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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 5 : Diagon Alley
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Hi guys sorry i haven't updated for a while i hope you enjoy !!

Chapter 5

“Crap I haven’t brought any body any presents.”

Charlie laughed.

“Well little bro, you had better go into Diagon Alley and buy some. Night you guys.”

Charlie turned and trudged up the stairs.

“Good Idea we can make a day of it Luna, Gin, George you want to come.”

Luna looked across at Ginny.

“Well I do really want to get this book from Flourish and Blotts.”

“I could do with a new photo frame.”

The three looked over at George.

“Ok Ok I’ll come.”

“Great now we just need to tell mum.” 

“No way. It is out of the question if anything where to happen to any of you I could never forgive myself.”

The four stood in front of Mrs Weasley there eyes open and pleading.

“Come on mum three of us can do magic now and if anybody where to attack us Gin would be able to attack back as well.”

George started to back up his brother when Mrs Weasley sighed in defeat.

“Fine but you have to be back here by three this afternoon. Promise me you will be back at three.”

The four dutifully promised.

“Good now go have a good time and be safe all of you.”

As the four walked to the apparition point they heard Mrs Weasley shout something they all turned.

Her voice was carried by the wind towards them.

“I forgot to say I love you.”

Fred Ginny and George all shouted back in usion.

“Love you too Mum.”

She waved and the four took of again. Luna trailed behind the others. Looking down she noticed her shoelace had come undone. She knelt down to tie it up, her movements slow and precise.

I really miss Dad on days like this when it is so beautiful and fresh. And he would wave me off just like Mrs Weasley did. Shouting I love you if he forgot.

Tears fell down her cheeks and landed softly in the snow, her hand went to brush them away, but before she could someone else did. Startled she looked up… seeing Fred there calmed her heartbeat.

“What’s wrong.”

His eyes showed such care and concern for her well being that she began to cry more the small stream of tears becoming an uncontrollable torrent.
Pulling her into him, Fred softly kissed her head.

“Shhhhhhh. Luna please tell me what’s wrong.”

Inhaling deeply she began to speak.

“Fred I’m sorry…It’s just so many things have gone wrong in the past few months and …. I just feel so alone all the time and I can’t bear it … I mean at school I have always been isolated but the fact that … well that I am now really alone it’s just hit me …. I mean no one loves me anymore and I can’t bear it that I will never see my dad again.”

“Now you listen to me, you will never be alone as long as I live and people do love you.”


“Well me for one and Ginny and my mum and Harry and Hermione and Ron all of the members of the DA.”

She sank lower into him.


Tilting her head up she brushed his lips with her own.

“That’s ok.”

He kissed her this time.

“That would be cute if it wasn’t my best friend and my brother.”

They both looked up, Fred grinning and Luna smiling sheepishly.

“Ginny you screwed the moment.”

“Not my fault bro, you’re lucky it was me who busted you not George.”


“Because I would have done this.”

The three of them turned to look at George as he conjured confetti from his wand and shot it at Fred and Luna.

“Not funny George.”

“Yeah it is.”

“George it’s all in my hair.”

“Typical girl.”

Childishly Luna stuck her tongue out, she shook her hair and the last of the confetti fell out.

As Fred helped Luna up off of the floor, Ginny crouched down and started to scoop some snow up. She raised her arm and threw the missile at George it hit the back of his head with a small thunk.

George turned slowly a grin spreading over his freckled face.

“You are so dead.”

George started to mould his own snowball while Ginny lithely skipped away staying on the balls of her feet her shoulder bag swinging wildly.
He pelted the snowball at her, she ducked and it sailed right over her head.
She followed its progress with her head, laughing outright.

“Come on George even I can through better than that…George…George.”

She looked wildly around for her brother something moved to her left she spun and screamed for there was George, his arms full of snow.

“Want to play.”

He dropped the crystallised water onto her hair. She screamed louder.

“George you are so dead!!!”

“Last time I checked I was still breathing.”

Fred and Luna laughed while Ginny screamed.

“Come on guys let’s go shopping.”

“Great idea, Luna, let’s go, Gin come on stop shrieking like a banshee and hold George’s arm.”

“Yes mum.”

Fred ignored the comment and tightly wrapped his arms around Luna.

The four dissaperated with a loud pop.

Luna staggered, Fred’s arm tightened around her pulling her close.

“You ok.”

“Yeah.Where are Gin and George?” 

“Over there.”

Fred and Luna hurried to the other two and the four started to walk through the almost bare streets of Diagon Alley the boarded up windows bore record of the dark lord’s reign of terror among the wizarding world.

Reaching Flourish and Blot’s Luna began to search for the book she wanted, Fred trailed behind her, while Ginny looked at the romance novels and George talked to the pretty shop assistant.

Twenty minutes later.
“Luna can we go now?”

Luna turned to look at Fred, it took a while for her to realise he was sitting cross legged on the floor looking rather bored, she laughed.

“I’ve got it, come on Fred get off the floor.”

“Yay finally.”

“Ha ha.”

They walked hand in hand to the till where George still stood talking to the shop assistant.

“Can I have this?”

“Sure, do you want a bag?”

“No thanks I’ll be fine.”

“Ok that will be twelve sickles.”

Luna handed over the money as Fred reached over and picked up the book.

“I assume you want this shrinking.”

Luna glanced up at Fred.

“Yeah thanks.”

He promptly shrunk it and gave it to Luna she pocketed it just as Ginny ran over to them.

“Fred can I borrow some money? Please, I promise I’ll pay you back.”

“Sure Gin.”

He handed her his wallet. Ginny swiftly paid and pocketed the book.

“Come on George time to go.”

George followed after the other three glancing over his shoulder every now and again.

“So where do we need to…What was that?”

Luna glanced up at the sound of Ginny’s voice.

“What was what?”

Both Fred and George’s ears pricked up.

“Shush… that.”

The four immediately went quiet. Distant screams and crashes could be heard and they were getting closer.

“Oh my…death eaters.”

The four moved in closer together, Luna tightened her hold on Fred’s hand and George put his arm around Ginny’s shoulders protecting her from more than the cold.

“Fred what should we do?”

George looked at his brother.

“Split up and get back to an apparition point and then the burrow, George take Ginny and keep her safe I’ll take Luna.”

The pounding of footsteps made Fred speak quicker.

“If you see anything happen to us don’t stop you two keep running got it no matter what I want you to be ok now go.”

Fred pushed his brothers back and grabbed Luna’s hand the last he saw of the other two were them running to get to the apparition point. Fred and Luna ran swiftly pulling out there wands, turning time and time again but still a pair of thudding footsteps followed.

“Crap, Luna we are still being followed I’m going to go behind them and cut them off you keep running and find a place to hide.”

“Fred what.”

She looked up at his face he kissed her on the lips.

“Be safe.”

“You too.”


She ran forward turning into a dark alley the cold wind blew past her and she had the feeling of being completely and utterly alone, the memories she had fought to contain and hide from overwhelmed her.
The face of Blaise swam in her vision, her chest heaved painfully up and down stretching her scars from the dagger wound, shaking uncontrollably she sank to the floor clasping her knees and trying to quieten her gasps of sheer unrequited terror.

A figure flashed past the end of the alley back pedalling it began to make it’s way up the alley.

She realised two things.

1) This person was a death eater.

And 2) she was in plain sight

I will not go down without a fight like last time.

Her shaking legs forced her body up and she raised her wand arm.

The figure stopped just metres away pulling back there hood.

“Well, well well did you miss me Lovegood?” 

Ok ok guys i'm taking bets on who you think is under the cloak
 please review and tell me what you think of this story and of the Fred / Luna pairing !!!
Oh and thanks to all the amazing reviews i have had so far they are really appreciated.

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Perilous Beauty: Diagon Alley


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