the letter in my hand and sat there eagerly watching, I scoffed “As if you don’t already know what eet says.”

She shrugged smiling.

I pulled out the parchment and read

Miss Fleur Delacour,

It is with great pleasure that we are informing you that due to the interview you gave yesterday it would be impossible not to want to give you the job. We would love it if you could start as soon as possible.
For further information please contact William Weasley via floo.

Gringotts Bank

I smiled before asking, “Where ees the floo powder?”

She had already handed it to me before I finished my sentence and she shoved me towards the fireplace. “Now I have to get ready for work so you hurry up in the fire will you?” she smiled before leaving the room.

I kneeled in front of the fire grabbing some floo powder and then said “Bill Weazley, Gringotts Bank”

My head span I waited for it to stop it took longer than usual as my accent always muddled a few things up.

After a minute or two I found myself in the office I had visited yesterday. I recognised the red headed figure with his back to me as he rummaged in his desk drawers.

“Mister Weazley?” I asked trying not to startle him

It didn’t work, he jumped and with quick reflex reactions had his wand pointed at me in a split second.

“Oh sorry” he said slightly embarrassed as he recognised my face.

“Err Mister Weazley can you please lower ze wand?” It was unnerving me that his hand had not moved even though he recognised me.

“Right sorry” he apologised again this time though he had in fact lowered his wand. “Congrats on getting the job” he grinned at me as he crouched near the fireplace.

“Mer..” I stopped myself because I was trying to get into the habit of not speaking too much French. “Thank you” I smiled.

“So when can you start?” Bill asked me he seemed rather cheerful for this early in the morning I noted.

“Whenever” I said.

“Today too soon?” he asked with his lopsided smile and dimples on show.

“That ees perfect” I smiled. “ I can be ready in ‘alf an hour?”

“Just floo to my office when you’re ready” Bill said standing up.

“Will do” I grinned before pulling my head back and leaving his office.

Once back in my apartment Monique was there smiling like mad, “Oh Fleur your future just keeps getting clearer & clearer”

“Monique please I appreciate that your looking at my future it can be very helpful. But can you keep it to yourself cause you have me worried”

“Fine” Monique sighed still beaming away. “Now go get ready! You are leaving first”

I showered & ate before Monique threw my clothes at me urging me to get dressed. I was about to leave when Monique said “Fleur I wouldn’t wear those if I were you” she was looking at my shoe, she didn’t look too worried though.

I frowned these were my favourite heels. “I think I will take my chances” I said before stepping into the fire.

I vaguely heard her laugh and saying “Fine your future” as I whizzed through the fireplaces. I finally saw Bills office and true enough, fell through that one.

“Fleur!” I heard his voice shout as I fell.

“Hello” I smiled at him he was sat at his desk doing what looked like paperwork.

Bill grinned back “That was quick”

“Monique wanted me to leave before her for some reason.” I muttered still confused how my shoes would affect my future.

“Hey, I’m not complaining” Bill said smiling. “So I’m going to need to run through the main idea of what you are going to be doing here.”

I smiled a little nervously.

He obviously noticed and laughed lightly “You’ll do fine don’t worry. So basically you’ll be working with me most days. There’s some families that have less contact with the goblins and more with
us. Luckily for us we don’t get many high status pure bloods they prefer goblins less ‘interfering’” Bill smiled as did I. I could still remember from the year before the Malfoy boy who appeared
to me a stuck up piece of mean.

“So what we basically do is manage the money for these families and such. Now how about a tour?”

I simply nodded.

“You’re not very talkative today” He mused as he lead me out of his office.

I shook my head “I theenk I am just nervous” I really didn’t want to screw this job up now.

“Don’t be” Bill said showing his dimples of in a smile.

I smiled back but realised my insides had been released slightly and I felt surprisingly less nervous.

Bill lead me through a few corridors of offices before me reached the main Gringotts hall. So theses are the goblins pretty much it to be honest but I wouldn’t annoy them they aren’t that friendly at times.” He lowered his voice “They’re greedy but proud creatures” His voice returned to normal as he continued “You wont have much dealings with them only if we need to get in a high security vault.”

I couldn’t help but think how ugly they were compared to the likes of me or Bill for that matter as mean as that sounds.

Next thing I knew we were in a colder part of Gringotts and Bill was calling us a cart to go in. Barely a minute passed as we waited for the cart during which Bill tapped his foot whilst humming.

“We’re not going too far down today but we’ll go to a vault and open it up and ill show you how to sort things out.” He said getting in.

“Okay” I replied slowly joining him in the small cart. I took a step and my heel bent sending me falling into the cart. Bill caught me laughing as I blushed. I sat back in the seat blushing.

As soon as it started I felt myself grip his arm a little tightly as the speed made my hair flow behind me.

“Its not that bad you know open your eyes I don’t want you to miss it” Bill said quietly with a hint of amusement in his tone. I hadn’t even realised they were closed to be fair.

“I will get used to eet eventually, I suppose” I laughed but stopped quickly when the cart slowed to a halt and I looked in front of me. “You ees kidding right?” I whispered in shock barely 20 metres away a fully grown dragon lay in a deep sleep still chained to the floor.

“Nope” His smile widened as his voice whispered back“ But hey? Remember the Hogwarts motto will you? Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus. Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon” he winked at me and I actually had to stifle a giggle (instead I hit his arm).

“You do know that eet is not pronounced like that?” I teased him

“Oh right its French so you know it properly” he laughed quietly.

“It’s Latin” I laughed as he blushed then childishly stuck his tongue out at me.

“Come on to the vault then” He said and we were off again. 

I’m sorry this is a really slow chapter but it kind of needs to be there you know. If it helps I updated twice in a week that’s good for me. =D x

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Je t'aime: "Fine Your Future"


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