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Like Day And Night by drowninginmusic
Chapter 11 : The End of it All
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The cloaked figures kept on coming at Hermione. Their numbers would not diminish. She ran into Ginny and Harry. They were both doing fine and said Ron was doing well last they checked. Parting ways, Hermione began knocking down Draco’s men. There may be plenty of them, but they really aren’t that bright. Their spells are those of beginners.

Hermione was kicking ass until one tackled her to the ground. “What do you know? I managed to take down one of the golden trio!” Hermione came face to face with Marcus Flint’s revolting smile.

She struggled to get out her wand when someone pulled Flint off. “Leave her be. She is mine.” Hermione's heart stopped as Flint replied, “Yes master.”

“Come my dear. I thought I told you to wait at the manor. I was very upset when you were not there waiting for me in our room.” Draco pulled her to her feet and out of the way of an oncoming spell. “Please return home and let me finish my work.”

“If this is your work then I want nothing to do with you. Stop calling me your pathetic pet names too,” she scoffed.

“I believe you have been around me for too long, my dear, because my attitude seems to be rubbing off on you. However, it does not suit you as it does me.” Draco’s red eyes burned Hermione’s. She looked away but he forced her to lock eyes with him. Instantly, she became entranced. Well, until an extreme pain spread throughout every inch of her body. She fell to the ground and started twitching.

It stopped as soon as it had started, although, the pain sensations still lingered. Draco had his wand pointed at Hermione when she looked up. “Now, now darling .You know you deserved it. Next time I hope you do as you are told.”

Hermione shook her head. “I will not be ordered around like some kind of pet. I loathe you.” Sitting up made her grab her sides in pain.

Draco’s eyes flashed but he did not have time to retaliate. Ginny’s spell sent him on his back. “I told you to stay away from him Hermione.”

“I know,” she breathed out the breath that had been caught in her throat, “but he was the one who found me.” Hermione wiped her sweat soaked forehead. Her breathing was still uneven.

“How dare you interrupt you filthy muggle-lover,” Draco snarled. Lightning flashed and thunder roared as a storm began to brew. Once again everything became dreary and cliché, since Hermione had begun to cry again. She tackled Draco to the ground and held her wand at his throat. “I should make you die a thousand painful deaths for all the misery you have brought to several people. I am one of them.” She looked at Ginny and asked her to leave politely. This was just something she had to face herself. Ginny agreed, even though she did not want to.

“This is kind of sexy. You taking control and everything. I like you from this position.” Draco pulled Hermione’s lips down to meet his. She pulled apart the second their lips touched because it did not feel right kissing this unknown Draco. “I want my Draco back,” Hermione whispered.

“Well, he is never coming back so get over it. Better get used to me because I am here to stay,” Draco hissed.

“You are highly mistaken. I know the real Draco is still in there somewhere. He just needs to stand up for himself. I never thought he would become so weak to the point where he would actually allow some body to take control of him.” The tears came harder and faster as they mixed with the raindrops.

In an instant, Draco had flipped her over. The struggle that was going on within him was visible through deadly his eyes. He gripped Hermione’s shoulders and his focus drifted in and out. He gritted his teeth and tensed his muscles. Thunder pounded as Draco fell sideways, grabbing his head. Everything around them had stopped. Everyone was studying what the fight between the tragic lovers. Time seemed to at a standstill too. Nobody breathed as they watched Draco’s struggle.

“Kill her! She is the cause of his pain!” Someone yelled from within the crowd.

Green lights flashed towards Hermione from all directions and everything went back.

Five years later, Draco walked through his backyard, coming to a stop at the single grave that was always kept neat. He laid down the roses and sighed. It was his entire fault. He should not have let that power get the best of him. He allowed it to possess him and it turned him into a beast. Now the person he had trusted was dead. It was all because of the single, pointless fight.

“Daddy!” Draco had just turned around when he was tackled by his four year old daughter. “Who is in that grave daddy? I keep forgetting.”

Draco smiled and lifted her in the air as he stood up. “That is my best friend Blaise. He is in a good place now looking down on us. At least I hope he is. Let’s go see what your mother has made for lunch since she insists on cooking herself. I do not see why the house elf cannot just take care of it.”

“Mommy says house elves have feelings too,” his daughter said proudly.

“You sound just like her my little Ava.” Draco entered the dining room which was already packed with food. He immediately sat down and stuffed his face. His daughter was doing the same next to him.

“You two could not wait for me?”

“Mommy!” Ava ran into her arms.

“Oh come on Hermione. I was starving. It is delicious though,” Draco smiled through his food.

“Well I am glad you like it, but you could have at least waited for me. I know you have manners.” Hermione kissed him and took her seat beside him. The Malfoy family ate in peace. Nothing could come between them now.

Oh come on. You did not really think I would let her die. So, you want to know what really happened?


We left off when green lights were flying towards Hermione. Someone knocked her out of the way just before these deathly lights made contact. That someone turned out to be Blaise Zabini. He lost his life but saved hers. After this incident, Draco fought the inner evil and won. He eyes now stay ice blue.

How are the others?

Harry and Ginny now have a son named James. They have forgiven Draco. These two families hang out all the time and have become the best of friends.


Not as strange as what happened to Ron. He married Lavender after she asked for him back. They already have five kids. They have their hands full but they still get together with the others every now and then.

And there’s your happy ending to a crazy story.

That is the end to this series. Short and sweet. I am upset that it has ended but I hope you aren’t. I hope you have enjoyed this story from beginning to end. I also hope you will let me know what you think. Did it end too abruptly? I have been planning it to end this way for a while.

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Like Day And Night: The End of it All


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