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Dreamy tendencies. by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 10 : You dropped Ron...
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Sorry for the long wait please review.And thanks for all the others.

Chapter 10

“Come on you two move and help me find Luna.”

Ginny resumed opening and closing all the doors that she passed, grabbing hold of Harry’s hand she pulled him after her Ron trailed behind the two deep in thought.

Did I just say I loved Hermione in front of the whole school…God kill me now seriously strike me down or open up the floor and let me fall to my demise, bloody hell who says demise anymore? Anyway I am glad I found out now that she is such a cold hearted selfish mean bushy haired bully. I’m just not so glad I poured out my heart for the whole school to hear.Ah well it will pass, hopefully. 
He looked ahead defiantly and seeing Ginny’s and Harry’s hands intertwined his eyes bugged.


Ginny turned to look at Ron then at Harry understanding flashed across both of their faces Harry squeezed Ginny’s hand.

“Ron, me and Harry have been going out for about two weeks now we were going to tell you but…”

Harry took over from where Ginny left of.

“Well mate we knew you would react like this. And we were just waiting for the right moment.”

They do make a nice couple and I already think of Harry as a brother and it would be nice to see him finally happy. 
“Sorry I over reacted I am just shocked but yet I am really happy I mean my best mate and my sister. Wow.”

The sigh of relief from Ginny and Harry made Ron laugh loudly.

“You guys really were kind of waiting for my blessing.”

“Yeah it was hard to lie to you mate.”

“It was. Thank you for being so understanding.”

Ginny ran to her brother and hugged him tightly he hesitantly put his arms around her but then hugged her tighter.

He opened his eyes and looked over her shoulder to Harry and then over his shoulder towards…

“Oh my go…”

Ron’s eyes closed and he suddenly went limp. Ginny screamed as the full weight of her six ft something brother crashed into her, Harry ran forward and pulled Ron off of her and laid him out onto the floor.

Footsteps pounded up the corridor.

“Ginny is he ok?”

Ginny swung round.


At the sound of Draco’s surname Harry span round.


Luna stepped in front of Draco protecting him from the look Harry was giving him.

“Harry please give him a chance he’s not who you think he is.”

“He’s Malfoy and that’s all I need to know.”

Harry pulled out his wand.

Ohhh so Potter thinks he can best me well lets see.

He moved his hand to his pocket.


Seeming to sense what Draco was going to do Luna turned to face him her quiet voice made him look down at her. Her eyes seemed to say let it be.

Draco please don’t hurt Harry he’s one of my best friends please don’t.

She squeezed his hand lightly.

“Ron.Ron.Come on Ron wake up.”

Ginny once again turned to face the others.

“Harry stop being a prat and help me. Luna you take Wizards Health Care don’t you.”


“Well then help me.”


Luna bent down to Ron still holding Draco’s hand. Ginny glanced at her but let it slide.
“There’s nothing to worry about I think he’s just fainted from shock.”

Draco snickered but disguised it as a cough. Harry and Ginny laughed out right.

“He fainted from shock I thought only girls did that.”

Ginny stopped laughing and punched Harry on the arm.


“You should be.”

“You two even though he’s just fainted I think we should still take him to the Hospital Wing.”

“Ok thanks Luna. Well as we have two very strong quidditch players in our midst and they are willing to do our bidding I think we should make them carry Ron.”

Ginny looked very pointedly at Draco and Harry.


Luna and Ginny high fived while Draco and Harry looked at each other.

“Your kidding right, me carry him.”

“Gin no offence to Ron but…”

Ginny smiled at him and batted her eyelashes.

“Please Harry.”


Luna turned to face Draco he instantly fell back slightly.

“Don’t try that on me it won’t work.”

“I wasn’t going to I was just going to ask if you wouldn’t mind being a star and helping your girlfriend.”

She smiled at him shyly. Looking up at him from underneath her eyelashes.

How can I say no to that.

“Ok.Right Potter do you want his legs or his arms

“Err his arms.”


The two boys stooped down grabbed Ron (not to gently) and picked him up. They started to walk awkwardly to the hospital wing. Ginny and Luna trailing behind.

“So you and Malfoy how long?”

“Yeah and could you please call him Draco and only for about twenty minutes.”

“Ok fine Draco it is. How did it happen?”

“Well....(Luna telling Ginny what happened.)…So anyway you and Harry.”

“Yeah two weeks and like you and Draco it just kind of happened.”

“Well you two are perfect for each other.”

“Thanks. Even though it is Draco I reckon if I tried to get to know him he won’t be that bad and anyway you two do look good together. I wonder how those two are doing.”

They looked to there boyfriends and both stopped mid stride.

“Are they laughing.”

“Did they just shake hands.”

And together.


This part takes place Just before Draco and Harry drop Ron.

God help me god help me why does Weasel bee have to be so heavy I mean it’s so not fair and Luna knows I wouldn’t no can’t say no to her.ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.Ok crazy mental moment over. Is potter talking to me maybe I should listen.

“So Malfoy how long have you and Luna been…you know.”

Draco looked up at Harry.

“Honestly about twenty minutes but it has been one of the best twenty minutes of my life.”

Harry looked sceptical.

“Potter what I would gain from lying to you, don’t you trust Luna just a little bit.”

“Yes I trust Luna and that is why I will tell you this only once and I will give you a chance.
I love Luna as a sister she has stood by me for a few years now and if anything was to happen to her it would not only hurt me but it would hurt Ginny, Ron her father and most members of the order of the Phoenix. So just think now if you are planning on hurting her you will not survive for very long afterward.”

The sincerity in Harry’s eyes made Draco feel slightly intimidated.

What it must be like to love someone that passionately.
Maybe one day I will love like that, but for now I envy him. Him in his world where love conquers all where love can solve any problem.

“Potter I may not like you very much. But I do care for Luna and her feelings and I promise you I will never hurt her unless it is to save her.

“Okay I will give you one chance.”


They walked in silence for a few moments until Draco cursed under his breath. Harry looked up.


“Weasel ways a bloomin tonne. My shoulders will never be the same again.”

“I hate to say it but so do mine.”

They both laughed.


Harry extended his hand to Draco.


They shook hands. Letting go of Ron in the process. He fell to the floor with a loud crash, there heads snapped down to look at him.


At the sound of Ginny’s and Luna’s voices they looked at each other.

“We are so dead.”

“I know.” 

So what do you think do you like it or hate it please review !!

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