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Whispering by magical words
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen: Fall
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AN: I know it has been a while since I last updated, but I must say that I didn't expect to update tonight. You're lucky guys. 

Just so you know, there is some exciting and much anticipated things happening in the chapter. It's been a long time coming to this point. Hopefully, since I'm done with exams and mostly done with school, I will have more time to wirte. Who knows.

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magical words

made by Canadian_Xtyne @ TDA

Chapter Fifteen: Fall

Ron was nearly ready to explode. However, Rose stopped him by wrapping her arms around her father and giving him a hug tightly, instantly calming him.

“Oh, Daddy, I can’t believe that I have graduated! It doesn’t seem real.”

Ron was a bit in shock; he didn’t know quite how to respond. He had been caught off-guard by Rosie’s sudden affection since he was expecting her to berate him for his treatment of Scorpius. But there was nothing of the sort!

“I feel the same way, Rosie. I truly do. I can hardly believe that my little girl has graduated, top of her class, and is going to be enrolling in a Healer program, off on her own.”

Placing a kiss on her forehead and holding her tighter to him, he urged himself not to cry.

Soon, Rose felt another pair of arms surround her; it was her mother.

Between her parents, Rose felt as safe as can be…and more vulnerable than she ever had before.

“We are so proud of you, Rose. You have no idea,” Hermione told her, this pride evident in her voice. “We love you so much!”

Rose felt a sinking feeling in her stomach and just wished she could tell her parents right then and there about her pregnancy. But she knew that she couldn’t; she definitely knew she couldn’t tell her father. And telling them now, today of all days, would be completely out of the question.

“That speech was brilliant, Rosie. Amazing. I don’t know how you said that with such composure and confidence. It would’ve scared the bloody hell out of me, were I asked to give a speech.”

Rose stayed silent, soaking in everything her parents said and absorbed in her own little world.

After being praised by her parents, Rose was passed amongst the rest of her family. Her Granddad and Grandmum Weasley bombarded her with kisses and questions, while her Granger grandparents were just overwhelmed with all of the magic surrounding them. Hugo gave her a big hug, telling her that her speech was ‘wicked’. Uncle Bill grabbed Rose up in a bear hug and Tante Fleur gave her one of her dainty hugs. Teddy, Victoire, Analise and Topher gave her huge hugs and kisses (the kiss from Topher was a little sloppy) and many congratulations. Dominique was holding four-month old Natalie close to her, so a hug was out of the question. Instead she bestowed upon Rose the signature French greeting, a kiss upon both cheeks. Pierre followed suit and copied his wife’s example. Louis and his current girlfriend also congratulated Rose on her graduation and speech. Rose expected her cousins’ congratulations because they were typical responses.

Her Uncle George and Aunt Angelina well-wished her, while Fred and Roxanne gave her hugs. Her Uncle Charlie, being her only bachelor uncle, pulled her to the side to tell her about her graduation gift.

“Now I know that your parents will probably hate me for doing this, but since I have no kids of my own and I have loads of money seeing that I’m a dragon tamer, one of the most dangerous and unflattering jobs in the wizarding world, I’ve set aside a good chunk of money for you. You can do with it what you please, and I really mean that. If you want to put it in Gringotts for future use, go right ahead. Or if you want to spend it on a flat to share with Cecelia or that bloke of yours, by all means. It is yours to spend. And I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Rose smiled at her uncle, completely dumbfounded and beyond thrilled.

She threw her arms around him.

“Merlin Uncle Charlie! This is a brilliant graduation gift. Thank you so much!”

“You’re most welcome, Rose. Why wouldn’t I want to give my favourite graduating niece a brilliant gift?”

Rose laughed. “I’m glad you clarified that I’m your favourite graduating niece. I don’t think Lily, Roxy, Molly, Lucy or Dom – especially Dom – would appreciate you saying your favourite niece. And I think Victoire could care less.”

“You are absolutely right.”

Rose was soon torn away from Charlie by Audrey who just had to inform Rose that her speech was magnificent and her Hogwarts achievements were astounding.

“Rose, dear, that was an inspiring speech. It was so very powerful and just amazing. That speech is a testament to what you have achieved and what you will achieve. Oh, I remember my Head Girl speech…my classmates were talking about it for weeks after I gave it. They told me repeatedly that it was amazing and that it motivated them. My professors were certain that I was destined for greatness and my speech reinforced that. Oh, it is my favourite moment of my life.”

“Audrey, dear, what about the day you married me?” Percy asked his wife meekly.

“Oh, Percy, you know that is in my top five, along with Molly and Lucy’s births and the day I was promoted to Assistant to the Minister of Magic.”

Rose took this chance to say hello to Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, so as to avoid an infamous Audrey-Percy fight, which Audrey always won because she wore the trousers in their relationship.

“Rose, dear, as much as I know you would love to hear about how wonderful your speech was,” Ginny began, quite facetiously, “but I’d rather not say anything of the sort about it. Rather, I wanted to tell you that you look gorgeous and poised now and whilst you were giving your speech. You were certainly fated for a position in public. Ohh! Maybe you’ll become the Director of Healing at St. Mungo’s! Wouldn’t that be just brilliant?”

“Aunt Ginny,” Rose laughed as her aunt pulled her into an embrace.

“Love, you would be brilliant at it, but I know you don’t want to even think about it right now,” Ginny told her smiling. “Now, I think Harry needs to tell you something. I’ll take care of your parents after that.”

With a knowing wink, she pushed Rose towards Harry where she was swept up into yet another hug.

“God, I feel so old now!” Harry griped. “With you and Al graduated and Lily having two more years, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself!”

“I’m sure you and Aunt Ginny will go on some fantastic Mediterranean adventure and whatnot and find plenty of things to do. Lily will keep you busy for a few more years anyway.”

“Too true,” Harry laughed. “I may not know exactly what I’m going to do with myself, but I can see that you will be doing a lot. It was a fantastic ceremony and all of the speeches were quite good. Not too long like the ones last year.”

Rose smiled politely.

“I’ll just stop talking now so you can go find Al, Scorpius and Cecelia. Now go have fun with your friends.”

“Thanks Uncle Harry.”

Rose quickly went on her away, sighting Al and Cecelia beside the Black Lake.

She was well on her way to meet them when a pair of arms came around her from the back. Needless to say, it frightened her, but she didn’t cry out.

“I can hardly believe that my pseudo-sister has graduated and is going out into the big, bad, scary world all on her own!” a voice told her excitedly.

Rose exhaled the breath she hadn’t known she was holding. It was only Liam.

“I’d hardly say that I’m going into the said ‘big, bad, scary world’ alone, Liam,” Rose told him, a smirking forming on her face.

A disappointed groan made its way into her ears.

“How did you know it was me?” came the disappointed voice accompanying it.

Rose turned around and saw that he was smiling, in spite of the way his voice sounded. She returned the smile before giving him a proper hug.

“The question is how could I not know it was you?”

Liam laughed heartily, causing the vibrations of his laugh to transfer to Rose.

She shivered involuntarily in response.

Liam just held onto her, loosening and tightening his hold on her.

“You know that I am ridiculously proud of you, don’t you Rose?”

Rose smiled sadly. “Of course I do. You’ve always told me that. From the day that I met you and unofficially adopted you as my older brother.”

“With everything you have gone through and all that you will face, I know that you will make wise, appropriate choices that suit you. If you ever need anything, and I mean anything, please know that I am here for you and that I will never judge you. As I see it now, you are my sister and it is my duty as your older brother to watch over you and protect you and help you in your time of need.”

Liam would have continued, but he heard a sniffle belonging to none other than Rose Weasley. He knew her very well and she simply didn’t cry…ever.

“Oh bloody hell, did I say something wrong?” Liam wondered; he was mad at himself for causing her to cry.

Rose suppressed a sniffle-giggle as Liam held her out at arms’ length. “No, of course not. What you said was just so sweet! And since you know about…well, you know, and now that you’re telling me that you’re willing to be there for me whenever I may need you, I just feel so guilty and wrong for keeping these things from my parents.

“They were telling me how proud they were, seeing me onstage, and giving a speech. And then all my aunts and uncles were congratulating me. I feel like a complete lie! That all I have done is false and nothing is real. How can you be so accepting when I have gone and done something completely beautiful and wonderful that ultimately fucks up my life incredibly?”

Tears rolled down Rose’s cheeks gracefully. Liam knew that she would be having a difficult time accepting her pregnancy and the life-altering results it would bring, but nowhere as horrible as she seemed to be dealing with it at the moment. It seemed as if she had been holding this all in for a long time.

“Rose, this does not fuck up your life by any stretch of the imagination. It has just been changed. You will have Scorpius, Al, Cecelia, Maegan, and me. When you tell your parents, they will be there for you too. Your situation is much better than most. You have people around you that love you unconditionally and always will love you.

“And nothing in your life is a lie. Everything that you have done so far is entirely based upon your persistence, talent and intelligence. No one would dare to think otherwise. You have proven yourself to everyone already. How you handle the rest of your life is dependent on this moment; you said so yourself. Don’t forget your own words, Rose. This is the turning point. This is the beginning of the rest of your life. Make the very best of it.”

Rose’s tears had subsided thanks to Liam’s speech. She had been fretting over nothing. She had people who would be there for her always.

Bringing her arms around his torso, Rose wrapped Liam into a tight, warm embrace. It comforted her to know that she was being looked after.

“Thank you Liam.”

He smiled into her hair. “What else could I do for my little pseudo-sister?”

Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead, he prepared her to meet with others.

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“Do I look alright?” she asked, hesitantly. She didn’t want anyone to be worried about her crying.

“Beautiful. It doesn’t look like you’ve been crying at all. And that’s a fact,” Liam told her. “I’d recommend searching for that boyfriend of yours. No doubt he’s been waiting for you somewhere.”

Rose smiled at Liam and began to leave before she stopped and turned back around.

“Are you and Maegan coming to the Burrow for the graduation party for Al and me?”

“Wouldn’t miss it. Maegan is bringing Jonathan too, to meet everyone.”

“Good. It will be good to have you there.”

Liam smiled and waved over his shoulder as Rose watched his retreating form.

It would only take a few more months before Maegan and her son became more than just live-ins with Liam, but his true family. Rose was pleased; Liam deserved happiness as did Maegan. Being perfect for each other also happened to be pretty convenient.

Rose sought out Scorpius in the general direction of Al and Cecelia. Assuming that he would be there, she was quite surprised that he was nowhere to be seen.

Al, being Rose’s closest cousin, decided that she deserved another congratulations hug and promptly abandoned his girlfriend for her (but only briefly).

“Rose! We made it!”

Al had picked her up enthusiastically, swinging her around.

“Gah! Al put me down! Right now!” Rose cried good-naturedly.

“No!” Al laughed, spinning around faster.

“Al!!” Rose screeched.

Cecelia, quite obviously, was the one to come to her best friend’s rescue.

“Albus Severus Potter! Put down Rose or no more snogging for the rest of the day!”

Stopping abruptly, Al instantly set his dizzy cousin down. He gave her a swift kiss on the cheek before smiling bashfully at her.

Speaking to Rose, he admitted, “A day without snogging would easily be the worst torture at this point in time.”

“Cecelia has you on a short leash, I can see.”

“Well, it’s a very beautiful and talented short leash,” Al agreed.

Cecelia slipped her arm around Albus’ waist. In order to give him a kiss, she stood up on her tiptoes.

“I like to think of my power over Al as women empowerment. Threaten to deprive men of their basic needs and you’ve got them eating out of the palm of your hand.”

She smiled knowingly as Al flushed slightly, purely because he was so easily swayed by her demands.

“I see. I’ll keep that in mind,” Rose said. “Do either of you happen to know where Scorpius is?”

“Nope. Haven’t seen him. I’d go look for his parents. He’s probably still with them,” Al said.

“Alright. I’ll do that. See you at the Burrow later!” Rose said as she headed off to find Scorpius.

It wouldn’t have taken too long to find the Malfoys if Rose hadn’t been stopped an innumerable amount of times by classmates and their parents. The ever-glamourous and breathtakingly beautiful Astoria Malfoy was an easy target as well as the white-blonde head of Draco Malfoy.

Scorpius spotted Rose as she serpentined her way through the crowd.

“Rose!” he called, meeting her partway. “Mum was asking for you. She was hoping to congratulate you on your speech and all.”

Rose smiled. “That’s sweet of her.”

“She likes you. Just ignore my dad though. Mum pissed him off somehow.”

“I’ll be sure to do that then.”

Scorpius discreetly slipped an arm around Rose’s waist, pulling her close to him. Clearly indiscreetly, Scorpius planted a kiss on Rose’s mouth.

“What was that for?” she wondered, enjoying the kiss.

“A bit of encouragement to face my father.”

Rose laughed and gave Scorpius a kiss.

“I can face your father any day.”

Scorpius smirked. Of course Rose could.

They reached Astoria and Draco to find them in what could be called an argument. However, in public, this was more of a hushed discussion.

As soon as Astoria noticed Rose, she quieted.

“Rose darling! That was an inspiring speech. And you looked so lovely. I’m sure your parents are very proud of you,” Astoria beamed.

“They certainly told me so,” Rose told Astoria politely.

“I bet they have,” Draco drawled.

Quick like a whip, Astoria smacked Draco on the arm. “Draco, please be civil. Rose is our son’s girlfriend and a very lovely young woman. Do not make quips at her parents. It is unseemly.”

Draco took a deep breath and rolled his eyes, rubbing his arm. His wife had some muscle on her. “Yes love.”

“Where are your parents, Rose dear? I would love to invite them to a party I’m having next month. It would be lovely to have them attend.”

“I’m not quite sure where they are at the moment. They’ve been mingling.”

Astoria smiled regally. “I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find them. Again, congratulations on all your accomplishments, Rose. It is outstanding.”

Looking pointedly at Draco, Astoria began to begin her search for Hermione and Ron.

“Come along Draco. We must find Hermione and Ron to invite them to the party next month.”

Draco sighed again before stuffing his hands in his robe pockets. “Yes love.”

Astoria called to Scorpius over her shoulder. “We will meet you in the courtyard to return home in an hour. Enjoy yourselves!”

With a final wave, Astoria disappeared into the crowd, Draco trailing closely behind her.

Rose turned to face Scorpius, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“We are finally alone,” he told her, leaning in.

“Yes we are.”

Leaning closer in, Scorpius brushed his lips against Rose’s. Faintly, he smelled freesia. It was a Rose fragrance.

Rose pressed her lips harder to Scorpius’, forcing him to deepen the kiss. His arms encircled her body and their bodies weren’t separated by even a millimetre.

“I love you,” Scorpius mumbled against Rose’s lips.

“Mmm…I love you too,” Rose mumbled back.

Soon everything was forgotten.

The rest of the day became a blur. Graduates dispersed, returning home for parties; professors went to their rooms, clearing out the last of the year’s things. In time, all that had attended the 2024 Hogwarts graduation were fast asleep in their beds.

All except for Rose, that is.

Rose lay in her bed, staring into the darkness up at her ceiling. She waited for sleep, but it never came.

Instead, scenarios of her mother learning about her pregnancy flowed through her mind when all she should have been thinking about was what she would do tomorrow.

She imagined that she suddenly got morning sickness (when she hadn’t ever had it before) and hurried to the washroom, her mother rushing behind her to hold her hair back. Leaning over the toilet after emptying her stomach, Rose would burst into tears, warranting her mother’s attempt to comfort her. Through her tears, Rose would confess her condition. Hermione would stare, dumbfounded, at her daughter. Then she would stand up, lean against the door frame and begin sobbing.

Rose also envisioned Hermione intercepting a letter from Scorpius where he mentioned their pregnancy. Hermione would round on Rose, tearing her apart, wondering how she could have been so careless and stupid. Ron would overhear just as he returned from the pitch after an unproductive practice, which had already left him in a sour mood, and would become more irate. Together, Ron and Hermione would manage to make Rose feel worthless, inadequate, and unwanted.

These were the worst of the scenarios. Rose couldn’t stand to see her mother in a more fragile state than she had ever been nor could she swallow her mother disappointed to the point of unleashing her anger. The vulnerability, the fury she envisioned frightened her. Rose didn’t want to tell Hermione.

Rose finally sat up in her bed, her eyes completely adjusted to the darkness. She swung her legs to the side of her bed and stood up. A trip to the kitchen for hot chocolate was necessary.

In an attempt to be quiet, Rose tiptoed downstairs. She narrowly avoided crashing into Hugo’s broomstick and Quidditch gear just lying where he dropped it. Muffling a cry, she continued her trek to the kitchen.

As she reached the last landing, Rose wondered why she didn’t Apparate…and then she remembered she was pregnant.

Her footfalls upon the hardwood floor were quiet. The wood was cool upon her bare feet and she began to feel a bit cold in her thin pajamas. That hot chocolate was sounding better and better.

Finally, Rose reached the kitchen and flipped the light switch.

She looked toward the kitchen table and saw her mother sitting there.

“Mum!” Rose stage-whispered.

“You couldn’t sleep either?”

“You were sitting in the dark?”

“I find it comforting. Sitting in the dark that is. I remember your father and I had just bought this house in mind of any future children. We had been here less than a month, barely two years into our marriage, when I first sat in the dark in this very seat. Daddy had been away at a tournament and I had an important case that prevented me from going to the tournament. I was alone at home, unable to sleep, and had just found out that I was pregnant with you. I came down here to calm down and collect my thoughts. I hoped to figure out a way to tell your father he was going to be a daddy.

“I had been sitting in the dark for probably fifteen minutes when I heard Daddy Apparate into the darkened kitchen. He dropped all of his bags before switching on the light. I hadn’t anytime to somehow alert him I was in the room and he cried like a little girl at finding me at the table. The moment I saw him, all I could think of was that we were going to have a baby. So I blurted it out. Your father was thrilled to say the least. From then on, it became habit for me to come down here and sit in the dark so I may clear my mind.”

“Why are you down here now?” Rose asked curiously, temporarily forgetting about her hot chocolate motivation.


Intrigued, Rose sat down across from her mother. “Me? What about me is stopping you from getting to sleep?”

“Sweetheart, you have just graduated. Today was your graduation. You have so much ahead of you and I’m scared out of my wits. This is a momentous change in your life and our lives; it will take some adjusting. I’m trying to get used to it.”

“Oh,” was all that Rose could say.

She looked at her hands, not knowing was to say next.

“Was there a reason you came down Rose?”

“I was going to get some hot chocolate.”

Hermione immediately stood up and began to make Rose hot chocolate.

“Was something keeping you up? Usually your father ventures into the kitchen for something to eat if he has something on his mind. I remember you used to do the same when you were much younger.”

Looking up at her mother, Rose was nearly ready to just outright tell her. She would just say, “Mum, I’m pregnant” and that would be that. Hermione would know and Rose would have lifted the burden that her secret created.

But Rose stopped herself.

“The whole graduation thing got to me, I think,” Rose lied. Of course, it was partially true but being pregnant overrode graduation.

“Of course. It’s a big change,” Hermione replied, handing Rose her mug of hot chocolate.

Taking it between her hands, Rose breathed in the chocolaty fumes. They were relaxing.

Hermione sat down across from her daughter, casually sipping her hot chocolate. Every so often as they sat in silence, Hermione would look at her daughter, witnessing her far-off look. She knew very well that something else was on her mind. The hope that Rose would divulge her secret was clawing at Hermione. She just wanted to know.

There were a few more minutes of silence before Rose broke the silence.

“Mum, I have to tell you the truth. I’m barely worried about having graduated.”

Hermione pretended to look surprised. Rose believed her surprise to be genuine.

When Rose didn’t continue, Hermione prodded her.

“Go on Rose. I’m listening.”

Rose set down her mug and covered her face with her hands. She pulled her hands into her lap.

With a groan, she began.

“I’m pregnant.”

For a short time, there was no sound except the family clock ticking.

Rose tried to avoid her mother’s eyes, but she couldn’t help but be drawn to them. She wanted to see what she really felt about the news. Unfortunately she couldn’t decipher the emotion her eyes conveyed.

Biting her lip nervously, Rose waited. Then came Hermione’s response.

There were no words, only actions. Hermione reached out and took her daughter’s hand between her own, giving it a squeeze. Slowly, a sad smile formed on her face.

“We’ll work it all out, Rose. Everything will be fine.”

Rose was, suffice it to say, mind-boggled. “Aren’t you going to tell me how disappointed you are and irresponsible I am?” she spit out.

“No. You are an adult. You are capable of making your own decisions and are fully responsible for your actions. All I am going to tell you is that I love you and that I will help you however I can.”

Without any warning, Rose broke down crying.

“Please don’t tell Daddy,” she sobbed.

“I won’t. But eventually you will have to,” Hermione told her softly.

Tears streamed down Rose’s face and everything around her became blurry.

She heard her mother’s chair scrape against the kitchen floor and then felt her mother’s arms help her up before wrapping them around her.

Hermione held Rose until her sobs subsided and only tearstains were left on Rose’s cheeks.

“Am I right in believing that Scorpius is the father?”

Rose nodded into her mother’s shoulder.

Hermione pulled her daughter out at arms’ length. “You need to tell me everything. No more secrets.”

Rose nodded again, wiping her face.

Hermione draped an arm around Rose, waved her wand with the other to get the hot chocolate to follow them, and guided Rose into the living room.

“Where should I start?”

“When you began seeing Scorpius,” Hermione answered her daughter as they sat on the couch. “I want to see how you fell in love.”

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