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I Love Lucy by XslowlyXfadingX
Chapter 3 : Bad Things Come in Threes
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I was nervous about it, I remember. But I was excited for it too. When it finally happened it was painful. But after the pain went away I felt amazing. It was a major confidence boost. I had a new sway to my hips as I walked down the beach, a new arrogance that surrounded me like the wind on a gusty day. I sparkled, it seemed, and I was light as I feather. I hadn’t believed Lucy when she said it felt great. But I let her talk me into it. And maybe that was my first mistake. I let Lucy talk me into it. I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it had it not been for her. But I probably wouldn’t have done half the shit I did had it not been for her.

“Come on Rose! Don’t be such a sissy! Just get it over with!” Lucy whined into my ear. I was laying on my back and my shirt was lifted to just below my breasts. The metal clamped around my lower stomach was cold as it held me still. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Mum would kill me if she found out about it. But still if I was careful she wouldn’t find out about it. The guy with the clamps took out a huge needle and looked to me for confirmation. He was a scary looking guy, Larry, with the tattoos that ran from his bald head to his arms making tattoo sleeves, but I knew otherwise. Larry was nice as hell, despite his looks. He had gone over the procedure a million times for me and promised that he would make it as painless as possible. I was still nervous about it though, still hesitant. Lucy held out her hand and I took it, squeezing slightly.

Biting my lip hard and closing my eyes in expectation, I nodded and then there was pain. It was a sharp sting as the skin and flesh broke under the pressure of the needle. It felt white hot and prickly. My hand tightened around Lucy’s and she drew in a deep breath. It seemed that all my senses were acute and focused on the spot that was inflamed by pain. And just as quickly as the sharp pain had come, it dulled into a aching burn. I felt a slight release in pressure and then it was back again. The clamps released my lower abdomen and I felt like I was free to breath again. As soon as I inhaled the burning increased just a notch.

“You did it, Rosie! It’s done!” Lucy shrieked in excitement. Slowly I opened my eyes and tried to sit up. The pain intensified but I pushed past it. I let go of Lucy’s hand to her relief and swung my legs over the edge of the table. Looking down, I smiled. I did it! There, right on my lower stomach, my belly button held a silver shiny bar with a few dangling chains that had stars on the end. The skin was swollen and red where the clamps had been but I didn’t mind that. I had a belly button piercing!

“I can’t believe it…” I breathed as I stood up, pulling my shirt down. After Larry gave me instructions on how to clean and take care of the piercing, I paid and we left to go home. The skin still tingled and I couldn’t help but lift my shirt every so often just to look at the new addition to my body. Yup, Mum would definitely kill me if she found it. But the thing was… she wouldn’t. I made sure of that. A little ways away from the piercing shop Lucy and I ducked into a deserted alley way. Pulling out my wand I pointed it at my belly button and put an everlasting hiding charm on the piercing. The piercing would only show when I wanted it to. Of course, a really powerful witch or wizard like mom or say dad could see through it, but only if they knew what to look for. It was a clever little charm that I found before I decided to get the ring. Mum would never be the wiser.

“So are we going to the beach tomorrow?” I asked her slowly. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go to the beach, wearing a bathing suit, showing off my piercing, showing off my body. It was a bit unnerving to think of showing myself off like Lucy would encourage me to. I was shy. Confident, yes, but shy. Most times I kept to myself or my family but I had been feeling a bit restless. Somehow with Lucy, I wanted to be free of that thin exterior. I wanted everyone to see me. I wanted to be noticed.

“Of course! We have got to show that thing off. Besides, I want to tan before we go to that party. You never know, they might have a pool,” she twirled in the London sun, which is to say that there was no more sun. But that didn’t stop Lucy from smiling and taking her good old time. A storm was coming in and she didn’t have a care in the world. I on the other hand didn’t feel like getting soaked. Grabbing her hand I stopped her twirling and led her to a dark alley that we could disapparate from. When we reached my room Lucy giggled and fell onto my bed wildly. Her pink hair fanned out around her head and she patted the spot beside her. I laid beside her without hesitation. She wrapped her arms around me as the thunder and rain surrounded my room.

“We’re going to have the best time, Rosie. I can’t wait!” I sighed and closed my eyes. Lucy’s excitement was tangible. It felt like I was breathing it in, large gulps filled my lungs, making my heart race. And suddenly, I couldn’t wait either. A loud boom of thunder shook my thoughts and took the excitement out of me. In its stead, a feeling of dread pulled at the pit of my stomach.

“Are you sure that we should sneak out and actually go? My mum might catch us,” I warned, but it was fruitless. Lucy shook her head in bemusement.

“You worry too much, Rose. Just enjoy it for once. Who cares if we get caught, anyhow? Half the fun is knowing you could get caught.” Lucy recited to me. It was a speech she had done many times. It was the same old lecture, the one I could mouth along, which I had. Lucy caught me mouthing the words along with her and slapped me playfully in the arm.

“Ow!” I exclaimed laughing.

“You’ll see, Rosie, we’ll have fun. I promise you we will.” I wasn’t sure if I should be reassured by her words but I let the sound of the sudden rain on my window pane fill my ears. I relaxed completely and was on my way to a dreamless sleep in no time.

The week came and went in a whirlwind. Malfoy’s old eagle owl dropped off the party’s address off around Thursday and we knew almost exactly where it was. Before I could blink an eye, Saturday night was fast approaching. That morning Lucy and I spent the day out on the beach again. We went back to my house for dinner and then we locked ourselves in my room, claiming tiredness. That’s when the fun began. We put a silencing charm on the room and began getting ready. After I got out of the shower and as Lucy began hers, I examined myself closely in the mirror.

I felt slightly vulnerable and so out of my element. I was wearing a light blue mini skirt that covered about mid-thigh with blue and white floral bikini bottoms underneath. My chest was covered by nothing but a thin-strapped bikini top that matched the bottom. Hanging delicately from my neck was the thin silver chain with a locket holding a small picture of me and my immediate family. My auburn hair was twisted and thrown into a loose bun at the back of my head with a clip. My belly button sparkled and gleamed in the last of the sun’s rays. It was less than I was used to wearing and more than I really liked to show. My one-piece bathing suit lay forgotten on the floor, replaced by Lucy’s bikini.

I was at the mirror longer than I thought because Lucy stepped from my bathroom in nothing but a towel. She dropped the towel and rummaged through my closet as I watched. Her skin was creamy and tan, her hair was dripping down her back which was completely relaxed. Envy coursed through me for a moment. I wished I could have that confidence. Here Lucy was, completely nude in front of another person and she didn’t feel the slightest bit of unease. She was sure of herself and didn’t give a shit about what people thought of her. I turned so that I wouldn’t be caught staring jealously and examined myself in the mirror again. Something was missing I decided and I turned back to ask Lucy for a second opinion.

“What do you think? This is ok?” I asked as she got dressed in dark daisy dukes, a pink bikini top, and a white shear knit shirt. Lucy pursed her lips and scrutinized my outfit.

“I know what you need,” she mumbled more to herself than to me. She searched through her duffel bag of clothes she brought with her and then pulled out something with a satisfied smile. She grabbed my hand and shoved two large silver hoops into it. I stared at the ringlets for a moment and I could feel my eyes widen. They were earrings.

“You do realize that my ears aren’t pierced, right?” I glared at her for a few seconds. She had to be joking.

“Yea, so? Pierce them.” She replied without a second glance at me as she dried her hair magically and began applying make-up. I looked apprehensively at the large hoops again and blanched. What was I supposed to pierce them with? A safety pin?

“Don’t look like the world is going to end Rose. Just give me the earrings. Do you have a safety pin or sewing needle?” Lucy demanded. Slowly, with my mouth slightly open from shock, I took out a sewing needle from my bureau and handed it to her. Two piercings in the same week? Was she insane? Was I insane for letting her do it? Probably, I thought as she conjured an apple slice and put it behind my ear. Lucy cleaned the needle with a simple charm and then jabbed it straight through my earlobe. I winced in pain and the white hot pressure I had felt on my belly button early that week was now on my right ear. She left the needle in my ear and unclasped the hook of the earring. Then in one fluid movement she switched the needle for the earring and closed the hook with a smart snap. She did the same thing to my left ear and even though it was expected, the flaming pressure wasn’t any less intense.

With a smug look Lucy inspected her handy work then turned my face towards the mirror. My ears were a little red but it was fading surely. I was wearing a slightly sour look on my face and my neck and shoulders somehow looked more elegant with the earrings in. I smiled at my reflection and Lucy beside me winked into the mirror. After one last look in the mirror Lucy and I ducked out the window and jumped the ten feet from the awning outside my window. It was only ten, but we weren’t worried about anyone catching us. My parents fell asleep early by habit and my brother was out at Al’s. It was all clear and when we left the garden at the back of my house we apparated to a small alley near the party.

We walked the block or so past all the single widely spaced houses until we came to a tall black gate with a long driveway behind it. The house was placed on a hill and the gate was open to all the partygoers. From the large house music was spilling out like water from a tipped glass. Some rap song was playing and I didn’t recognize it all too well. We walked up the driveway and entered the house without knocking. Witches and wizards our age were crowded in the parlor room and dinning room. The dining room had been turned into a makeshift dance floor. The table was pushed against the wall and covered in plastic cups full of Merlin knew what. People were dancing at breakneck speeds to the music, some couples were even eating each others faces and I turned my eyes away in disgust. At the back of the living room two large paneled glass doors were open to show a wide expanse of lawn, a trampoline the size of my bedroom, and a pool that was twice the size.

It was a beautiful house, one that I envied. I recognized a few people from Hogwarts there, some that I knew well and some that I didn’t. I couldn’t help but look for a somewhat familiar sandy haired guy who I knew would be here. A boy with a couple of drinks in his hand passed by us and Lucy snatched one from his grasp.

“Oi! That was mine!” the boy shouted over the music and turned around. Lucy only grinned and sipped at the drink.

“Not anymore it’s not, Colin! It’s mine now.” The boy grinned as he recognized Lucy and shook his head. I knew the boy from Hogwarts to be in Ravenclaw. He was one of the boys that Lucy sometimes hooked up with. They had an on and off thing going on. He looked at me for the first time and his mouth came unhinged. Rose Weasley? At a party? No way. I rolled my eyes at him and he seemed to get the hint. His attention turned back to Lucy as he held out a hand to her. Lucy grinned wolfishly and then started to follow as Colin walked away.

“Wait, Lu! You can’t just leave me alone!” I yelled after her trying to fight my way through the crowd.

“I’m not!” she shouted back and disappeared altogether. I glared at the spot I last saw her and crossed my arms. How could she do that? Just leave me alone at a party where I barely knew anybody. And what did she mean, “I’m not!”? Of course she was. I was absolutely alone in a crowed room with no one to talk to, no one I knew. This was absolutely ridiculous and I shouldn’t have come, I thought bitterly.

“Hello, Rose,” a voice whispered in my ear. I jumped in surprise and turned to see Scorpius Malfoy smiling at me with a blonde girl wrapped around his arm. She was pretty but she wore too much make-up and her smile was too fake for my liking. Her eyes seemed to glare at me but the smile never left her face. I barely knew this chick and she was eyeing me like I was the most annoying thing in the world. I returned Malfoy’s smile and completely ignored the bitch clinging to him.

“Oh! That’s right you two have never met have you? Well, Winona this is Rose Weasley,” Her ears seemed to perk as she identified my famous last name in her memory.

“She’s on the Quidditch team with me at Hogwarts,” he continued, “Rose this is Winona, my girlfriend.” Great. Just Great. My lungs deflated a bit as disappointment pierced them. My smile faltered for a moment. Just my luck, I thought angrily, a cute guy who already has a girlfriend… 

A/N: i couldn't help it. i had to make Malfoy have a girlfirend! How could he not? at least i picked an icky outdated kind of name to the gf (no offense to anyone). poor Rose! lol. 

and so the plot thickens just a bit. Read and Review! it's much loved. I'll update ASAP.


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I Love Lucy: Bad Things Come in Threes


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