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Missing Moments by Kaira77
Chapter 4 : Harry's Birthday
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Hermione pushed Ron unceremoniously into his bedroom, hoping she could keep him distracted long enough that he’d give the pair at least a little privacy. He had got highly overprotective when Harry and Ginny were going out last year, to the point of being downright annoying

Ron sat grumpily on his bed.

‘What was that all about?’ He wondered aloud, and Hermione could see the start of a faint angry flush climbing up the back of his neck, and thought she’d better diffuse this situation fast.

‘I wanted you to help me pack!’ She said quickly, and hurriedly grabbed some or Ron’s clothes of the floor, smiling in what she hoped were an innocent way.

‘I meant Harry and Ginny…’ said Ron darkly.

‘Oh come on, Ron, she probably just wanted to talk, they haven’t had a proper conversation since he arrived.’

‘Right…’ Said Ron, although he didn’t look convinced.

She continued to scurry around the room, picking up various items that Ron seemed to have thrown haphazardly around the Room. She even came across a heavy gold chain under his bed with ‘My Sweetheart’ hanging from it. She smirked and grimaced at the same time, and thought it best to leave that little piece of history where it was.

As she unrelentingly picked clothes off the floor, she noticed a pink and gold book, half covered by a discarded sock. She read the part of the title that was showing. Twelve fail safe ways to...

‘Ron?’ She asked questioningly, ‘What’s this book?’

She knelt down to remove the sock and she picked up the book, and then squealed when Ron bumped into her with such considerable force that he almost knocked her off her feet.

‘Actually Hermione, I think I will help you pack.’ He said, stuttering slightly and wearing a nervous grin as he tried to grab the book off her.

‘Ron, what is it?’

‘Nothing, nothing! Shouldn’t you see if my underpants are clean yet?’

‘Let me see it!’



‘It’s mine!’

Ron finally won the fight over the book, and hid it protectively under his jumper. Hermione sighed, and realized she had been defeated. She wasn’t curious enough to draw her wand on him, and undoubtedly cause a fall out. There was a couple of seconds of victorious silence from Ron, but then -

‘Hang on,’ said Ron, with a look of dawning comprehension, ‘You said you’d almost finished packing…’

‘Well I have, but I would still like some help…’

‘And you talk to Ginny… a lot…’

‘Well, yes, but…’

‘And you dragged me up here just when she decided to ‘talk’ to Harry in her bedroom…’

‘Ron, don’t be so…’

But Ron was already gone. With surprising speed he flew out of the bedroom and jumped the stairs three at a time. She called after him, but he was now in I’m-protecting-my-little-sister-and-my-best-friend-is-going-to-die mode, and probably wouldn’t have noticed if Fleur had been standing on the stairs in her underwear.

He kicked open the door to Ginny’s room with more force than was really necessary and glared at the culprits, who had clearly just been kissing. From the look on Ron’s face, thought Hermione, you would of thought he had never seen anything more sordid (which was hypocritical considering him and Lavender last year). She was surprised Harry wasn’t trembling with Fear.

‘Oh, Sorry.’ Ron said pointedly, although he didn’t sound sorry at all.

‘Ron!’ Exclaimed Hermione in breathless exasperation, he really could be tactless sometimes. She felt sorry for the pair. It must be hard caring about someone so much in the middle of such a dangerous situation, worrying day and night and hardly being able to be together because to show any vulnerability was incredibly risky.

At least, that was the way Hermione viewed her own situation.

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