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Like Day And Night by drowninginmusic
Chapter 10 : Never as it seems
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After today’s events you would think everything would get better. Of course, things are not always as they seem. After giving the boys more time to talk, Hermione went back inside to check on them again. She paused in the doorway and listened to their voices. The strange thing is that there were more than two voices. Turns out they were planning out their battle strategies. The room was full of people in black cloaks. 

I guess I gave them too much time alone... Hermione thought.

“Draco Malfoy! What is the meaning of this? You are not still fighting!” These words had escaped before Hermione could keep them in.

When Draco looked up, his eyes were shining red. Hermione stepped back into the wall. He smirked evilly. His teeth appeared to be sharp like fangs. “You will wait here my princess while I go fight. The war will now begin in two days.”

He stood up and closed the gap between him and Hermione. Hermione told herself to move but felt her body freeze. Her muscles tensed as he touched her cheek. She felt herself flinch at his cold touch. This was not her Draco. IT WASN’T! She screamed as she felt her hand come in contact with his cheek. He did not even flinch! She had definitely slapped him hard too. She could feel it on her hand.

“Now, now, that was not very nice. My dear Hermione, you will have to learn your manners. I will make sure my maids tend to that. Now off you go. Return to our room while I work. I will join you shortly.” He kissed her forehead and gave her a light shove out of the room. The door slammed in her face. Hermione banged against the wood until he opened it again.

“What is it now my dearest?” He looked slightly agitated.

“I guess you choose power. Am I right Malfoy?” Hermione snarled.

Draco smirked. “Of course I have. However, I still wish for you to be at my side when you are called upon. Since that is the case, you will do better calling me Draco. We are on first name bases, but you already knew that. “

“You are not my Draco. You are a monster. You are as vile and unimpressive as Voldemort himself!”

Draco’s smirked faltered, but only for a fraction of a second. “I know you are upset sweetheart, but all will be well when I am finished. You will forget all about this argument and will tend to me after the war. I doubt I will get hurt, but just to give you something to do, I will pretend to be. Now run along. I will meet you in our bedroom when I am done with this meeting.” With that said, the door shut in her face for the second time.

Hermione gritted her teeth and made her way out of the mansion. This new power has definitely taken over Draco completely. It seems like he is possessed. He obviously believes he and Hermione are married and that she is the weak on in the relationship. Well, Hermione will not be there to catch him when he falls. No. She will be the one pushing him down. She will not let her feelings get in the way either. At least that was what she was telling herself.

She apparated back to her house and called all her friends. They set up a time and place to meet. When the time came, Hermione got ready and left. Greetings were shared and discussions began. Details were explained and plans were made. Hermione loved that all of her questions were back to being answered.

The war would begin in two days at 7 p.m. on Thursday exactly. The sun would be just setting which was a disadvantage to Hermione; however, the dark would stop her from doing what she must.

Now that everything was settled, Hermione could catch up with her friends. “Where did you go after you left me in the rain?” Ron asked before she could escape him.

“Well, I went for a walk,” she lied.

“Why did you have to leave me in the rain? I woke up with a cold,” Ron coughed. He blew his nose just to further prove that he was telling the truth.

“Because I did not want you to muddy my house. I had just cleaned it,” she lied again. Draco had definitely changed her. Before she was kidnapped, Hermione would never let herself lie to her friends. But here she was, lying up a storm just to save Draco’s ass.

“I was not that dirty!” Ron’s ears were beginning to match the color of his hair.

“Well you had thrown up all over your clothes along with the mud.”

“Stop lying! I know why you did not take me inside your house. It was because you were scared to get close to me again. You are scared that if we get close again then you might actually fall in love with me again. Don’t you see it though? You are still in love with me. You just cannot admit it to yourself or anyone else. Well here is your chance.” Ron crossed his arms and waited for a statement that he would never hear.

“I do NOT love you! Nor will I ever again! You are not the one for me and I realize that now!” Hermione stormed out of the room but Ginny caught her arm.

“Is this all about your feelings for Malfoy?” Ginny’s question was so soft but it struck home. Hermione began to tear up.

“I do not have feelings for that monster. He is dead to me. Well, he will be in two days at least.” Hermione rubbed her eyes to stop the tears.

Ginny sighed. “I do not understand what he has done to you, but I know for fact that you feel for him. Maybe you should stay out of the fight. When the time comes, you might not be able to deliver the final blow that will kill Malfoy.”

“No way! That is not even something I will take into consideration! I will fight and I will destroy him and all that he stands for!” Hermione was determined to make this oath to herself come true.

“Well then, can you do me a simple favor?” Ginny waited for Hermione’s nod before she continued. “Do not go near him. That way, you will not have any thoughts about stopping me from killing that bastard who almost ruined my wedding. Can you do that for me?”

Hermione smiled and nodded. Ginny returned the smile and went back inside. Hermione lingered around town before she made her way home. 

Thursday came so fast that it felt like Hermione only blinked once. The two sides were now standing on the battlefield facing each other. From above, Draco’s side seemed to be darker and Hermione’s side seemed to be brighter. This once again proves them to be the opposites that they are. Draco had rallied more people than anyone could have predicted. Turns out a lot of people were upset about Voldemort’s defeat. This was their chance at revenge.

It was 6:59 p.m. Once the clock hit 7, all hell broke loose. Hermione lost track of her friends within the first ten seconds but she continued fighting. Years of auror training showed as she took down her opponents with no problems.

She made sure she avoided Draco for Ginny’s sake. Well, I guess I should say she tried to avoid him. Things never turn out the way you want them to.

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