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Reserrection by Caity
Chapter 1 : Reserrection
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It was only three days into summer holidays. Harry was bored. He lay on his bed and contemplated what he could do to pass the time. Mrs. Weasley said they'd have him out of there in no time. How soon was that? He got out some parchment and a quill, deciding to write some letters. First he began to write to Sirius.

How are you, my summer is rotten so far....

The ink trailed off as a wave of emotion washed over Harry. Sirius was gone. He wasn't coming back. This refound knowledge dampend Harry's spirits significantly. So instead he wrote a letter to Ron.

How are you. I'm just plain bored. Your mom said I could come over sometime this summer. How soon is that? Get back to me.

He sent the letter off with Hedwig and threw himself upon his bed for another session of staring at the roof.

Hedwig returned the following day with a reply from Ron.

Mum said she would come pick you up on Friday at 6. Hermione is coming too. See you then mate!

Harry sighed. It was thursday. Tomorrow he would be gone from the Dursleys. He slowly made his way downstairs.
"I'm leaving tomorrow Uncle Vernon," He said.
"Wealseys," Harry replied.
"No you bloomin' well are not!" Vernon replied.
"All right then. I was just writing a letter to the Order, I better go finish that."
"The Order?" Vernon raised his bushy eyebrows.
"You know, the lovely bunch of people who saw me off the train."
"On second thought it will be a welcome change not having you around here. You tell those red haired folk you can go and dont come back until your"
Harry smiled smugly and walked away.

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