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Remember by Emilyinlove
Chapter 27 : Broken Hearts
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, characters, series, movies or anything related to it. I just own the plot and Elle.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So, lots of reviews on last chapter...I figured it would make you all happy, and yes it was a bit fast, but...oh well. But now I must give you all my apologies because you might just decide to hate me after this chapter. So please, no rude reviews, there are more chapters to come still that explain what happened...but maybe you can add up the facts...hmm...but yes, once again, sorry and please don't hate me! Oh, when reading this chapter, some good songs to listen to are "Go To Girl" by Hayden Panettiere and "Never Had A Dream Come True" by S Club 7...if you've heard these songs...well then, you might realize this is a kind of a sad chapter. Also, it's kind of short, but it's like that for a reason. The next chapter is long. Also, I'm going to try and put up as many chapters as I can before the queue closes, but when it does, I'll put the chapters on my site probably. So check there if you want to read more. Anyways, read on and remember to not hate me :)

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Broken Hearts

All night I dreamed of my future with Elle. And of the events that occurred before sleep took over us. I woke up lazily the next morning and when I went to give Elle a good morning kiss, I looked to see she wasn't there. I wonder where she went, I thought to myself as I yawned and stretched, none of the other boys in the dorm being awake yet. I stood up, quickly pulling on my boxers and a baggy shirt before looking on the ground to see nothing was there. And when I say nothing, I really meant nothing.

The boys’ dorms were always messy, and I was probably the worst culprit for it in our room. Sirius was surprisingly clean and took pride on how clean his area was. But with mine...there was nothing there, when I knew there should've at least been Elle's dress, shoes and my shirt from last night was gone as well. I reassured myself that she had probably just taken them so she could get to her own dorm without getting caught.

I quickly got dressed before going into the bathroom and brushing my teeth and hair. I made my way down the stairs with a smile on my face just thinking about seeing my fiancé when I saw that all the Marauders plus Lily, Marlene and Rebecca were already awake and staring at the fire in the common room in silence.

"W-what's going on?" I asked when I saw how distraught and depressed they all looked.

"Elle left this for you. We all got one," Lily said, her voice trembling, as did her hand when she extended it towards me. In her hand was an envelope with my name written on it in fancy writing, exactly the way Elle always wrote.

I looked at them all cautiously, wondering what was going on. Lily and Marlene were avoiding eye contact, Rebecca was just zoned out on the fire, and the other Marauders were just watching me. I took out my pocket knife and opened the letter carefully with my shaking hands and pulled out the neatly folded piece of parchment that was inside. I unfolded it, and read what was written neatly and carefully on the tear-stained parchment.

Dear Remus,

By the time you read this, I will have already left. It's weird how you were the very first person to kiss me, but now you're probably the last to know about all of this. I really can't believe it's you that I'm letting go. This has come without any warning, and I'm so, so sorry. I know it'll never be the same, but you have to find some way to set me free from your thoughts and more importantly, your heart.

I've met somebody and I can't lie to you, it's been driving me crazy. I know this hurts you, but you have to try to understand that this doesn't change anything about us. What we had was the most wonderful, amazing, heavenly, euphoric things I've ever experienced.

I just can't stay. I wish it was as simple as that, but unfortunately it's not. All I can tell you is that if I stayed, you're life would've been at risk. I'm so sorry about this, believe me, I really am, but you have to forget about me. Forget everything about me; you won't be able to find me. I'm started a new life. Another one, I mean. You just can't be in it. I don't want to hurt you, I swear on my life! I love you with all of my heart, and that's why I had to leave you and everyone else behind.

I hope you understand and remember that I will always love you, even if you do forget me, which I hope you do, for both of our sakes. You know you can be loved, so find someone else and love them will all of your heart. Love them with all the love that you loved me with. Thank you for the most amazing night I could ever have and will ever have. No one will ever replace you in my heart.

Love always,

No. This couldn't be happening. She couldn't be gone. This had to be some sort of sick, twisted joke! I looked over at the others and they seemed to be waiting for some sort of reaction out of me.

"Is this your guys' idea of a sick joke? Because it if is, it's not funny," I said and they looked at me in pure, utter shock.

"Moony, we can't even believe it ourselves," James said, his face much paler than usual, and the usual mischievous glint in his eye had disappeared and was replaced by a look of sadness and desperation.

"We just woke up to see all of Elle's belonging's gone, and these letters in its place," Lily explained. "Remus, what did she say in her letter to you?"

"Don't tell me you don't already know what she said!" I screamed at them angrily, for Marlene and Lily to jump slightly. "This has gone far enough!"

I ran over to the entrance to the girl's dormitories and tried to get up the stairs, but they had melted into a slide, refusing to let me up. I gripped the wall and slowly but surely made my way up to the girl's dormitories. I looked into their room and sure enough, her bed lay there, perfectly made with not trunk at the end, and not a single thing out of place in what used to be her area. I went to walk into the room and a shield prevented me from doing so. Multiple times I ran head first into it, to just be stopped dead in my tracks. The last time I tried, I ran with all my speed and will and it deflected me, and because of how much motivation I had, it sent me flying backwards and back down the transformed stairs.

"Remus..." Rebecca said in the quietest and most gentle voice I've ever heard her use in the whole time I've known her.

"Don't," I snapped, looking over to see Sirius holding onto Marlene as she cried, and James doing the same with Lily. I noticed both of the guys were letting discreet tears out as well. That should've been me with Elle.

"Remus, you're not the only one who's sad about this. We're all devastated that she would just leave, Remus," Rebecca told me and I just broke down and dropped to the ground, letting all of my emotions out.

"I love her so much, and she just packed her bags and left! Why would she think she was going to hurt me! This is hurting me more than anything else she could do, and she would never hurt a soul! She left even after I gave her all of me, and she gave me all of her. We were going to get married. We were going to live together after school ended. We were going to live our lives out together. But she's gone. Even after last night, she's gone," I said, my head in my arms as I continued to cry.

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