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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 8 : Loved Loss
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Loved Loss

“Due to unforeseen circumstances the Hufflepuff Vs Gryffindor Quidditch match has been cancelled. The Halloween feast will not take place and Students are not to leave their common rooms until told otherwise.” Said Genevieve, the Transfiguration teacher and Dylan’s cousin. She rolled up the parchment slowly and looked at Dylan. No one knew exactly why they were forced to stay in the common rooms but everyone had noticed how Piper and Colette weren’t there and how James Potter had suddenly come back to school. The common room had a sullen atmosphere. Genevieve took a deep breath.

“As the Head girl isn’t present Hilary Silverstone has been made head girl.”

“Where’s Piper?” Hilary asked, pushing through the crowd. “And Colette. I haven’t seen them all day. They were supposed to be with you.” She said to James.

“I haven’t seen them either.” James said. “I’m not sure if we should tell you but Piper and Colette have gone missing.” Dylan heard the Gryffindors all gasp in shock. Sophie rubbed his arm reassuringly.

“They’re not missing.” Dylan muttered, “Piper’s as good as dead.”

“It’s not your fault” Harper said.

“It is.” Dylan said.

“How? All you did was see the prophecy.” Fraser said. They were all trying to cheer up Dylan but it was difficult as they weren’t particularly happy themselves.

“How does that make it any different. Piper’s dead.” Dylan said. The others gave up trying to cheer him up. He was just making it harder.

“We don’t know that Piper’s dead. You saw it in a vision, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually coming true now.” Sophie said. Dylan looked at her. He knew she was right. He nodded and slouched in the chair. There was nothing he could do. Just wait until he received the news that his sister was dead. He closed his eyes and tried to just ignore the noise around him.

Everyone was whispering about Piper and Colette going missing. Even his friends, though they were talking in hushed voices. Dylan felt like it was all his fault. Piper had gone missing because of him. But she hadn’t taken his warning very seriously had she? So it wasn’t his fault, it was her fault. Dylan suddenly got up and went to his dorm, he just wanted to sleep and try and forget about everything that had happened today.

* * * * *

The week went slowly for Dylan and the rest of his family. There had been an article in the Prophet about the two missing teens and Dylan was trying to find as much information as possible. He wanted to get his sister back. Kevin and Holly had taken to moping around saying how they had never meant to annoy Piper as much as they did. They seemed to like her more then they showed. Nick had decided to not talk to anyone but Charisma and Dylan had a suspicion that they were dating each other now. Everyone had quickly presumed that Colette and Piper were dead and that there was no chance they were going to get back. Well there was one thing that everyone got right and that was that the girls had been taken by deatheaters. Dylan sat in Transfiguration watching a subdued Genevieve teach them how to change a beetle into a button.

“Who ever can change the beetle first will earn ten points for their house. If you have any difficulties do not hesitate to ask for help.” Genevieve said. Dylan did it easily. He had three goes before managing to change his beetle. Fraser wasn’t as successful and accidentally squashed his beetle using Rachel’s Transfiguration textbook.

“Urgh,” Rachel said picking up her book by the corner and handing it to Harper.

“I’m not taking it.” Harper said.

“Oh, here.” Genevieve said taking the book and removing the dead beetle by magic. “And here’s another beetle.” Genevieve said putting another beetle on the desk.

“Thank you.” Fraser said shyly. Genevieve nodded and set off around the classroom.

“Dylan, how did you do that?” Sophie asked.

“Like this.” Dylan said. He showed Sophie how and Sophie copied. Her beetle changed almost immediately.

“Oh, well done. You two both get ten points.” Genevieve said. She didn’t seem to be in the mood to teach anything and obviously wasn’t making that much of an effort.

“What’s up with Professor Vergara?” Harper asked.

“Piper was her favourite cousin.” Dylan said glumly.

“Oh right.” Harper said. The bell rang and Genevieve took all the buttons, most of the buttons had legs, hard shells and antennae.

“Those of you who did not succeed I would like you to practice the transfiguration for homework.” The class got up silently and shuffled out of the classroom. The whole school had gone pretty quiet with only peeves going around and occasionally singing Taps, a muggle army bugle call, when any of the Weasleys or Nick passed him. Dylan and his friends passed him now and Peeves floated in the air inches above Dylan humming taps and he had made up some words this time.

“Potter’s gone, like the sun, she got killed squashed and-”

“Shut up Peeves!” Dylan snapped as he turned around.

“Would you like my other version then? I think you’ll just love it.” Peeves said, “Weasley’s dead, our favourite head-”

“PEEVES!” Genevieve snapped as she came out of the classroom. “I thought the Bloody Baron spoke to you about singing these songs in the hall ways.”

“Sorry Professor miss.” Peeves said taking his hat off and giving a long and deep bow in mid air before darting off.

“Oh, I am going to talk to Minerva about him.” Genevieve said marching towards the headmistress’s office. Dylan’s friends turned to Dylan. He had his fists clenched and he looked ready to hurt anyone, given the opportunity.

“Calm down Dylan. Piper’s not, you know-” Rachel said uncertainly.

“Whatever.” He muttered before turning around and walking away.

“Dylan.” Rachel said.

“Leave it.” Sophie told her. “He’s been wanting some time to himself for a while.”

“And he can’t get that in the common room” Fraser said. The girls nodded and the four of them went to the hall.

Dylan found himself heading towards the north tower when he heard Harrietta Malfoy talking to her friends.

“Urgh, I discovered that my dad works for Potter last night.” Harrietta muttered angrily. “He’s always encourage me to be-well no he hasn’t always encouraged me but he was supposed to be a dark wizard. Turns out he’s good”

“That’s not good” Justin said. Justin was one of Harrietta Malfoy’s ‘friends’ he always hung around with her because she was a Malfoy. “Why is he working for Potter?”

“Something about they shared a sister, which is twisted!” Harrietta said, “It means I’m related to that big headed James Potter and that Nick Potter.” There was a pause.

“What about Seth? Has he joined the ranks of the new dark lord yet?” Asked Justin.

“NO! I can’t believe him, my brother is supposed to be a respectable Malfoy and he’s gone and helped with the search.”

“But I thought Seth hated Gryffindors.” Said Justin. He sounded as smart as he really was.

“I thought so to but apparently him and James Potter are really good friends” Harrietta said, “He was even offered a chance to be part of Gringotts Raiders. Seth is a lying piece of filth, I‘m surprised he got into Slytherin, he’s so-”

“I wondered why he never picked fights.” Said a girl. She had a high voice and Dylan knew it was Pat.

“Yeah, he stopped the fights. He’s helping that Mudblood find her daughter. If you ask me Piper Weasley and Colette Potter deserve to die.” Harrietta Malfoy said. Dylan went around the corner and held his wand out.

“Don’t you dare say that.” He said.

“Why not Weasley?” Harrietta Malfoy said turning to look at him. “Think your sister is actually still alive? The less people like her there are in this world the better.” Dylan let out a stream of jinxes and each one hit Harrietta, Justin or Pat.

“Don’t you ever speak about my sister like that again. She’s better then you’ll ever be Malfoy.” Dylan said. Looking at Harrietta. He walked past a slightly deformed Harrietta Malfoy and started up the steps of the North tower to the old Divination room. Dylan went up the ladder into the classroom and proceeded in kicking a pouffe at the wall. He let out a shout of frustration and he felt like hitting something or someone, Harrietta Malfoy, but he couldn’t because she was a girl.

“Stupid morals and conscience” Dylan said bitterly. “Stupid prophecy, deatheaters and everything else.” Dylan wanted his sister back. It was strange not hearing from her. He didn’t have anyone to confide to, his friends were ok but Piper knew everything about him and wouldn’t make any assumptions about his feelings or anything. Dylan sat down and stared out of the window at the mountains that surrounded the school. Everything was so tranquil, even the wind had died down and was being good and nice. Dylan felt so bad, he hated this. Why was the world getting darker and it would be his family in the front line wouldn’t it? Why couldn’t have been someone else’s parents who had defeated the last dark lord. Why did Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley have to be the ones who were best friends on the famous Harry Potter! It just meant they were all in danger. And on top of that Dylan thought he was beginning to get some sort of new feelings for one of his best friends.

“No, we’re just friends.” Dylan muttered to himself. “We promised” But every time Sophie looked at him he did feel a bit better, and she was really pretty. Dylan shook his head and stared outside the window. He saw a single carriage coming up to the castle and he stood up. He opened the window and peered out. Two figures stepped out. The minister of Magic and her deputy.

“Mum.” Dylan whispered. The two figures spoke below them and Dylan sat back down in the big seat that the teacher obviously used to sit in. He put his bag down and decided he needed to do something to get his mind off his sister and Sophie. He pulled out his charms work and began to do the work until an owl came to the window and tapped on it. Dylan looked up and just stared at the owl. It had a letter in it’s beak that had small slightly slanted handwriting that Dylan recognised. He got up slowly and went to the window.

The owl flew in and put the letter into Dylan’s hand before flying away. Dylan closed the window and sat down again. He opened up the letter and read it slowly


Please can you come to the entrance hall as soon as you get this letter? We need to talk about Piper. Bring your dream recorder with you. We want to get her back as much as you do and your friends have told us that you’ve missed all your lessons except Transfiguration.
Please come and meet me


Dylan put the letter down and dug into his bag and put his hand around a smooth glass orb and closed his eyes. He saw the vision again.

“Ah, miss Weasley.” The woman said with an evil smirk. “Nice of you to join us.” Dylan looked around the room. He couldn’t recognise it at all.

“This meeting was prophesised and as long as the prophet is alive you won’t succeed. That’s all I’m helping you with. If you need my help again bring something that will make it worth my while to help you.” Said Jessica Lowe. A different prophecy. Dylan kept his eyes closed. As long as the Prophet is alive they wouldn’t succeed. How was that possible. Dylan wished he had Piper’s knowledge, she was so much cleverer then he was. Dylan opened his eyes and decided he’d just let his mum figure it out for him. He was too tired to figure it all out. Too many things were at play and his mum probably knew better then anyone else. Dylan packed up his bag and left the room and went down the ladder. He got to the bottom of the steps from the north tower as Harper walked past looking in a book.

“Hey.” Dylan said dully. Harper started with surprise and looked at Dylan.

“Where have you been? We’ve all been so worried about you” Harper asked going to him and giving him a hug.

“Thinking” Dylan said. “Well I’ve got to go and see my mum. See ya.”

“Ok. I’ll see you in a bit ok?” Harper said. Dylan nodded and he headed towards the entrance hall. Hermione was standing with her arms crossed and looking at a portrait of some old wizard. April was talking to Professor McGonagall quickly and quietly.

“Hey.” Dylan said. Hermione turned and smiled. She knew that Dylan didn’t really like hugs or big welcomes.

“Dylan. Have you got your dream recorder?” Hermione asked in a sort of official voice. Dylan put his hand in his bag and held it out for Hermione. She took it and gave it to April.

“Thanks. Minerva do you mind if we use the antechamber coming off the great hall?” April asked.

“Of course not.” McGonagall said. Dylan followed Hermione and April as they walked to the Great hall. A few people were still eating and watched curiously as April and Hermione went through the hall.

“MUM!” Kevin shouted waving his hand. Hermione looked over and gave him a smile before going into the antechamber. It was dark but April lit a fire in the fireplace and the room was filled with flickering fire light.

“Here, sit down Dylan.” April said conjuring a chair. Dylan sat down and looked at the adults.

“Why am I here?” Dylan asked them.

“In school or here with us?” April asked with a slight smirk. Hermione gave April a tired look. “I’m old Hermione.”

“Just gone sixty, that’s not old.” Hermione said.

“You wait until you’re my age.” April said. Hermione gave a mutter of annoyance.

“Have you found Piper?” Dylan asked.

“Um, not yet but we’re making progress” April said.

“How?” Dylan asked.

“Hermione, keep an eye on Dylan. I’m going to have a quick look at this boy’s dreams” April said. Hermione nodded and April sat down and looked into the orb and closed her eyes. Hermione sighed and turned to Dylan.

“Are you ok? It must be difficult for you.” Hermione said.

“Yeah.” Dylan muttered.

“We’ll get Piper back.”

“We wont” Dylan said.

“No, Dylan we will, it’ll be ok.” Hermione said optimistically. Dylan looked at his mum and into her hazel brown eyes.

“No we wont. Piper’s going to die.” Dylan said, “I saw it in a prophecy.”

“We don’t know that for sure and prophecies can be avoided.” Hermione said.

“How?” Dylan asked.

“They just can Dylan.” Hermione said hopefully. “How is quidditch?”

“The game was cancelled.” Dylan said. Hermione sighed and put a hand on Dylan’s head.

“School?” Hermione asked.

“Mum, how do you produce a patronus?” Dylan asked.

“A Patronus?” Hermione asked slightly surprised.

“Yeah, I want to be able to create a Patronus.” Dylan said.

“Oh, they’re really not easy.” Hermione said. “Incredibly complex magic”

“But you managed it and Harry did it when he was my age.”

“He was in his third year.”

“No difference.” Dylan said. “How do you make a Patronus?”

“Well, I guess you know the spell but before you can make one you have to think of a really happy thought.” Hermione said. Dylan nodded and went to watching April. She shivered slightly before she opened her eyes.

“That bitch, can’t keep her nose out of anything.” She muttered.

“Who?” Dylan asked.

“Jessica Lowe. Why haven’t I been informed about half of these prophecies? I should have been told that Jessica has been brought into the equation.” April said to Hermione.

“I did tell you.” Hermione said. “You must have forgotten it.”

“Not likely.” April said. “I’ve been looking two particular prophecies. The one with Jessica Lowe and the last one. I’ll have to take this to get it looked at by the unspeakables and I have to get in contact with the African Ministry. We need to bring down Jessica Lowe before anything happens there. Africa has too many talented witches and wizards.” Hermione nodded.

“So, anything new?” Dylan asked.

“No.” April said, “But I did notice that the building your sister was in seemed to be an abandoned place. Hermione get the law enforcement office on that job and some of the aurors. Dylan, you can go back to your common room.”

“Is there any way I can help?” Dylan asked hopefully. April looked at Dylan.

“Yes, try not to fight with the youngest Malfoy.” April said.


“I’m a legillmens Dylan, you know that” April said. “listen to everything that Grout tells you, his knowledge is incredibly valuable and he’ll be able to teach you a lot.” April looked at Hermione and Hermione nodded.

“We have to go, you’ll be ok won’t you?” Hermione asked Dylan. Dylan nodded and Hermione gave him a hug.

“Mum.” He said slightly annoyed.

“I’ll send you an owl if we find out any more.” She whispered. Dylan looked at her slightly surprised. His mum rarely sent anyone any information unless it was authorised. Dylan had often heard his dad nagging at her and asking her to share information.

“We’ll go by Floo, it’s quicker.” April said. She conjured a bag of Floo powder. Soon both women were gone and Dylan was left on his own in the antechamber. He sighed and left the antechamber. He slowly walked up the castle, deciding to take a slightly longer route around the castle Dylan didn’t feel like talking right now but he had to get back to the common soon because it was nearly his curfew.
Dylan climbed through the portrait hole at exactly curfew time. He saw his friends sitting on a sofa arguing about something.

“Sophie you’re wrong.” Harper said.

“Actually I agree with Sophie.” Rachel said nodding.

“Yeah,” Sophie said.

“Why are you girls arguing about this?” Fraser asked.

“Because it’s fun.” The girls all answered. Dylan walked up and dumped his bag on the floor next to the sofa.

“Hi guys.” He said quietly.

“Hey, sit next to us, you look tired.” Harper said. Dylan muttered something under his breath and sat down on the chair next to Harper.

“What are you arguing about?” Dylan asked.

“That gnomes would make interesting pets” Sophie announced proudly. “I think they would but Harper doesn’t.”

“Why not?” Dylan asked. Harper rolled her eyes.

“Ok, promise not to laugh.” She said.

“We’ll try.” Rachel said with a smirk.

“I’m scared of Gnomes.” Harper said. Everyone tried to suppress the smiles that broke out on their faces, even Dylan.

“Wow, you’re scared of the strangest things.” Fraser said. He received a light hit from Harper and he just decided to smile.

“Oh my god Harper.” Sophie said with a grin, “You are so strange.”

“If you think I’m strange, wait until you meet my sister.” Harper said. “She just sits there like this.” Harper looked at us with her head to one side with a geeky grin and wide eyes. “Ooo, big people” She said in a high voice.

“I’m sure your sister isn’t like that.”

“Yes she is.” Harper said going back to usual. “Oh, did you hear someone curse the hell out of Malfoy and her group.” Harper said excitedly.

“Really? Where did you hear that from?” Fraser asked. Dylan squirmed slightly and sank into his seat.

“Joanne told me and I kinda saw them being carted off to the hospital wing. I wonder what happened.” Harper asked.

“What did they look like?” Sophie asked with a grin.

“Well they looked like they had been hit with a jumble of spells that shouldn’t be mixed.” Harper said.

“Well I could kiss the person who did that.” Sophie said, “It means no Harrietta Malfoy for at least a week!” Dylan looked up at Sophie’s first statement. No, just friends. He told himself.

“I wonder who would do that though.” Fraser said. Harper shrugged at this and Dylan closed his eyes.

“It was me.” He said slowly.

“What!” Harper asked amazed. “Dylan that was great, why did you curse them?”

“Um, because they were slagging off my sister.” Dylan told them.

“Oh.” Came the reply as the group went slightly quiet.

“Well, do you want your kiss now or later?” Sophie asked with a smirk. Rachel grinned as well.

“Um…later?” Dylan asked.

“Ok.” Sophie said. “Well going to bed, done the homework and I’m knackered.”

“Same.” Dylan said. “Quidditch practice tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah.” Sophie said slightly annoyed. “I was hoping to have a bath. Oh well. Night guys.” She said waving at them and going to the girls dorm.

“Night.” Dylan then said.

“I’ll come with you.” Fraser told him. Dylan picked up his bag and the two boys went up to the boys dorm room and Dylan put his bag on the floor and began to change.

“Did you really curse Malfoy?” Fraser asked with some awe.

“Yeah” Dylan said nodding.

“Cool.” Fraser said with a smile.


A/N:-Firstly i would like to say especially to Hannah, Charmed is on again tonight :P hehe, i will tell you all about it! (I'm in a really strange mood). Secondly, Thank you all for ur wonderful reviews, love you all. Thirdly, i'm actually catching up to where i've written to. I was about 10 chapters ahead and i've just realised i'm only 2 chapters ahead and nothing has happened so far :( I'll try and make it more interesting promise. please review me your thoughts.

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