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The End of the Beginning-The Beginning of the End by Marc
Chapter 31 : Harry's Dream Comes True
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Ginny awoke the next morning to find herself in her bed. Harry was sleeping over the covers, next to her. His hand was on her arm and as soon as she moved he was sitting bolt upright, in combat mode.

Harry looked around and when he was sure that everything was all right, he turned to his fiancée and gave her a soft good morning kiss. “Did you sleep all right?” he asked her in a whisper.

“I didn’t have any bad dreams. I think that it was because I knew, in the back of my mind, that you were still with me. You make me feel safe, you know that?” she asked him.

“I’m so sorry about yesterday. I seem to not be able to protect you, the way that I want. I don’t know what I’d do if anything was to happen to you. I love you Ginny,” Harry told her as the two of them cuddled up together for a few minutes.

Ginny realized that Harry had slept in her bed all night. When she looked at him, he just smiled. “Your Dad told me to stay with you. I guess that he felt it would keep you from having any nightmares,” he explained.

“My Dad really trusts you, Harry. I don’t think that he would tell anyone else that they could sleep with me in my room. I guess that he figures that if we had wanted to do anything else we would have all ready,” Ginny told him.

Harry walked Ginny down to the kitchen table for breakfast. Mom Weasley gave her daughter a warm hug before she filled her plate with eggs and sausage. Harry sat quietly next to her, eating his breakfast, as he waited for her to start talking about what happened yesterday.

When she didn’t say anything by the time that Harry was ready to leave for the Ministry, he told her that they would talk when he got home. He kissed her as he stepped through the kitchen door and crossed the yard to the portal. He glanced back as he reached the wards and found Ginny standing in the doorway, watching him leave. He waved to her as he stepped out and disapparated away. She lingered there for a few minutes more, looking at the point that he had been standing at, before she closed the door.

Harry met Kitchi Proudfoot at the main desk of the Aurors department. The two of them made their way down to the holding cells to interrogate the six men that were being held there.

The other man who had disapparated into the wards was still in St. Mungo’s for the injuries he suffered. The healer there told the Minister that it would be several days before he could be questioned because of the injuries that he had sustained.

Kitchi and Harry spent the next several hours questioning the Death Eaters about who was in charge. No matter what was asked or what was said; none of the men could or would give them any information that was useful. Harry was able to get a possible location of another lab from the man who had kidnapped Ginny. They were able to find out that he had been one of the original Death Eaters with Voldermort.

Thorfinn Rowle had told them very little about what had been planed but he did let slip that there was a lab up in the northern reaches of Scandinavia. He had told them that at least it would be warm in Azkaban. When Harry had asked him where he had been, he would just say up north in one of the fiords.

Harry turned to Kitchi, “I think a trip to Norway would be in order Mr. Proudfoot; wouldn’t you say?” Harry asked.

“I’ll bring the Minister in and I think that I’m going to get Mr. Dawlish to join us as well,” Kitchi told him as he headed for the main door of the cell block that they were in.

Harry went up to the Minister’s office and met the other men that would be traveling with them, up north. One of the main tables in the center of the room had become operation central. Maps, observational reports, and rolls of parchment covered the left side of the table. There was a large supply of warm clothes on the right side of the table.

Dawlish had invited some of the more practiced Crones, to see if they could locate the last base of operation with their divination capabilities. Harry stood off to the side as he watched three elderly witches hover over the map for more then an hour. The tallest of the three was an expert in Pallomancy and held a leather thong with a pure, clear, crystal hanging from it. The three, watched as the crystal stopped abruptly and pointed to a specific point on the map.

Finally, the oldest of the witches looked up and called Dawlish over to tell him what they had found.

Harry and Kitchi moved closer to hear what she was saying. “We see here, in the recesses of this finger of the fiord a place of great darkness. It has a strange magic about it, we can’t feel what’s there, it’s as if something there is putting out a protective fog to conceal itself,” the old witch said, with what Harry could plainly see as fear in her eyes.

“There is an ancient evil there, we don’t recognize it as a normal wizard’s magic. It’s very old and very, very dangerous. Go there with great care. This place has seen violent death and what we can only describe as the darkest of debauchery,” one of the other witches told them as she stood there over the map. Her finger hovered over the map as if she didn’t want to touch the spot that denoted the real location.

The Minister thanked the three old Crones and had them gently escorted out of the auror’s room. He turned to Harry and started to explain what they were going to do. “Well Harry, it seems that you’re going to have your first field assignment much sooner than either one of us would have wanted,” Shacklebolt told him.

“Mister Minister lets just get this over with. The faster we can destroy this last lab the safer the rest of the world will be. I just hope that we’re not too late, like last time,” Harry admitted to him.

The four men worked through the afternoon preparing for their trip to the northern frontier. Warm clothes were added to what was already on the table in the office. Several more men were called in and several meetings were held in preparation for the trip. Two men were sent out to reconnoiter the area before the rest of the team would leave. This would give Harry one more night with Ginny before he went off to do what had to be done.


Harry returned to the Burrow shortly after sunset. Ginny met him at the door with a hug and kiss. Harry could tell that something was bothering her when he looked into her eyes. When their eyes met she gave her head the slightest of shakes to ward off any questions at that time. They made small talk with Molly while they waited for Mister Weasley to come home.

Ron and Hermione came over and had supper with the family since her parents were going to the opera that night and Hermione wasn’t in the mood to join them. Ginny and Hermione were thrilled when Bill and Fleur came over shortly after supper. Mister Weasley took the boys into the parlour so that the ladies could discuss the up coming wedding.

The gathering broke up around ten thirty when Bill and Fleur left to go back to their cottage. Hermione and Ron decided to stay for the night and arrangements were made for the boys to sleep in Ron’s old room and Hermione would sleep with Ginny for the night.

Ginny made her way down to the kitchen a few hours later, since she couldn’t sleep without Harry being with her, after what she had just gone through. Harry had always known her to be a strong and brave hearted girl but everything that she had gone through had affected her in such a way as to make her jumpy and a bit skittish.

When she made her way to the parlour, she found that Harry was sitting on the couch waiting for her. “You took longer than I thought. Come here,” he told her as softly as he could.

Ginny came over and sat on the couch next to him. He wrapped his arms around her and slowly slid his fingers through her hair as she rested her head on his shoulder. He gently kissed her temple and rubbed his cheek on the side of her head.

Harry wrapped his hand around Ginny’s and pulled her in closer to himself. “You can’t hold this in. Please tell me what happened. If you don’t, it will eat at you and I don’t want that to happen,” he whispered to her.

Ginny took a deep breath and started to tell him her story. “I’d just finished my practice with the Harpies and decided to take a shower before coming home so that I wouldn’t smell like a ripe troll. When I was just about to go into the shower room, a man stepped out in front of me; I had my wand out and blocked his first two spells. Something hit me in the back and I don’t remember what happened from that point forward. The next thing I knew, I was hanging up by my wrist and the one that I had taken on, was pointing his wand at me. He told me he was going to wait for you to get there and then kill me in front of you. When he said that, I figured that I had a good chance of surviving,” Ginny explained to him very calmly.

“I hope that what we’re going to do tomorrow will finish the rest of the problem. Kitchi told me that the six men that we took out were the last of the hardcore original Death Eaters. Once we get this shadow figure, the danger will finally be over. Until then, I’m going to ask you to do something for me. I know that you like to be in charge of yourself and not depend on anyone else to protect you but, for the time being, I want you to not go anywhere unless there are a few people with you,” Harry said and raised his hand to ward off any protest from his fiancée.

“Ginny, under normal circumstances I would never ask or order you to do this. I’m going to be your husband and every so often I may give you an order as your husband, yeah I know, I’m taking my life into my own hands in doing so, but for my peace of mind and your safety please do as I tell you this one time, please?” Harry turned his order into a soft request.

“Well, since you’re going to be my husband, I’ll listen to you this one time, only. I don’t expect you to make it a habit giving me orders, do you understand me Mister Potter?” she asked him with a gentle smile on her lips.

“I give you my word, that once we’re married, we will talk over everything. I will always listen to you and we’ll come to a decision together,” Harry told her as he looked at her eye to eye. “If I should give you an order anytime in the future, I would ask that you not question why but just follow it as quickly as you can. I’ll only do this if I feel that you and perhaps, our children are in danger, all right?” Harry asked

“If the day comes where you give me that type of command, I promise that I’ll obey the order,” Ginny told him as she turned her head up and gave him a soft kiss.

“Hmmm, only three more weeks, my love, then we will be free to show each other everything,” Harry whispered as he returned the kiss. The two of them stayed like that for sometime until it got late enough that they walked each other up to their bedrooms.


When Harry got up, Molly had already made a large breakfast for him and the others. He sat with Ginny and the other friends that he loved so much. When he went to leave, Ginny and Hermione gave him a hug and wished him safety and luck. Ginny walked him out to the portal and gave him a goodbye kiss that reminded him why he loved this girl so much. He took his leave from her and walked out of the portal. Harry turned and looked back through the portal at her for a few seconds before he turned and disapparated away to the Ministry of Magic.

Within the hour he had packed up the gear that they were going to take with them and reviewed what they were going to do. The men would be broken up into two groups. Harry would go with Kitchi and Dawlish and meet up with Kingsley, Kilpatrick, and Pullman a short distance from where the site was supposed to be located.

The men grabbed hands and stepped forward with Harry for a rather long apparation to their first set point in their journey. They checked where they were and made sure that it was safe to continue on to the staging point for the attack.

The men were glad to have heavy parkers on, since they were so far north that the snow never completely melted. The two men that had gone ahead to reconnoiter the site didn’t show up at the time that they were suppose to. When the Minister realized that something had gone wrong, he had considered pulling back and sending another team in to see what the problem was.

Harry talked him out of leaving the area. He reasoned that if two men had disappeared in their getting close to the target site that two more would just as likely disappear as well. He figured that it was time to move in and take out the laboratory before they had the chance to run, again.

“Harry we may not have enough men to completely surround this laboratory and we don’t have time to get more men from the Aurora’s department,” Kingsley admitted.

A smile crossed Harry face as a wonderful, nasty idea crossed his mind. “Mister Minister, if you’ll give me ten minutes, I think I know where we can get the backup help we need,” Harry told him.

What Harry said and the way he said it, peeked the Minister’s curiosity. “You have ten minutes then,” Shacklebolt told him.

Harry, disapparated way from the front of the small cabin that they were held up in. A few minutes later he came back with two of the Burrow’s snowmen that he had easily found. Within fifteen minutes the Aurors had been supplemented by eighteen very large and snow healthy constructs.

Harry explained to the snowmen what was going to happen. They would act as a picket to stop anyone from getting away from the laboratory. The snowmen looked at each other and Harry realized that they were communicating with each other as to what they were going to do, to help. 

The other men with Harry just stood there with their mouths hanging opened. This was beyond anything that the Minister had ever expected. He realized that it was so outlandish that it would probably work.

The men waited until just after sundown and slowly moved toward the site. When they came within range, they saw a small opening in the side of a low cliff. There was no cover for the men to use to get close enough to see what was going on inside.

When Harry went to move forward, one of the snow men put his hand out and stopped him. He lay forward on the snow that was already on the ground and in seconds had blended in completely. Harry could see a slight bulge move across the snow; he waited until the bulge came back.

The snow man came up out of the snow a few minutes later. It mimed that there was a human in a laboratory doing things with its hands. When it was done, it lay back down and blended with the snow once again, so that anyone that looked out from the laboratory couldn’t see them.

Harry explained to the other men there, what it meant. Kitchi was so amazed by what had just happened he almost forgot himself for a second. The Minister thought for a few minutes and then asked Harry, “How do you plan on getting across this field? It must be at least three hundred meters to the opening of the cave,” he estimated.

Harry was lost as to how to get across without being seen. One of the snow men came over and wrapped itself around Harry and threw itself forward. The other men could no longer see him since he was encased in snow. The other snow men followed the lead of the first one and within seconds the six Aurors were quickly being slid along the ground in a cocoon of snow.

When they reached the opening of the cave, the Aurors were slipped out from the encasement of the snowmen. The six men grouped together and, using hand signals directed what was to happen next. The snowmen blended back into the layer of snow that was on the ground.

The Aurors silently slipped into the cave opening. They found that the walls had been cut out when they reached father back from the opening of the cave. Kilpatrick stopped short and held his hand out to stop everyone else. He took out his wand and used the luminous spell to light up the corridor in front of them.

There, before them, were two completely torn apart bodies lying on the floor of the cave. Shacklebolt identified them as the two Aurors that had been sent out to reconnoiter this place yesterday. The men looked at each other in a way that said that these deaths would be avenged.

Harry followed the Minister and Dawlish as they moved toward the first door in the complex. When Dawlish went to open it, Harry grabbed his arm and stopped him from touching the knob. Harry placed his ear on the door and listened hard to see if he could hear anything inside. He heard what sounded like the tinkling of glass and some shuffling of feet.

Kitchi came forward, lay down, and tried to look under the doorway. He couldn’t see any bright light but there was a faint glow coming from the other side. Kingsley nodded his head at Harry and the four of them went blasting into the room.

Harry saw him first, a black towering figure on the far side of the room. When the door opened he turned and produced a blinding fog that filled the area of the room where he was. Harry yelled, “Luminous Solaris!” the wand in his hand produced a blindingly brilliant white light to fill the room that they were in. The others followed what he had done just as a black bat-like creature covered its face and charged past them. Harry got off several stunning spells but nothing stopped it from coming forward.

The entity charged out of the laboratories doorway and everyone inside could hear a blood curdling scream from the corridor. Kitchi and Dawlish charged out the door and Harry could hear several loud retorts as they cast the most powerful spells that they could.

When it went quiet, Harry and Shacklebolt looked at each other and stepped out into the corridor to join the others. They found Pullman on the ground. He was dead! His throat had been ripped out and blood was splattered all over the far wall of the corridor. Harry could still see blood seeping from the massive rip that had once been Pullman’s throat. He turned his head and returned to the laboratory.

A movement on the far side of the laboratory caught his eye, “Kingsley! There’s someone else in here,” he yelled. The Minister and Kitchi came, running back in while the other two stayed outside and attended to their fallen comrade.

Harry was holding his wand out in front of himself with its tip giving off as much light as it could. Kitchi stepped back to the doorway and flipped the light switch on. The overhead florescent lights came on after they flickered for a few seconds.

There, standing on the other side of the room, with a white lab coat on, was what had once been a human. It had been transformed into an ash white skeleton of a man. There wasn’t any movement on his part except for what Harry could see as great deep breaths.

“I smell your blood and I can hear your heartbeats. You make me hungry. Get out of here while I can still control myself. I have no wish to soil myself with the blood of any other human, yet I fear that I can’t control myself much longer,” it said.

Shacklebolt noticed several units of blood in a cooler attached to the wall to his left. He walked over, opened the glass door, took out one of the units and tossed it to the creature on the other side of the lab. It caught it out of the air with talon like fingers. Its mouth opened wider than any human’s mouth could. Hundreds of needle sharp fangs cut through its gums and with a forward lunge of its head; it sank them into the bag of blood. The Minister tossed him another unit and then another, until it had satiated its thirst.

“Thank you, for your kindness. It’s been a long time since anything has been done for me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Alfonse D. Ponsie; I was taken almost five years ago. I’m the one that’s been creating the plague that was being delivered to all those victims. It wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t do anything to stop it,” he told them.

“Do you know how many people you’ve killed?” Harry asked.

“No, but even one, would be too many. I didn’t want to do any of these things but I was helpless to stop it. The master wouldn’t let me stop. He had ways of causing pain and hunger on a scale that you can not fathom! He converted me and made me his slave. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist him. He was to powerful for me,” the specter told them as he leaned forward on the lab table.

Harry went to step forward to help him but he held his hand up and yelled for him to get back. “You don’t understand I’m already dead. I’ve been cursed to a living death and there is nothing that you can do for me. He told them as he leaned forward on the table as if he was suffering great pain from standing.

“What can we do for you?” Harry asked.

“Nothing!” he screamed. "I’m lost and there is no rescue. There is only one saving grace, he didn’t think enough to take the antidote. You,” he pointed to Harry. “Go over to that refrigeration unit and open it up. There are ten vials of a clear solution on the third shelf. It’s an antidote to the plague that I’ve made. It was one of the things that I worked on when he wasn’t here. I was hoping that I could get it out to someone that could make use of it. Use it well! Now, I have a request to make,” he stopped as if fighting with himself to get the request out.

“What can we do for you?” Shacklebolt asked him.

“Kill me and burn my body. Then set the most powerful explosive that you can and destroy this place,” Doctor Ponsie told them.

“Isn’t there someway that we can help you?” Harry asked.

“I’m lost. It’s been to long since I’ve been converted. I’m fighting with the last ounce of strength to keep the last of my humanity. Please! Let me die the way that I want to die. Finish this for me,” he sobbed.

“Young man what I saw you do was very powerful. He’s going to be going after you and yours. You must get word to them to take shelter somewhere that he can’t go. I would think a church,” he struggled to say the word as if it was painful. “You must get your loved ones undercover or he will kill them, or worse!”

Harry sent his Patronus out to Ron, “Ron, you, Hermione, her parents are in grave danger. Get everyone to the Burrow as fast as you can. Be careful of any fogbanks that you see. Right now, they’re dangerous. Move!” Harry yelled. His stag flew off to deliver his message.

“Isn’t there anyway that we can help you?” Harry asked the Doctor, again.

“Just kill that Satan spawn! Go and see my wife and tell her that I love her and that I’m sorry for not being able to return to her,” the man now was sobbing with heartfelt grief.

“Finish it!” he yelled at them in near panic.

They realized that there was no help for this courageous man. Harry promised that he would deliver the man’s message.

Kitchi stepped forward, pointed his wand at the man and in a quivering voice intoned, “Avada Kedavra!”

The man, who had been cursed to exist as a Vamphyri for the last several years, raised his eyes up to the ceiling and collapsed over the lab table. He could finally have the peace that his tortured soul had longed for.

Harry stepped forward and, pointing his wand at the body on the table intoned, “Conflagration Maxima!” Within seconds the entire room had become a crematorium. He and the other Aurors backed out of the room, levitated Pullman’s body and sent it flying into the conflagration as well.

“Harry we have to get back to the Ministry so that I can get word to my counterpart in the muggle Ministry to bomb the hell out of this place,” the Minister told him.

For his part, Harry had no intention on leaving the area until the laboratory was completely destroyed. He pointed his wand and, holding it with both hands, closed his eyes and sent a massive bolt of energy at the opening of the cave. The explosion was so powerful that half the cliff side slid down and completely covered the opening of the cave.

Harry stepped forward once the rubble had come to a halt and placed a powerful Fidelius Charm over the entire area. When he was sure that no one would ever be able to get to what was inside, he turned and disapparated away with the other men holding on to him.

The snowmen waited for them to go and then turned north, once again and headed for home. This far north, the snow would allow them to return back to the snow fields of the frozen artic.


Ginny, Ron, Hermione and their parents were sitting in the Burrow’s parlour when Harry came blasting out of the hearth. He didn’t say anything but grabbed Ginny around the waist and pulled her into a more passionate embrace than anyone there had ever seen exchanged between the two of them.

“Harry, are you all right?” Ginny asked, as she looked at him with a bit of fear in her eyes.

“I am now!” was all that he said. “Mom, Dad, I’m going to ask you to keep everyone here for the next few days, if that’s all right?” he asked.

“Harry what is going on?” Molly wanted to know.

“We’ve discovered who is behind the plague. It’s a full fledge Vamphyri in battle blood. I don’t know how or why, but he’s been the one behind all of the plague attacks. We’ve destroyed the last lab. At least for the time being he won’t be able to make anymore of the plague then he has with him,” Harry informed them.

Everyone sat around the hearth and listened as Harry related the story of what they had found up north. He left out the gorier details as he felt that it would only give Ginny more nightmares. He hadn’t finished telling them about Doctor Ponsie, when Ginny started to cry. “Harry, you’re going to go see his wife, aren’t you?” she asked him.

“I’m going to go see her, first thing in the morning. I don’t intend on being outside while it’s dark until after this Vamphyri is destroyed. I hit him with several really powerful spells and nothing stopped or slowed him down. It’s as if regular magic has no effect on him,” Harry told them.

When it was time for them to turn in for the night, Harry, Mister Weasley and Ron walked around the periphery of the wards and check to make sure that they were up to full power. Harry was the last to return to the kitchen. He pointed his wand at the threshold of the house and a pale blue aura could be seen for a few seconds. When Molly asked him what he had just done, he told her that he had set a secondary ward at the door to bar anyone or anything from using it while the sun was down.

That night everyone slept a little bit uneasily. Harry sat on the couch in the parlour and kept the fire in the hearth roaring all night long. Mister Granger came down about half past two and joined Harry for the night watch.

“Well, Harry it seems that we still think alike. I’ll keep watch for you son, get some sleep or you’ll be useless by the morning,” he told him.

Harry slipped down into the couch and closed his eyes. He had been asleep for only an hour or so when Ginny came down and joined him. Mister Granger had seen her come down the stairs and watched as she sat on the floor next to Harry.

“Why is he up?” she asked.

“Why else? He’s keeping watch over you and your family. You’re a lucky young lady, he’s very good at doing what needs to be done for everyone’s safety,” he told her. He sat quietly as the fire slowly turned to coals. Around four that morning he put three more logs on the fire to build it back up. Ginny had fallen asleep with her head on the couch and her hand on Harry’s shoulder. She was intent on taking care of him for once. Her presence there allowed Harry to relax and get five good hours of sleep, until the morning light, that was coming through the window, awoke him around seven that morning.

Harry helped Ginny to stand since she was so stiff from sitting on the floor for most of the night. They shared a kiss as they joined Mister Granger at the table. Molly had come downstairs just a few minutes before and breakfast was in full swing.

While Harry ate his breakfast, he reviewed what had to be done that day. He told everyone there that they would have to be done with whatever they needed to do before sunset. Ron decided to join him at the Ministry to see what he could do. He didn’t realize it at the time but his becoming an Auror was now assured.

Ron and Harry apparated into the main foyer at the Ministry, it was around eight thirty that morning. Harry led Ron down to the Auror's office. When they walked in Kingsley met them with a smile. “Ron! Has Harry finally talked you into joining us?” he asked.

“This thing that you’re fighting is now endangering my family directly and I figured that the only way of making sure that they’re protected is to be here with Harry. Do you need me?”

“Mister Proudfoot, it seems that you have a new man for your department,” Kingsley told the Auror as he walked in to join them.

Kitchi shook hands with Ron, “any friend of Harry’s is a friend of mine. Welcome to the department. I’m sorry that you can’t have the usual time for training but these are unusual circumstances,” he told Ron.

“First things first, I’m going to go see Doctor Ponsie’s wife. I owe him that much,” Harry told the others.

“I’ll go with you Harry. When we returned last night I had him investigated, he had been a world renowned Microbiologist and virologist. He spent almost twenty years fighting disease for the Muggle establishment,” the Minister told him.

Several minutes later the two of them were standing outside of a small run down house in the seeder side of London. Harry went up and knocked on the front door. A shuffling of foot steps from the other side told them that some one was home. The door was opened by a small, old lady with thick glasses. “Yes? Can I help you?” she asked.

“Good morning. My name is Harry Potter and this is Kingsley Shacklebolt. We have information about your husband, Alfonse,” he told her.

At the mention of his name the woman brought her hand up to her mouth in stunned amazement. She stepped back to allow the two of them to enter her home.

Harry and Kingsley spent the better part of the next two hours talking about what they had found. The story they told was altered to allow the woman to think that her husband had been working for the muggle ministry on a very secret project. When they left she was crying for her lost but grateful that she finally knew that her husband was truly dead. Kingsley would make arrangements for her to receive monthly compensation for her lost at the hands of an entity that she had no idea existed.

While they had been away from the Ministry, Kitchi had started to bring Ron on board with information that he would need if he was going to be a member of the department with Harry. Under normal circumstances, the two new men would not be involved in any type of work for several months but these were difficult times and they were needed.


For the next two weeks, Hermione and her parents would return to their flat in London during the day and do the things that they needed to do there. They would always be back inside the Burrow’s wards before the sun would set over the western horizon. Molly had kicked her cooking up to high gear and was turning out meals that became the center of the evening together. Kingsley and other Aurors would come over and join them on occasion.

Ginny was talking to Hermione and her Mother on one of the nights, about where Harry and she would be going on their honeymoon. Harry sat their listening to what was being said and realized that he hadn’t planed out anything past the wedding.

The next morning, he visited Kingsley’s “travel agency” to see what could be done. With a few calls made, Ginny would be stunned to find out where they were going. Harry decided not to tell her and keep it a secret until they reached their destination.

Three days before the wedding, Harry, Ron, Neville, and Daniel met at the Burrow to discuss what was going to be done on the day of the wedding. Ginny, Hermione, Luna, and Bonnie went through a practice wedding so that everything could be planed out for that Saturday.

The Grint and sons men came in on Friday morning and put up a tent in the yard, just outside of the Burrow’s wards. It was big enough to sit everyone for the wedding of the century. Florists started to bring in bouquet after bouquet of flowers to decorate the dais, where the ceremony would take place.

Harry had just finished his days work at the Ministry on Friday when Shacklebolt, Ron, Neville, several aurors and a large group of school chums from Hogwarts came in to the room. “The day’s done, Harry, time we go out and enjoy your last night of freedom,” Ron told him.

The group of friends took him by the arms and disapparated away from the Ministry. They apparated into the main hall of the Rusty Cauldron, where Harry’s bachelor’s party would be taking place, that night. Mister Weasley and Mister Granger met them there as they came in.

Tom, the inn keeper, showed them to the central table and waved to several of the young witches to bring over the food for the nights feast. When Harry first saw the girls he gave Ron a look that warned him not to let this go any further. “Relax, Harry, they really do work here. I was a good boy and didn’t get any entertainment witches. First of all, my dad would be here and secondly I didn’t want to have Ginny bloody raging at me for the rest of my life,” Ron told him.

The men settled in and enjoyed their meal and conversation. As the evening continued, it became a form of informal roast for Harry. The jokes and stories had everyone in good spirits by the time that they decided to finish up and return home. Harry thanked everyone and told them that he would be thrilled to see them tomorrow at the wedding.


Saturday morning dawned dark, cloudy, and with teeming rain. The wind had picked up to almost gale force and the tent was in danger of being ripped out of the ground. Ginny was beside herself with disappointment. She had always dreamed of having a wedding at the Burrow since she was a little girl.

Harry and Arthur realized that they couldn’t hold any type of ceremony outside in this weather and quickly started to make plans at an alternative arrangement. Harry sent his Patronus out to Head Mistress McGonagall with a request. Several minutes later she apparated just outside of the portal and ran in as fast as her old body would allow.

“Harry, Molly, this is terrible weather to even try to have anything outside. The house elves are working on the Great Hall at this very minute. Everything will be ready by this evening. I’ve made arrangements to get everyone there on time. The Minister has agreed with me and has activated more of the fireplaces for the floo network. Pack up and let’s get moving your wedding will be taking place in Hogwarts. I’ll have no arguments to the contrary,” this formidable witch told him and the others in the Borrow.

Kreacher appeared at Harry’s left side and met his master with a bow. “Several of the elves will be moving the flowers and food that is here to the castle. You need not be concerned I will take care of everything for you,” the elf told him.

Ron and Harry ran out of the portal with Minerva and taking her hands, disapparated to the foyer of Hogwarts. When Harry looked around, Minerva started to chuckle. “I’ve lowered the anti apparation charms for the day. I felt it would make it easier for many of the guests, if they could just apparate in for today since its so bad out,” she finished.

Harry was ushered into one of the unused classrooms off of the main foyer. The other members of the wedding party joined him shortly. The wait became unbearable as the day dragged by. The arrangements were completed just as darkness was falling.

Daniel was so excited that he couldn’t sit down quietly for more than a minute at a time. He remembered that he had left something up in his room that he wanted to give Harry before the wedding. He excused himself and left the room to retrieve what he wanted.

Just before the service, everyone was standing around in their formal black dress robes. Harry kept pacing back and forth as if this would make the time go faster.

He had been told that the girls were in the Gryffindor common room above him but he couldn’t go up to visit since it was considered to be bad luck for him to see his bride, before the ceremony. Harry had just, finally, sat down when a blood curdling scream echoed down the stairway from the corridor leading to their old common room.

Harry’s wand was in his hand and he was half way up the stairs before anyone else could reach him. He reached the portal to find that it had been ripped in half and crushed inwards. The fat lady was nowhere to be found. Harry passed through the portal and what he saw made his heart leap and his adrenaline surge.

There, with his back to the doorway leading up to the dormitories, was the Vamphyri Sanguini. He had Bonnie off of the ground. One of his hands was wrapped around her right arm and his left hand had her by the jaw. He had her neck bent to the left, as if he was preparing to bite her.

“You! You’re behind all of this!” Harry yelled. In front of him stood a massive black figure, his nose was pulled back and flattened against his face. The ears were pulled up to great points above his head and his eyes were glowing feral red.

“Yessss, the Vamphyri hissed at him. You and your friends have interfered with my plans for the last time. I let Voldermort do his thing. I figured that once he had won, it would be easier for me to get rid of him and take over. You stopped him and I had to change my plans. I figured that my little plague would cause enough damage to weaken everyone enough for me to take over. I was the one that led that fool Carrow. She attacked you to soon, when I had gone to see how my little scientist was doing with the plague. I returned just in time to see her die. No great loss. It doesn’t matter that you destroyed my laboratory, I have the plague,” he gloated.

“You may have the plague but I have the anti serum. Your slave made it while you were away. I’ve handed it over to the authorities so your plague is useless. Put the girl down,” Harry ordered him. “She has nothing to do with this. It’s me you want,”

“Ahhh Potter, you still don’t understand how I do things. It’s not enough for me to beat you, it’s my intention to cause you as much pain as I can before you die,” Sanguini admitted.

“This one is known to be one of your favorites. After she’s mine, I’ll take her with me and make good use of her. She’s young but she’ll still serve my purpose. It’s been a long time since I’ve bedded a virgin. That blood, is the sweetest,” Sanguini said as his mouth stretched out and row after row of needle sharp teeth extended from his gums.

Harry saw a flash as something dropped from the balcony above onto the back of the Vamphyri. The impact was so hard that he stumbled forward and Bonnie went flying out of his arms. Harry charged forward and buried his shoulder into the creature’s midriff.

Daniel had jumped off of the balcony above and landed on the Vamphyri’s back. He had wrapped his right arm around its throat and was pulling back with all of the force that his small body could produce. Sanguini was thrown off balance by the impact from above and the shoulder block from the front that Harry had thrown. He staggered back two steps.

It was all that was needed. Harry was able to disapparate, Sanguini and Daniel to the sunlight bathed desert some four hundred meters from Uluru-Kata. The sunlight struck the Vamphyri with the force of a blowtorch. The purity of the light was the only thing that it couldn’t fight against.

Harry grabbed its arms and held on to them with all of his might. Daniel had wrapped his legs around the creatures chest and was pulling on his neck with every once of strength that he could.

The sunlight was causing great blisters to form on its skin. The exposed skin of its face was smoking and cracking as each second passed. The two eyes boiled out of their sockets and turned into a black goo. Harry heard someone yell his name. When he looked up he saw Burnu Durain and his head boy, Perkins, running out to them.

Burnu had a long sharp staff in his hands and Perkins carried a great, silver sword in his hands. “Get out of the way!” he yelled as he lifted the staff up over his head.

Harry slid off, grabbed Daniel by the arm and yanked him out from under the Vamphyri, as Burnu drove the staff’s point through the creature’s chest. Sanguini went stiff for a second but continued to growl and within seconds he was grasping at the staff to try and pull it out. Perkins came forward with the sword and with one full swing from well behind his back, cleaved Sanguini’s head off.

“We have to burn the body!” Burnu told Harry as he pulled his wand out of his robe. Harry turned and had his wand in his hand before anyone else. Daniel stepped back and pulled his wand out as well.

The flames from the three wizards were so intense that, after a few minutes, the ground where the creature had been destroyed had become melted glass. Burnu levitated several large boulders from the surrounding area and covered the area so that no one could get to it or out of it. Harry placed another Fidelius Charm on the area and stood there panting from the exertion of what he had just done.

“Are you all right?” he asked Daniel.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Dan gasped out between great gulps of air.

“Did either one of you get bit or scratched by the vampire?” Perkins asked.

“No, I think we’re all right,” Daniel told him.

“Take off all of your clothes, NOW!” Burnu ordered them.

“What?” Daniel asked.

“Take off all of your clothes and let the sun purify you. It may be the only way of making sure that he didn’t infect you. Get those clothes off!” Burnu ordered them again as he started to pull Daniel’s robes off of him.

“Harry! He had Bonnie in his hands!” Daniel realized.

“Stay here I’ll be back in a minute,” Harry told him as he disapparated away.

A few seconds later, half way around the world, Harry apparated back into the Gryffindor common room. Ginny and Hermione were checking to see if Bonnie was all right. 

“Were either one of you touched by Sanguini?” Harry asked them.

“We’re all right. Bonnie pushed me out of the way when he came through the Gryffindor portal,” Ginny told him. 

“Bonnie you’re coming with me,” Harry told her as he scooped her up in his arms. “I don’t know how long this will take. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” he told Ginny.

Harry stepped forward and disapparated away from the Gryffindor common room, with Bonnie in his arms. Seconds later, he apparated back out onto the desert plane near Uluru-Kata. Daniel was standing there in his underpants and socks on, trying as hard as he could to disappear since Bonnie was now there.

Burnu sent his Patronus back to the school and within minutes several girls were led out to them by Mirrhi. The girls had brought a set of blankest with them, per order of Burnu. When they reached the others that were already there the Head Master explained what they were going to do.

The girls opened their blankest up and formed a square about four meters to a side and two meters high. Mirrhi came over and took Bonnie by the arm and went to pull her into the enclosure. Bonnie tried to pull away since she didn’t know what was going on.

“Bonnie, go with her. It’s all right. The Vamphyri held you in his hands. We have to make sure that there is no residual effect from his touch. It’s all right Mirrhi is a friend of mine and I know that she wouldn’t hurt you,” Harry explained to her.

Bonnie went with the dark skinned girl, but when she was told to take off her clothes she started to try to pull away from her. Daniel came into the enclosure and grabbed Bonnie by the arm. “Listen! We have to make sure that he didn’t do anything to cause you to become like him. We’re going to take a sunbath. Take your cloths off,” he told her in a voice that was as close to a command that Harry had ever heard him use with his little girlfriend.

The two of them looked at each other and after a few seconds of consideration on her part, she started to remove her wedding attendant’s robes. Daniel stepped out of the blankets and looked to the dark skinned man for further orders. “Everything!” was all that Burnu said.

Daniel stepped away from the area where Bonnie was and slipped his underpants off. “Both of you lie on your backs and spread your arms and legs as much as you can. Perkins when they have a slight sunburn, have them turn over,” Burnu told his head boy as he left, to return to his school.

Harry and Daniel spent their time talking to each other about what had just happened. Every so often they would yell over the blankets to see how Bonnie was doing. She was having a difficult time with being naked in front of these strange girls but she did what she had been ordered to do.

After twenty minutes, Perkins ordered them to turn over on their stomachs for another twenty minutes. Harry found the hot sand to be relaxing and quite comfortable. Daniel kept up a constant stream of questions about what he had been doing since school had let out. Harry tried to answer as many questions as he could but left out what he had done up north.

When enough time had transpired, Harry and Daniel went to dress again. Daniel’s robes were all right but Harry’s where soiled from the gore of what had just happened. Harry thought for a minute and lifted his wand up in front of himself. His Cobalt Blue robes appeared. “Well, I guess that this will have to do,” he said to himself. With a flick of his wand his black robes vaporized into smoke.

The girls helped Bonnie put her robes back on and spent a few minutes redoing her hair. Mirrhi came over and gave Harry a hug and a kiss on his cheek. Harry thanked everyone and told them to extend his thanks to Burnu. He went to scoop Bonnie up in his arms but she pulled back. “Do you think that I could try to side along apparate?” she asked. Harry thought for a minute and offered her and Daniel his arms.

“Hold on tightly. This is going to be a long trip,” he said as he pulled them forward two steps. The three of them apparated back into the common room. The members of the wedding party that were there came over and embraced them. Ginny forgot about not letting Harry see her. When she saw that Harry had different robes on she gave him a hug and told him that it was all right; that she liked those robes on him anyway.

Harry went down to the Great Hall with Ron to await the start of the wedding ceremony. Daniel, Neville, and the other boys of Gryffindor followed and filled in the seats at the back of the hall.

Harry saw that there were elves lining the isles against the walls and several centaurs were standing along the back of the seats that had been set up for the guests. When he reached the dais, he saw that Minerva was sitting next to Hagrid in the front row where his parents would normally sit. Next to Minerva, was Dumbledore’s portrait, it had been taken off of the wall in the office and brought down for the ceremony as Harry had promised.

Harry looked over at Ginny’s mom and her brothers and sisters in law that filled the first two rows of seats on the bride’s side. He had to smile when Aunty Muriel waved to him from just behind the other Weasleys. Harry looked out over all of the guests that were there to honor the vows between Ginny and him. He couldn’t help smile when he realized that they were here for him to share his and Ginny’s most important day.


Harry stood at the podium in front of the Great Hall. Beads of sweat from nerves and fear trickled down Harry’s face and soaked into his robe’s collar. He kept looking at the main doors but couldn’t quite see Ginny.

Ron asked, “are you all right mate?’

Harry looked at him, “No – Yes – No – I don’t know. Oh, help,” Harry gasped.

Ron chuckled, “it’s all right, just breath.”

“That’s easy for you to say you’re not in my predicament,” Harry retorted.

Shacklebolt, stepped up on the dais and looked at Harry and Ron, “ready, gentlemen, it’s a beautiful evening for a wedding,” he said.

Harry acknowledged him only with a nod of his head, as his attention was drawn back to the great doors by the start of the music. Luna was the first to enter, escorted in by Neville, as they reached the dais; each went to their proper side. Daniel and Bonnie walked in as if it was their wedding and everyone there smiled to see these two second year students together. Next came Hermione, walking in by herself as Ginny’s maid of honor.

Ron choked, “Wow, she’s beautiful.”

Harry turned to his best man and told him in an awed whisper, “If you let her get away, you’d be a true fool, keep that in mind, I want to be your best man someday. Do it soon Ron!!”

Ron’s face changed, not from what Harry had just said but from what he was looking at over Harry’s shoulder. Harry turned around in time to see Ginny and Mr. Weasly step through the great doors. Harry gasped and his knees started to shake, “Oh my!” was all Harry could say.

Ginny was absolutely beautiful. She wore dazzling white robes that shimmered as she walked down the Great Hall’s knave. Her train stretched out behind her some distance and her sleeves were flared out at the top and drew out to points just above the bottom hem of her robe. She wore a simple flower crown with a full veil and blusher. Her father was dressed in a sharp black robe and his face had a smile that could have lit up the rainiest day.

When Ginny saw Harry she tightened up and caught her breath. Arthur stopped at the foot of the dais and turned to Ginny. He lifted her blusher up and over her head and gently kissed her temple.

“Oh, daddy,” Ginny sobbed. Arthur gave her a smile, hug, and winked at her, telling her it was all right without saying a word. Arthur turned to Harry shook his hand and pulled him into a hug.

“Take care of my baby for me Harry,” he whispered. Harry nodded. Arthur took Ginny’s right hand and placed it in Harry’s left hand, he then put his hands on the top and bottom of their hands and a pale blue glow appeared. The intensity increased until it became blindingly bright white, and then disappeared.

Shacklebolt stepped forward. “Who gives this bride’s hand in marriage” he intoned, starting the ancient rite of marriage.

“We do,” Arthur and Molly said together. Molly’s voice caught in her throat with a sob.

“Very well,” Shacklebolt accepted. “And who gives this groom’s hand in marriage?” he asked.

“We do,” said Hagrid and Professor McGonagall together. Harry nodded his head in thanks to his two friends that were taking the part of his parents. Hagrid blew his nose, as forceful as a fog horn, into his table cloth size handkerchief.

Shacklebolt, turned to Harry, “Do you Harry James Potter take Ginevra Molly Weasley to be your wife, to have, hold, comfort, and protect so long as you both shall live?” he asked.

“I will, with all my soul, mind, and body. This I swear on my life,” Harry whispered so that only Ginny could hear him.

Shacklebolt turned to Ginny. “Do you Ginevra Molly Weasley take Harry James Potter to be your husband to have, hold, and comfort as long as you both shall live?” he asked again with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.

“I will, with all my soul, mind, and b-b-body,” Ginny said with joy, “This I swear on my life.”

The minister turned to Ron, “Do you have the rings?” Ron handed Ginny’s ring to Harry, who took it into his left hand, and went to place it on Ginny’s ring finger.

Harry started to slide the ring on, but as it crossed the first knuckle, Ron came around behind him and pulled his arm so that the ring came off her finger. “Harry,” he pulled again, “Harry,” he pulled again “Harry,” Ron said.

Harry pulled his arm away, “Stop it Ron, can’t you see I’m trying to put the ring on her finger?” Harry said, as a wave of déjà view swept over him so that his skin tingled from the affect.

“Harry, you’re putting the wrong ring on Ginny’s finger. I accidentally gave you, yours instead of hers,” Ron explained, as he changed rings with his best friend.

Harry gave a great gasp of relief. He turned to his bride and slipped the ring on her finger. “With this ring, I pledge thee my undying love and devotion. From this moment forward there is only one who I will cleave to, one that I’ll hold above all others,” he whispered as he set the ring to where it would be for many, many years to come.

Ron handed Harry’s ring to Ginny and stood back as his sister slipped it onto Harry’s ring finger. “With this ring, I pledge thee my undying love and devotion. From this moment forward there is only one who I will cleave to, one that I’ll hold above all others,” she whispered as she set the ring to where it would be for a very long time.

“As Minister of Magic and your friend, it gives me great pleasure to pronounce you Man and Wife. Harry you can kiss your wife,” Kingsley told him with a grin that reached from ear to ear.

Harry wrapped his arms around his new bride, pulled her close to him and whispered so that only she could hear him, “My Wife.” He kissed her in front of everyone there and they felt wave after wave of energy pulse out from the couple standing on the dais.

A roar of applause resounded off of the walls of the Great Hall as the boy who lived finally won the heart of his lady fair.

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