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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 2 : Dementors
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, characters, movies or anything related to it. Unfortunately.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So there's been a really good response on this story so far! Let's keep it up! And I want to give a big thank you to all of my reviewers and readers for giving me the encouragement and smiles I needed to keep all of these stories going. Thank you so much for everything! So, onto the story!

Chapter Two: Dementors

The scorching summer sun beat down on the back of my neck and my back as I stood on the doorstep of the one and only Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, holding a two-year-old in one of my arms, and holding the hand of a four, almost five-year-old. I had on a light yellow tee-shirt with a hood, and that read "Malibu" across the chest as well as a pair of denim roll-up shorts. My hair was straight and down as usual, and had a pair of white-rimmed, oversized sunglasses resting on the top of my head. Had, being the key word as the two-year-old I was carrying had taken them off me and was now wearing them upside down over her own eyes. I also had a pair of pale yellow flip flops that made the best flip-flopping sound when I walked.

See, at this exact moment, I was babysitting as well as trying to do some of my own personal errands. I was babysitting two of my mom's friend's children, Emma and Sophia. Emma was four years old, turning five in about a month. She had straight-ish dark hair, tan skin and the biggest, brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Sophia was only two years old, with super curly dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Sophia was totally giggly and loved goofing off, hence the upside down sunglasses that kept slipping down the bridge of her nose.

I knocked loudly on the door, Sophia mimicking my actions and giggling, before someone opened it. And that someone just happened to be Sirius.

"Sirius!" I exclaimed, stepping inside as we performed out secret handshake, but is also worked as something to prove it was really me. Over the last few weeks, we had become pretty close. He was like a brother, or an uncle or something like that to me. "What is up my Homie G?" I asked him, laughing slightly as I saw down on the arm of one of the couches, balancing Sophia on my lap while Emma sat beside me, not letting go of my hand.

"Nothing really," He said, unfazed by my weirdness and taking a seat across from me. "Wait, why are you here? The Order meeting isn't until tonight."

"Invitations," I said as Emma held up the brightly colored pieces of paper, folded in half with equally bright and colorful writing on them.

"Ah," He said knowingly. "So how's your summer been going?"

"Busy, but alright I guess. Making money for playing with little kids is always fun. How about yours?" I asked.

"Cramped up in the one building I swore I would never return to, and being stuck here all summer, it's just joyous," He said sarcastically, for me to roll my eyes at him.

"Sorry for asking," I said, a bit cattily.

"No, I'm sorry - I'm just cranky because I want to go outside but Dumbledore doesn't seem to think its safe, as you already know. But it's better having Harry here as company," He said.

"Harry's here already?" I asked, feeling a grin spread across my face at the thought of seeing Harry again.

"Yes, but not for the reason he should be, unfortunately. He got six Dementors," Sirius said.

"WHAT?!" I demanded. That wasn't supposed to happen. It just couldn't! It was only supposed to be two! Why was this happening? But then of course, I remembered. We interfered. We came into the picture, and we definitely were not supposed to do that. "Why haven't I heard about this?"

"It only happened a few nights ago. But he has a hearing on the twelfth because he used the Patronus Charm to protect himself and his cousin. The hearing is about whether he will get to go back to Hogwarts in September," Sirius explained, looking sad at the idea.

"This is horrible," I said to myself more than anyone before speaking to Sirius. "Can you watch these two for a few minutes so I can go see him?"

"Of course. He's upstairs in the guys' room, you know where that is, right?" He asked and I nodded, bounding out of the room and up the stairs seconds later. When I reached the right door, I put a silencing charm on it before opening it and coming in very quietly. Ron, Hermione and Ginny all saw me, as they were facing the door while Harry faced them, so I signaled for them to be quiet as I snuck a bit closer to him. I started doing some insane disco dancing, pelvic thrusts, and some somewhat inappropriate gestures behind Harry's back until he looked around, wondering what the other three had been snickering about.

I looked as innocent as I ever Have as he started to come over, but I beat him to the punch by running over and flinging my arms around him in a hug, as he hugged me back, lifting me off the ground as he spun me around.

"Emily," He breathed quietly, nuzzling my neck, kissing it a few times before moving to my lips in our first kiss in at least a month. It was very gentle and passionate, and more than I could ever expect.

"I'm so sorry for not telling you anything in the letters or on the phone. I should've told you more and I would've except that I couldn't because Dumbledore is the secret Keeper for the Order and everything about it, but I still feel really bad about it and I'm sorry," I spoke really rapidly before taking a deep breath and realizing something. "Oh! And don't freak on me for this but I'm a member of the Order because Dumbledore seems to think I have some power that Voldemort doesn't, and thinks that I would be useful to the Order. I'll give you any information within reason that you want, but not right now because right now is time for reuniting."

I finished talking and was now panting slightly against him, leaning my head against his shoulder, or more like chest. Damn, just when I think I've grown, he grows even more.

"It's okay," Harry said softly, placing a feather-like kiss on my cheek, for me to smile.

"Oh, so she doesn't get yelled at," Ron mumbled angrily. We both decided to ignore this comment, although Ginny took it upon herself to whack him over the head. I always knew I liked Ginny.

"What did you do to your hair?" He asked in bewilderment, while playing with it, twirling it between his fingers.

"I got blue extensions in; it was an early birthday present. I've wanted them for so long, and I just got them from my friend that lives in Vernon, so yeah," I answered, feeling my knees go weak just from being around him. Or it could be that my knees were very weak ever since last year at the graveyard, but I chose the first option. It was more romantic that way.

"They look incredible," Harry complimented, for me to turn slightly pink. "They really suit you. So what are you doing here right now?"

"Invitations!" I said, holding the pile up.

"To what, exactly?" Harry asked. I just gave him one of my infamous looks telling him to figure it out before a look or realization dawned upon his face. "Your birthday," He said finally.

"Exactly," I said as I began to hand them out to everyone in the room (Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny).

"August 17th," He read morbidly, his eyes scanning his invitation. "Five days after my trial."

"Don't be like that!" I said, hitting his chest. "You'll be able to go back to Hogwarts in September because they can't possibly expel you from school for defending yourself and ultimately saving your cousin," I said as his arms snaked around my waist, mine going around his neck.

"That's exactly what I said!" Hermione exclaimed.

"You should listen to Hermione, she's smart," I noted and he nodded in agreement. "Anyways, I was just dropping these off."

"What?" Harry asked in disbelief as I started backing out of the room, as he never let go of me.

"I have a couple more to deliver, some errands to run and I'm babysitting at the moment. I'm sorry," I said sympathetically as I started down the stairs, Harry following suit and never letting go of my hand.

"It's okay, I guess I'll forgive you," Harry said, wrapping his arms around my waist before backing me up against a wall just outside of the living room, and pressing his lips against mine. I was shocked at first, but within a few seconds I was responding back, loving the feeling of his lips on mine once again. We broke apart after a few minutes (I'm a singer, I've got lungs of steel) and smiled lovingly at each other.

"I'll be back in a few days, I promise," I said softly, so only he could hear.

"You better," Harry said jokingly, before nuzzling into my hair and kissing my neck in really ticklish spots.

"Harry, I really do have to go," I said, trying not to laugh. I was very ticklish, but he was not going to know that, although he probably knew that already. But I wasn't going to tell him, and no one else was.

"Oh yes I will!" Lindsay shouted down the stairs before laughing maniacally.

"Shut up!" I yelled up at her. "And stop doing that for heaven's sake!"

"I will when you stop thinking!"

"That's impossible!"


"STOP TALKING WOMAN CHILD!" I screamed up at her. By now, Harry was busting a gut he was laughing so hard. So hard, in fact, that he was leaning over, clutching his sides. "Stop it," I said, playfully hitting his arm as he calmed down.

"Fine," He said, as he actually calmed down. "I don't want you to leave."

"I don't want to leave...but how about on the day of my birthday party, you come over like, one or two hours early so we can have some private much as we can with my nosy family around," I suggested, our foreheads pressing against each other's as we clasped onto each other's hands.

"Sounds good. I'd love to spend some private time with you...and your nosy family," He said, smirking for me to just shake my head at him, chuckling slightly.

"I have to go now...see you later, 'kay?"

"Mhmm," He mumbled, giving me a quick kiss before I got the two little girls from Sirius and Apparated away, not being able to help the smile that was on my face the entire time.

Next time on "Chaos in the Order"

"Sounds like she's going to melt down soon," Lindsay said, listening carefully to the events that were going on above her. "She's really pissed off though."

The conversation was interrupted by two very loud thuds.

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