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Our own Prison by MoonBuzzLeto
Chapter 3 : Lie to me
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Chapter three- Lie to me

(The Lyrics are from the song Lie by David Cook and Blackbird by the Beatles.)




            By day, she was shy and awkward but by night she was bold and brazen. Draco stirred late at night to a weight across his legs. He opened his eyes to see her straddling him in only a thin white camisole and blue lace boyshorts. The glasses were gone, as was the plait as her black hair flowed free to her waist. She was lovely with those Amber eyes staring at him dreamily and the firelight flickering off all that glorious tawny skin.  “What do you think your doing?” he asked but she only silenced him with her lips. The Wicked, tantalizing dance of her tongue. She was unbuttoning his shirt with one hand and stroking him with the other. “Please Draco” she sighed looking right into his eyes. “Just for Tonight, let me help you forget” he couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, all he could

Do was react. He rose up and she sunk to her knees, eyes never leaving his as she tugged on his zipper.




Draco shot out of bed in a cold sweat.  After five years of nightmares, he couldn’t believe he was having a pleasant dream, and especially one about Celestia Selwyn. He looked around and saw her at the table, sipping something from a white mug, her nose still in a book. He coughed loudly and she jumped “Oh hey there sunshine” she said cheerily. “There’s breakfast over here. Well, it’s just porridge and coffee but at least we know our captors don’t intend for us to starve to death. She sat down her book and smiled at him. He just gaped in confusion. She was prattling on about nothing as if nothing had happened between them the night before. Like she hadn’t brought his dark secret to light and then it had left them both bleeding and crying like Children. Her tight plait was back neatly restraining her hair and the robe and Pyjamas were gone. Now she wore a pink and green striped sweater and faded jeans. She smelled vaguely of honeysuckle. “Oh yeah, there’s fresh clothes for you in the bathroom too.” She said it as if reading his thoughts. “Probably not what you’re used to but at least they’re clean and comfortable, in case you wanted to clean up or anything” Her gaze rested pointedly at the ring of blood on his sleeve and he looked away, embarrassed.


            “Sounds great” he said shyly and walked towards the table, leaning over to whisper in her ear. “Besides, I only eat cute virgins like you for breakfast” he teased and she went red from the tip of her hairline to her chest “I’m not a Virgin!” She exclaimed in a haughty huff that reminded him of his mother. He put his hand up in mock surrender “Oh ho... so sorry” he said dryly and she, still blushing, rolled her eyes. “I think I will have that bath now” he said quickly and ran behind the privy door turning on the hot taps. Indeed he saw a hook holding a green tee-shirt with a snake on the collar and black slacks. Even a clean pair of socks and green silk boxers was laid out.  “Well, now at least we know there has to be a way out if they keep getting in, right” he said then remembered he was alone.  He turned the taps up and sank into the water allowing the heat to over come him just a deep sigh. He felt some of the tension melt from his muscles.  As he sunk lower into the water. “What an odd duck that girl is” he mumbled to himself. “I wish I knew what she was thinking”

You whispered that you were getting tired,
Got a look in your eye,
Looks a lot like goodbye.
Hold on to your secrets tonight.
Don't want to know I'm OK with this silence
it’s truth that I don't want to hear

            Celestia’s hands trembled slightly as she added more lavnender honey to her porridge. She was thinking of Draco Malfoy naked, just beyond that door. That was why she bathed so early, as to avoid an embarrassing encounter.

 He reminded her so much of Cara last night. Cara, her bright beautiful sister with her whole bright beautiful future ahead of her who died two days before her twentieth birthday.

` That’s why I am so determined to help him.  She thought absently. It’s because of Cara, because I was too busy to see the warning signs. To realize that my baby sister was losing her soul as surely as if the Dementor’s had sucked it from her, only much, much more Prolonged. It had nothing to do with those hauntingly lovely eyes, or his wounded expression or the feeling she had in her stomach when he stood too close, or the smile that formed of its own volition when he gave her half a smile.  She kept telling herself that was all but it felt a little bit like a lie.





                        Draco’s body felt heavy with exhaustion as he got out of the tub and quickly tied the thick terrycloth towel at his waist.  Forgetting he wasn’t alone he walked out and looked at his face in the mirror. He looked as tired as he felt, like he hadn’t slept in a lifetime. He turned promptly at the sound of glass breaking behind him. Celestia stood behind him the white mug broken at her feet as she gaped, open mouthed at him. He did something he hadn’t done in so long. He laughed. “And you swear you’re not a virgin”

            “I’m not! I had sex... once... and personally I think it’s overrated. Ten minutes of sweating and huffing for something that costs you more in the end than it’s worth.”

            Her face was redder than before; Draco could tell she hadn’t meant to say all that. He stood very close to her where she could feel the heat emanating from his body and could faintly see the outline of his nether regions below the towel.   “You can’t even look at me without blushing can you?”

            “Can so” she pouted like a little girl. He moved quickly, until he was no more than a half inch from her, his hair falling into his eyes and those eyes burning holes through her. His breath tickled her face teasingly

            “Prove it” he mouthed as he lifted one hand and dropped the towel.


            “Oh my god... this barbarian thinks he’s god’s gift to women! She looked away, outraged as his towel hit the floor.  

            “Oh dear. You’ve gone and awakened a sleeping dragon...” his voice was soft as velvet now. And he was right. She couldn’t even look at him without blushing. She had never seen a man stand there, so proud of his nakedness. The one time with Royce had been in the dark and she couldn’t see anything.  She looked up into his face, trying to kill him with her eyes

            “Egomaniac” she said trying desperately to keep from looking down.  He moved back and pushed his hair from his eyes and bit his lower lip. The gesture seemed oddly human and she found herself curious, at least looking at his chest. Water still dripped down it from the shower and she noticed a scar that looked like claw marks. Her mind was busy trying to figure out its cause. A hippogriff attack? Lord Voldemort? Or was it a woman, clawing at him in the moment of passion? He gave her his slyest smile and re-tied the towel and returned into the bathroom without a sound. God... oh, god... she murmured under her breath, taking a drink of the coffee she had poured for him.  Okay so the man was decent looking so what? So was Royce.  But she knew in not the same capacity. Not even close. The man was a walking Orgasm, a porcelain god.  But he was still wicked.  She had to remind herself Oh boy Cel what have you gotten into now?


            Behind the ancient looking door, Draco crowed airily to himself. It felt good to bedevil her and get a reaction. He shook his head at the simplicity of it and dressed quickly. He went back out into the main chamber and saw her still seating at the table pouring over an overused copy of Magical Beasts of Europe. As soon as she saw him she rose up and pointed to the chair opposite of her. I made your porridge and coffee; didn’t know how you took it so it’s both plain but there’s milk, honey Vanilla and sugar.

            Draco was oddly touched at this gesture; at her attempts to care for him. Well, Draco Malfoy needed no caring for so he shook his head “Not hungry thanks”

            “Don’t be inane: The next 72 hours are gonna be hell on you and you need to keep up your strength.” He was flabbergasted but she still continued to speak “You know, when your body starts to detox and you go into withdrawals. Trust me when I say it’s not a pretty sight”

            “How would you know? I guess you read that in a book somewhere too.” In a second, he saw the storm clouds fall over her face. 

            “I’ve seen it” she said quietly, looking down at her black ballerina flats.  Draco decided not to push so he just sat down and stirred a little milk into his coffee and took a deep drink hoping the caffeine would ease his edge a little.    “Thanks” he mumbled into his bowl, too abashed to meet her eye. From the antique Victrola he heard a strange music begin to play. He flinched slightly at the eerily appropriate words.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise 


Celestia jumped as the music filled the air. “Oh how quaint!” she squealed with delight and began to examine the little machine. “It must be enchanted to only play at certain songs at certain times, I’ve read about these. They are supposed to help people who are lost figure out their own true feelings” She scowled when she heard him snort into his coffee. “Well I think it’s lovely anyway”
 Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, blackbird fly

she began to sway as if being held by some invisible lover.  She always had loved music so she forgot herself for a moment and began to Hum to herself “Fly, Blackbird, fly” she mouthed. She often did feel like that. Like she was tottering on some ledge too afraid to make the leap for fear of falling. She knew in her heart she just wasn’t meant to fly.

            Draco eyed her suspiciously for a moment. She reminded him now of Loony Luna Lovegood. And besides, he didn’t like to think of some contraption inside his head. He had tried to fly once but sunk under the weight he was carrying on his shoulders. Power, he knew, was not without consequence.  “Come dance with me, Malfoy” she said shyly and jaws clenched tightly he shook his head and looked away. He could dance, his mother made sure of that, but it was the contact that he feared. He didn’t want to infect an innocent girl with his poison.  It was a beautiful song, he decided, and uncannily appropriate for the moment. It was not only his wings that had been broken, but his spirit, his faith, what was left of his life; all in the dirt because of one bad choice.




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