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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 2 : The Interview
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Feeling unprepared and slightly abandoned Fleur stood up and turned to greet her interviewer and was momentarily distracted by the very attractive person stood in front of her. Before she could speak however he opened his mouth and said good-naturedly, “Well Monique seemed to forget to introduce us, I’m Bill Weasley.”

Chapter Two 

Fleur could not help but notice how good looking Bill was as she shook his offered hand. He was taller than she was and had a face which would be viewed as traditionally handsome however his addition of a fanged earring and long hair made him look more edgy. She thought he looked familiar but couldn’t place where she’d seen him before. He appeared to be thinking along the same lines as they released hands he said brightly, “Have we met before?”

“I am Fleur Delacour,” she introduced herself flashing a smile and pushing her long hair out of her face and behind her ear.

Recognition flashed across his face, “You’re that girl from Beauxbatons, aren’t you? Their school champion.” 

Fleur let out a wry laugh, “I wouldn’t call me a champion, non, I was useless!”

“I doubt that.” Bill protested, leading her with a gesture towards Gringotts.

“Ah but Meester Weazley it ees true.” Fleur grimaced shaking her head slightly as she fell into step with him. “I only completed the first challenge with zee dragon. I was useless at the other challenges.”

Bill laughed before commenting sarcastically, “Because getting past a dragon is so easy.”

Fleur smiled at him slightly before continuing, “Zee second task was worse! I couldn’t even save my Gabrielle from zee Mermaids! My own seester!”

“But weren’t you attacked by Grindylow?” Bill pointed out in bemusement.

“Oui, but if ‘arry ‘adn’t saved her she would ‘ave been with them for who knows how long.” Fleur declared almost daring him to argue with her, “I was first out of zee maze too.”

“Now you’re being ridiculous,” Bill said only half-jokingly, “I watched the third task and know for a fact you only left the maze because an imposter stunned you.”

Fleur narrowed her eyes at him as they reached the front doors of Gringotts, “You ees ‘orrible making me out to be a good champion when I was useless.”

“I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true. You’re just being stubborn.” Bill said charmingly leading her to the right down a marble hallway he stopped at the third door on the left and produced a key from his pocket to open it, “Come on let’s start the interview then.”

It was obvious from the moment that Fleur entered the office that this where Bill worked. On the wooden desk there were several photographs in frames, not being able to contain her curiosity she went to the side of the desk to look at them. Two of these showed a large gathering of what Fleur assumed was Bill’s family judging by the red hair, all of them waving up at her. She realized that other than Bill she recognized another person in the group.

“This ees your brother?” she asked pointing at the youngest boy in the photo.

“Yeah that’s Ron.” Bill nodded glancing quickly at which one she was pointing at although to be fair only one male in the photo wasn’t his brother but his father.

“Well then you must know ‘arry then?” she said to Bill almost accusingly remembering this Ron was who Harry had to save in the second task.

“Harry Potter? Yeah they’re best friends.” Bill told her before sitting behind the desk, “So anyway, take a seat.”

Fleur looked away from the photographs and sat in the seat opposite him crossing her legs. Her foot grazed his legs slightly but if he noticed he didn’t react. Fleur’s forehead wrinkled, she was surprised to say the least men didn’t usually react so little to her presence.

Unflustered Bill took out some parchment and lay it flat in front of him, “So Fleur, this job is just a part time position and would be simply helping me with some of the more behind the scenes side of Gringotts. I’ll need you to assist me with some of the paperwork but also a major part of what we do is we deal with some of the vault owners who prefer to interact with wizards rather than the goblins. Now Monique sent me your academic achievements and reference from Madame Maxime but what I want to know is why do you want a job here with us?”

Fleur instantly switched to business mode trying to remember the techniques Monique had taught her a month before when she had her first interview which hadn’t panned out.  “I think if I could work ‘ere I would have the opportunity to improve my Eenglish and meet new people. I am confident and not to be, erm, bigheaded, as you would say, but I was top of many of zee classes at Beuxbatons before I came here which has given me experience working to deadlines and learning new skills.”

The interview continued much the same way and Fleur was encouraged by the smile Bill wore throughout the interview. When he seemed to run out of questions he folded his fingers together and rested his chin on them simply looking at her. Slightly unnerved but determined not to show it she maintained eye contact with him until he broke out into a wide grin. “Well it’s all looking very impressive, I’ll have to speak to my superior before any final decisions are made but you should be getting an owl very soon with our decision.”

Fleur smiled back it him relieved the interview was over and now there was nothing she could do but wait to hear back from him. They both stood up and Bill offered to show her out. As they walked he seemed to be trying to stop himself from saying something and kept looking at her out the corner of her eye so much so that Fleur grew impatient and putting her hand on his elbow to stop him asked, “What ees it Meester Weazley?”

For the first time since she had met him he seemed uncomfortable and she had to admit she found it endearing, Especially as he tumbled over his words when he replied “Well, it’s really not any of my business, I was just curious, with you being her friend and all, are you very much alike to Monique?”

Fleur tossed her hair behind her as she laughed, “Non, Meester Weazley! I am not so facile. Oh, what ees the word een Eenglish? Ah, I ees not so easy!”

Bill laughed at that still looking faintly embarrassed. Fleur joined him before clapping a hand over her mouth, “Please don’t tell ’er I said that, she would kill me.”

That set them both of again as they approached the exit, Bill pushed his long hair out of his face and tied it in a ponytail habitually only adding to the attractiveness Fleur saw in him, “No problem, my lips are sealed.”

“Merci,” Fleur pressed her lips to his cheek briefly as they shook hands in parting before heading out into Diagon Alley.

Later that evening Fleur was making their dinner just as Monique arrived back to their flat. Before Fleur could even greet her properly Monique was in the kitchen grinning, “The owl will be here in the morning. Very nice job.”

Fleur rolled her eyes at the idea Monique had been watching out for her future again but thanked her anyway.

Monique winked again, “I’m not talking about the interview.”

“What are you talking about then?” Fleur asked in confusion, not understanding what else Monique was congratulating her on.



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Je t'aime: The Interview


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