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Love Game by emerald_princess92
Chapter 5 : Spotlight.
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

Note: Haven’t updated this in a while. Well, I’ve finally got the guts to update it, hope you like it. Read & review!

Chapter 5: Spotlight

“I can’t believe Weasley bit me,” Draco grumbled, studying the markings of teeth on his arm. “Stupid rabid weasel.”

He was sitting in a white-sheeted bed in the hospital wing waiting for Madame Pomfrey to come and heal his wounds. His lips thinned as he touched his bruised face and winced. He shifted slightly from time to time as he waited impatiently to be let out.

“I will be right with you, Mr. Malfoy.” Pomfrey called out, as if sensing his agitation.

He nodded slightly, more than annoyed as he rubbed his eyes and let out a long breath as if in relief. He covered his face with his hands and groaned slightly.

“Draco?” He heard someone ask from the right of him, he frowned; he knew that voice and before he could think of who that voice belong to, the person had peeled his hands away from his eyes and he was met with hazel eyes.

He groaned in despair, not her anyone but her. He would even put up with the mudblood but not her.

“What do you want, Greengrass?” He asked, sneering at her. This was her. The one he would marry. Astoria Greengrass.

She smiled sweetly, almost too sweetly, as she said, “I’ve heard about you and that thing.” She spat out the last word as if it was a disease. She immediately changed her mood as she smiled her sweet smile and said, gently. “Care to explain, sweetie?”

She was obsessed with him, he knew she was. At first, he thought it was flattering and a little cute but now, after a year in her presence, it was downright annoying and he would rather die than marry this girl.

“No, I don’t, you bint.” Draco said, praying to Merlin that Madame Pomfrey would hurry up and come treat him.

“Oh, Draco, is that anyway to talk to your future wife?” She giggled, as if Draco had said something in her ear that was amusing.

“You will never be my future anything!” He hissed, his hands clenching the white sheets tightly. He had had enough of her, he had a way out now and he wasn’t going go with this any longer. He didn’t care what the bint relayed back to his mother, he would deal with that later. “As far as I know, our wedding is off.”

It was at that moment when Madame Pomfrey came to him, she coughed, uncomfortably, as she came between the two to check Draco’s injuries.

Astoria stood there, in silence, blinking before she shook her head slightly and whispering, “What? But…I don’t understand, Draco…we…”

“Are nothing.” He said, flatly, sighing as tears began to flood Astoria’s eyes. He turned his attention to Madame Pomfrey who had pulled out her wand and began to mutter spells to heal his black eye and split lip. Then, she waved her wand again and Weasley’s bite marks were gone.

“You are free to go, Mr. Malfoy,” She said before she quickly left. He got up from the bed and stretched before he grabbed his book bag and started to exit the hospital wing.

“You’re lying,” She denied, shaking her head vigorously as if trying to shake Draco’s words out of her; she swiftly wiped her eyes, watching Draco near the entrance of the Hospital Wing. Draco stopped as she began to speak, his back towards her. “I’ll ask Mrs. Malfoy, this can’t be true, she would have told me if it was.”

“Fine, do not believe me.” Draco said, sardonically; already tired of this conversation he began to walk away from the girl, hoping that she would get the hint.

She didn’t.

She quickly caught up with him and stopped him by wrapping her arms around Draco’s shoulder, too stubborn to believe what Draco was saying.

“Draco, I love you.” She whispered in his ear, hoping that her words of love would make Draco see sense.

Draco gritted his teeth, in exasperation, and grabbed a hold of her arms that were on his shoulder and pushed them off, almost in disgust. “Don’t you dare touch me again or you might find yourself without limbs.” Giving her a death glare once more he quickly exited the hospital wing and sighed in relief.

“Bloody idiot, I’ll be hearing from mother because of this.” He muttered, crossly, he really didn’t want to hear about how he should be a proper gentleman to his future wife and get to know her.

A load of bollocks.

He continued his trek towards the lake which was rapidly becoming his favorite spot to think. Thank Merlin that it was lunch time and no one was out there. He quickly dropped his book bag near the tree he had become accustomed to before he sat down, sighing in relief at the peacefulness of it all.

He sat like that for minutes on end, lost in his own thoughts before he heard a crunch from behind him. It seemed he had a visitor.

“So, she’s the reason why you are doing this.” It was more of a statement than a question; he didn’t turn to the voice but responded by shrugging his shoulders and said, nonchalantly, “So, you saw.”

“Everyone in the hospital wing saw, Malfoy.” Hermione said, sitting down next to Malfoy though she kept a little distance between them.

Malfoy noticed this and smirked, “What, mudblood? Do you think I have some sort of disease now? I think I would have given it to you when I kissed you.” He shuddered as he was reminded of what had happened a few hours ago.

He watched amused as Granger’s lips thinned and she reddened as she glared and said, “It worked didn’t it? It got a rise from Ron.”

“…and the weasel bit me.” Malfoy said, looking at his left arm even though the bite marks were gone, he felt like they were still there. “Can’t your boyfriend keep his animalistic urges at bay?”

Hermione rolled her eyes, ignoring the boyfriend comment, as she replied, “Good, you deserved it.”

Draco raised an eyebrow as he replied, “By doing what you told me to do, which I did unwillingly mind you, I deserve to be bitten by an animal who claims that he is human?”

“Yes, because…well…you kiss like a dog!” She said, her cheeks reddened again as she glared at him.

Draco looked more amused than angry as he retorted, “You weren’t that good either, mudblood.” He knew, by being told multiple times, he kissed divine so if the mudblood wanted to deny that fact than he guess he would go with it.

For the time being, of course.


“They make a nice couple, right?” Ron heard from behind him, he was watching Hermione and Malfoy talking near the lake from the steps. He had just been released from hospital wing when he ventured across them. He scowled as Hermione blushed while Malfoy smirk in amusement.

“I’m not too sure of that.” He turned momentarily to see who it was, it was Ginny. She was looking at the couple also, though, she had a resigned look on her face.

As if she had given up.

“Ron, why does it irk you so much?” Ginny asked, looking at her brother with curiosity. When he didn’t respond she sighed, shaking her head in exasperation, it seemed like everyone was ignoring her these days.

“I don’t know. It’s just that…every time I see them, something inside me…just…I don’t know!” He finished in frustration, scratching his hair as he sighed.

“Maybe, if you found out about those feelings inside you…maybe, you will probably get some answers.” Ginny suggested, patting her brother’s shoulder softly. They stayed like that for a moment, in silence and watching Malfoy and Hermione talk.

Hermione had a scowl on her face and was glaring at Malfoy while the blond did nothing but look at her in amusement.

“I don’t like this, Ginny, not one bit.” Ron muttered, breaking the silence, taking another glance at the couple.

Ginny scowled at her brother and said, “No one told you to like it, brother, just be happy for her.” Leaving that thought with him, she turned on her heels and left.

“Just be happy for her.” He mused on the words Ginny had left him with before he directed his gaze back to them and he felt his stomach lurch. He scowled and clenched his hands into fist before turning around and leaving, muttering, “Easier said than done.”

End of chapter.

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Love Game: Spotlight.


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