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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 12 : Bye, Birdy
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A/N: I'm super glad that most people are liking Freddie again because I really didn't like making him mean. It truly sucked. And I love everybody who left such positive feedback; it really made me smile. Anyway, I'm sorry for the wait but I was working on another story :]
Effy xx

Right. Hally wrote up a list of tasks that I have to complete by Friday in order to either piss off Fred or get a date with him. I’m not sure I wanted either. Well, maybe the date wouldn’t hurt. Dom refused to join in, stating that thinking about me and her cousin makes her queasy, so Hally shooed her out of the library to do God knows what. And might I mention that I’ve only completed one of the twenty tasks.

Which is to not let Freddie see my dirty plimsolls.

And that’s only completed by choice. Dom hid them somewhere.

“What about number 17?” Hally murmurs, holding a pen at the ready to tick. “Have you done number 17?”

“I doubt it. But, so you can mock me more, what is it?”

“Have you touched Freddie in a flirty way?” Hally frowns.

I swear I just choked on air.

And I didn’t even think that was possible.

A flirty way?!”

“Yeah,” Hally nods, looking slightly annoyed. “You know. Casually stroked his arm or something?”

Casually stroked his arm?!”

“Overreact much?”

“You want me to stroke his arm!” I exclaim causing for Hally to roll her eyes. “That’s so weird!”

“It’s not weird!” Hally argues. “Look, this is all you have to do.”

And with that she started to fiddle with my arm while I stared at her weirdly. And by fiddle I totally mean stroking and tracing little circles. So I was totally justified with my staring.

But that’s also when James-Freaking-Potter decides to come bounding into the library, today of all days, and catches Hally doing slightly questionable things to my arm.

“Am I interrupting something?” James sniggers, raising his eyebrows meaningfully at Hallys hand on my arm which she immediately snatches away.

“No, no!” Hally says quickly. “Not interrupting anything. Nothing at all.”

“What are you doing in the library, anyway?” I ask. “You’re never in the library.”

“Hey, I am, too!” James replies. “I’m just as in touch with my inner geek as you two are.”

“Are you calling me a geek?” Hally gasps, placing the list of ‘Freddie’ things down in front of her.

“Calling us a geek,” I correct. She ignores me. In fact, they both do.

“I might just be,” James smirks, in response to Hally’s accusation.

“Well, I’m not the one who’s scared of a little snail.”

James’s eyes narrow. “And I’m not the one who likes Geoff.”

“Bullocks,” I mutter, as Hally throws an accusatively glare in my direction. “Not even three days, Potter.”

“I can’t believe you told him!” Hally wails. “You must know he’s the biggest gossip in the school!”

“James Potter – Gossip God,” James quips, pulling me into a standing position and slinging an arm around my shoulders. “Mollie tells me everything.”

“I do not!” I protest.


“Yes, that’s right, Hally; everything,” he confirms, nodding in reassurance at me as Hally sits there smirking evilly.

“I bet she didn’t tell you about last Friday-”

“-Did you just stand to make yourself taller?” James buts in, much to the relief of me, who is, in actual fact, staring at Hally in horror.

“So what if I did?”

“Well, I’m just saying, it didn’t really make much difference.”

“Oh my God, Potter, are you calling me short?!”

“I think midgets more suitable in this case.”

“You bastard! I’m not a midget! I just haven’t had a proper growth spurt yet!”

“Normal people have growth spurts when they’re eleven-ish. I don’t think you’re ever going to have one.”

“People!” I snap, interrupting Hally and James’s ‘midget feud.’ “Let’s just drop it, shall we?”

“Just because you were named ‘Hottest Teen Guy’ doesn’t mean you’re all that,” Hally growls, trying to square up to James. This, for her, is a pretty big feat; let me tell you, seeing as he’s about a foot taller than her.

“I disagree with that completely,” James says, putting more of his weight on me through his arm, making me stumble slightly. “I am ‘all that.’”

“You are not. I think Freddie could be though.”

Yep, back to the whole ‘staring at Hally in horror’ thing I have going on.

“Freddie?” James scoffs. “He wasn’t even in the Top 10.”

“I’m not talking about that anymore,” Hally informs him, her gaze shifting to me.

“Hally, your bags on fire!” I blurt out and as Hally and James turn towards the table I pull out my wand and mutter a quick ‘Aguamenti,’ to set her bag alight.

What are the chances that I got a water spell mixed up with a fire spell?

Very slim, I tell you, seeing as they sound completely different.

Yet somehow I still manage to do it.

“Or your bags just very wet,” I supply, chuckling weakly as Hally stares at the puddle forming around her bag.

“Eek!” Hally squeaks and rushes towards her bag, leaving a guffawing James in her wake. “My Charms assignment was in there!”


“Oops?!” She screeches, rummaging in her bag to try and rescue her homework. “Oops?! My homework is ruined and all you can say is oops?! I’m going to bloody kill you!”

“Run, James, run!” I yell and, throwing James’s arm off of me, I sprint for the door and don’t stop running till I’ve reached the school grounds and am positive Hally’s too lazy or unfit to bother chasing after me.

Like I’m one to talk, though. I can barely breathe.

“How... are... you not... tired?” I wheeze, bending over the ease the pain of my stitch, as James stands perfectly upright, not looking as if he’s done any exercise at all.

“Blimey, you’re red,” James says, ignoring the question that took me a hell of a lot of trouble to say.

“Shut up,” I reply, once my breath is back and I’m positive I’m not going to fall over. “You want to get some dinner?”

“Don’t I always?”

“Good point,” I shrug and begin walking up to the castle with James, his arm draped, again, casually around my shoulder.



Wednesday. Transfiguration class. Freddie is sitting next to me. While we’re meant to be taking notes, might I add, making it extremely difficult to concentrate.

But it’s not hard to concentrate because I’m sitting next to a really hot guy who I kissed last week, although that doesn’t exactly help, it’s because I should be ‘fiddling’ with Freddie’s arm right now and I’m not. I’m completely and utterly not.

“Ms Pert, could you please explain what the Inanimatus Conjurus spell does?” Ms Myers asks and I snap my head up from focusing on Freddie’s arm to her face and find the whole class have turned in their seats to witness my embarrassment of not knowing the answer.

“Uh... well, is it a... um... conjuring spell?”

“Yes...” Ms Myers presses, looking towards me expectantly.

“Does it conjure... things?”

“By things do you mean inanimate objects?”


“Good. Five points to Gryffindor!” She exclaims and then turns back to the board.

And then I resume my zoning out, looking back towards Freddie.

After what’s got to be another ten minutes, I have just about summoned up enough courage to do the arm thing. Give me a horde of teenagers who are slightly pissed I stamped on somebody’s foot any day to flirting.

Because, you know what? I’m the biggest embarrassment ever. Seriously. I shouldn’t be let out.

Because, instead of sliding my hand over to his arm and beginning to ‘fiddle,’ I slapped my hand down rather quickly on his arm.

Yes, that’s right.

I slapped Freddie’s arm.

And it wasn’t the most discrete thing either. The sound actually echoed around the classroom.

“Ow!” Freddie cries, yanking his arm back out of my reach. “What the hell was that for?!”


“Ms Pert! Did you just slap your fellow classmate?”


“Detention tomorrow night, Ms Pert,” the teacher’s voice rings out. “This classroom. 7 o’ clock.”



“Hally,” I whine, slumped in an armchair in the Ravenclaw common room after dinner. “You made me get detention.”

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault the teacher heard you slap Freddie’s arm.”

“How do you even know?!”

“Mollie, the whole school knows.”

“Well, that sucks.”

“Why on earth did you slap his arm, though?” Hally inquires.

“That’s beside the point,” I reply dryly.

“You can’t flirt, can you?” She sighs, throwing an exasperated look my way.

“Nope, not at all.”

“You losers!” Dom’s voice behind us exclaims. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“Mollie wanted to see the Ravenclaw common room,” Hally says, gesturing with her thumb towards me.

“It’s pretty sexy, isn’t it?” I announce, looking around in wonder at the large, circular room with the extremely nice, plush blue couches and bronze curtains.

Cue them to look around in wonder.

But who, I ask you, thinks that bronze and blue actually go well together?

“It’s very sexy,” Hally agrees, a hint of pride attached to her tone.

“Oh, come off it,” Dom scoffs. “Blue and bronze don’t go together.”

“Oh, shut up, it does!”

“No, Hally, I’m afraid not,” I say, causing for Dom to throw a triumphant look in Hally’s direction.

And that’s when the common room door opens again and in steps a bunch of sixth years, giggling and chatting and when Hally blushes the darkest shade of red I swear I’ve ever seen on a person.

“OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod,” Hally mutters as the crowd near us and Dom and I stare at Hally like she’s grown three heads.

“Alright, Hally?” A boy with blond hair and pretty amazing green eyes asks, with a cute nod of his head, which guys seem to find so cool.

Hally blushes even redder.

It was quite an amusing sight actually.

“H-huuuh-hyyy,” she breathes as Dom cackles evilly.

“You okay, there, Dom?” He says, laughing kindly, ceasing Dom’s maniacal laughing.

“M-me?” Dom asks, pointing stupidly to herself, at which he nods. “Yuh... good. I, er, mean, I’m yup...good.”

“Cool,” he smiles and then turns those smouldering green eyes to me. I swear, they were like the colour of grass. “I’m sorry; I don’t know your name.”

Normally I would have been slightly offended at that. But his eyes just smouldered.

“Mollie,” I answer, smiling dreamily. “I’m Mollie.”

“I’m Aiden.” Smoulder, smoulder.

“Hi Aiden, I’m Mollie.”

Wait. I just said that. Great. Now he thinks I’m an idiot, or at least mentally retarded.

“Aideeeeen,” a girl coos, flipping her long, blonde, perfectly straight hair over her shoulder. “We’re going.”

Well, that pisses us off.

So we all send a deathly glare in her direction which, of course, she doesn’t notice as she struts back out of the door, Aiden in tow.

“Bye, girls,” he calls, lifting a hand in farewell.

“BYE!” I yell, waving kind of frantically.

“Mnnghhh,” Hally grunts.

“You... bye, birdy.”

And then there’s a peaceful silence between us as we share a dreamy sigh and stare off into the distance, perhaps drooling, like in Hally’s case.

“God, Dom, what were you on about when you were talking to him?” I snigger, the first to break out of the reverie.

“Me?! What about you?” She exclaims and then switching her voice to a lower case she begins to imitate me. “‘I’m Mollie. Mollie. Mollie, Mollie, Mollie. BYEEE!”

“And your ‘I’m yup’ wasn’t worse?”

“No, it wasn’t, actually.”

“I beg to differ, Dom,” Hally pipes up, joining in mine and Dom’s heated debate. “You sounded like you had just escaped from a mental home. At least Mollie made sense.”

“Thankyou, Hally.”

“Well, you sounded like some sort of fat, smelly gorilla!” Dom retorts, folding her arms angrily.

“I am not smelly!” Hally wails. “This is so unfair! You like Connor,” Hally points to Dom. “You like James. Oh, wait, I mean Freddie,” she points to me. “So I get to have Aiden!”

“Hold your horses, missy,” I say. “You like Geoff.”

“You like Geoff?!” Dom gasps.

“I stopped liking him a month ago,” Hally sighs heavily, looking quite irritated. “Keep up, people.”

“But Aiden’s so hot!” I protest after a couple more minutes of silence.

“He’s half-veela,” Hally explains.

“I’m half-veela and I don’t get guys simpering at my feet.”

“That’s because you’re one-eighth veela, Dom,” Hally says. “And, well, frankly, you’re a bit of a bitch.”

“Aiden’s so polite.”

“Yes, Mollie, thanks for that. And how do you know about my eighth-ism veela?”

“I’m talented, I guess,” Hally shrugs. You know, so modestly.

“You’re a stalker.”

“See, Dom. Bitch!”

“Oi, missus, looky here-”

“Crap! I’m late for my detention!”

“See you, Mollie!”




I had to run all the way to the transfiguration classroom. As if I hadn’t done enough running in the past two days, I got distracted by Aiden’s smouldering eyes and therefore was late for detention. And, do you know what Ms Myers did? She made me polish chairs with the occasional table thrown in. Without magic. It was so unbelievably tedious.

“So, Mollie,” Ms Myers begins conversationally, looking up from the homework she was marking. “Why on earth did you slap Fred’s arm?”

“Err...” I say, staring slightly dumbfounded at her. “There was... um, a bu-ug. A bug! Yes, a bug!”

“I wasn’t born yesterday, you know,” she informs me, looking at me from over the top of her glasses. And then she notices the redness of my face. “Oh hoh. Is it boy trouble?”


“Did Fred cheat on you? Is that why you slapped hi-” A pretty loud crash from outside masked the end of the sentence and Ms Myer looked towards the door suspiciously. “Excuse me, Mollie.”


Much to my relief, she leaves me to polish, closing the door firmly behind her. Which, you know, doesn’t stop the sound of various people screeching at some poor unfortunate soul about some sort of prank or something. I was a little too absorbed in my polishing to really listen.

Imagine my surprise when she comes back in, dragging James Potter by the ear. It was quite a lot of surprise, let me tell you. I dropped my cloth.

“Mr Potter is going to join us for the rest of the detention, Mollie,” she says and then, letting go of his ear, she passes him a cloth. “Polish, Potter.”

“What did you do?” I whisper, once he reached the chair next to me.

“Well, Geoff said it would be funny to create a swamp in the middle of the hall and Fred and I completely agreed,” James explains. “And then I had the ingenious idea to tell First Years that they were giving away free sugar quills in the Great Hall. It wasn’t my fault they went the short way and fell into the swamp.”

“Hahahaha, stupid First Years,” I snigger. “But then how did you get caught?”

“Ugh, the new caretaker. The one last year was funnier seeing as he could hardly move and had a weird obsession with his cat. Well, the new one started to chase us and, of course Freddie and Geoff slipped away, so I was left all alone, being chased by a really fast fat woman.”

“And then?”

“And then I ran into a statue of armour,” he says, shaking his head mournfully. “And it broke. And dad has to pay for it. He’s going to go mental.”

“Bad luck.”

James gives me a confused look, then. “Why are you in detention?”

“What did you mean by that?”

“You’re never in detention. So what did you do?”

“I, er.... slapped Freddie’s arm.”


“There was... a, um... bug.”

He pauses, throwing me a shifty look. “You’re lying.”

“What?! I am not! I never lie.”

“Did I give you permission to talk, Ms Pert?” Ms Myers calls out. “No, I did not. Now I’m going to pop to the teacher’s lounge quickly. If these chairs aren’t spotless when I get back, you’ll be finishing the job tomorrow before classes.” And gathering up her paperwork she leaves. James starts to stare at me.

“Would you quit with the staring?”

“You do realise I have a wand, don’t you?”

“You do?! Go work your magic, then!” I cheer, throwing down my cloth.

“Well, I could,” he replies, smirking evilly. “Or I could clean my chairs and watch you work, moaning about how tired I am.”

I throw my cloth at him. The one I’ve been using for the last 45 minutes to polish dirty chairs and tables. And it totally hits him in the face.

“Ew!” He squeals, flinging the cloth off his face, and spitting several times. “You got polish in my mouth!”

“Oh, man up,” I retort, rolling my eyes.

“It tastes gross!”

“Well, of course it does. It’s polish.

“You are so dead!” He giggles (in a very manly way,) and pulls his wand out of his pocket while, seeing this, I run around screaming, trying to throw chairs at him which, by the way, always miss.

And then I fall over.

And that’s when James fires a spell.

I didn’t feel anything. But, seeing as last time that happened my teeth grew a foot, that didn’t stop me from jumping up and screaming, “What did you do?! What did you do?!”

“Uh...” James gulps. It wasn’t a very comforting thing to do. “You might want to check in the mirror.”


“Well, the chairs are really shiny,” he offers, looking less nervous and more amused, as I run to a polished chair and stare into it, trying to see my reflection. Then a strand of hair falls over my face.

And then I majorly freak out.

“Blue?!” I screech, stroking my hair sadly. “You turned my hair blue?!”

“Yes, that’s right,” he nods. “It matches your eyes.”

“My eyes are grey!”

“Actually, they’re only grey if you’re right up close to them,” he informs me happily. “They’re icy blue from far away.”

“My hair is icy blue?!”

“It brings out your eyes.”

“I’m going to bloody kill you, you twat!” I yell, giving up all hope that maybe a few strands are still blonde. “Turn it back, right now.”

“, sort of don’t...know how.”

I pause for a moment to comprehend what he’s saying. “I’m going to kill you!”

“Ms Pert, I’m afraid there will be no killing in my classroom,” Ms Myers says as she enters the classroom, cup of coffee in hand. “Now let’s see these- Whoa! What happened to your hair?!”

He did it,” I hiss darkly, pointing a finger at James.

“It brings out her eyes,” he shrugs.

“You want me to turn it back?” Ms Myers asks me kindly and I nod. She picks up her wand from the desk and starts waving it about and whatnot while I continue to look at my hair. “Merlin, Potter, what did you do?!”

“Oh my God!” I wail. “I can’t be stuck with blue hair!”

“It brings out your eyes.”

“You say that again and I will personally claw your eyes out.”

“Ms Pert, just go to the Hospital Wing in the morning,” Ms Myers says. “I’m sure Martha can fix it. Now off you go. Both of you.”

“I can’t believe you turned my hair blue,” I say as we exit the classroom, leaving an amused teacher behind us.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he chuckles, slinging an arm around my shoulders, as is his custom now. “Let’s go this way.”

“Why?” I frown and he steers us down the opposite corridor.



We spend the rest of the trip in a comfortable silence. Well, that is until we reached the portrait hole and Katie came bounding up to us, with a Megan and Becca tagging along behind her.

“Katie...” I say, giving her a wary look. Me, Hally and Dom haven’t actually spoken to her since the fight in the library.

“Mollie! Oh my gosh,” she giggles as Megan and Becca share a smug look. This was way unsettling. “You didn’t tell me about Freddie!”

“W-what?” I stutter, even more conscious of the fact that James’s arm is resting on my shoulders.

“Y-you know,” Katie joins in with my stuttering. “Um...well, your hair looks cool. Very retro.”

“See!” James says, throwing me a triumphant look.

“What?” Becca frowns, looking at my blue hair. “You weren’t meant to say th- OW!”

“Mollie, what Becca means is,” Megan says, stepping in front of Katie, “that you and Freddie would make such a cute couple!”

“What?” James says, looking down at me while I look at the floor, refusing to meet anyone’s gazes. 

“She didn’t tell you?” Megan laughs, clearly enjoying my uncomfortableness. “I heard her and Freddie had a full on make out session last Friday. He looks like such good kisser! Is he, Mollie?”

“Megan, Let’s go,” Katie barks, dragging Megan away, with Becca following after them.

But the damage was already done, no matter that Katie dragged them off before they could say more.

James takes his arm off of my shoulder.

A/N: Okay, so I have a little question which I'm just curious about. And, no, your answer won't effect the plot. Well, probably not. 
So...  Who do you like the most; James or Freddie?

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Vanilla Spice: Bye, Birdy


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