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Finding Our Way by ARG
Chapter 13 : Still Christmas
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It took them over two and half hours to get fully dressed and finally leave Sirius’s dorm. When they arrived to the common room, only half a dozen students at the most were there – seemed like everyone had decided to disband as soon as the cold-shields were put back on.

“I’m tempted to say that, so far, this Christmas Eve is the best I’ve ever had,” Mia declared as they strolled lazily through the seventh floor corridor, about ten or so minutes later. She looked at her watch to check the time. “And it is only half past six.”

“We can make a replay of it every year from now on,” Sirius suggested. “But I’m pretty sure Dumbledore won’t let us use the seventh year boys’ dorm to do that.”

Mia laughed. “It’s not really the place I’m interested in,” she told him. “It’s more about the company.”

Sirius smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “Well, thank you, Miss Davis. I’m glad my presence is so pleasant to you.”

“Definitely pleasant,” she murmured, leaning her head on his shoulder as they walked.

“Right, speaking of my presence, there’s something I need to tell you,” he said.

She lifted her head and turned to him with a curious look on her face. “What?”

Sirius nodded at a stone bench a couple of feet away. “Let’s take a seat.”

Mia tensed, hearing that. Usually conversations starting with ‘Let’s take a seat’ were not destined to be pleasant. She swallowed hard as she followed her boyfriend to the bench and sat on the cold surface.

“So, you know my uncle Alphard died a few days ago,” he said.

Mia nodded. “You mentioned it.”

“Well, Dumbledore called me to his office yesterday morning while you and Lily were in the library to tell me that, apparently, uncle Alphard told the whole family to go screw themselves by leaving me a considerable portion of his possessions and the rest to my cousin Andromeda,” Sirius stated.

She just stared at him for a few moments – thinking she had assumed that would be a bad conversation. “How considerable?”

“Let’s just say the money he left me allows me to live rather comfortably without bothering to work for the next two to three decades,” he informed her.

She opened her eyes widely. “Wow, that’s… a lot,” Mia mumbled, dumbstruck.

“Yeah,” he said absently. “But what I am trying to tell you is that the old guy also left me an old apartment he owned in London and I’m thinking of moving there after we graduate and… and I was wondering if you wanted to do that too.”

Mia stared at him in disbelief. If her brain was not fooling her, he had just asked her to move in with her – actually move in with her. “You want me to come live with you?”

He nodded. “I can’t… I don’t want to spend a day without seeing you. I know you’re planning to start Healer Training and the hours are simply murder, so I guess between that, studying and sleeping we wouldn’t have much time to see each other if you have to pop all the way to your parent’s house in Wales every day—“

“But if we live together there wouldn’t be such a problem,” she finished for him.

“Yeah,” Sirius confirmed, taking in her expression. She was shocked – he could tell that for the fact that her mouth was hanging half open as she stared at the emptiness. “Look, if you don’t want to there’s no problem, Mia, really. I mean, I’ve never been to the house. It might be a dump for all I know.”

She shook her head. “I want to, Sirius. I just… wasn’t expecting this at all.”

He was taken aback. She was saying ‘yes’? Just like that? No ‘let me think about it for a few days’? “Wait, so you’ll actually move in with me to the apartment after we graduate?”

Mia nodded. “Of course I will, Sirius. I’ve known for a while you are my future. Why should I hold it back if I can have it happening right now?”

Sirius couldn’t say a word. He touched her cheek with his hand and leaned in her direction, granting her with an unbelievably passionate kiss. What had he done to deserve that girl. “You are something else, Mia Davis,” he whispered against her lips. “You think Lulu will have a problem with that?”

Mia laughed softly. “Sirius, you’ve met Lulu,” she said. “I doubt she will be bothered with the two of us living together, as long as I make sure I drop by her place to see her often.” A smile seemed to be permanently stuck to her face. She felt different now, maybe because he had just asked her to move in or maybe because they had taken a gigantic step in their relationship which brought them even closer than they already were. “I really, really love you,” she whispered against his lips.

“I really, really, really love you too,” he replied with an impish grin on his face.

“Oh, you wanna make a competition out of this?” she asked him with an eyebrow rose. “Because we don’t have time right now. Christmas feast starts in fifteen minutes and we should find Lily and James. It was probably them that came knocking on the door.”

“Well, if it was them, their timing sucks,” Sirius replied, wrapping his arm around her waist as the two of them got up from the bench and resumed walking. “As does everyone’s. Have you noticed how many times we were interrupted in the middle of snogging?”

She laughed. “That’s probably related to the fact that we do that all the time.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Alright, maybe you have a point,” he gave in. “But, Merlin, sometimes it’s like they’re aiming to catch us.”

Mia shook her head smiling at his silliness. “It’s a conspiracy against us.”

They started descending the moving staircases until they reached the fourth floor. The Head’s dorm wasn’t very far away from the library. It could be accessed though a small passage behind the portrait of a plump, light-brown haired witch wearing an orange coat. There were hundreds of books around her form and she wore glasses that made her eyes look extremely small as she read one of them. She looked up from the book when she noticed Sirius and Mia standing in front of her portrait.

“Yes?” the woman asked in an extremely acute voice.

“We needed to come in to see the head students,” Sirius told her.

“Do you know the password?” the portrait asked.

“No, but—“

“I can’t let you in without the password,” it informed him.

“We’ve been here before,” Mia said. “Don’t you remember us?”

The witch laughed in disdain. “A lot of people pass in front of my portrait. Do you think I remember every single one of them?”

“We’ve been inside with the Heads!” Sirius specified in an annoyed tone.

The portrait shook its head. “I’ve told you I can’t—“

“There you are!” James familiar voice said, from behind them. They turned to see him and Lily walking in their direction. “What took you so long to come here? They told us in the common room that you were in your down, so Lils and I went there knocking hours ago!”

“We were… napping,” Sirius lied, looking at his girlfriend so she would back him up.

Mia coughed. “It was so cold that the only thing we could do to keep ourselves warm was…” she gave Sirius a highly suggestive look “…napping.”

“Napping?” Lily asked in disbelief.

Sirius nodded, making a very sure expression with his face. “Yeah, you know, sleeping briefly during the day. That’s the definition.”

Mia bit her inner lip to keep herself from bursting in laughter – that was just the most hilarious metaphor she had heard for what they had been doing.

“But together?” the portrait asked in very outraged tone, clutching her orange coat as it she was trying to reach for her heart. “Oh, the scandal…”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Let’s just go to the Great Hall,” she said, turning her back to the portrait.

“How rude,” it mumbled as the group started walking away.

On their way, to the Great Hall, James mentioned something about Quidditch, which lead him and Sirius to start a discussion about who was more likely to win the national championship: Puddlemore United or the Tornadoes.

“Napping?” Lily asked in low tone she and Mia walked a few feet behind the boys. “I’ve heard people calling it a lot of things, but napping is definitely a first.”

Mia smiled – nothing got past her best friend. “It would be odd to refer it by its real name in front of that annoying prudish portrait.”

Lily nodded. “So, how was it?” she asked, her tone lowering even more. “Did it hurt?”

Mia bit her inner lip. “I’m not sure how to define it. It’s not like I have anything to compare it with. But it is definitely a very good… source of heat. It hurt but not horribly or anything. Ask me again in a week and I’m sure my explanation will be a lot better.”

Her best friend chuckled. “Well, I hope our knocking wasn’t too distracting.”

“We got over it,” Mia told her. “And you surely seem to be in a good mood even for Christmas Eve.”

“Well, so do you,” she countered.

“Yeah, but I’ve got a very good reason,” she replied, nodding at Sirius.

Lily sighed. “Alright. James!” she called.

He stopped walking and turned to face Lily along with Sirius. “Yes?”

“I don’t think we’ll make it to the Great Hall,” she told him. “Let’s just tell them now.”

“You were the one who wanted to wait till dinner,” he pointed out.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she replied. “I don’t feel like waiting anymore.”

The other two observed the interaction – the very friendly interaction – between Lily and James in confusion. She wasn’t even calling him Potter anymore. Sirius’s eyes met Mia’s for a moment as if asking her if she knew what was going on and she shook her head in response.

James took a few steps so he was standing by Lily’s side. “Alright, so this afternoon when you shot us that smartass remark about Lily and I needing to ‘share the heat’, she sort of snapped.”

“I didn’t snap!” Lily protested, elbowing him. “I just had slight breakdown because of the stress and ended up shouting a bit.”

He rolled his eyes. “That’s the definition of snapping Lils.” He turned back to Sirius and Mia. “Snapping or not, she did start yelling at me really loud.”

Sirius laughed. “That’s surprising,” he said sarcastically.

James glared. “You’d think it is if you let me say everything at once. She started yelling at me because I stopped asking her out,” he informed his best friend.

“What?!” they chorused.

“I did,” Lily admitted, blushing. “So, one thing lead to another and what we are trying to tell you now is that we are a couple now.”

They stared at Lily and James for several seconds, waiting for later to start laughing and say ‘just kidding!’ Sure, they had predicted it several times but they wouldn’t have placed their bets on that actually happening before Easter, at least. Merlin, Lily Evans and James Potter are dating, Mia thought in disbelief. Reality was so much more unbelievable than imagination.

“Well,” Sirius started after he recovered from the shock, “the only thing I can think of saying is ‘finally’!”

Mia nodded. “I make his words mine. It took you too damn long! We thought it would take longer but it was definitely long.”

“Wait, you are not surprised?” James inquired in disappointment. “Not even a bit?”

“Are you kidding?” Sirius said. “Everyone has been waiting for you to happen ever since fifth year at least.”

Lily turned to her new boyfriend. “There goes the surprise.”

James shrugged. “Who cares about surprises? I got the girl.”


It was late in the night when Sirius and Mia made their way back to the Common Room from the Head’s dorm with the help of the Marauders Map. That particular item had saved the Marauders from getting detention several times since its creation back in May. Mia had been particularly astounded when she had first seen it – how could a bunch of seventeen year olds create such a brilliant thing?

“Seems like I can wish you a Happy Christmas now,” Sirius murmured when they entered the common room. “It’s past midnight.”

She kissed him softly in the lips. “Happy Christmas.”

“The best one I’ve ever had and it’s only ten past midnight,” he told her, wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug. “Stay with me tonight,” he whispered to her ears

“Sirius, that is so against the school rules,” she said, taking a step back to give him a mock-condescending.

“What? Am I dating Lily now? Because James wouldn’t be happy,” Sirius said. “I’m alone in my dorm and you’re also alone in yours. We don’t want to spend the first hours of the best Christmas ever alone, do we?”

She pretended to think for a moment. “Maybe not,” she agreed.

“We’ll just sleep,” he told her.

She raised an eyebrow. “It that a promise?”

“Only until dawn,” he stated, taking a suggestive tone. “After that, I can’t promise I’ll be able to resist you.”

Mia shook her head in disbelief. “I’ve created a monster when we shagged, haven’t I?”

“Is that a problem?” he asked cheekily.

“Most definitely not.”

A/N: Just a little warning about next chapter - it will skip a few months... I hope you liked this one. I completly rewrote it last night because I hated the way it had turned out and wanted to post it today so you wouldn't have to wait much more. Guess that gives me a little credit, doesn't it? Leave some feedback! 

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