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Cry For You by StepUpx_Gryffindor
Chapter 5 : Interrogations;
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I wake up on a Saturday morning with absolutely nothing to do. Now that my plan on getting back at my bastard of an ex is in the works, I can rest easy knowing that it’s all going to work out fine. Finding comfort in the walls of the library, I sit myself down in am armchair and read about Elfin Rights for about a half hour. Gosh, I love the library. Call me a Hufflepuff nerd, but I could stay in the library for days and never get bored. I don’t know why I enjoy it here so much; I guess it’s the atmosphere. So peaceful and quiet. I chuckle softly to myself.

Peaceful and quiet? Those were the two adjectives that I had always used to describe myself. Now that my life will neither be peaceful, nor quiet, until the end of the plan, I can proudly say that my life as of now is a bit wild and exciting.

How ironic.

One does not look at Natalie Rouz and think ‘oh, man, she’s a wild one!’ or ‘holy cow, Nat’s such an exciting girl’. Hm, it had never occurred to me what other people would think of me through out this fake relationship with Sirius Black and I. The six ways Klara said I could use destroy Amos Diggory are fool-proof, and sure…I’ll be changing him (hopefully) in the end, but I never considered how I would feel in the end. Let’s face it; everyone in this plan is being used like a puppet, aren’t they? What am I supposed to do once this ends? I wonder if I’ll feel different. Could you imagine me with a little more confidence? Sure, I could see myself like that – but I think I’d be feeding off of my ex’s vulnerability, you know? This plan is all about Amos…but I can’t help wondering if it’s going to change me. I’m not full of myself, be honest now. I’m just simply stating, that if this plan can change Amos and turn his life around in a complete three-sixty view, who’s to say it won’t have the same effect on me? It shouldn’t be a bad effect, though, right? I should be glad to change an arse to a gentleman…Right? RIGHT?!

“You look like you’re having an internal struggle with yourself.”

I look up and swallow a huge lump down my throat. I was so busy living in my mind that I was completely oblivious to the person who decided to plop down across from me.

“Sirius,” I whisper in surprise. I take a look around the half-full library. “What are you doing here?”

He picks a book up off the end-table and turns it around in his hands, eyes scanning the spine uninterestedly. “Argh, The Full Analysis of Cornish Pixies & Their Seasonal Mating Calls? I’ve got to tell Madame Pince to stock up on books that won’t give people nightmares.” Sirius puts the book back down and I say his name a second time.


“What?” He has a bit of a smile on his face.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Now…I thought we were done with questions, Rouz? Unless you wouldn’t mind me asking a couple of-”

“Shhh!” I silence him. “Don’t speak so loudly.”

He leans back on the armchair in defeat. “I was taking a look at some books for a Potions assignment. I saw you here, and I thought I’d stop by,” Sirius explains.

“Did you have to do it here? Where there are…people?”

He throws me a profound look. “You’re telling me that I can’t talk to you, my soon to be girlfriend, in a room where there are people?”

I click my tongue impatiently. “Not so loudly,” I remind him. “I’m trying to read.”

“I think it’s rude to read a book whilst in the middle of conversation.” I look up at him and I try not to hide back a bit of a smile. He has wit, I’ll give him that.

“No,” I say calmly. “It’s not.”

Sirius moves forward until our knees are touching. He takes a strand of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. The right side of my face is momentarily paralyzed; when his fingers leave my face, my skin does not go unscathed – it’s full of scars of nothing. As in, numbness.

I try not to blush scarlet. “There are people watching,” I remind him kindly.

“There will always be people watching,” he wags his finger at me playfully. I bite my lip.

People begin to stare. From the corner of my eye, I see a blonde boy.

I go through a sort of blinking trance for a couple seconds before looking out of the corner of my eye again, making certain I don’t have an over-reactive imagination.

I was right: I do see a blonde boy. A blonde boy I’ve been trying to hide from for about a week now.


I hide from the human world, with the use of my book.

“Er, Nat-”

“Shut up!” I hiss and mumble at the same time. It isn’t bad enough that people are noticing Sirius talking (keyword: not whispering) to me randomly in the library. But Amos Diggory is only a few meters away! There is not a chance in Merlin’s Hell that I’m going to confront him here – NOW! In the library. With Sirius. With Sirius Black.
I’m going to faint.

“Love, is there a reason you’re hide- oh, ho. I see…” I peek over the top of my book to see his reaction. And he’s smirking. I look back for an instant and see Amos with his head turned. I take this opportunity to grab Sirius by the hand and scruffily throw him out of the armchair. We hide behind a shaded area of some shelves. You can’t see us in plain sight; you have to take a left through the maze of aisles to find us. I take a book out from the shelf in front of us and I see Amos a good distance away. Alright, now I can keep an eye on him.

“Well that was quite quick. Didn’t think you had that in you. Have you ever considered trying out for Quidditch? Excellent reflexes.” I ignore his joke and give him the book from the shelf.

“Take this as a cover,” I tell him. He raises his eyebrows at me. “Uh…what?”

I lift up my own and show him how to hide with it. “See? Just open it half way and duck-”

“This is pathetic.” He starts to put the book back on the shelf but I stop him.

“No. Keep it! It’s for emergencies! If anyone stops by, they won’t notice us. Or worse; if Amos looks over, he won’t see us.”

“Oh, of course, because we’re disguised so well,” he chuckles. I hide behind the book in my hands. With a swift look back at Sirius, I continue to peek through the gap in between the books on the shelf.

“Amos hasn’t moved yet…” I observe.

“You do realize you’re spying on your ex through a bookshelf, right?”

I huff. “I cannot believe he’s in the library! Do you know what’s going to happen if he sees me? No, scratch that. Do you know what’s going to happen if he sees me with you?

He tilts his head to the side. My goodness, the boy has perfectly arched eyebrows.

“That’s the plan, though. Isn’t it?” He says a little too loudly. Amos stiffens his shoulders a bit and looks to his right.

“Will you hush, please?”


“You know, you are not making things better for me at the moment. Just…er, stay still.”
“Natalie. We’re not going to be eaten by a wild woodland creature. Playing dead isn’t going to stop Diggory from noticing-”


Remus Lupin’s voice echoes in my ears in surprise. My reaction? I almost screech as I throw my book in the air in shock. Sirius covers my mouth quickly and ignores me while he begins talking to Remus.

“Moony, what are you doing here?”

“Pete said he forgot his Charms book down here. I was on my way downstairs, and I thought I could stop by and see if it’s here.” Remus curiously stares at us while shoving his hands in the back pockets of his pants. “What are you two doing, hiding from a woodland creature?”

How fetching. The Marauders truly do think alike, don’t they?

Sirius chuckles at Remus’s words. He takes a look around him, making sure people can’t see us, and tells his friend, “We’re spying on Diggory.”

He’s still covering my mouth. I’m fully capable of being calm now, but, er- I’m not sure that’s registered in his brain yet. Sirius Black is in the middle of conversation, so I don’t really have an opportunity to tell him.

“Ah,” Remus responds. “Well…that’s all fine and dandy. But why are you holding Natalie’s head?”

“Wha- oh. Sorry about that, love,” he apologizes, letting go of my head. His hand leaves my mouth instantly. I know this is going to sound awkward…but his hands smell really good. I wonder if he exfoliates.

“So are we still on for tonight?”

“Of course, Moony. What else will I be doing?”

“Well since you have other responsibilities now…” Remus scratches his head awkwardly, head pointed in my direction.

“What’s going on tonight?” I ask anxiously.

Sirius takes a big and energizing deep breath. “Nothing, just hanging out with the guys,” he says more to Remus than to me. He’s hiding something.

Meep! I almost forgot about Amos. I peek over at the blonde in question.

“Alright…well I’ll let you guys be...” Remus Lupin notices my attempts at discreetly looking through a bookshelf, and trails off from his sentence as a result.

“Just making sure,” I explain.

“Ah, yes.”

He then begins to peek over the bookshelf himself, ushering us to go behind him. All the while, Sirius is staring me straight in the eyes and I dunno what to do.

He looks around him in haste; after a couple moments he tells us, “Amos is gone.” Backing up slowly, he makes way for us to walk out of the library. He and Sirius do that nod all guys do to show their love for each other but in a more manly way (it also means ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you’ in Boy-a-nese).

Remus turns around and throws me a mocking grin.
Why do I feel like he’s going to say something cheeky?

“Through a bookshelf? Really.”


Around Lunch time, a swarm of young teenage girls charge at me with gum-chewing mouths and manicured nails like daggers. And to think my day was going so silently calm. First I get teased for sneaking through a bookshelf, and now I'm being attacked by snarky girls smacking their gum loudly in my face.

“Is it true?” One of them squeaks.

“Tell us!” Pushes the blonde one in the front.

I look around, trying to find a seat in the Great Hall. I walk quickly, but they still keep up. “Um…what are you guys talking about-?” But they cut me off immediately.

“Don’t be daft,” the blonde leader says again, cutting me off. The other girls in her group blow bubbles with their gum and roll their eyes.

“We know you broke up with him…”

“Is he as bad a kisser as people say he is?”

“Didn’t he cheat on you like a million times?”

“But he’s like…really sexy…”

“I heard you slapped him. Twice.”

“…does he really have Chlamydia?!”

“Tell us the truth!”

“If you’re just going to ignore us, then you’re a bint.” Okay, now I want to cut the blonde one.

“I heard he tried to find some books on kissing…” Is that why he was in the library today? Wow. I struggle to keep myself from laughing out loud at that one.

“But still, isn’t he sexy?”

“…No, I heard he had Chlamydia and Crabs!”

“Amos Diggory was always kind of disgusting, you know…”

“Did you see him without his shirt off!? Like…a lot?”

I’m being stalked by pubescent bottled blondes.
What has my life turned in to?

“I-I, uh, I don’t know,” I sputter, turning my head and trying to address them. I spin my head back around and look for Klara as if my life depends on it. I didn’t expect to be tackled by barbie-looking Third and Fourth Years! This was not part of the plan…

“They say you’re good friends with Sirius Black now…”

“Oh, Merlin…now that’s a sexy man!”

“…Do you like him?”

“But Amos hates him!”

“Isn’t Amos going gay now?”

“…if he likes Sirius Black, I suppose…”

“Are you going to answer any of our damn questions?!”

I turn around, hair whipping me in the face. “NO!” I roar, completely out of character. The little tramps halt and lean back, shocked by my outburst.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me…” I pant, straightening out my robes. I spot Klara down the Hufflepuff table. With one last look at the blonde bombshells, I walk down to meet my best friend for Lunch.

“Part two of the plan has been going smoothly so far,” Klara informs me.

“Oh? What’s happened?”

“We were supposed to take away his posse; make him feel alienated from his friends. Take a look, he’s eating lunch alone.” Klara points to the opposite side of the table where Amos sits and eats with his friends. Well, used to eat with his friends. Klara’s right. His friends are no where to be seen.

“It’s only been around a week or so! This much success already?”

“You’d be surprised, Nat. He’s always been on the rumor mill. If you give the public what they want, they oblige to your demands like that,” she snaps her fingers.

“The public wants too much,” I comment, resting my elbows on the table. “I just got verbally harassed by a group of skanky bottled blondes! They were total tart-clones!"

"Oh. Sorry about that. They kind of attacked me earlier today, too. Not sure what they’re trying to do. I think they’re like the Third/Fourth Year groupies to gossip. The newer the generation, the worse it gets, I’m tellin’ you…”

“One of them basically called me a bint.”

“They’re a bint for calling you a bint,” Klara concludes.

My thoughts exactly.

“I almost ran into Amos today in the library.” My best friend almost drops her fork.

“NO! You’re not supposed to see him until later on! At least until part three-”

“Calm down, love,” I put my hand up, cutting her off. “He didn’t see us, although I did have a small chat with Sirius and Remus.”


“Yeah. Apparently they have manhood-bonding nights out where they just chill.”

She ponders. “They never leave each other’s sights, you know that?”

“They’re marauders, and best friends. It’s who they are. They hang out with each other because they're like brothers,” I tell her. I grab a chicken drumstick as Klara begins to speak again.

“Or…they hang out a lot because they’re trying to hide something. They’re so close; they’re bound to have a good secrets between each other.”

I roll my eyes. “Don’t go all ‘detective’ on me now. I can barely handle your fierce-ness when you're in your lawyer mode.”

“I’m just saying,” she coos. “They have that secretive brotherhood thing going on.”

“Well what ever they’re doing tonight; whether it be brotherhood bonding or not, I think it’s nice that they do that. Why don’t we have those kind of relaxing times together?”

“Because all you do is freak out.”

“Not true!” I correct, wagging my finger.

“Please, love. We don’t have time for spa days. I don’t need to smell like a damn apple for a day. No need for relaxation. We have a plan, need I remind you. And we can’t take breaks.”

“Ugh.” I sigh. “How about a little break? Just one night off from planning?”


Bah. I’m going to throw my chicken in here hair.

“We have to prepare you for the next step in destroying your ex’s life,” Klara continues, “and we cannot get this one screwed up.”

Right, as opposed to the other parts of the plan that we have so blatantly messed up on.

“What do I have to do next?” I ask a bit nervously. I know that I've read through the lest and helped Klara confirm evrything, but at the moment I'm drawing up a blank.

Klara digs in her bag for our list. She knows it by heart already, I know she does. But she’s considerate enough to show me it so I can see it myself. It takes her four seconds to lay out the crinkled list. It takes me three seconds to read what I have to do next. It takes me two seconds to freak out in realization, momentarily yelling at myself for letting this actual step slip my mind.

And it takes me one second to spit out my pumpkin juice.

Three, get his girl to date one of his rivals.

“Date Sirius Black!?” I hiss. Er…This soon? Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. We've arrived to this step already....Gulp.

“Of course,” she smirks. “We have much more planning to do. You and I have to choose a place, a date, public appearances…they all have to be organized…” My best friend goes through an entire explanation of what we will be doing for the next couple of nights: planning my public affair. She speaks, but all I can think about is Sirius and I as a couple.

Sirius and I walking down the halls.
Holding hands.
Hugging... SNOGGING! Holy Potatoes!

I’m gonna be snoggin’ Sirius Black.
As in kissing. With lips….really really close to the other person’s face.

Bloody hell.

Author's Note: So how did you like this chapter? Hehe, I had fun writing this last part. I'm so sorry it's so short :( But I had to update and I didn't want to already jump into what I had planned for the next chap. I'm working on the next chapter of this as we speak, so stay on the look out for chapter six!

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