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Missing Moments by Kaira77
Chapter 3 : The Wedding
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Ron walked quickly to the area of the dance floor that was furthest away from Krum, unaware that Hermione was struggling to keep up behind him.

‘Honestly, Ron, there’s no need to go so fast!’ She panted, tripping slightly on her heels.

Ron stopped suddenly, turned towards her frowning slightly. He stared at her confused face. He couldn’t help being like this when Krum was around (or even mentioned), it always resulted with him having this slightly nauseous and angry feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Hermione looked at him and smiled slightly, and he instantly felt better. Krum wasn’t around now, it was just him and her – he may as well make the most of it.

He cleared his throat nervously, it seemed he had been so intent on getting her away from Krum he had forgotten one very important detail, he was a useless dancer. He looked over at a couple near to him and decided to copy what they were doing, as Hermione seemed to be getting quite worried at his irresponsive attitude. Not to mention they were beginning to look quite stupid standing in the middle of the dance floor and not actually dancing.

He shot a glance at another dancing couple; they were wrapped almost indecently close and the guy’s hands were all over the girl’s… well, let’s just say he and Hermione weren’t quite there… yet, and he made the sensible decision not to follow that particular example.

He put his hands on her waist insecurely; she giggled and put her hands around his neck. He thought it was going rather well and felt quite proud of himself. Then he just happened to glance downwards. From his height he was getting… er… quite a decent view and he came to appreciate that dress all the more. He smirked a little subconsciously.

‘Ron!’ said Hermione, loudly.

He was startled out of his reverie and felt himself go red.

‘I… what? Sorry?!’

‘I was just asking what you thought of the decorations!’ Said Hermione huffily, ‘But if you’d rather ignore me and stare at your feet, then fine!’

Ron sighed with relief.

‘They’re great Hermione, you all did a really good job.’

Hermione grinned. Thank God he recovered from that one.

‘So… Happy to see Vicky, then?’ asked Ron, in a would-be-polite voice, but the way he spat Viktor’s name seemed to make Hermione think differently. She frowned.

Ron immediately wished he could take the words back; it was clearly a perfect start for a fight. Why couldn’t he just keep his fat mouth shut?! I just cant help myself, can I?

‘Yes, it’s nice to catch up with him Ron, but as I’ve told you before, he’s just a pen pal. And don’t call him Vicky!’

‘Fine…’ mumbled Ron churlishly. That feeling was back again.

Was it possible to dance in awkward anger? Couldn’t they go for a few musical minutes without fighting? I could if Vicky wasn’t here.

But Viktor wasn’t here on the dance floor. So why was he being so grumpy?

‘Sorry,’ he mumbled at her.

‘That’s OK,’ said Hermione happily. Ron felt slightly shocked. That one word had saved the mood?! Usually they would have bickered all night, they must be growing up – it was a scary thought.

‘Thanks for asking me to dance, Ron’ Hermione said brightly after a few seconds, ‘I’m having a really good time!’

Well, he was glad she was, this wasn’t his idea of fun really.

‘Me too, Herms’ Herms? He didn’t know why that slipped out. What a horrible nickname.

She giggled.

‘Herms?’ She asked questioningly.

Ron shook his head and rolled his eyes at his own idiocy.

‘Don’t ask, sometimes I don’t even know where I come up with half of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.’

‘Really?’ Said Hermione in mock surprise.

‘Shut up, you.’ He said smilingly, and gave her side a squeeze.

She giggled again. Ron smiled, he was actually having fun now.

They danced for quite a while rather happily, occasionally joking about other guest's outfits, and whether Harry would give Gabrielle a dance later. It was wonderful to be in this little happy bubble, where they could forget about Voldemort and the Horcruxes, if only for a couple of hours. It was going surprisingly well, thought Ron, he supposed later that he should have realised it was all too good to be true.

After a few laid back numbers, a much faster song started up, and Hermione jumped up and down in excitement. Merlin, she’s making it hard to focus on her face.

'I LOVE this song!’ She squealed, ‘Come on, Ron!’’

Hermione seemed to know all the dance moves, but Ron didn’t and it was a rapid dance. This was a recipe for broken toes, he decided, so he tried to dance with her without moving his feet, those shoes she was wearing didn’t look Weasley-proof.

Unfortunately his attempt at thoughtful consideration just ended up making him look rather ridiculous and it did not go unnoticed.

‘For goodness sake, Ronniekins, you look like somebody trying to escape from quicksand!’ Shouted Fred from across the marquee.

‘Or someone paralyzed from the waist down having a seizure!’ Added George.

Ron felt his face go hot with fury and humiliation, and began to storm off the floor. Hermione followed, trying to reassure him and saying she needed a rest anyway, and it really didnt matter. However, Fred and George headed them off.

‘Ah come on, little bro! I was just kidding! There’s no need to ruin the fun!’ George said, while trying to smile in a way that Ron supposed was meant to be apologetic.

‘Yeah, it was extremely entertaining watching you out there, I haven’t laughed so hard since Percy told me he thought Katie Bell fancied him.’

Ron scowled again. He didn’t really feel like dancing anymore.

‘Let’s go get a drink,’ He muttered to Hermione, taking her by the wrist.

‘By the way, Hermione,’ Called Fred from behind them, ‘I think Ron really likes your necklace.’

Hermione turned to them, looking confused.

‘But I’m not wearing a necklace…’

‘Really?’ Said George innocently, ‘Then I wonder what he was looking at…’

Ron wanted to curl up and die. He hated his brothers.

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Missing Moments: The Wedding


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