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Bedposts and Broomsticks by potterwriter340237
Chapter 4 : Breaking the Code
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Wonderful chapter image by belatrixx at TDA! Butterbeergal is the best beta a girl could ask for!

I can’t believe it. I tripped. I bloody tripped. I seriously need to work on my escape plans. 
Evidently, pushing people in the pond is not a very good one especially when you end up in the said pond. 
Darkness and water pressed around me, my red hair swirled above me as my bare feet touched the sandy bottom. 
Shit. What was I going to do? I just had made my life even more complicated than it was ten minutes ago. 
Maybe I could just stay down here forever thus avoiding Luke and any awkward conversations, but even as this thought crossed my mind my throat tightened treacherously. Damn my need for oxygen! 
Could you imagine the headlines of the Daily Prophet? 
“The Chosen One’s Only Daughter Dies Due to Severe Embarrassment” 
Yes, that could definitely not happen. If I was going to die I wanted it at least to be an interesting enough situation to make it on Law and Order : Magical Victims Unit. 
Speaking of not dying quite yet, I was going to have to act soon if I didn't want my imaginary headline to come true. 
I let out a stream of bubbles in frustration and coming to the conclusion that I would eventually have to surface, I started to push off the ground. 
Before I could even fully push off, a strong muscular arm slipped around my waist and began to drag me quickly to the surface. 
Unless our small pond had suddenly acquired Hogwart’s giant squid, the only one possible person who could be manhandling me was the last person I wanted to talk to...and he was “saving” my life. 
I broke the surface spluttering and splashing with Luke gasping beside me; he threw me unceremoniously on to the dock where I landed heavily and resembled a drowned ginger cat. Just fantastic
He hauled himself up on the dock and wiped his wet curls off his forehead, his brown eyes incredulous. 

“What the bloody hell was that, Potter?” he yelled at me as he pulled himself into a standing position and offered me a hand. 

 I took his hand hesitantly, it was slightly callused and warm despite him being in the cool pond and he helped me up easily to my feet. 
 “I tripped...?” I said hesitantly, distracted that he was still holding my hand in his large one. 
“I know you tripped but why the bloody hell did you not swim? You could have drowned!” he threw up his hands in apparent exasperation and at the same time releasing my hand which I quickly put behind my back. 
Okay, so this was interesting. He thought it was an accident that we both fell in the pond...well, okay, it was an accident that I fell in but that was just due to poor planning on my part. 
“ know...I just panicked and all, but thanks for saving me!” I chirped and turned around and started to power walk off the dock and up the path. 
“Wait, Lily!” Luke yelled after me. 
I winced but turned ignoring my primal instinct to flee, “Yes?” 
It looked like he had not planned out what he wanted to say quite yet, he ducked his head slightly and put his hand in his pockets, bouncing slightly on the heels of his feet. 
“I’m sorry...” he muttered. 
“Why?” I asked bemused. What was he sorry for? Saving me? Okay, in all honesty I didn't really need saving but let’s just let the boy think what he wants right? And I really do not mind playing the damsel in distress especially if my knight is so damn gorgeous. 
“Well, for snogging you in your cellar at Teddy’s engagement party...” 
Ohhhhhh, that. Right... Awkward. 
“No... It’s fine. I mean don’t worry... No big deal,” I answered, stuttering slightly and thankful for the darkness of the night to hide my blush. We started to walk up the path side by side slowly. 
“I know there is no real excuse but I was really drunk, you are really cute...” 
I glanced up at him surprised and tripped over a root, cursing myself for my lack of grace and expecting my face to meet the packed dirt. However, Luke reached out his hand and effortlessly saved me again. I am really going to owe him if this keeps up. 
“Sorry,” he said but he smirked implying he didn't really mean the apology, only causing my blush to deepen and my heart to flutter slightly. Merlin, what this boy did to me was ridiculous. 
We walked side by side silently, our hands brushing every so often, until finally the lights from my house touched the dark path. 
Luke stopped and looked at me, “And we both agree not to tell James or your cousins?” 
I nodded furiously and he smiled, his white teeth glistening slightly in the warm lights. 
“Ummm just of curiosity...was that your first kiss, Lily?” 
I laughed awkwardly. “Noooooo,” my voice sounding fake even to my own ears. 
His smile dropped into a frown and he ran his hand through his hair. “Shit. I might as well just taken your virginity while I was at it.” 
If it was possible, I blushed even deeper and let out a nervous titter. Luke seemed to realize what he had said and he blushed also. 
“Fuck. That is not what I meant... fuck. I am so sorry,” he managed to stutter out. 
“Really, it’s okay. Friends?” I reached out my hand feeling immensely proud of myself for handling the situation. 
He smiled, that heart melting smile, and shook my hand, “Friends.” 
As we reached my porch, we parted ways with a smallsmile, he to find the other Marauders and me to find Roxanne. 
I raced up my staircase and ran into my room to find Roxanne sitting on my bed looking at me with a confused expression. 
“Why are you all wet, Lil?” 
I glanced down at my soaked shirt and skirt. I ran into my bathroom and proceeded to rip them off and change quickly into my pyjamas before I hurried in and joined Roxanne on my bed. 
“I fell into the pond with Luke.” 
Roxanne’s expression changed from confused to outright bafflement, “What happened?” 
I thought back to my interaction with Luke Wood and smiled. 
“He said I was cute.” 

 ****Luke’ Wood’s POV***** 
“I might as well just taken your virginity while I was at it.” God, could I have not sounded any more like a cradle robber? Maybe I should have just thrown in a creepy eye wink to complete my image as a pedophile...fuck. 
I felt guilty, not only is Lily two years younger but she is James’s baby sister for Christ’s sake!  I watched her run up the staircase presumably to talk to Fred’s little sister. I also turned and made my way over to the lit porch where my friends were roaring with laughter at something Louis said. 
At the sight of me their laughing stopped and James’s mouth gaped open like a gold fish.

 “Mate...what happened to you?” 
I looked down at my soaked blue polo and jeans. Oops
“Your little sister pushed me in the pond, man.” 
Louis, Fred and Daemon all roared with laughter but James still looked nonplussed.

 “Why would she do that?” 
Shit. Good question James. Why on earth would your sister fall into your pond with me, let alone be talking to me one on one? 
“Ummm, oh well she thought I was Teddy. I was just standing on the end of the dock and she ran and tripped and we both fell in.” 
James started to laugh also and Fred laughed even harder.

“Sounds like Little L for sure!” 
Nice save... I took out my wand and dried my clothes quickly. “Anyway, so what were you guys talking about?” 
Fred chortled. “That time we persuaded Peeves to get Moaning Myrtle out of the bathroom and then…” 
I spaced out slightly, consumed by my guilt...but Lily said everything was fine, that it was no big deal. So why do I still feel like I betrayed James? 
Uh, because you did? Sisters, cousins and ex girlfriends are off limits...rules set out in the Marauder Code since first year. Way to break tradition, Wood. 
Daemon nudged me and muttered in an undertone, “What the hell is going on with you, mate?” 
Was I that obvious? And here I thought I was doing so well! “Nothing. I’m just tired.” 
Daemon looked skeptical but nodded anyway and then he punched Fred in the shoulder lightly. “So Freddie, what fine female at Hogwarts are you going after this year?” 
“All of them,” he laughed and pretended to pop his non existing collar. 
James’s brow furrowed slightly and retorted sternly, “Except for Erin.” 
Fred laughed, “Yes James, except for the girl who has not noticed your existence for the last six years...” 
“Oi! She knows who I am! We sat next to each other in Ancient Runes last year...” 
Louis chortled also, “James I was in that class, too. She called you Jeff the entire year.” 
We all laughed at this. Poor James...fancying a girl who did not even give him the time of day. 
James huffed and sat down defeated. “How the bloody hell does she not know who I am? Who we are? We are the fucking infamous Marauders, I am the son of the man who saved the entire wizarding world and she has no idea.” 
Fred clapped James on the shoulder and sat down beside him on the bench.
“I think mate that it is time to move on. Elsa Hewer has had her eye on you for a while.” 
“I guess...” James muttered angrily. 
But we all knew James would put his best effort this year into getting Erin Thomas to finally notice him. 
“And Wood? You and Natalie going to be the golden couple of Hogwarts again?” Fred turned and asked me smirking. 
I sighed. Yes, it was probably very likely that me and Natalie Ashworth would date again. We were the on and off couple that everyone loved to gossip about. Our relationship is just so comfortable and so familiar that it is easy for us to fall back into the same habit of being together. Unfortunately, it tends to end in very public break ups.  
Fred took my silence for a yes. He smirked even wider and turned on his heel to enter the Potter house, most likely to get more food. Louis and Daemon followed him in, and I sat down heavily beside Jame,s putting my head in my hands. 
James looked at me completely defeated. “We have completely screwed up love lives don’t we, mucker?” 
 You have no idea James, you have no idea... 

****Lily Potter’s POV**** 
The Potter household was pandemonium the morning of September first. My dad was called into work early so my mom was trying to get James, Albus and me ready. We were just about to leave when James let out a very feminine shriek and ran back into the house to get his Captain Badge...apparently, his ego isn't enough to let us all know this is his second year as Gryffindor’s Quidditch captain. We then had to return once again to get Al’s broomstick (honestly, that boy would lose his head if it was not attached) and then once again, to my shame, after complaining both times, we had to turn around again because I forgot my wand...I am never going to live it down. James and Al took the mickey out me for the entire car ride after that. 
We finally got to the Platform with ten minutes to spare and searched for our extended family, finally finding them all grouped together. 
Rose was hugging her mother and father as best she could as Clar waited impatiently behind her, tapping his foot (really what an arse!). James had grabbed Louis and Fred, they all said hasty goodbyes and went to claim a compartment for the Marauders. Al had hugged my mum quickly and disappeared somewhere and Roxanne was talking to Victoire, Dom and (I gulped) Teddy. Hugo was nowhere to be seen and I was hoping that he was saving me and Roxy a compartment. 
I made my way over to Roxanne and upon seeing me ,Victoire and Dominique double teamed me in a hug, both chattering about how much they were going to miss me and explaining that Molly and Lucy really wanted to come see us off but they were both really busy at the ministry. 
All the while I was watching Teddy who was regarding me with an expectant expression. Finally detaching myself from V and Dom explaining I had to talk to Teddy quickly, I grabbed him and marched over to stand behind a pillar. 
I looked up into his natural hazel eyes and took a deep breath, “I snogged Luke Wood at your engagement party. It’s all sorted out, end of story. You don’t have to go all over protective surrogate brother on him, okay?” 
Teddy looked taken aback by my bluntness but he composed himself and studied me carefully. Then he shook his head smiling slightly, “Okay, love. Have a good year, study for your O.W.L.S and owl me if you need anything.” 
I nodded and he pulled me into a warm hug, kissed the top of my head and then shooed me to my mother. 
I hugged my mum tightly, promising a letter as soon as the feast was done and I ran onto the train, tugging my trunk, looking for Roxanne and Hugo. 
I finally found Roxanne sitting in a compartment with two other girls in our year and house. Edie Diamond is a diminutive blonde who I liked most of the time but she has a tendency of hero worshipping my brother and his friends which can understandably be annoying. Next to her is Samira Kelk, a rather plain brunette who always ties her hair in a long plait. She could be a little boring but she is just so damn nice, it was hard not to like her. 
They all greeted me warmly as I set my things in the compartment. I then motioned for Roxanne to join me in the hall way to help me find Hugo. 
I genuinely liked my cousin Hugo but we had grown slightly apart as we aged. He was more into heading the Charms club and the Gobstones club, as well as being the newest fifth year prefect for Huffelpuff than spending time with me and Roxanne. We are definitely still good friends and I enjoy spending time with him but we have different interests that lead us in different directions. 
We turned the corner to see red headed Hugo with his arm propped against the wall in a suggestive pose as he talked to a blonde Huffelpuff girl. 
“Well, you can’t spell Hugo without a ‘Hug’ honey so why don't you give me a chance? Give me some love and we can go out some time?” 
His line was effectively ruined when Roxanne and I snorted so loudly it may have damaged his dignity. Merlin, here was my dorky cousin trying some line that he probably got from his just as romantically challenged father. 
He turned and frowned while the girl slid behind him, mouthed a thank you to us and ran into the loo.  
Deciding to escape Hugo’s wrath, me and Roxanne made our way quickly back to our compartment laughing heartily. 
We sat down and were just about to explain to Edie and Samira why we were laughing so hard when there was a shout that we heard through the slightly open sliding door. 

Oh dear. 

A/N: Hiiiiiiii! Whew chapter four done! I am so delighted that everyone is enjoying this story and I am thrilled witht he feedback I am recieving! I woul love if the people who have favourited this story to leave a quick review, it would just make my day!  Even just leaving a few words why you liked it or a few lines that you enjoyed would be amazing!Thanks so much again for all the support!Much love...potterwriter340237

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