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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 2 : “Merci beaucoup”
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“Merci beaucoup”
Chapter Two 
After he said his name he offered me his hand, then he added “Have we met you seem familiar”

He was right I recognised him from somewhere, the fang earring & the red hair was very familiar.

“I ees Fleur Delacour” I said my chin turned up slightly as I shook his hand.

“Oh yeah your that girl from Beauxbatons, you were their school champion right?” he said and we fell into step and walked towards Gringotts bank.

I actually snorted, “Champion?! Non, I was useless!”

“I doubt that!” Bill protested.

“Ah but Mister Weazley it ees true” I grimaced slightly, “ I only completed the first challenge with zee dragon.”

“It’s just Bill, and that must have been hard” Bill said

“Non, Hagrid had shown my headmistress who told me before ‘and.”

“True but I was told all the champions knew anyway so it wasn’t really an advantage.” Bill said.

“Pfft!” I laughed slightly “Zee second task was worse! I couldn’t even save Gabrielle from zee Mermaids! My own seester!”

“But weren’t you attacked by Grindylow?” asked Bill bemused.

“Oui your point?” I asked

“Well then It wasn’t your fault”

I rolled my eyes, “I was first out of the maze too!”

“Now you’re being ridiculous I was there for that task and we both know you’d been stunned by an imposter!”

“You ees ‘orrible! I’m being serious and you keep making me out to be some sort of brave hero!” I was angry now & he knew it.

“Okay lets forget it and do this interview then yeah?”

“Fine” I said. I bet my nostrils flared. Bill led me to an office in Gringotts.

“Sorry I didn’t tidy up” he said sheepishly.

 But I was hardly listening because it was obvious who’s office it was anyway because of the photos on his desk.

 There was a family photo, I could tell they were family because they all had the same hair and I even saw a few similarities in their faces though I was sure the two twins looked slightly cheekier & Bill was the only one with dimples.

 There was another picture this looked older and had two brothers with their parents I thought I recognised Bill first “Ees that one you?” I asked him pointing at the picture.

Bill laughed “Yep that’s me and My brother Charlie. I was four.”

 I smiled at him and he smiled back. After a moment I looked away and he coughed uncomfortably. “So anyway take a seat”

 I sat in the seat opposite him feeling surprisingly confident though I was sure that was because I saw him jump slightly when I crossed my legs and accidentally brushed his thigh.

“Why do you want this job?” he asked me, he waited for my answer quill in hand.

“So I can improve my Eenglish & to meet new people I suppose” I said smiling.

“Good answer” he winked and I made my first mistake and giggled.

“Is there any particular job you want?” he continued after scribbling my answer down on his paper.

“I ees not fussy though would prefer…” I tried to think of the word “ …part-time?”

 It seemed like an okay word because he nodded and continued making notes. It carried on like this until almost an hour had passed.

“I think that’s all” Bill smiled “It all looks very impressive I must say”

I smiled, but frowned because he too had frowned.

 “I have to ask I know it’s not really my business but you’re not to like Monique are you?” there was a slight hint in his tone that made my eyes widen.

“Non Mister Weazley!” I laughed slightly, “I am not so…what ees the word…facile? What’s facile een Eenglish?”

Bill looked amused as I tried to figure it out.

“Ah! I ees not so Easy!” I smiled as I remembered. “Oh and please don’t tell ‘er that I said that” I laughed.

“My lips are sealed” he smiled walking me out.

“Merci!” I smiled at him.

“So i'm sure you’ll get an owl soon” Bill smiled.

“Merci” I pecked his cheek and headed out of Diagon Alley. I couldn’t resist sneaking a look back and saw he was smiling but rather red cheeked. I giggled before just apparating home.

“Monique!” I called

“Your owl will be here in the morning. Nice job by the way” Monique smiled from where she was sat in the kitchen.

“Merci beaucoup” I said slightly sarcastic cause I was mad she had been watching out for it.

“Oh I didn’t mean the interview” she winked at me

“I don’t comprends… I mean understand” I slipped into French too much I decided.

“Well that little kiss on a cheek well that changed a lot of your future.” she winked again before leaving me confused. 

Thoughts?? x

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Je t'aime: “Merci beaucoup”


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