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Gutted by a rollerball
Chapter 1 : Prolouge- Done For
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Chapter 1
Prolouge- Done For


It’s not everyday that the first girl you ever asked out turns you down.

It was December 17th, yeah don’t tell me, it’s a really crap time to ask someone out, being 8 days from Christmas and all. But we had a bet.

Al, my best friend, had a “brilliant idea”. We both had to get girlfriends by Christmas.

At first I thought it would be easy.


I mean, I know I’m fit- either that or people still haven’t gotten over me being Draco Malfoy’s son and heir. In third year I had a tail of first years until I told them they were “fucking pig ugly and no guy in there right mind would shag them for a million gallons.”

Okay that was harsh but I was pissed at the time.

It was only yesterday that I realised how little time I had left.



So hear I am freaking out because I asked out Dominique Weasley.

Look, I know I'm thick. I know I'm a prick.

I was just so fucking scared I was gunna have to sing “I wanna wank Dumbledore“in the middle of the great hall at breakfast, if I loose, that I asked out the first girl I saw.



So, I am officially writing my will.

It’s 2 days until Christmas and since I asked Dom out and I haven’t been within 10 metres of a girl without her laughing at me.

At least Al is still with me on this. Yeah right! He couldn't find this funnier.

I can still hear her reply after the dreaded incident.

“Hey, Dom. Hey”

“What do you want, Scorpius?”

“ I was just wondering…if…erm… if maybe…er… you weren’t to busy…um… you would go out with me?”

She stared at me for a while and I got more and more uncomfortable.




Then I ran for it!


Al invited me over to the Potters for the Christmas holidays. I thought it would be great. But then they told me that we were all going over to the barrow for Christmas day and all the Weasley’s would be there. That is, including Dom.

Then again there is a plus side. All Weasley’s meant that Rose is going to be there.

I can never tell when I started to love Rose. It was just always there, but I only realised it in second year.

Rose was sitting by the fire, book in hand as ever. The firelight seemed to flow around her and set her glowing, her auburn hair flying as her eyes franticly searched the page.

“Where is it?” she demanded.

“Where is what?” Al asked

“Where is it?”
“Where is what, Rose?”

“Where is it?”

“Where is what?!”

“Where is it?”

“Stop it Rose, I think your scaring Al” I cut in.

She looked up at me.

Her eyes seemed to burrow down into mine and search for my soul. Never before had she seemed so venerable, so scared, so lost, so … loveable.

I had the sudden urge to put my arms around her, hold her close and tell her everything was going to be alright.

The urge was so overpowering, I felt my arms move of their own accord and I hastened to bring them back under control.

“Where is what, Rose” I asked politely.

“My essay!”

 That night I laid in my bed trying to puzzle out what had happened.

Something had overcome me that night. Something I had never felt before. A desire. A desire for my best friend’s cousin. The one thing I wanted more than my own life. The one thing I couldn't have.

Rose Weasley.

Even the name brought back the feelings.

One thing I was positive of.

I was in love with Rose Weasley!

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Gutted: Prolouge- Done For


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